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Found 18 results

  1. Guest

    Overseas Police Clearance Certs

    Wanna pick the brains of those out there that have the answers or have had dealings with this issue themselves!!! My wife previously lived overseas for 7 years (CYPRUS) prior to moving back to the UK in 2008. Does anyone know just how difficult it is to get the required Police Clearance Certificate from the Cypriot Authorities???????? (dealing with their admin set up in the past have been very long and drawn out :mad:). We dont want this 1 issue to be the anchor in our 456 application. Many thanks peeps :notworthy:
  2. Sherbetdip23

    Uploading Police Check Certs onto DIAC

    Hiya Please can somebody advise.........We got our Police checks back today and hubby is just uploading them - it asks for document type - should this go under overseas penal clearance certificate or somewhere else???:wideeyed: Many thanks Carla
  3. Hi everyone, Well our police certs. came back this morning, mine states NO TRACE, whilst my OH's states NO LIVE TRACE (he got into a fight some 20 years ago & ended up going to court over it, long story)!!! we have declared this on our visa application. Has anyone been in a similar situation? & more importantly will it effect our visa being granted as we are soooooo close we can smell it!!! Any advice would be extremely grateful. Thanks loads :notworthy: Jo x
  4. Looking at page 6 of this document, http://www.deewr.gov.au/Skills/Programs/SkillsAssess/TRA/residenceVisa/Documents/AssessmentCriteria.pdf What would be the category for someone who's self-studied for IT vocational certifications (Comptia A+, Network+ etc.). Category E? But that's for Australian qualifications holders? I am also doing an Open University diploma/degree as well so would that count as equivalent? Why is an IT support tech assessed by TRA? Why not the ACS? Given that IT techs could go onto higher level tech jobs (e.g network admin) with further certifications.
  5. My dogs are flying to Australia on Wednesday 16th February 2011, arriving at Sydney Airport on Friday 18th February 2011. I am using a pet relocation firm called Passport For Pets (a division of Airsupply Shipping Agents) but to save money I am arranging the vet treatments and completion of most of the paperwork myself directly with my personal vet. The AQIS guidance clearly states that Part A and Part B of AQIS Vet Certificates (sent with the Import Permits) MUST be completed, signed and stamped (endorsed) by a Official Government Veterinarian (the vet at the airport on the day of departure) and travel with the dogs to Australia however the above pet relocation firm are saying that it is not, that they only AQIS doc required is the Import Permit. Just seems a bit odd, why bother creating these forms if they weren't required but the girl at the firm I am dealing with is adamant they are not needed? I almost get the feeling they are trying to confuse me so I give up and pay for them to do everything! I have emailed AQIS today but can anyone that has done the paperwork part themselves please advise on this? I do not want them to be turned away at either airport because these forms have not been completed. .
  6. twinkletoes35

    AHPRA reg and GCSE certs

    hi all trying to get my papers together for my nursing registration, after 20yrs I cannot find my GCSE certificates, contacted AHPRA who gave me a long list of other possible options. Has anyone else got there nursing reg with APHRA without producing there GCSE certificates and not done the IELTS test? thanks TT
  7. Hi all, Just a quick query. We're leaving for Oz tomorrow but only plan on staying for 12 months, would it be wise to take all our birth certs, marriage certs etc or leave them behind & take photocopies??? Not sure whether we would need them or if passports, drivers licence would suffice. Just worried about losing certificates especially if its not necessary to take them. Any advice gratefully received. Many thanks Ellie xxx
  8. I was so pleased when the all-clear police certs came through the post but now I'm not sure what to do with them!! I've looked at some past threads and it looks like people are posting them but I wondered as they're original documents if I can just scan and attach as I did the other doc's in NOV'08 (it really is that long ago that I've forgotten how I did stuff)!
  9. Hi everyone, I am new to this and joined as saw so much useful information on here to help us with our application. We are beginning the process of the defacto and have started just downloading forms and having a look at what we need. I note that we need to get stat declarations of friends which is fine but can anyone answer whether family and friends who do these need to send us copies of birth certs and passports? Also we are applying in the UK but my partner is Australian living here withme, do we need to get australian police checks? We have been together 5 years now always in the UK. Sorry if these questions have been asked before ? Help appreciated Thank you in advance S
  10. Guest

    Got Police Certs Back Today!

    We both got our police certs back today with big bold letters saying NO TRACE!!! Didn't think there would be anything anyway as neither of us have ever been in trouble but you know how these visa applications mess with your mind!!! All scanned in and emailed to diac straightaway. Still waiting for the meds to be finalised though. Its been 3 weeks today.
  11. Hi. I did my vetasses practical test back in July 08 and passed but still havent received my Aussie qualifaction cert yet. Has anyone else not received theirs. Ive got my pass paper from Vetasses that I need to apply for my visa so thats fine. just still waiting for my Aussie cert. Cheers Chidge
  12. Guest

    who can certify Police certs?

    Hi! Who can certify copies of police certs? - can I take them to the police station? or do I need a solicitor? Thanks Rachel
  13. Waitingawhile

    Fast Track police certs

    Hi Following on from one of yesterdays threads the web page to go to is Association of Chief Police Officers and you hit the bottom of four orange boxes on the left hand side of the page to download the form. The price as stated by the previous member is £35 and you receive the info back in 10 days this info is specifically for immigration purposes I have been informed! apparently it is a trial service.:radar:
  14. Guest

    PR - Birth Certs

    HI Thanks to Mrs Bravehearts post about marriage cert we have now managed to get OH's previous one. It has got me thinking though. OH has 2 boys from first marriage 19 and 16, does anyone know if we will need copies of their birth certs when we apply for PR after 3 months (employer sponsored) Thanks :spinny:
  15. Guest

    Birth Certs

    Hello Team mates, Wondering if anyone knows, do you need to apply to the original issuing office for a copy of a birth certificate? Many Thanks, Bonnie ( Clyde has lost his birth certificate lol)
  16. Herbies

    Birth Certs

    Help, I've just read that someone has sent off for full Birth Certificates as they only had the small short ones. These are all i have. Is it essential you have the full ones? If so where do you get them from and do they cost?
  17. Guest

    Birth certs

    When applying for visa and for nurse registration in WA.....do you know if it has to be a full long cert or is the short one ok? Thanks in anticipation Jackie xxxxx
  18. My boyfriend is potentially being sponsored by an Australian employer to enter the country on the subclass 457 employer-sponsored visa. This is NOT an intra-company transfer. Is it absolutely required for him to produce certified copies of his University certificate? Or would his CV and employment offer letter suffice? Any other supporting documents which are a must and cannot be optional? The employer is already a recognised company under DIMIA and has processed several such visas ongoing and previously. Thanks for any advice.