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Found 54 results

  1. ravimodiz

    Visa 489 South Australia

    Hi Guys My spouse has applied for South Australia Visa 489, Occupation : Illustrator 232412 with 75 Points (including State Nomination) The date of submitting our EOI was 27th September 2018. Now, that Category says "Special Conditions Apply" and color coded "Red" today on 19th November 2018. (a) Will this affect our EOI response ? (b) My agent is saying no need to stress out as this is only applicable for new entries! Is this correct? Is he saying right thing ? Please advise. Thanks
  2. Guest

    chances following cancer

    My family undertook medicals on March 1st. however on the 10th we discovered my wife had stomach cancer. She started chemo in April, underwent surgery in July, finished chemo in October, got the all clear in November.final medical report and very good prognosis sent Nov 17th. Although we know how lucky we are already, is there anyone who has been in a similar situation and can give us an indication of what decision we can expect. Yes, she has to be monitored for five yrs, but this can be done anywhere. I am the main applicant not my wife. Also advice on private medical insurance would be appreciated.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know the chances of obtaining PR status if they come over to oz on a 457 visa? We know this would be the only route for us, but we are concerned we would come over on the 457 and then be rejected for the PR when we apply after 2 years. Can anyone tell us what we could do to avoid that happening?! Also can you please tell us the what restrictions would be on us - for example buying a house, schooling, medical care etc... Thanks in advance for any answers...:wubclub:
  4. Hi , we are moving over by March 2012 . I am looking at catholic schools around the shire area (caringbah /miranda/ sylvania)and possibly the hills areas. We have a Boy age 9 born 04/2002 and Girl 7 born 06/2004 and as they are currently attending a Cofe school here i wanted them to attend a catholic school over there. Does anyone know what chances there are off getting them a catholic school place mid term next year? I know our local uk church school is full and the waiting list is extensive but thought as you have to pay for the church schools there maybe there would be places or is that being optomistic?:smile: Could anyone also advice what school year they would be in ?? I think eldest would be year 5 on arrival and youngest year 3 is that correct?? My youngest is nearly 3 born 12/2008 could anyone tell me when she would be due to start kindergarden? And again what the waiting lists are like for preschools over there?? Thanks in advance for any help (finding it hard to get my head round their schools ):biggrin: Mandy
  5. Time4change

    457 Visa - ins, outs and no chances!?

    Hi - we're early stages of hopefully going to Australia (Melbourne area) on a 457 visa...my husband's job actually. I appreciate that there is probably another thread on this, and if all I get is a link to that from someone, that would be great. Few major questions: (and the answers I sort of know...please correct me!!) Are we entitled to medicare? - yes as a reciprocal country.....but that's about it? Are we entitled to any school costs? VIC doesn't charge for schooling (except voluntary contributions) Can you buy a property in Australia on a "temporary - ie 457" visa? Does an employer have to guarantee you work when you apply for a permanent visa? (after 2 years there i think)? ie- is having a job a condition of applying for permanent residency? I know this all sounds pretty naive, but it's early stages.....I haven't even got a folder yet! ;-) Thanks all :-)
  6. Hi all, well everything is in place for me and my three children to make the big step of coming over to Australia in March next year (2012). Because of logistics and trying to enable my kids are as safe and as settled as possible I am arranging for all of our furniture etc to be sent before we leave the UK, in fact the furniture is leaving before I am even allowed to apply for our visas. The visa will be a student visa so there are certain restrictions on when to apply etc. I have been accepted onto my chosen course, my children have been accepted and enrolled in school and childcare and I am able to declare that I can financially support us for the duration of our stay (apparently due to me being a British passport holder, I only need to declare it, I dont actually need to submit evidence of funds) Can anybody think of any reasons why I may be refused my visa to study? I am panicking a lot as all of our things will be in a boat by the time I can apply! But I have no other option but to do it this way. So any reasons, any reasons at all that you can think of that may come up, please, please let me know so that I can be aware of them. Also, as a British Citizen will I need health checks, police checks etc for the children and myself? Thanks very much in advance for any responses. Shelley x
  7. I have my meds soon but I'm not sure what the outcome of mine will be and would be grateful to hear from anyone who has regular screening for anything & got through the meds ok. Without going into too much detail, I suffer from a rare genetic skin condition which has been passed down from my Father. It has been highlighted recently that there is a link between my condition & renal cancer so I now have to have kidney MRIs every 2 years with annual ultrsound on the year in between. The condition is very rare so the exact risks are uncertain but I've been told its probably a 10-16% chance of me developing cancer & the average onset is 44yrs old. Apart from the screening, I do not take any medication & there are no other associated health costs. I have quite a few urology, genetics & dermatology letters that I plan to take to my meds. I am fully expecting my meds to be referred, but I'd like to know what my chances are of getting through the meds. Thanks in advance. Please feel free to PM me if you dont wish to reply on the forum. Mandy x
  8. Guest

    chances of duct job?

