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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I'm still pre-visa grant, but thinking about possibilities for moving. I've read many threads where people shared their costs/experiences shipping their stuff. My basic question is whether it makes sense to instead just take an extra trip, primarily to move stuff (instead of shipping things). Two factors working in favour of taking the trip 1) airline status that allows me to take 3 bags @ 32kg/70lb each and 2) US gov't tax break of ~30% for moving & job search expenses. Assuming I could store the stuff at a friend's house, costs would be (in AUD): Flight would be $2000, accom./meals $500, transport $100 = $2600, less 30% = $1820 So, it is worth moving 3 bags/96kg of stuff for under $2000? I figure I could also use this extra trip to potentially meet with employers or otherwise help with my job search. Thanks for any help/advice!
  2. Hi all Just a heads up if anyone is travelling with Singapore airlines and is validating your visas.... Email the airline as them about the baggage allowance... Print it off your response and produce it at check-in... I was asked if I had informed the airline. I said I asked at the time of booking direct with the airline. Once the lady read the email and went through visa grant, visa grant letter, etc she was happy... I told her the name of the lady I spoke to and she said she'd never heard of her and she could be based in London... Happy travels folks! Next update Perth WA! :biggrin: xx
  3. I know its 4 in the morning, but just checked Emails and our VISA has been granted! Had our meds last week and my wife's were referred:frown: So hang in there if you are in the same boat. Just woke the wife up to give her the great news and cant wait to tell my 9 year old in the morning :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  4. Hi All, This is my first post and I hope to be a regular on here throughout our journey to try and move down under. I have read lots of the posts on the forum and picked up some excellent advice and idea's and knowledge on Australia and the process of moving there. However on checking the SOL I can't seem to figure out if my job actually maps to any of the jobs on there. Me and my family have a huge desire to move down under and will do everything we can to fulfill our dream, if this means learning a new skill and trade then so be it. I currently work for a college and am the Manager for an IT Training Centre for adults. We deliver the ITQ/CLAiT/CLAiT Plus qualifications (teaching MS Office at level 2). I am also a qualified assessors and verifier (A1 and V1) and currently working towards my level 4 management NVQ and CTTLS (Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector Level 4). My main questions are: 1. Does anybody know if my experience/qualifications are needed in Australia as I can't figure out if it maps to anything in the SOL. 2. I have a CCJ from 7 years ago which I still pay and my credit rating is not brilliant, will this affect my application? I am 27 and my wife is 26, we have 2 daughters (7 and 3). My wife is currently not working due to looking after our children but has now started looking again, she has no real qualifications but a background as a care assistant. My wife is also willing to learner a new trade to strengthen our application to live in Australia. Any advice would be extremely appreciated. Thanks Joe
  5. Hi, Me again!!!, another flight related query!! Ive been looking on Jetstars website for the baggage allowance for internal flights, as we are flying from Sydney to Cairns. I think the max is 20 kilos and you can add on the excess on your booking, it might be me but it all doesnt seem this clear on their website though?!!. Trying to find out as we are taking our maximum with Sigapore airlines...the whole 32 Kilos and want to take this with us! I dont want to pay the excess charge which is something like $100 each!!!. Can anyone help me??!! :chatterbox: Steph
  6. Is this the norm? Does it mean that we are now in the long wait like everyone else, like it is a generic status? Or does it mean more?
  7. Guest

    visa approved !!!!!!!:-))

    :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: just been and checked the oz immigration website with trn number this morning ...... and it says visa approved yippeee doing happy dance !!!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  8. Hi All. Im on holiday in the UK from Melbourne and my mother in law has asked me to bring some things back for her. Just a quick question, does anyone know if I can take Goddards Silver Dip (silver cleaner) in my checked baggage on a plane? And also, if Australia will let me bring it in? I have done searches on the internet and cannot find any info!! If anyone knows of any useful websites or contacts, can you give me a shout please? I will try calling my airline tomorrow but wondered if anyone here could help. The storage info is: Goddard's Silver Dip Contains: Thiourea. Possible risk of irreversible effects. Avoid contact with skin. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of soap and water. Wear suitable gloves. Keep out of reach of children. Thank you!!!
  9. Guest

    We've been checked !!

    Hubby received his 136 skilled independant visa in November and last week we booked our flights. Today, we have just been told that immigration called to speak to him today at work !! He wasn't in today as we had a hospital appointment with our youngest and were flabbergasted when his colleague phoned to tell him. The call worked its way through the garage (he's a mechanic at a dealer) and finished up with the foreman in the workshop who answered the call to be asked if they could speak to hubby (they did not say who it was !). When told he wasn't in work today, they asked the foreman to confirm that he worked there and then said who was calling. I can't believe that they have phoned to check 3 months after issuing the visa. Do you think its a random check or are they starting to do this for all?? It's a bit scarey to be honest because we assumed that was the end of it once we had the email telling us we had the visa especially with it being an independant one so he is not tied to an employer, state or even the occupation. I did read that post on here saying that someone on British Expats had their visa cancelled a few months after it was issued. Any thoughts?? Joanne :huh: