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Found 37 results

  1. Guest

    TRA and Chefs

    Hi, We have been thinking about a move down under for a while now and have finally decided that now is the time to give it a go. I know our first step is the TRA skills assessment and was hoping someone could help. Hubby has been a chef for the last 18 years. He has letters of reference from almost all his employers over that time (which states his time with them and his job title etc but they don't go into detail about the duties he carried out) but because of the business he is in most of the owners/managers are no longer there and some of the hotels aren't either! Would he have to do statutory declarations for all of these and just include these references with the application to back up his employment times? Also, exactly how much information do they need for each job? Are there any other chefs out there that can point us in the right direction? We would really appreciate any help anyone can give us. Ta in advance, JG
  2. The Australian (one of the two Australian national newspapers) is reporting today that chefs, bricklayers and tilers are to be added to the SOL: Coalition opens way for foreign chefs, brickies "THOUSANDS of foreign chefs, bricklayers and tilers will no longer have to be sponsored by employers to obtain permanent visas, as the Abbott government eases skilled migration rules to address alleged labour shortages. Under changes backed by business groups, the three professions have been added to the Skilled Occupation List from July, meaning these workers will be able to apply for a permanent visa without requiring a sponsor." More information is here: http://www.gmskilled.com/?p=1023 Best regards.
  3. An exciting opportunity now exists for a passionate and professional Pastry Chef to join our dedicated and long serving team in the Roma area. Our client group provides dedicated and enthusiastic professionals the opportunity to further their career in a dynamic and stable company. Over the 30 plus years we have been operating we have built a solid reputation for quality and consistency of both our products and service standard. This position would require the running of our pasty production kitchen. The role involves creative input as well as management of a small team to produce high quality desserts and pastries for all our entire operation. A high level communication skills is important as well as the ability to work as part of a dedicated team and a genuine passion for the industry is imperative. The Role: Work closely with junior staff and You will be responsible for providing ideas and creative menu development, as well as training and management of a small team. Your Profile: We are looking for someone with genuine excitement about pastry and the possibilities with food. You will have experience in training and managing other chefs and apprentices, and have been exposed to a variety of high quality cuisines. Above all you will be keen to learn and committed to achieving the very best. If you are motivated and passionate with a focus on excellence and are comfortable living and working in a rural environment please send a cover letter and CV through this system. PLEASE NOTE : We are an approved business for #457 sponsorship and would be happy to review applications from candidates with the appropriate qualifications and IELTS.
  4. clare0206

    Chef jobs in Brisbane

    Happy to move, about to apply for visas etc just would love to know is it realistic to go without a job planned? I have trawled the Internet and on seek.com.au alone for full time jobs in Brisbane there are over 200 jobs advertised. If applying nearer the time do you think that its realistic to think within a few weeks of moving (if not before) he could land a job? Happy to hear all opinions
  5. Guest

    Chefs in Australia

    Hi. Are there any chefs on PIO who have already made the move from the UK to Oz? My OH is a chef and we would love to know what it's like being a chef over there. What are the working conditions like? Is the pay better than the UK? Any info would be appreciated. We plan to leave the UK in March or April and I am starting to get so anxious about the huge changes ahead of us. There is just so much to think (ie:worry) about!:wacko:
  6. WESTERN AUSTRALIA Position: Qualified chefs to work in remote postings in outback Western Australia. Description: The rotations of rosters would be commonly 2 weeks (14 days) on and 1 week (7 days) off. Applicants would be responsible for their accommodation on the rostered week off. During the rostered on period accommodation and meals are provided. The sites for the positions will be camps located in remote and isolated areas of Western Australia. Rostered days are 10 hours work per day. Conditions: will be very hot in summer and due to the isolated locations of camps there are no shops, restaurants or other major facilities close by. There would be a medical person located on the camp for medical attention. Salary:$75,000.00 to 80,000.00 AUD (which is taxable) plus 9% superannuation which will be paid into an Australian Superannuation fund which can be accessed upon return to the applicant’s home country. VISA: sponsored on 457 visas
  7. Guest

    Chefs emigrating???

    Hi Everyone, Just wondered if any Chefs and their family has Emigrated to oz, my husband is a head chef and we have applied for a 175 Visa which was lodged on 16/01/09 so just a long wait now - But he wants to know if the working hours will be the same or less or more than here in the uk, we are hoping to live in either Brisbane or Perth but still checking out areas in both citys and their suburbs. We keep hearing different things about both areas so that's why we can not decide??? It will probably come down to jobs available. But would like info on what area's are friendly, not to icolated - i'm very much a people's person, good schools for our 2 children aged 4 and 10 ( when we get to go they will be 5 and 11) low on crime and vandilism, fairly close to a beach - within 1 to 2 hours away. Any info would be much appreciated:biggrin: Thanks, Sarah & Simon.
  8. Hi all, Just after some advice from those of you who have any experience within the mining industry..... Hubby has been granted WA SS 176 back in Feb & is flying to Perth later this week. He saw few adverts for Chefs positions within the mining industry and this is something he would like to look into when he gets there. Does anyone have any experience working within the mining industry? What is it like? Are these jobs popular and therefore difficult to get? Hubby's been in the british army for 22 years and recently came back from Afghanistan so he is used to hostile and remote environments. Failing that, are there plenty of jobs for chefs in Perth? We looked on seek.com.au and there seems to be a lot but I always take these with a pinch of salt. Any advice on either mining chef positions or just normal chef position would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  9. doing a geographical

    any other 121/856 visa chefs?

