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Found 8 results

  1. janine the party queen

    I Need Cheering up !!!! Please.

    We were going to Townsville in January....however change of plan we are being sent to Darwin !!!!!! I have to be honest Im not keen on going.So I was hoping some of you guys might be able to change my mind.I had already arranged to transfer my job to Townsville but they cant do it for Darwin.I have also noticed house prices are sky high so it looks like we will have to continue renting for a while.
  2. Go Broncos :cool: They're so going to whoop ass!!
  3. Hello out there. Am nurse out here in Brizzy with my son who'se 8. Been here 5 months and although have met a few people am in need of more friends to keep me from wanting to give up and go back to England! Just missing friends and family but actually like it here on the whole. Lots to do, just need people to do them with. Let me know if anyone around Moorooka, Annerley area wants to get together? Need to stay sane for little chappy of mine....
  4. jay290901

    I'm in need of some cheering up!

    I really need to be cheered up. We are living in a rental and I am absolutely sick of the ants in the house. Not one room isn't affected by them. Today alone they have been in the shower, larder cupboard, living room, toaster crumb tray (no crumbs but still they go in), dishwasher all in very large numbers. They are in the other rooms but in smaller numbers thankfully. Every time I look at a table, floor, worktop they are crawling around. This has reduced me to tears many times and my stress levels are going through the roof. I constantly have the hoover on as if the kids drop even one tiny crumb it's covered in no time. The other day my eldest (7) asked me not to put a packet of raisins in his bag again as it was covered with ants and his teacher had to help him get rid of it (it was in his bag for 2 days). Please someone tell me that they will all die off soon. We have tried various sprays including Mortein professional. Can't block up all the holes as we would be here forever. I have cleaned and disinfected until my fingers are sore. They even come through the gaps in skirtings in the middle of the house.. We are going to use ant rid next so fingers crossed. Letting agent says that it's our problem to deal with as per lease agreement, all heart and we have only been in 2 months. I just needed to write this all down. It was either that or go off and cry again. Not good for the kids so thanks for listening.
  5. Guest

    Need cheering up

    Hi guys if you need cheering up, go to the cinema and see "Mamma Mia!, its BRILL, such a great "feel good" film. It makes you want to move to Greece, forget OZ......only kidding:wubclub: xx
  6. Guest

    Need cheering up

    Hy Guys I have just read more doom and gloom about the UK in the Daily Mail which has bugged me now to the point of being really p$%^&ed off about going into work on a 2 - 10 shift this afternoon, so i was hoping that one of you could tell me where they are up to with the processing ? i heard they were only up to last september submissions but i am sure i read somewhere else that you can view online where they are upto on the actual Aussie immigraton site, but i am at a loss for finding it. Anyone here help ?
  7. STUDY ON THE SIZE OF A WOMAN'S ASS: There is a new study just released by the Australian Psychiatric Association about women and how they feel about their asses. The results are pretty interesting: 1. 5% of women surveyed feel their ass is too big. 2. 10% of women surveyed feel their ass is too small. 3. The remaining 85% say they don't care; they love him; he's a good man and they would have probably married him anyway. :twitcy:
  8. johnd

    need cheering up!

    hi all, just had a weekend of drinking with friends and family who we will soon be leaving. i think its the alcohol, but i feel sort of down. we leave on 27th june and we intend on settling in the illawarra region. saw a post from 'dirty bird' the other day and they have just arrived there ,jan 2007, and their post wasn't as positive as i might of hoped, basically she said its harder to get work than she thought. we chose the illawarra cos i lived there in the ninties and i have relatives there. we are both aware of the employment situation in nsw and are not bothered what we do for a job. i am quite a positive person,(anyone reading my past posts will know my feelings for life in the uk, and my positive approach to our new lives in oz), but i suppose emigrating is a roller coaster ride. my wife is an even more positive person than me and i truely believe if we had to live in the outback in a one horse town she would make a home and get a job + friends etc, she just gets on with anything that life throws at her and i'm lucky to be emigrating with someone who has that attiude. we have put our notices in and booked the flights so its no going back time and i suppose i'm looking at our life in the uk through rose tinted glasses. we have sold our house so we have no ties there and we have no children so we don't have the extra ties that this brings. i suppose i'm going throught the what the hell are we doing stage. work wise we probably should re-locate to perth but i lived there as well 91-92 and it didn't have the same feel as the illawarra, so nsw or bust. if we stayed in the uk we could move up the property ladder but i know in 5-10 years we would think we should have gone to oz. does anyone else get the comment of people,'have you got a job to got to?', and we haven't, they always say ,' i wouldn't dare', or 'that takes bottle', i don't feel this as i believe that you can find a job anywhere as long as your not fussy. well another long post by me, i guess being on here is therapeutic,(spelling?), i started the post down and my positive side has surfaced at the end, i think poms in oz will be getting a lot of posts from me when i'm in oz!. johnd