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Found 94 results

  1. Hey I moved over in January to live with my girlfriend and her son and now I am getting cabin fever as the work isn't coming my way and the social side is being missed! If I am honest, I want to go home, so much! But, I want to give this lovely place a good try, so anyone in the Central Coast, maybe Gosford, and would like to go for a drink or a coffee, or even has any tips. Even someone to talk about football or England would be quite nice Jake
  2. Hey everyone, I'm a Pom living on the Central Coast (I'm 25) - I've got an Aussie partner who has just been deployed and we've not been here that long, so would love to make some new friends for wine time!! X
  3. I posted on here a while back about doing nurse training once we arrive in Perth next year and when I looked into the courses they did seem rather expensive. When I looked into enrolled nursing at the Tafe in Perth it was quoting $10,000 per year to study. My OH was not impressed ! However I didnt realise that was the fee for International students on a student visa !! :GEEK: We should be coming over on a perm res visa as my OH is a carpenter so I wont be applying as an international student. Accidently I found a website about Central Tafe and their courses ( not available to inter students) and enrolled nursing is only $570 per semester - much cheaper and you can study part time. ( At Mt Lawley) Ideal for me as my kids will be just starting school. Does anyone know anything about these courses ? Have I understood this to correctly. I will be 35 by the time I start studying so enrolled nursing is a shorter course and may be better for me. Only trouble is finding my school certificates....:spinny:
  4. Hi All, Am just wondering if all you Central Coasters could possibly give us Wannabe Central Coasters a clearer picture of the cost of living there????? :confused: Week to week living, monthly outgoings etc etc. Eg. Electricity, Gas, Phone, Childcare, Health Ins., Car Ins., Contents Ins., AirCon etc etc. :arghh: I know alot of the above will have variables, dependent upon family size, location, plans you go for, servers etc etc, but I think just a rough guideline would be good and we could average it out. FYI - we are four - one school going - one infant - one car family. ANY INFO GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!! If we could start a listing even better..........It would make the already frustrating decision making, less confusing - I HOPE!!! Cheers guys!!!! Big Hugs.:hug:
  5. My family and I have recently moved to Central Coast - and are staying in Terrigal. My OH is a bricklayer and is working in and around Central Coast, my son is 16 and will be starting Terrigal High School in January, but has got himself a summer job in a local fish restaurant, and I have a part time job in a local hotel. Anyone got any tips as to what goes on in and around the area regards to meeting friends and getting to kbow the "neighbours". It would be great to hear from anyone in the same boat, or anyone who has been here a while and can show us the ropes !:unsure:
  6. Where are the best schools on the Cental Coast? My kids are all still young so its primary schools really, and this would mean a lot about where we would live. My husband is a plumber so a commute into Sydney would not be so much of a problem as his work could be in any area really, although i would like to be as close to Sydney as possible for visiting. We have decided on the Central Coast as you get sooooooo much more for your money! We want to live a walk to the beach and a walk to resurants, cafes etc. Dont want to spend our weekends in the car!!! Thanks everyone.
  7. Hi All, Me (27), my husband (25) and our two dogs moved to Umina Beach on the Central Coast end of Feb but three months on we've struggled to meet many people.....I think mainly due to me working silly hours (I don't get home until 8pm) so the only people I meet are through work, who are all great but everyone lives in the city and to be honest are still in that partying every night phase...........been there, done that and although we love a good night out, would much rather go out to a local pub or have people round for food, drinks etc! We'd love to hear from any one local, of all ages, that likes the same! Danielle and MJ Danielle xx
  8. Jibbah24

    Central Coast Schools....

    Morning all.... We are deep into the planning of a relocation from Victoria to the Central Coast and are looking for some advice on the best public schools in the area. We've been up here for a week and like the area around Terrigal but are also considering the corridor from Terrigal through Erina and Gosford as this will make my commute to Sydney a little easier. I'll be doing the commute two or three days a week and am fine with that but it is the school which is the driving factor. My wife is a teacher and we have both done a lot of research online particularly with the Better Education webiste and many of the schools get very similar rankings so we are now looking at the location of the school, facilities etc....! Hope you can give some good insights. Cheers S
  9. Hi everyone, well we have landed in sydney 4 weeks ago and it hasnt worked out in sydney with accomadation(family problems):confused: so have taken a trip up the Central Coast to start again. Currently staying in a hotel and running outta money fast. Really like it up here.. We are a young couple with 2 small kids... We are now hoping to settle up here but have NO IDEA where to start looking... Want to be within walking distance to the beach , a good primary school and shops etc.. Have been told by locals to stay away from west Bateau Bay (dunno why). So we've ruled that area out.. Really at a loss.. havnt a clue where to go or where to start looking.. So many conflicting opinions online.. Would really like to here from others in the area and get some good advise.. we are at our wits end and our kids are so unsettled from all the moving... really want to find a home and settle in.. Anyone in Shelly Beach? forresters or umini area? PLEASE HELP...:sad::sad: thanks..
  10. Hi all I've always been a bit of a bargain hunter when it comes to cars in the UK, and have always found it relatively easy to get a good car for not a lot of money here. For instance I currently have a year 2000 golf gti, with all the toys, which I bought for £900. I've been looking at the used car market on gumtree for instance, in the central coast area, and well, I'm so disappointed. I wont be coming over with much money at all, and my immediate priority wil be trying to find a cheap but reasonablly nice car, so i can get to work straight away. I'd probably have about $2500 to spend on one. Can anyone guide me on this, I really dont want an 80s car! cheers
  11. With summer just around the corner my find has turned around to think about getting a new heating system for the house (yeah I know, that says a lot about my mind!). Because my wife suffers from asthma we ripped out the under floor ducted heating as all it would do is blow all the dust up into the air, so we installed electric radiant panel heaters. Only problem with them is that they use electricity like it's going out of fashion! Now a change conversation with someone happened to cover 'hydronic heating' - the art of using radiators with hot water pumped through them. Sound familiar??? Has anyone had this installed? Was it expensive to install seeing as it seems so unique? Is it as effective as the UK systems? Is there anything else I need to know? A quick google told me here was at least 7 companies around Melbourne that do it so obviously it seems to be the up and coming thing here. All help and advice gratefully received! Thanks, Geoff
  12. Hi there we r on the central coast and looking for some new friends to have a laugh n a few drinks with.. If you interested just let us know both 27 year olds.... Kylie and Ben
  13. Gregoz

    where to live in Central QL??

    Hello everbody!! I am Gregoz from Scotland. I have just scored a travelling sales job and my boss, who is based in WA has given me free licence to live anywhere in the Central coast of Queensland eg Mackay, Airlie Beach, Rockhampton etc. I am a country boy at heart but I am 35 years old, single so do not want to be stuck away out in the sticks by myself. I will be travelling internationaly quite often so reasonably close proximity to an airport is a must. Can anyone suggest the best locations to consider setting up home in this region? Thanks in advance, Gregoz
  14. :wink::wink:Hi all, Am new on poms, just wanted to say hello to everyone. we are moving to central coast in january and am so excited, cant wait. any information on education, entertainment, health, i mean all aspect of life are welcome. and i would love to meet up with you. that is if u re in cc.:hug:
  15. If you are up for a friendly game of Football (Soccer) this weekend, or every weekend for that matter get in touch. There are at least 10 of us playing 5 aside at Moore Park opposite the Captain Cook Hotel on Flinders St, normally between Anzac Parade and South Dowling. Playing regularly every Saturday at 11.00am to get in shape, meet new people and have a laugh. I'm English, 25, Male, moved to Aus with my gf and half (1/4) decent at football, always a little competitive, but in it for fun. I am here on a 4 year visa so hoping to make it a long term thing. Skill level absolutely anything from beginner to professional (I will be amazed if any pro footballers appear but you never know). Send me an email if you've got any questions, or with your contact details if you're going to show up. Let me know if its just yourself, or with friends, and maybe a bit about yourself. I'll email confirmation mid week with contact details. You wont need football trainers or boots - though I'm sure it will help. If any one is up for a beer after then I'm sure we can accommodate, we usually do!
  16. Hi everyone, My husband has got a job in tuggerah and so we will be moving to central coast in January, i really will appreciate information on good area to settle in that is closer to his workplace (in tuggerah), and any info that might be of help with regards to the move.:confused:
  17. It must be another sign of getting old when what used to be no more than a couple of hour's mild morning inconvenience turns into a 48-hour painfest!? Or perhaps it is just punishment for my sins. I cannot believe that I used to do this, week in, week out, for 52 weeks a year, with more intense 24X7 sessions on holiday. Two bottles of Chang (Thai) beer to wash down my yellow chicken curry at 'Kao Sang?' restaurant in Pitt St, at the Haymarket end. That was an interesting experience too seeing all the young Thai dudes out partying, complete with a live duo playing (in Thai - I think.) You get a chance to see how another culture likes to celebrate. Noticed one bloke sniffing at his unlabelled bottle approvingly before pouring a healthy nip over lemonade and ice. my friend Bill asked one of them what it was, expecting it to be a Thai delicacy - Scotch whisky! We passed another place in Capitol Square with the same set up, packed with Thais or other Asians but with a proper live band playing. Beauty of these places is that you can eat late. F***ing Chatswood again at the start of the evening - dead at 9pm, God, it's a sterile, souless, enviroment. You could film 28 Days Later there after 9pm without having to ask anybody to move on. We had a schooner in the Royal Exibition Hotel (Lowenbrau for me - another mistake as I know it is stronger) Coopers for Bill, then up to the Strawberry Hills for a schooner of VB then Bill insisted on buying me a Scotch & Coke. (We read somewhere it's what The Beatles drunk so we sometimes drink it too!) I suppose it WAS fun at the time!
  18. 3 Piccos

    Central Coast....?

    We are currently living in Melbourne but there is the possibility we might be moving to the Central Coast, New South Wales some time next year. I would love to live near trees, but would like the facilities of cinema, library and aquatic centre. Also not too far from a train station. Is this possible!
  19. Hi, Where to go to register for Medicare and Centre link soon after arrival. :chatterbox: :eek::wubclub: many thanks, horizone
  20. Hi all Pakistanis and overseas friends here!!! A quick question : How can I cum to know that FACULTY OF MANAGAGEMENT SCIENCES(University of Central punjab) PAKISTAN is a RECOGNIZED INSTITUTE in Australia??? THIS IS WHAT THEY HAVE WRITTEN IN THEIR WEBSITE: "Within a short span of time, the college emerged as a highly reputable institution awarding a prestigious internationally recognized business degree." A suggestions will be welcomed ?????? Specially the pakistanis who are members and guests here and have the knowledge about this institution will be greatly appreciated. I want to know about the BBA(HONS) DEGREE RECGNITION IN AUSTRALIA THROUGH THIS INSTITUTE Thanks
  21. Hi all Pakistanis and overseas friends here!!! A quick question : How can I cum to know that FACULTY OF MANAGAGEMENT SCIENCES(University of Central punjab) PAKISTAN is a RECOGNIZED INSTITUTE in Australia??? A suggestions will be welcomed ?????? Specially the pakistanis who are members and guests here and have the knowledge about this institution will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. melaniecharlton

    Central Coast Beaches - Where to go?

    Hello Central Coasters, I live in Berowra and fancy heading to the beach tomorrow with my kids. Just looking at a map can you rate the following beaches, dont know which one to go to. Can you advise which are good for kids or if I should avoid any? Pearl beach Ettalong beach Pretty beach MacMasters Beach Copacabana Avoca beach Terrigal beach Forresters beach Bateau bay Shelly beach The Entrance Long jetty Toowoon bay Wamberal Thank you, Mel
  23. judyq

    central coast!

    Hi, anyone on the central coast? Are looking at Perth but really like new sounth wales and used to live in Sydney! However Property is way out of our league! Would love to hear about the central coast, job opportunities and house prices? Thanks !
  24. Hi All I'm hoping to meet people on the central coast, it would be good to meet people for a beer at some point , myself and my husband both work in Sydney but love living on the coast so it would be nice to get a circle of friends for dinners, barbies and meet ups. Cheers
  25. So we emigrated 5 weeks ago and have been living in Terrigal and we LOVE it! In general the people are so friendly and way more relaxed than back home. It feels like every day I come home with mobile numbers of other mums I have met at the park or in a coffee shop, which just wouldn't happen back at home. We have been on the beach most weekend both at Terrigal and Avoca, my and my OH even swam in the sea yesterday!! Our 3 year old goes to day care for 2 days a week (which he loves) and then ice skating & gymnastics at Erina where we have met more nice people. We viewed a house in Terrigal on Monday and fell in love with it, 5 minutes walk to the beach, so we put our rental application in, there were another 5-6 families looking around at the same time and it was a slightly awkward situation as everyone seemed to be very keen and I didn't think we would get chosen by the Landlord, but we did (yipeee!) and yesterday we signed a 12 month rental agreement, we move in at the end of July and are so excited. Our container should arrived around the same time and I can't wait to see all our stuff again. We did wonder whether the Central Coast might be a little "sleepy" for us at first, so we went for a look around Wahroonga (near Hornsby) nice & leafy, great schools, coffee shops, but just too far away from the beach, it just felt like a Cheshire suburb and we have lived in one of those for the last 10 years and we wanted a change, so its the beach life for us! All the beauracy i.e. car rego, tax file numbers, medicare, opening a bank account, childcare rebate, etc have been so straight forward and all the staff we dealt with couldn't have been more helpful. We're not as homesick as we thought we would be, Skype really helps and we talk to friends or family almost every night. My Dad is due to visit in 6 weeks which I so looking forward to. So all in all, it has been a great move, feel very settled and very happy. So a big, big thank you to all the PIO's who have helped us along the way with your advice, etc - it has helped us ease through everything so well. :hug: