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Found 26 results

  1. LoftyTurtle

    PR application lodged + pregnant

    Hi there, I lodged my PR in Feb this year (visa 186) and current processing time is 14-15 months. I am pregnant and due in May 2019, which would be the ‘15th month’ of visa processing so being realistic, there’s a chance I may not have PR by the time baby arrives. I’m in full time work (457) and plan to be up until I give birth. Will I be entitled to the 18 week Centrelink maternity leave pay if I don’t have PR? I meet the other eligibility requirements online. Will I also need to go for another medical examination after Feb 2019? I completed this in Feb this year and I hear they’re only valid for 12 months. If anyone has had a similar experience, it would be great to hear from you and understand what happens. Thanks!
  2. A plan to make migrants wait four years before accessing welfare benefits would affect 66,000 families. Tens of thousands of families would be hit by a proposal to make migrants wait four years before accessing a range of welfare benefits. Legislation already before parliament seeks to push the welfare waiting period for newly-arrived migrants from two to three years, in a measure expected to save $1.3 billion. The federal government is now proposing to stretch the wait times for migrants out to four years from July 1. The extra squeeze on migrants is expected to save an additional $200 million. The government predicts 66,000 migrant families will be forced to wait longer for tax benefits, and 47,000 people will be impacted by the freeze on access to Newstart, Youth Allowance and other payments. Social Services Department officials say the two cohorts are not mutually exclusive, with some migrant families tapping into other welfare payments. Department officer Shane Bennett played down concerns the proposal would prove a disincentive to migration. "There is evidence from the OECD that reflects access to social security systems is not necessarily high on the factors people consider," Mr Bennett told a Senate estimates hearing on Thursday. "There is also a Productivity Commission report from 2016 that shows non-humanitarian permanent migrants had effectively lower take-up rates of income support to the general population." Migrant and community groups have pushed back hard against moves to extend welfare wait times, fearing it could force some new arrivals into destitution and poverty. Exemptions will continue to apply for vulnerable groups and humanitarian entrants, while hardship provisions also will also remain in place. Source: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/longer-welfare-wait-times-for-migrants-would-affect-66-000-families
  3. Hi Everyone God i never thought the day would arrive when I would be posting this, but today we received the best news after nearly three years that we have our PR. My next question is what do I need to do next? Do I need to pop into centrelink etc? My daughter goes to Kindy so I would like to start receiving the rebate as soon as I am able to - having paid full wack for three years (at a very high cost) the reduction in this will be very welcome. We also have BUPA etc so I am assuming I will need to let them know as well as getting a new Medicare card? If anyone knows if I am able to do the forms online and which ones they are that would be great. Thanks Poochibabes :smile:
  4. Bri Taljaard

    Child Care in Melbourne : Costs????

    Well , we recently landed in melbourne from South Africa . Hubby and I are on 457 work Visas , so we are getting NO rebate on Child Care . The cost are huge , so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of who and what we could do???? We are paying $700 a week for 2 children , thats my whole pay going into child care .is there a cheaper option??? Please Help Thanks Bri From Sunny glen Waverley Melbourne
  5. Guest

    Centrelink query

    Hi, Is it just me or is it really hard to find out benefit entitlements with Centrelink? I've been on their rate estimator website but can't seem to find any information. There's myself, partner and two children - a 2 year old and a 4 month old. We would be emigrating on a 175 visa and it would potentially just be my partner working, for minimum wage. A struggle I know! Any ideas on the sort of financial assistance we would get would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Guest

    Centrelink Payments

    Does anyone know how long it normally takes for a claim for Centrelink payments, such as Family Tax Benefit, to be processed?
  7. Hi, We're planning to to visit Oz for 2 weeks in early August. We're going to be landing and activating our visa. What are the landing formalities that we need to take care of and agencies we need to contact? Centrelink, Medicaid... I'm a little confused because we plan to land and return (for now, hopefully) not stay. Am sorry if there are already threads answering this - tried looking but didn't come across one for our situation. Thanks
  8. Help someone please !!!!!!!!!!!:confused: I'm trying to fill in my centrelink application and am stuck on the section for payments :- Reportable fringe benefits. Is fringe benefits different to my salary packaging. Nothing is very clear and I have got myself all in a muddle. Is being allowed so much toward my uniforms a fringe benefit or is this just used when it comes to tax forms at the end of the year. I dont have a company car or anything like this. Any help would be much appreciated x Helen
  9. My father is a subclass 176 PR VISA holder for Australia. He doesn't have an 8502 VISA restriction which means that any family member can travel before him. I am planning to move to Australia in December. Can anyone tell me whether or not I will get Centrelink and youth Allowance? I am currently 18 years old. Also if I am, how do I apply for centrelink?
  10. The Pom Queen