    Hi im James from London. Was wondering how easy it would be if i came to Australia on a WHV to get a job in Duct fitting particullarly as an improver?, have a city and guilds qualification as well if that would help the sitiuation. Or if not Duct fitting is it easy to pick up cash paid labour jobs etc? If anyone has any information it would be much appreciated? Thanks!
  9. Guest

    chances are but what

    life on other planets--they reckon the law of average says it has to be true:wideeyed:so if there is what is it--i read that there may be a parallel universe out there, is there another one of you--so some where out there is maybee another SMNW hovering:swoon:so whats out there,and are they watching us:wideeyed:
  10. Hi Everyone, Probably a silly question, but I couldn't find any info online or in the forum. Hope someone can shed some light. If a secondary applicant (or the relationship) is not approved by DIAC, will it effect me as the primary applicant? Can we get issued one, without the other? We don't mind waiting and her applying for a partner visa later, but to avoid paying two lots of the visa application charge, I would like to have her listed on my application. I'm going to be lodging my 885 application soon and will have my girlfriend as a secondary applicant. When we apply in November we will not have proof of a relationship for 12months (even though we have been together for longer). We will have: Registered relationship certificarte of NSW (4months) Join Bank accounts (6months) Join Utility Accounts (6months) Travel documents (10months) Stat Decs from friends and family (14months)
  11. I am in Australia on a defacto spouse 309 visa. I've been here since January and have until January 2011 until I get the permanant visa, at the moment it is provisional. Things with my partner aren't that great at the moment and I'm feeling like I need a bit of space away from him to decide whether we are meant to be together or not. I know that we have to prove evidence of our relationship in order to get the permanant visa in a year and a half so if I had say a month or two away from him in a shared house or hostel would that affect things? I don't want to go back to the UK right away because of the expense and because I want to see if we can work things out before taking such a big step of returning to England. It's so hard being in this position in another country because I feel that we can work things out we just need a step back from the situation for a while but we can't risk ruining getting the permanant visa because that would ruin things for us long term. Does anyone know anything that may be able to help? Thank you!
  12. Hi Everyone, First of all, I have found this forum to be really helpful, both in easing our minds and raising new issues for us to consider before heading off. I have a brief question that I hope someone will not mind answering: My partner is a carpenter and being state sponsored by Victoria on the 176 visa, we have priority 2 level processing. I am his de-facto partner. Our CO was assigned April 20th 2011. Our medicals have been finalised and we are waiting for final police checks (I am Canadian and my partner lived in Canada for three years. Word of warning, the police checks from Canada take an extremely long time, as long as three months so any Canadians keep that in mind). We are waiting for a police checks from Canada to come in (our CO is aware of the length of time Canadian police checks take and it is not a problem). My question is, has anyone had medicals finalised and submitted clean police checks then had their visa refused, and if so what was the reason for refusal? Our document checklist is only missing police checks. I have not seen any case of rejection at this stage on the forum so far, and I thought others might also be interested in the response. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello all, I've considering emigration for a couple of years but never looked deeply into it. I am aware that the new points system is coming into effect in July. I'm currently studying Photography at Degree level, and hope after this to go on to study a PGCE in Art and Design for Secondary School. Therefore will be a qualified seconday school teacher. Looking at the new points system, I will be awarded the following ... 30 points for age. 20 points for English language (already achieved IELTS 8) Now this is where I am confused.. the new points system states that under the Qualifications section that a Bachelor Degree offers 15 points. Now if I have a BA in Photography, and a PGCE in Art and Design for Secondary, would I be awarded the 15 points? Also does the degree need to relate to the job which is on the SOL that I'm applying for? Either way if my degree counts for 15 points then I'll have the 65 points that is expected to be the requirement. Will I then need to gain experience in the UK in my job before applying for a my visa? Or as I will have the necessary points can I just apply then find my first job in Australia? Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my questions! Adam.
  14. I Rex from India, Mechanical Engineer, working in oil and gas field in Abudhabi,UAE My details below; IELTS - 6.5 with minimum 6 in each band - September 2009 EA Assessment - January 2011 NSW ORANA SS (475) - April 2011 Visa application Lodge - April 13,2011 Acknowledgement -?????????Waiting My questions are, How long will it take to recieve DIAC acknowledgement mail? How u assess my chance to get a visa and any timeline? Do mechanical engineers are needed in Australia(I mean highly needed or..)? Please guide me to an appropriate thread in this forum? Expecting your valuable guidance Thanks Rex
  15. Hi everyone Just wondering if someone could tell me what the chances are on finding a sponsor for the 457 visa? Myself, partner and daughter are in Ireland at the moment but would love to move to Australia. My partner is a bricklayer by trade, and after speaking to an Immigration specialist they have told us our best options are either a General skilled Migration Visa or a 457 Employer Sponsered Visa. We would rather the 457 visa as our daughter starts High School in 2 years and as the General Skilled can take 12 + months I would like to have her settled and have friends before she goes to the `big school` lol. The Immigration place we spoke to told us to call up different companies and see if they would be willing to sponsor, but would these companies really sponsor someone they have never met?? Does ANYBODY know of anybody that does/would offer sponsorship? We would prefer to live in the Melbourne area as its a place we have both been to before, but tbh will go anywhere that sponsorship is available!! Any advice given is greatly appreciated. Thanks Erynn
  16. Guest

    what are my chances?

