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Found 15 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone on here is working for them or will be in the next few months? I will be joining the Kew branch at the end of Feb 2009 and it would be good to hear from any others in the same position as us. Terry
  2. Bayside Council has announced it will cease operating its two long day child care centres by the end of 2013. The Sandringham centre will close by December 2013 and the Hampton centre will close in December 2012. The regulatory changes to child care services mean that the cost of operating the council’s small and ageing centres will increase significantly as a result of the required reduction in the number of childcare places from 80 to 65. Prior to making this decision, the council also considered the cost and feasibility of building new centres but found the multi-million dollar land and construction costs to be prohibitive, and realised the need to establish priorities for its limited resources Bayside Council operates only two of the 20 child care centres currently located in the municipality and believes there are plans for new centres to be established during the next twelve months.
  3. Guys anyone know if there is any particular difference between the above re ethos, structure or otherwise???? Thanks in advance! Kate
  4. I know these guys were interviewing across the UK anyone go and if so how did it work out for you? I went for an interview in Southampton and I have accepted a job offer, would be good to get in contact with others in the same position as us.
  5. My partner is a Teaching assistant at a 'learning for life' special school for kids in care. does anyone know any of these types of companies or places that might sponsor? your help or advice would be much appreciated Cheers
  6. Guest

    Language Development Centres

    Looking for advice. My 4 year old is at Kindy in a great school. Two weeks after we arrived he was flagged as having comprehension difficulties, mostly with sequencing and processing. His teacher, school psyche, deputy principal invited us to a meeting where his difficulties were shown to us. They had a point but my gut feeling has always been that he needed time to settle (we have had 3 house moves since arriving and the whole migration experience to deal with). We now have bought a house, feeling very settled and all is great but in the meantime we had speech therapy and again we were encouraged to apply for him to attend a Language Development Centre full time from feb 2011. I have been secretly hoping that he wouldnt get in because he has made such excellent progress in these last few months, has made friends and enjoys being at the same school as his two older brothers (y4 and y5). We got the letter yesterday to say he has been accepted at the LDC and my heart sank. Many people are advising me that the LDC is the way to go and that we would be mad to turn down an opportunity of special care (this special care will last for one year after which he will go back to the school he currently attends). I have a very strong gut instinct that I shouldnt move him from where he currently is, I dont think he copes well with change. I would be very grateful to hear advice from anyone who has been through this process. He is already talking about his teacher for next year, and wants me to get his uniform from the school shop..... how on earth do I broach this with him and more to the point should I?:unsure:
  7. Hi there - does anyone have a child attending a childcare centre in Tapping or it's surrounds that they'd recommend? Cheers.
  8. Im fitting out house i just bought and looking for a new kitchen and bathroom but dont want to spend to much. Does anybody know anywhere in Melbourne or suburbs as i believe there are a few discount centres but i do not know where! Im actually based in Morwell,Latrobe Valley and i believe i would get far better deal by driving to Melbourne with a trailer. Any information appreciated!
  9. Hey guys, I know that Woods are interviewing in the UK in the next few weeks, just a little note to say good luck to all and if you need any help/advice just PM me. Best of luck, Terry
  10. hubby is a plumber and had his own business in uk for the last 7 years, everyone keeps telling us he's a plumber he'll easily find work, but he cant! Is there such a thing as job centres over here like we have in the Uk? Or somewhere he can go to talk to someone about finding work and the work situation over here? If he cant find work in the plumbing trade soon he will have to do something else but even then we are unsure how to go about finding work. We have been on the websites such as seek/applied for several jobs and heard nothing and handed out cvs to companies. Anyone need a good plumber!??
  11. Hi I have done some phoning about today and these are some prices I have been quoted for medicals & X-Rays, Manchester (St Johns Street), Salford & Huddersfield. I thought I would share this info with those of you in the same boat as us and need to get them done within the next month or so. We are a family of 4, 2 adults + 2 children although one child will be 15 when we go so she needs HIV bloods. Steve has tattoos and daughter has belly pierced. All figures are inclusive of VAT. Manchester (St Johns Street) Adult Medical @ £115 each Child Medical @ £55 each X-Rays @ £70 each HIV Blood test £29 each Courier @ £47 If you have tattoos or body piercing you will have to have addition blood test for Hep B @ £29, they also said you may need Hep C test also @ £41 (knocking bet you will have to have it) (Worse case) Total cost for us works out at £884 Salford (X-Rays are done at a different location) Adult Medical @ £100 each Child Medical @ £45 each X-Rays @ £70 each HIV Blood test £28.20 each Courier @ £70 If you have tattoos or body piercing you will have to have addition blood test for Hep B @ £28.20, they also said you may need Hep C test also @ £28.20. But they did say this was at the doctor’s discretion (Worse case) Total cost for us works out at £822.40 Huddersfield Adult Medical @ £99.88 each Child Medical @ £64.63 each X-Rays @ £56 each HIV Blood test £15 each Courier @ £20 If you have tattoos or body piercing you will have to have addition blood test for Hep B & C @ £15 each test B & C Total cost for us works out at £657.25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some more info I called the X-Ray department at Lindley, Huddersfield and they said are you having medicals done at Lindley Group practice, if so make the appointment there and then call X-Ray and they will fit you in same day etc, they where very helpful. We are booking ours for December 2008 and you can guess where we are going even if it cost £40 in petrol Huddersfields is best option :jiggy:
  12. I have just read in the Australia and NZ magazine that more centres have been set up in Australia to deal with the increasing amout of visa applications. They have been set up in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne on July 2008. Do you reckon that means they'll catch up with the back log pretty quickly? Adelaide are up to Nov 07 just! Hopefully the new centres will speed things up a bit?? xxxxxxx
  13. Hi there Does anyone use a child care centre around the Manly West/Wakerley/Wynnum area? We are going to be moving there, and would love to find somewhere in the area which has a good reputation and really good care. Thanks very much!!
  14. Guest

    Call Centres

    Hi :wubclub: I work part time for a legal team in a call centre and was wondering if there were any call centre's or contact centres in oz? Hoping to emigrate within the next two years and just getting our head round the visa process job options etc. Thanks Nicky
  15. I have a 2 and 3 year old who may have to attend a childcare centre, I have heard they may need some extra injections. Just wondered if I could get them done in the UK before we go and what are they, that is we ever sell the house:unsure: Thanking you in advance for any replies.