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Found 23 results

  1. The removal men: Pickfords is on Channel 5 today (6th July 2011) at 20:00 Not sure if anyone else has posted about this but I thought this might be of interest to anyone else who like us is trying to work out which removal company to entrust with shipping all our treasured possessions over the other side of the world! Not too sure what kind of a light it's going to portray Pickfords but as we've never used a removal company (always a Luton and our own muscle power) it'll be of interest to us. :wink:
  2. Guest

    Phil Down Under Channel 4 8pm

    Just a heads up that Phil Down Under tonight Channel 4 8pm is revisiting families he helped 2 years ago during the first series.:yes: He's also showcasing Sydney tonight. K :wubclub:
  3. Hi all, Just a quick post to remind you all about Relocation: Phil Down Under. W e are still looking for Brits who have been in Australia less than 1 year, in a position to buy a proeprty! If you would like the help of propety expert Phil Spencer and a team of dedicated researchers then please drop me an email on siobhan.smith@iwcmedia.co.uk. We are also looking for Brits with 'Success Stories' and interesting jobs - anything from a teacher to a mechanic to a midwife to a shark wrangler! Look forward to hearing from you, Siobhan
  4. Irish Lass

    Can you watch ITV channel online?

    Hi guys, Ive just returned from Ireland and got hooked on the x factor, ive tried to watch it on the itv site but it says you have to be in the UK to view it, also tried youtube but no full episodes are uploaded. So im hoping someone can let me know if there is a way to watch itv online while here in oz? I really need my xfactor hit! BTW had a great time at home, was there for 6 weeks, weather was fab and it was great to be with my family. God i wish Australia wasnt so far away
  5. Hi there, I am a researcher on the Channel 4 programme Phil Down Under. We are currently on the hunt for families who are moving over to Australia or families who have recently located over there (within the last year), who need help buying a property. If you think you may be eligible and are interested, please send me an email to siobhan.smith@iwcmedia.co.uk. Thanks, Siobhan
  6. Hello all I am a Producer Director working on the second series of ‘Phil Down Under’ for Channel 4. The series focuses on British families who are moving from the UK and starting a new life in Australia and features Phil Spencer from Location Location Location. We are currently looking for people to take part in the series and I wondered if there is anyone on here who might like to have a chat about the possibility of getting involed? We are searching for people from the UK who have secured or are in the process of securing a job in Australia and are now looking to purchase their first home. We are also searching for ‘success stories’ – people who may have moved out from the UK in the past few years and are now making a great success of their lives out in Australia. Any people who are interested can either reply to this thread or apply at http://www.meontv.co.uk/PhilDownUnder Best wishes Siobhan
  7. Property guru Phil Spencer from C4’s ‘Location Location Location’ is taking his property finding and negotiating skills along with a large dose of English charm, down under. He’s heading to the other side of the world to help emigrating Brits find their perfect home in Australia. In each episode, Phil will be helping one British couple navigate their way through the Australian property system. Phil will help find, survey and negotiate the deal on their dream pad. From harbour-side homes in Sydney and Beach pads in Byron Bay to Ranches in the Outback and Retreats in the Rainforest, no property search is too daunting for Phil. For the return of this exciting series we are on the hunt for people who are looking to emigrate to Australia before the end of 2010 or people who have already made the move and now need help with their property search. They must be available and able to buy in November/December 2010. If they’ve got the papers and they would like the help of a dedicated team who will assist them find the house of their dreams all they have to do is follow this link http://www.meontv.co.uk/PhilDownUnder and fill in the application form.
  8. Hi I am in the process of applying for a de facto visa and would like to know if anything shows up on the ACPO report for a couple of misbehavings in Guernsey (Channel Islands). When I spoke to my lawyer then (7 years ago), it was a petty offence but said that if I didnt want a record I should leave the island (which I did). Now I am worried this will come up on my police certificate. Could anyone advise????? Thanks:sad:
  9. aussiedreamz

