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Found 161 results

  1. I have been here now for 2 yrs and thinking of applying for PR. I have got a quote from my agent and cannot believe how much they want to charge us for their service. Has anyone completed their PR application themselves? What tips can you give or am I best using an agent. Our finances are stretched now , without paying further costs. P.S how long does an application take and how long before we would know an answer. All answers appreciated. Thanks:eek:
  2. Hey Guys! Returning to the forums months after my partner was granted a 457 sponsorship visa, unfortunately not with celebrations but with more questions... We are in a situation where her current boss is being a real arsehole, taking her for a real ride in regards to pay and overload of work. Enough is enough and we are looking for alternatives, we have limited knowledge about these visas (we have read all the government websites but there is always the little writing!) Our current situation: We have been living in a de facto relationship for now over 12 months. Have joint bank accounts and share our finances. My partner has been on 457 visa since April last year. She is enrolled with Medicare. She previously was on a WHV (417) before the sponsorship. I'm aware of all the responsibilities and we are very much in love and can see a long future there. We would like to know: Considering the above, would we be eligible to apply for this visa? She wants to quit her current job ASAP - the gap visa (is that right?) that will be assigned to her, will she be allowed to work during that period? How long does the de facto process take? Is there anything we should be aware of? Other than that, is there any other (legal) options we could go down? Thanks for your help guys, any responses will be greatly appreciated. :biggrin:
  3. just recently heard that the points test is changing- we were already just scraping it before, now its even worse! to pass my partner needs to pass an engilsh test at the top level. tried googlin it but dont really know what i'm looking for. does anybody know what the engish test is? hw hard is it? what we have to do? thanks kind regards, shaz
  4. Hi I would like to know if any expats out there have changed employers while they are on a 121/856 visa ? If you have can you let me know the process and was it difficult easy etc ? Alan.
  5. jo greenway

    Changing plugs?

    Hi All our stuff arrives in two weeks! What I would like to know did everyone just change all their plugs themselves or is there someone who will do it for you at a reasonable cost. I am in pymble Sydney.
  6. RichardLlloyd1985

    Changing over qualifications!

    Recently had a visa company tell me that my NVQ and City and Guilds aswell as my apprenticeship served means nothing in australia and i would need to convert them to the australian equivilant. Of course they wanted to charge me a fee of £350 for this priiledge. Even though i have 10 years experience, they want me to take a test aswell. All this seems slightly strange to me. Has anyone else come up with this? My area of expertise is Aerospace Engineering.
  7. Hello people of the internet. Background; my wife is Australian we’re applied for the spousal visa so while that happens I’m on a bridging visa A. I want to work through (my old job in London had an office in Sydney so I have a job whenever I need it) but to change to a working bridging visa I need to show a financial need. Has anyone ever done this – how long does it take and what is needed?… oh and where you successful? Any help would be lovely ta!
  8. Guest

    Rules changing for the royals

    http://news.yahoo.com/girl-british-royal-succession-rules-change-104444789.html As a side question, is Kate Middleton now Princess Kate after marrying a prince? And would she then become Queen Kate if her husband becomes King???? Or is royalty by birth only???
  9. Guest

    changing visas

    Hello, I am currently living in Melbourne on a subclass 309 Provisional Partner visa. I have been here for 6 months. The only problem is that me and my partner have been having problems. Although I am attempting to make it work between us, I am reaching the point where Im not sure I can continue in this relationship. Despite this I would like to remain in Australia if it is the case we break up, especially considering the effort and sacrifices it took for me to get here to be with her in the first place and the effort I have since gone through to make a new life here. Suffice to say this is a stressful situation, especially as she says she will get me deported if we were to break up, so, I was looking for advice if possible as to whether I can change visas? I was thinking I might be able to get sponsored as I already work full time but how would this be possible? also when i already have a visa can i do this and how would it be viewed (a likely approval or deportation?). Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  10. Guest