    Hi all, I thought I would start a thread to see if theres anybody else out there in the process of applying for a permanent 121/856 visa as a chef? If there is maybe we could help one another by sharing knowledge etc. I'm currently working on the skills assesment application. If theres people in the same boat, great. If not this thread will just ride itself off into the sunset. Hope to chat soon.
  10. Wellers and Whitehead

    Any chefs in Perth from UK?

    Can anybody give me any info on how easy it is to get a chefs job in Perth/WA.
  11. Wellers and Whitehead

    Any chefs? state sponsored?

    My OH is a chef and I have not seen any chefs getting sponsorship, are you a chef who recieved SS or been refused?
  12. Guest

    chefs how many

    hi all was just wondering how many chefs out there are waiting the SMP from WA when I look at all the threats most people are in the trade business i.e. builders carpenters plumbers I was just wondering are there many chefs thanks Alan
  13. BritChickx

    All's not lost for chefs and cooks

    Most of you probably know but if not have a read here All Not Lost For Chefs and Cooks Following Changes to Skilled Occupation List | Getting Down under I accidently found this website by googling something else Australia related!
  14. Guest

    cooks chefs

    10,000 applications from cooks are in the system, with just 32,000 cooks in Australia and there aren't that many leaving the industry! took this from a thread can someone tell me please do the diac see chefs as the same as cooks or are they classed diffrently thay have a diffrent number on the SOL list thanks alan
  15. suters


    Hi has anyone any info on sponsorships for chefs in Mandurah or peel suburbs we have got ss just waiting for 176 cat 5 visa and thought getting job would help to speed it up a bit
  16. Hi all just woundering if any one knows if there are any jobs in this feild at the moment any info would be appreciated thanks nicky
  17. Hi All We are moving out on the 26th of Jan, we are both chefs (had our own restaurant for the past 15 years) and are heading for the sunshine coast area around Noosa. Was wondering if anyone had any info about jobs in that area in the catering trade?? I may decide its too hot in those ozzy kitchens and do something outside instead. just wait and see. Dean and Caroline
  18. What are we going to be when we grow up? Chefs, health workers and hair-dressers - some courses are sure to land you a job . Meanwhile, undergraduate nursing applications rose 6 per cent nationally this year but this is unlikely to reduce needs across the health-care sector, particularly in aged care. Federal Government projections to 2013-14 show health care and social assistance, education and training, scientific and technical services and the retail trade will be the main employers. Interesting, many in Australian media were proclaiming no such shortages exist?
  19. k8bug79

    Chefs and H&S

    Hi, my husband is about to send off his application for citizenship by descent. He is a Chef with plenty of experience over here. He has all his NVQs etc and food hygiene and Health and safety. But I have heard that OZ are very strict on their trade certificates. Is there anything as a chef that he needs to be doing over here or plan to do as soon as he arrives over there. Would hate t arrive and find he cannot apply for work for x weeks as he has to do a certificate. Thanks
  20. Chefs and hairdressers will top the list of most sought-after jobs as Australia emerges from the wake of the global financial crisis. It is thought that the highly transient nature of these jobs, with a high turnover and burnout rate, contributes to the skills shortage in these areas and the inability of supply to meet demand.
  21. Guest

    Chefs! City & Guilds HELP !???

    Hi! New to PiO and first post *gulp* Just collecting the heap of evidence for the TRA, and am struggling to find the course content for the much loved City & Guilds 7061 & 7062. I've emailed C&G but to no avail. Can anyone please please help us? Would be really really grateful Jason, Sally & 3 little girls/monkeys
  22. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows what the money is like compaired to cost of living for a chef de partie. I'm looking to move with my girlfriend and baby girl but I don't know if its going to be harder for us out there than it is here. Thanks for any feedback really appreciate it. wade&lara
  23. just starting to think ahead and i'm looking at townsville to live , does anyone know how to go serious job hunting on a 175, do i email my cv to employment agencies or do job search one job at a time, i 'm hoping to be there about april so any pointers would be grateful,and what do people think of townsville:unsure: cheers sue
  24. Guest

    tra, chefs and agents

    Hi Everyone I am a chef and am trying to get through the TRA papertrail nightmare, I am just about to submit my 4th application (don't even ask):arghh:. I am wondering if it may be better to get an agent (will they look at my application) before i send it. But not having any info about what an agent does or even how much they cost. Can anyone help me with some general info. Cheers Ali (here's hoping).:v_SPIN:
  25. not panicking much but waiting for my tra to come back it was logged on 20th may theres lots of threads for carpenters and welders and nurses is there any chefs waiting to go out just to make me feel better:arghh: