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Found 9 results

  1. THREE English backpackers have been released from the Cairns watch-house on bail as the police officer they allegedly assaulted recovers from his injuries on sick leave. Stephan Jarrett, 31, Lewis Whiteside, 22, and Sally Summersgill, 21, were bailed yesterday on condition they hand over their passports. It is alleged the trio assaulted a sergeant at Palm Cove about 3am Thursday, knocking him unconscious before attacking his partner, who tried to help him. Police opposed bail in Cairns Magistrates’ Court yesterday, arguing they had no fixed residence because they were thrown out of the caravan park they were living in over the incident. Police prosecutor Sen-Constable Bob Soper said the alleged assault was "very serious in nature". "The officer in question who has been assaulted is now on sick leave," he said. He said capsicum spray was used, and a taser was deployed. Mr Jarrett was found to have cannabis and amphetamines on him and was charged with drug offences, and Mr Whiteside also faces a charge of public nuisance. All three have been charged with assaulting police. Defence solicitor Tom Eckersley said at least one of the accused would contest the charge. He said he also believed two of them could be dealt with under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act, rather than the criminal code, because their charges only related to a shoulder charge and a shove. Mr Eckersley said without passports, the trio had nowhere to go and were not a flight risk. "It is in their best interests to remain in the community," he said. Acting magistrate Kerry McFadden said the backpackers would need to report to Smithfield police station twice a week and not approach any point of international departure. They surrendered their passports to police yesterday. "I’m satisfied that imposing conditions on these defendants will ensure they appear on the next (court) date," Mr McFadden said. They will appear again on October 21.
  2. I'm sorry but she needs hanging:mad::mad: That poor child:cry: http://tools.cairns.com.au//feeds/feed-story.php?news_id=48302471 Ashley Jessup, 24, was indicted in Columbus on Thursday on two counts of rape, one count of child endangerment and one count of pandering sexually-oriented material involving a minor. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien says the rape charge could land her life in prison. O'Brien told The Columbus Dispatch that Jessup emailed the videos to her boyfriend in Battle Creek, Michigan, where his ex-girlfriend discovered them and contacted police. Jessup is being held in the Franklin County Correctional Centre. The newspaper reported that it wasn't immediately clear who has custody of the child.
  3. I am soooooo confused! AQIS have said the following are charged on a per consignment basis but anyone have any idea what a consignment is??? documentation fee - $40 (covered by my shipping company) lodgement fee - $15 (covered by my shipping company) inspection fee - $90 per half hour We are flying out 1 box of tools weighing about 30kg.
  4. Hello, Im looking at buying clothes over the net and getting them sent direct to Melbourne when i arrive as i usually buy my clothes this way from europe or the usa and i was wondering will i get charged for this in customs on importing goods? Thanks
  5. My local Woolworths is now only letting you press Cheque or Savings when paying with Mastercard. Now, a friend at work is saying this is because Woolworths used to take the charge when you pressed Credit but have now passed this charge onto the customer by removing the Credit facility. I go twice a day sometimes if i am having a scatty day!! Is this correct? Will we be charged everytime we pay now???? Very confused.....:wacko:
  6. We have just heard our container has arrived in Brisbane, only 4 days later than first advised so not bad. Our container is going to be checked by AQIS on the 22/09/09 Tuesday, now the big question I was wondering was out of everyone who has sent a container over from the UK how many people got away with not getting charged for fumigation of some sort. And if you did get charged what was it for and how much? I am just starting to rake my brain and think of everything that went on in those 2 mad days back in July!! Sorry if this has been done before Dawn and Nigel :wink:
  7. Well, the details for those of you interested... 40ft sole use container, from Warwickshire to Melbourne Packed Fri 9 Jan outside the house Sat 10 Jan - put on train to Southampton Sun 11 Jan - packed on container ship to Singapore and departs UK Arrives in Singapore 2 hours before connecting ship - thus misses it and must wait one week. Tue 24 Feb - arrives in docks at Melbourne Thu 26 Feb - moved to customs Mon 2 Mar & Tue 3 Mar - insoected by quarantine And that is when we get the call. bear in mind we have the majority of our life in here, and with three kids under 5, loads of toys including outdoor toys, loads of garden stuff (but no mowers) but there is one strimmer, rakes, shovels, spades etc plus everything else from a 5 bed house. And then we get the call. AQIS have found some things that you need to make a decision on. What could it be, we thought. Damn, all my tools which I need because I like lots of tools, not because it's my trade or anything. FYI, I did not clean a single tool, not that they were dirty. And the item in question... two small tubs of fish food. That's it. Is fish food really going to pose a major threat to Australia? FYI, these are 100g tubs of shop bought dry fish food that you feed goldfish. Nothing exotic, nothing else. So our choices: 1 - Pay for them to be destroyed, at a cost of $110 2 - Apply for an import licence (eh!) at a cost of about $200, a very long wait and no guarantee the import will be granted. So it is the MOST EXPENSIVE fish food ever. Guess what we chose... I'm very glad it's here, but not too glad that it cannot be delivered until next Tuesday because of the long weekend and too many people moving prior to it (Kent Moving, incidentally, who came via our contract with PSS, who have been very very good so far). We did jet wash most items before we left (but did not jet wash the jet wash, ironically) and we got PSS to do their £20 disinfectant spray since we felt it was worth it on paper - and maybe that was a good call... Anyhow, more to report when everything is unpacked. My, how I cannot wait to see that container...
  8. Hiya I've already done a search for this and it throws up tons of threads that I need to trawl thru to find it!! Is there a monthly council tax payment in Victoria?? I'm hoping to move to Melbourne in February and this'll affect my budget a fair bit. Thanks :err:
  9. Selah

    Charged Twice Aaargh!!!

    I need to rant. Was blissfully happy when I noticed a wonderful £911.64 had finally disappeared from my account on the 21st of November (application received on 21st August) until I did a routine mini statement and realised the identical amount disappeared from my account on the 28th of November as well! To make matters more compicated - neither were receipted to my agent! I might add that it was out of a current account I opened for immigration purposes with no overdraft AND THE BANK AUTHORISED THE SECOND PAYMENT EVEN THOUGH IT SENT ME £748 OVERDRAWN!!! Just try getting in touch with ASPC without a file number or receipt number or anything. Hopefully my bank will not authorise a third payment just for fun. I now am bouncing other cheques as I thought I had £200 in the account. My wonderful agent is trying to sort it out (as are the bank in TWO WEEKS TIME) but it's a good thing medicals aren't soon or my blood pressure would be sky high!!! My agent says she's never heard of this happening in her 15+ years - please tell me this isn't the beginning of more problems:no: Liz