    Phone Scam -Centrelink

    Just a quick heads up:wubclub: CENTRELINK customers are being warned of a phone scam that has targeted New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria residents. The scam, which began in recent weeks, involves people being called by someone pretending to work for Centrelink claiming they are owed a payment of up to several thousand dollars. The caller then instructs the person to send money, usually several hundred dollars via cheque, in order to release the funds. Centrelink says it would never call anyone and ask for money. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) received 42,000 reports of scams and reported losses totalling more than $63 million during 2010. Anyone who suspects they have received a scam phone call is urged to report it to the ACCC on 1300 795 995.
  11. Guest

    help on centrelink

    hi could someone please help me, my family and i came out 3 weeks ago and the job that my husband was promised fell through so currently we have no income and do not want to use all our sevings as we have rent cars and insurances to pay, are we able to apply for family assistance and rent assisatnce if so how do i go about it, i did go into centre links and they were very unhelpful told me to go on line but havent a clue, also do i have to declare my savings back in the uk.:chatterbox:
  12. Diane333


    Is it worth registering with Centrelink on arrival in Australia as a new migrant? Are you elegible for any payments or does the 2 year rule apply to all? I have one child age 8. Any advice would be gratefully received.:notworthy:
  13. Hey guys, I just got my permanent residency and I heard that I have to register wih centrelink, what is it? and what is it for? What other things I have to do after getting PR?
  14. Guest

    Centrelink and 'defacto' status

    I lived with my partner from May 2008 until Sept 2009 (after which I had to go back to the UK as my WHV ran out) and we always had it in our minds that he would move to the UK...but after I went back and was there a few months I realised that it's not the best of times for employment. My partner managed to get a job through his uncle in Perth, so I started working and saving to go back to Perth in a tourist visa to discuss with him what our next steps would be. We had already been advised by Go Matilda whilst I was in the UK that our case would not be easy if we applied then due to our prolonged separation :cry: I didn't get to go back until April on the tourist visa, and then I decided that I would stay as I had enough money to apply for a course and stay here on a student visa. We stayed at his parents and we paid them board, and in Sept 2010 his uncle rented his unit out to us and we've been living there since. Whilst we were living together in '08, my partner was on Youth Allowance whilst studying. I was on a WHV from Oct '08 and so we had to report my pay to Centrelink every fortnight as this affected his Youth Allowance. Centrelink apparently recognised us as a de-facto couple. My question is, as WA has no relationships register, would a letter from Centrelink confirming our de-facto status be helpful to our case, or will DIAC still expect us to be living together from the time I got my student visa (June 2010) for a year? Really stressing out about this as I don't want to rush into it and get stung by the DIAC for being apart for 7 months (despite us having plenty of proof that we were communicating in that time)....
  15. Guest

    Centrelink Payments

    Hi All, I am thinking about doing an online college course and was trying to find out if I could be entitled to assistance from Centrelink. I have been in Oz on a 457 visa for 2.5 years and have got my application in for PR under the ENS 856 so I know I am not entitled to assistance now but will I be when I get my PR or will I be subject to the 2 year waiting period. On the Centrelink website it says you are exempt from waiting 2 years if you are "the former holder of certain temporary visas" but it doesn't tell you which visas. If I'm not I'll start the course now, if I am I will wait til I get PR. Just wondering if anyone else knows? Thanks, Richard
  16. Guest

    Centrelink aos

    Hello everyone,my parents lodged an AOS application on the 17th of March,they have been told it can take up to 28 days,and the guy at centrelink said they should hear something by the 14th of april My question is what happens if they dont hear anything from centrelink by the 14th of april ? Thanks for your time..........
  17. Generalis

    Centrelink Child Care

    Hi am confused, just been on centrelink and not sure if I'm understanding correctly. We are headed to Brisbane in February and if and when we both find jobs am trying to work out how much assistance will get with childcare. Is it up to 50% of child care and then a percentage of out of pocket expenses. When we arrive where do I go to complete forms to apply for assistance or is it all done online like tax credits here in uk. what is difference between family assistance part a and part b? Am trying to work out if will be skint with 2 children in childcare if I assume certain figures for child care and salaries. Thank you x
  18. blondie

    Bloody centrelink

    I am absolutely spitting nails here :mad: My daughter is studying at Uni in Brisbane and is finally eligible to apply for Youth Allowance. She qualifies because she is in full time education and has earned the amount required in the previous 18 months. However, she received a call from Centrelink today to ask why she didn't live at home and had she ever been a victim of domestic abuse ... WHAT THE ?? She explained that the course she wanted to study was not offered in Sydney but she still has to go back in and fill out another form to state we did not beat her, they also asked if there was an independant person to verify she was not the victim of domestic abuse and was it ok if a Social Worker called on us at home. After checking their website this evening it's my understanding that there are numerous criteria to determine independant living of which you only need to 'tick the box' for one of those criteria. She gave over her passport for ID to be told it wasn't enough, she offered her driving licence, again told it was not enough for 100 points needed. They ended up taking her passport, driving licence, medicare card, student ID card, bank card. No wonder this bloody country has to recruit educated people from overseas, it seems the process of encouraging further education is to be stamped on from a great height. It's just yet another example of the anal beauracracy this country strangles itself with. Does anyone know if this is an over zealous employee of Centrelink please ? Blondie
  19. Guest

    Marriage affecting Centrelink?

    Hey all, My partner and I are looking to tie the knot shortly and get this visa underway but something cropped up that causes us concern... Situation: Basically she is on Centrelink currently and studying at Uni. I'm working but I'm on a working holiday Visa, not earning much as you can imagine. Now we're very dependant on both of our earnings at the moment to cover rent and everything that goes along with it. Problem: Now - should we get married will Centrelink deem me the breadwinner and therefore reduce or even cancel my wife's payments? If so this seriously impedes us with our marriage plans. Does anybody know where we stand on this? Thanks, Matt
  20. andromeda9

    centrelink assurance of support

    can anyone there tell me why you have to do a walk in with centrelink before you can have an interview with them for assurance of support????this is in Queensland,we didn't have to do a walk in in Melbourne,just filled in the papers and had the interview,thanks :err:
  21. Herbies

    help needed re Centrelink

    Does anyone know when you estimate the annual income figure that you declare to centrelink in order for them to calculate your fortnightly payments, do you declare UK earnings too? We arrived in September 08 and husband has worked since, however the time worked would not equate to a full year come July 09. Therefore annual wage that we gave to Centrelink would be way over. The main reason for asking is we purchased a house in March, had my husband earnt less than $40k a year we would have had a concession card which means you dont have to pay stamp duty, however as his earnings are over the $40k pa we did not hold a concession and had to pay in full. If in July the annual income is less than the $40k would the stamp duty be refunded!!! Does this make any sense????? Can anyone help? Trudes
  22. &squo;Brilliant&squo; driver on drugs mowed down two teens | The Courier-Mail I dont think I could ever picture a British immigrant doing something so stupid.
  23. Hi, I hope I'm doing this right, as I'm only new to using "online forums". My partner (from UK) and our 3 children are moving to Australia, I am currently already an Australian citizen (registered as their sponsor) as is our youngest. They are arriving on the Temporary Spouse Visa subclass 300. I know I will be entitled to Family Tax Benefits, but are there any other Centrelink benefits we could apply for or do we have to wait till after we get married and her visa becomes permanent to be entitled to anything else? We missed out on the $5,000 baby bonus by 4 weeks!!! (Cut off date was 22nd Feb 09 to apply for our youngest, and they arrive on the 19th March).
  24. Hi, I hope I'm doing this right, as I'm only new to using "online forums". My partner (from UK) and our 3 children are moving to Australia, I am currently already an Australian citizen (registered as their sponsor) as is our youngest. They are arriving on the Temporary Spouse Visa subclass 300. I know I will be entitled to Family Tax Benefits, but are there any other Centrelink benefits we could apply for or do we have to wait till after we get married and her visa becomes permanent to be entitled to anything else? We missed out on the $5,000 baby bonus by 4 weeks!!! (Cut off date was 22nd Feb 09 to apply for our youngest, and they arrive on the 19th March).
  25. happy valentines day all I paid tax and did my tax return as a resident last year here (am still at the same address) Am on a WHV but had passed the 183 day rule as advised by ATO and Tax accountant, and had been in the same place to qualify. I just heard on the news that the payments will be made via centrelink Swan says stimulus cash to be mailed out does the tax office send the details to centrelink to make the payments? how will they know where i live?? as I am not registered with Centrelink, only the ATO How will I know for sure if I am eligible? If the Government are happy to take my tax off me, and class me as a resident, then but dont class me as a resident for this payment. I think it is unfair and stinks!