    Changing Occupation on a 457

    Hi, i have been living in Perth since Jan 11 and have had my 457 since Aug 11. im looking to change occupations as im unhappy where i work now. we're looking to move up north and try and get work on the minesites if possible. i am a qualified mechanical engineer and work as a mechanical supervisor. i am working under ANSCO code 323299 which is listed as metal fitters and machinists. im working under occupation 4111-01 - general mechanical engineering tradesperson - supervisor. what i am unsure of is how easy or difficult it is to change my occupation. if i change companies, am i limited to doing the same job or can i do anything under the ANSCO code that my visa has been granted? Also, if i were to change my occupation how long would it take to get my visa organised? thanks.
  11. Guest

    Changing state sponsorship

    Hi experts, Last month I recieved Western Australian state sponsorship and I applie for 176 visa. Later this month, I have also been granted Victoria state sponsorship. My problem is that I have already applied for 176 visa using WA State sponsorship and now I want to change to Victoria state sponsorship as I prefer living in melbourne. How can I change this, please advice Many thanks afshan
  12. Hi everyone, I came to Australia on a WHV and my application for de facto visa with my Australian partner has just gone in, can I still claim any tax back on my earnings on my WHV? How would I go about doing this? Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks, Helen
  13. Guest

    Changing from 175 to 176

    I am waiting for my skills assessment at the mo, but as soon as that arrives I am wanting to apply for a 175 visa (I pass the points test :smile:). Victoria (where I want to go) has just released their SS list and my occupation is on it. As I pass the points test would I be able to get State sponsorship? If so would I be able to change from a 175 to a 176 visa? :confused:
  14. Guest

    Changing employer on a 857 visa

    Hi, I came to Australia on a 457 sponsored visa in Aug 2010 and about 2 months ago got a 857 from the same employer. My partner who is a NZ citizen and my new son (born here in Aus), all came on the visa with me. I am a junior doctor and since coming back from maternity have been put on as a reliever (covering everyone's leave). They have done this as they agreed for me to come back part-time. This job holds no educational aspect and I don't have a mentor, as I would be expected of a junior doc. Another aspect is, as a small hospital there is no further training. Also in the main I will be expected to spend most of my time in the emergency dept. I have been suffering from post-natal depression and anxiety and really feel this stressful environment will be harmful to me. I really would like to take up the opportunity to do a GP training programme which would mean me changing jobs although I still would work in a rural setting. Immigration have not been helpful in giving me any advice, and your forum has been the only place I have found people with similar problems. Can anyone give me advice on what to do? Will immigration cancel my visa? If I do leave my job should I just email them and inform them....then what happens next? an investigation? I really couldn't go back to the UK as my partner wouldn't come too, we both love it here.
  15. Hi Guys, Just a quick question re. "upgrading" my defacto visa from temp to perm. I have been in Melbourne for just over a year and am absolutely loving it! Took a while to get over missing friends and family in the UK, but now I feel completly settled. Anyway I was speaking a friend of a friend recently who told me that she knew people who hadnt spoken to immigration soon enough regarding changing their defacto from an 801 to 820 and as such the visa had expired and they have had to leave the country! Now I dont know how true this is, but it has made me wonder how do you go about changing your visa to permenant? Do immigration contact you or should you contact them? Obviously I dont want to get deported back home to the UK if I can help it and Im sure this is the usual scare mongering, but obviously wouldnt hurt to know the process so we can be organised. Also I cant seem to find any info about it on the immigration website, so any advice / experience on this would be great. As always, anyone whos going through the defacto process should feel free to PM me with any questions, I know how stressful that bit is! D
  16. Can anyone tell me where in Palmerston (nr Darwin) that I can go to change my drivers licence to an Australian one please? Found the form on website but nothing more!:biggrin:
  17. mcgregordot1

    changing job 457 visa

    I've been offered a job in Perth and they are going to sponsor me, can anyone tell me what happens if I decide after a year that I dont like the job and want to find a new job? How does this affect the 457 visa?
  18. fleabo

    Changing Paypal country

    A question from a lazy person (me). I have been instructed by 'er indoors to sell a wardrobe. My preferred method is Ebay. Ebay requires at least one of the 'safe' methods of buyer payment - preferred is Paypal. My Paypal account is still registered in the UK and wants to be paid in GBP. I can't for the life of me work out how to change this to Australia - has anyone managed this, and how? Thanks from 'Lazybum' Fleabo.:wubclub:
  19. Blazingmonkey

    Changing from defacto to married?