    Channel 7 Saturday Night

    Is there a pom working as head of programming at channel 7 these days because I've just looked at the TV guide for Saturday night and it's BBC fest of comedy programmes, Fawlty Towers followed by The Vicar of Dibley then Not Going Out and Gavin and Stacey. OK were still going to have to put up with the stupid ads in between but what a line up all the same....
  10. hey... we are moving out to oz straight after xmas.... pretty much ready to ship everything soon but we are struggling to find removal companies who will pick up form Jersey.... most of the big ones (anglo pacific etc ) will not pick up here... anyone got any ideas ?
  11. Well ages ago I started to fill out the form for that new show (think it was location location) in response to the thread on PIO..... didn't fill all the form in, got halfway and never got back to it...... and today I got a call from channel four! Anyone else get a call? Just have to send in photo of family but we cant go till house has sold so dont think you'll be seeing us on the tv yet! :laugh: Right - back to the packing..... Perthward bound in 12 hours :wink:

    Channel 4 they came to see us

    Hi guys , Sorry ive only just let know, well they did come on Monday night and were here for two hours.Martin is a really nice and funny guy, he makes you feel at ease striaght away. Firstly he interviewed my self and Mark, asking us all sorts of questions about the reasons why we wanted to move down under, how we started the process, if Mark had a job to go to, where we were planning on living, what we wanted as a family with regards to life style and the types of houses we were interested in, these are what i can remember, then he got the children and asked them, this was all filmed in our lounge. He told me there were another family in Essex AND another on in Plymouth along with a couple over in Australia , he would let us know in a couple of weeks as he is aware we leave in 7 weeks time. Martin also told us that once over in Australia he would want us to film for 3 days so we will just have to wait and see.We thought it was great fun and Martin was happy with the way it went , so fingers crossed will defo keep you all up to date:jiggy:Rikki, Mark, Ashley and Niamh

    Channel 4 part 3 there comming to our house

    i Everyone, Well channel 4 rang again today(TUESDAY) and MARTIN CONNERY IS COMMING TO OUR HOUSE ON Monday TO MEET THE FAMILY.He really does seem keen to get us on the programme, he is also hoping the family from liverpool will be available for him to meet also.I just carnt believe it, i only filled in the application form thinking to myself i wont hear anymore about it, he is going to ring me on friday with further information, will keep you all posted of the next stage OMG :unsure:RIKKI MARK ASHLEY AND NIAMH ... LOCATION LOCATION DOWN UNDER

    Channel 4 part 2 location location

    HI THERE EVERYONE, I just got the second call from martin connery looks like he wants to come up and meet us all soon as we will be off in 8 weeks on sunday, We have to just sort a few things out first ,but he said the producers liked our story and so we may be on the show OMG i carnt quite believe it, just thought i would give you a up date and wondered who else has been contacted for a second time :twitcy:

    Channel 4 Rang Today IWC MEDIA Location Location

    Well i nearly fell off my chair today at 4.10pm, i got a phone call from channel 4 Location location, some may remember there was a thread a couple of weeks ago asking families who were relocating to Australia who would be in a position to buy a house around JAN, FEB, MARCH 09 , and asked them to register their details , i did never thinking i would hear from anyone.It was Martin Connery asking all sorts of questions with regards to our application, i could not believe it, the guy who does the show Phil Stephens with Kirsty, will be going over to Australia and helping people find their dream homes, he chatted for at least half an hour and said once i sent a photo of all of us he may be back in touch so who knows what might happen Rikki and Mark:shocked:
  16. cartertucker