    Hey, Im a 27 year old, recently got back from 2 years in Australia on a WHV. The company i was working for (an inline skate retail/ distribution company) want to sponsor me and have applied to become a sponsor. I was just wondering if anybody knew what my chances are? I have 5 years plus of retail management experience, any info would be much appreciated. Cheers
  17. Current on a 457 Visa, have applied for and 857 visa but the wife failed medical (costing way out to lunch MOC figure is 5 time the actual cost but I won't get in to that), waiting on the desision on a medical waiver from the NSW govement. application has been in for over six months and not a word from them. What I need to know is if any one has had a PR visa rejected and the got another 457 visa
  18. Hi all, Just wondering what is Oz like for starting fresh and starting a new career? Many things I fancy doing, Police, Mechanic, etc. Just after information etc really. Thanks Dean
  19. Guest

    How Many Chances?

    Just a thought. How many chances do you give people? Difficult question and I'm not sure I will be able to explain it, but here goes. I guess I am talking of friends, aquantices, colleagues, etc. I think family 'could' be different because at times it is very difficult not to forgive family members, but could be wrong though. How many times would you say, 'No that's OK, not to worry, onward and upwards and lets forget about it'. I guess it also depends on the so called severity of the crime. Maybe someone has dumped on you from a great height, hurt you or your family, treated someone else objectionably, blah, blah, blah. My own opinion is that I will give ANYONE anywhere around three or five chances. It is very difficult to assess each time, as I said, things people do often 'seem' totally objectionable to us, but to someone else not that bad. And again, we are all different and view certain scenarios completely differently, and most importantly people sometimes act in ways that have been influenced by THEIR particular circumstance at the time, they may have had loads on their plate, and acted accordingly. That is why I said I tend to give ANYONE between three and five chances, because by the time the fifth chance has come and gone it is more than likely that their true personality has shown through, again, I could be wrong. I am often looked at as a mug, because I will if at all possible give the most contemptible (IMO only) person my time and listen to them, no matter what they have done, well, within reason. And I also remember the times I was treated unfairly and people never gave me a chance to explain why I had acted like a dick, again because of outside influence. I got burnt (again) very badly last night. I should have learnt, but nevertheless I still tried to understand someone's mindset and said to them that I would be more than willing to help if they wanted me to, but I was ignored, I will do the same again if necessary, but even I have my limits. So how many times do you look at someone and say, 'OK, I will try and overlook that, onwards and upwards etc. Just a question peeps. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  20. hi all, we applied for a 175 family sponsored visa back in oct 2008, blah blah you all know about the changes, switched to 176 and got ss from ACT in march 10' on smp and got co nov 10, done all meds and police checks and literally just waiting the the visa. i was just wondering, as i've heard a few people say they were finally granted their original visa, what are the chances of that happening to us?? we'd rather have more scope to move where the jobs/area we like! thanks:wacko:
  21. kys7

    What are my chances?

    Hi. This is Kayes from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I'd like to know about my chances of getting migrated to Australia as a skilled individual. I have a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering. I've been working as a Software Engineer since 2006. Currently I work in C# .NET, ASP.NET and MS SQL Server. But I also have extensive working experience in Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0. I took the IELTS general test and got overall score of 6.5 with 6.0 in Writing, 6.0 in speaking, 6.5 in Listening and 6.5 in Reading. What are my chances of migration to Australia? Are my skills/ working experience/ IELTS scores enough? I'd appreciate any information in this regard. Thanks.
  22. Guest

    Pharmacists and chances for PR?

    Just wondering whether there are any pharmacists in this forum in the process of mugrating to Australia? Anyone heard whether pharmacists will be on any of the state's SMP-I know that pharmacists are on the ACT SMP (but so is every other occupation) Cheers
  23. Guest

    IT chances of sponsorship?

    Hi all, We are looking for IT sponsorship for my OH and I was wondering if anyone could tell me which IT areas are in demand generally speaking? OH works on Server support/engineer, project management, migrations, is microsoft certified and has completed Avaya and CCNA courses, has years and years of experience. Think this will be of use in Oz? Chances of sponsorship?? Any tips/ contacts?? Thanks
  24. I have 120 points for new Zealand's skilled migration points calculator which is 20 more than what is required to apply for migration. But I'm not sure if they are sufficient for a successful migration, as I don't have a job offer in NZ. My online application has been rejected once because of un-approved degree but now that it is approved, i want to make sure I will be selected because I don't want to waste another $400 as application fee. Can anyone help?
  25. Guest

    e visitor chances of getting

    ive been in Oz for 11 months on a 12 month multiple entry tourist visa and 11 months on the same visa b4 that all with a 8503 which i tried to have waived (Oz partner about to give birth) unsuccessfuly so now must go off shore but am going to apply for a defacto partner visa 309/47sp (may be malaysia) but need to get back quickly and am worried i may have stuffed my chances for a e-visitor/tourist visa anyone KNOW best way from here thanks