    Hi, We are hoping to start the process soon of applying for a 176 State sponsored visa. My partner is going to be the main applicant. We have currently been together for 4 years own our own home so providing evidence for the defacto part will be easy. Question is we are getting married in June (very excited ), is it easy to change when we are married? We want to get it in before the changes next year also if (big IF I know) we are approved before we are married can the visa be changed?
  20. nurse sue

    ENS visa& changing employer

    Just wondered if anyone had any advise or done this. I am presently looking at changing employer but on ENS which says will give 3 years to company The company say they will not hold me to it and I can leave but spoke with immigration and they said signed up for 3 yrs and if immi do audit and find not working for ENS sponsorfor sponsoring company then they can revoke visa :mad:at any point. am at busting point:arghh:
  21. pablo

    Changing occupation in oz

    Thats it really,anybody changed jobs over there?:wideeyed: im thinking of some kind of plant/machinery cse,have to see whats in demand,plus experience is probably required as well,so not expecting it to be so easy,life isnt is it,but we'l see,otherwise its stay on the trowel with me slowly crumbling discs:rolleyes::smile:
  22. Hi Guys First poster here, with a real love for Australia and a real problem with my job. We moved over here towards the end of last year and since then I have not been loving my job and want to quit. I am on a sponsored 457 visa with my partner as my defacto. But I am wanting to quit my job and have my partner take over the sponsorship through his job, which should be possible, and me become the defacto. Is it as simple as this or do we have to start from the beginning again? Any help with this would be gratefully received. thanks.
  23. Hi, I wonder if anyone could offer me any advice. My partner has been in Melbourne since May this year on a 457 visa. At the time of her application as I didn't qualify as defacto I came to Australia in August on a 12 month 676 tourist visa. I would like to change over my visa to be attached to her 457 to enable me to work but I have 8503 condition attached to my visa. I have called immigration for advice, and they said that I can only lodge an application outside of Australia. So as i see it my options are: 1) Try to get the 8503 condition waived - but as i understand it from the factcheet I don't really have a compelling reason to get this done, but is it worth trying anyway? 2) Leave Australia for a short break to NZ or Asia and lodge an application for a defacto 457 visa then come back in on my 676 visa as its valid until July 2011 Can anyone tell me if they have attempted either of these options before? My main concern is that if i left I wouldn't be able to get back in the country as immigration will notice that i've lodged another application and will question my 'tourist' status. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ian
  24. 2 days ago I lodged an application for the Family Skilled Sponsored 176 migrant Visa. Due to some changes in my sponsored family's circumstances, they will not be able to offer the sponsorship as previously thought. My question is, is it possible to get my application changed to Skilled Independent 175 if I meet all the requirements? Thanks for your help.
  25. Hi Guys, Been in Oz for a year and half. Family of 5 and we've pretty much decided that we'd like to go for permanent residency and then onto Citizenship. Reason is that we want to ensure that if we do decide to leave that our kids could come back in later years as Oz will only become more difficult to get into. I understand we could do this in 4 years but I'll need to start the PR process as soon as I hit year 2. Thing is it's a big decision as I'll loose LAFHA which is quite a bonus but on the plus side will not have to pay school fees. ( we will need to downgrade our lifestyle somewhat !) Anyway help needed is that I moved over with my company. Company was fantastic in the UK but I'm not enjoying it over here much ( Very hostile / cut throat environment - Is this Typical of Aussie Companies ? ) . I'm not entirely convinced they will automatically sponsor me for PR next year and if they don't I feel a little trapped. Question is ... if this does happen has anyone changed employers from a 457 to continue a 457 with another company or even better 457 to PR sponsorship from another company ? Ive worked for this company for Many Many years and would never of considered leaving in the UK however it's a smaller business unit in Aus and I'm also willing to do it to get our PR and stay in Oz. Any thoughts / experiences most welcome. Thanks:unsure: Fargo