    £10 Poms- Tv Prog- History Channel

    Ok, I admit, I dont usually watch the History channel...:SLEEP: I only know this show is on, because it was advertised in the back Tv pages of my Heat magazine! :biglaugh: 'Ten pound Poms' 9am History Channel Thursday 25th September Kelly :0)
  17. Hi all I have moved into a temporary apartment in Brisbane. Need to know if I have channel SBS so I can watch the footy.. I have a few channels but cant tell if I have SBS? Does any1 know if I should have it automatically? Help!! I need to watch the footy!!! :arghh:
  18. Investing your money in the channel islands?? Hi,Does anyone have any information on investing your money in the channel islands? The exchange rate is so low we are wondering if to invest our money in a high interest tax free place and use the interest to help us out until the x rate improves. Any information welcome:daydreaming:??
  19. I am a researcher on Channel 4's flagship overseas property show 'A Place in the Sun' presented by Amanda Lamb. We are currently in pre-production with a series of 'down under' shows and are looking for contributors to take part. We are looking to get in touch with British couples, singles or families who have decided to make a permanent move to Australia. Contributors need to have begun (or ideally completed) the visa process and have the funds in place in order to proceed with a property purchase should they find a suitable place. We are likely to be filming September - October 2008. Please get in touch if you think you might fit the bill, by calling Natalie on 0161 235 6542 or email natalieg@fftv.co.uk Thanks!
  20. When you become a resident of Australia, income such as rental income from foreign properties, dividends paid by foreign companies and distribution entitlements from foreign mutual funds / pension planswill be taxable in Australia. Australian tax rules generally require you to include that foreign income in your tax return expressed in Australian dollars. The exchange rate depends upon what happens to the income. If the income is paid back to Australia, you use the tax rate at the date of receipt. If the income is held overseas eg. in a foreign bank account, the exchange rate is the rate at the end of the year. Another issue to watch out for is that foreign countries (Uk included) may impose some tax on the income that you have earned from an investment in their country. This means that you will not receive the full amount of your investment income(you can submit a form to your bank to stop this). The Australian tax rules require you to include in you tax return the full entitlement to income before any foreign tax has been deducted. The foreign tax paid can be used as a credit against Australian tax payable on that foreign income (ie to prevent double taxation occurring). You may have expenses associated with your foreign investment income. These can be claimed as tax deductions against your foreign income. There is a limit to how much of these expenses you can claim in any year. The deduction in any one year is limited to the amount of the foreign income that you receive. If your expenses exceed your foreign income, you can not claim them in that particular year. You need to carry them forward to claim against foreign income in future years. Foreign investment fund rules There is one particular tax issue which causes concern for many immigrants coming to Australia. This is the application of the foreign investment fund (FIF) rules. These rules were introduced by the Government as a means to stop people deferring the payment of Australian tax on investments in foreign/UK companies, foreign/UK trusts (including mutual funds, pensions) and investment policies issued by UK/foreign life companies. The rules are stringent. They may require you to bring to account the increase in the market value of your UK held assets from year to year. You will be taxable on the increase in the value of the assets which means you could be paying Australian tax on unrealised foreign capital gains. YES YOU PAY TAX EVENN IF YOU HAVE NOPT CASHED IN THE INVESTMENT! Example: Managed Fund grows by GBP1,000 in the last year after fees and charges. You are earning $40,000 in OZ. You need to add the GBP1,000 at the applicable exchange rate so $2130 to your taxable income (puts you in the 31.5% Marginal tax bracket). So you pay an additonal $670.95 in tax which has to come from your earnings as you have not cashed in your UK investment! A number of exceptions do apply for shares held in listed foreign companies. However, not every listed foreign company is eligible for exemption. It is always wise to check with your Australian advisors as to whether investments you hold will be subject to the FIF rules. Please note that the FIF rules do not apply to foreign real estate investments or foreign bank accounts (you must report the income annually on these). Hope this is helpful Always seek personal advice on your situation. Liam
  21. keily

    Tune Into Channel 520 9pm

  23. Lynne2007

    Lynda From Channel 4 Just Rang Me

    Lynda from channel 4 just rang me, told her all about our situation and progress. Isnt she a lovely lady, very pleasant to speak to, she said she is ringing everyone who has contacted her first to gather info then is going to travel around country to visit them all for a cuppa and get more info. Cant wait us :biggrin: Lynne :chatterbox: