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Found 17 results

  1. Hey, I'm 5 years in Oz and have just moved from the Northern Beaches of Sydney to the Central Coast (Woy Woy). It's been tough meeting new people up here so would love to hear from any ex-pats or Aussies who are keen for socialising. Would love to hear of current meetups that may be happening already as well:laugh:
  2. We have been living in Sydney for the past 6 years and the for the past year we have been back and forth in deciding what to do long term? We never actually moved to OZ with the intention to stay, we came as backpackers and an opportunity arose and we decided to make a go of it! Up until recently we had decided to move back to England but recently we have started to doubt our decision....we had a visit from family recently from the UK and even they thought we were mad leaving Oz when we both have great jobs with very good money! One of of our main reasons for wanting to leave Sydney was the ridiculous house prices! I'm sure this same issue comes up again and again so it will be interesting to see what other people have decided. We also do miss family and friends but in all honestly it's the cost of housing is really getting to us! We can afford to go back to the UK mortgage free but if we chose to stay in Sydney we would have to take out a mortgage! we have looked at the Central Coast in the past but decided the travel would be too much but we have started to re-think things.....my husband would work N.sydney so the travel wouldn't be too bad for him but for me it would be tough. My job is in Mascot! Would I be absolutely crazy to move to the Central Coast and work in Mascot? I really don't want to change jobs as I really do enjoy my job and I'm paid very well. Does anyone have a similar journey to work? Is it really too much? We don't have children at the moment but plan to in the next year or so? my thoughts are OZ is such a great place to bring up our kids, it would be a same to move back to the UK just because the cost of the housing. any input would be greatly received! Thanks all!
  3. Hi Please take it easy with me, this is my first post. I have just excepted a Field Service position based in Sydney. Start date is 16 March. I have done lots of research on Domain and real estate for rental properties, but now I'm really over whelmed. My situation is:- Myself, wife and 10 year old daughter $500 - $550 max per week rental The role is field based, with work either in Sydney CBD, greater region or a flight away to Melbourne etc I do not mind 1 - 1,5 hrs commute each way (I currently do this in the UK) looking for:- 3 bed, property (not apartment) Garden Garage Family friendly & Safe Suburb Wife like moderen and open plan at most short drive (15 mins) to beach Good Schools Areas we have considered - Thoughts on these please Wollongong, figtree, Berkeley, Bellambi, Woonona, Austinmer & Corrimal, Terrigal & Central Coast Region Camden, Mount Annan, Spring Farm Gosford, Kariong Emu Plains, Springwood, Penrtith - You get a lot for your $ here and would keep Wife happy, but long way from the coast. I know its a long list, but if anyone can comment on any of the above, re schools, shops, safety commute times, out door lifestyle it would be great. We have friends who live in Oxford Falls and Brookvale, but the northern beaches are way out of our budget. All info guidance appreciated.
  4. Hi! Is there anyone in the central coast that want to go out for a couple of beers or meet up of some sort? My husband and I are both 27, we have a 1year old son. Iam a stay at home mum and Jon works out in penrith so have found it pretty hard to make local friends since moving to the coast last year. happy to go out for a few drinks as we have my mum to babysit in the evening...otherwise park dates, picnic, beach or barbie in the day or anything else going on. we love wake boarding, camping, exploring... doing new things etc.... loving life on the coast. hoping to make new friends for life!
  5. Hi guys, my husband and I (26 & 29) moved to Kincumber a couple of months ago and are looking to meet some new friends on the coast. Does anyone have a regular meet up or anyone interested going for a drink/food sometime? Also does anyone know of any groups/places to meet people around our age? Cheers Soph
  6. melaniecharlton

    Central Coast High Schools

    Hello, We are going to be moving to the Central Coast next year as we just cannot and will not pay the ridiculous house prices in Berowra. We were thinking of Umina beach or Gosford. This is however all dependent on good high schools. If my daughter cannot get into Gosford selective we need to find the next best thing. Can anyone recommend any good high schools and primary schools? Thank you kindly, Mel
  7. Hi everyone, My hubby and our 8yr old daughter will be leaving for Sydney in the next 3 wks! Eek! As we need to get our visa stamped before it runs out, without boring you with all the details, we built our house and its just been finished and been on the market a week! Our visa runs out mid November, so we need to make a trip out! As we've never been I'm using this as a opportunity to explore and a rd trip seems the obvious choice! I'm just wondering if anyone has been on a rd trio from Sydney to Brisbane? We are fist Landing in Sydney where we will stay for 3 days as I have meetings with agents, but than plan to get a camper van and head north. Go see the usual manly, Byron Ect. I than would like to head up to central coast as that is where we plan to settle once the house sells this end. Thinking of travelling down the pacific highway through berrowa to Brooklyn crossing Brisbane water than heading up to avoca, terrigal and stay around there. Looking into renting in or around those areas. If you have any tips on a few campsites on the way, mostly we will just camp around and not be in campsites but its good to know. Also I've looked into camper van hire is there anyone you'll recommend, we were looking at blitz as appllo seems mixed reviews. Also is better to prebook or just rock up for a better deal? Really looking forward to that Aussie lifestyle, I'm from Cape Town originally and miss the sun, been overseas 15 yrs so accent frightful!
  8. Hi there, my husband and I moved up to the Central Coast late November 2011 with our two daughters and our two boxers. I was so busy with the move and Christmas but now it's time to concentrate on trying to meet friends. If there is anyone out there that fancies a coffee and a chat I would love to hear from you. Sharon
  9. jasoncheesemanuk

    North Sydney versus Central Coast

    Moving to Australia next year and doing research nearly every night. Going over blind as my daughter has moved to Adelaide and I'm following her over but I will have to work in Sydney as I have more chance of securing a job there. I'm looking for some advice. In the UK, I mainly travel to London which takes me 10 mins walk, 45 min train ride, 10/15 min walk or taxi ride. Other days I drive 35 miles which can take 1hr 15 mins (motorway, but hard slog). I don't mind either journey but it's enough and I also work from home 1-2 days per week. Anyway, I'm a bit stumped. I originally fancied living near Terrigal Beach or going towards Gosford. But I'm concerned about the commute to North Ryde which is probably where I will end up working. The houses are reasonably priced ($700k) but if the commute is a mare then it will turn my Aussie dream into a nightmare. I then started looking at Frenchs Forest / Mona Vale as the commute would be a lot shorter but the house prices are at the top of my range ($1m). Perhaps there is something in the middle? Reasonable commute (40 mins to an hour) and $800k housing - 4/5 Bedroom. I would love to be 15 minutes away from the beach also. Any advice help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi guys, We are planning on moving Down central coast in about 5 months, just waiting on the house to sell! Seems we're not alone in that! My partner is fully qualified chippy and we have a skilled migration visa. He has over 10 yrs experience, I'm just trying to find out what he may need to put in place to be able to work on site in oz. Here in the UK think they need health safety card Ect, he has them all. I've been tearing through the Internet and just can't find a clear answer to what he may need, as I don't want that holding us back when we arrive. Trying to have everything in place before we leave, seems the sensible grown up thing to do:) Also just wanted to ask if anyone is a chippy in central coast, how you found the job market, is site work hard to find? I guess we chose central coast as it seems to have it all. Not to far from Sydney, amazing beaches, family orientated, and growing suburbs, which I thought would be key for OH. thanks x
  11. My family and I have recently moved to Central Coast - and are staying in Terrigal. My OH is a bricklayer and is working in and around Central Coast, my son is 16 and will be starting Terrigal High School in January, but has got himself a summer job in a local fish restaurant, and I have a part time job in a local hotel. Anyone got any tips as to what goes on in and around the area regards to meeting friends and getting to kbow the "neighbours". It would be great to hear from anyone in the same boat, or anyone who has been here a while and can show us the ropes !:unsure:
  12. Guest

    Anyone About??

    Hi people anyone in Central Coast/Sydney area? Came out to see my dad and family for a bit now looking for people to have a drink with and see what's going on!!
  13. Hi We live in Newcastle and hubby has been offered a job in Sydney we were thinking of moving an hour from Sydney on the Central Coast but somewhere that rent is affordable or to buy with good Catholic School and good preschool. Will pay up to $450.00 a week rent. We would like to be 20 mins from the beach. Which areas are good areas to live in with good schools train line and 1 hours drive from Sydney ? Really appreciate any advice. Thank you
  14. Guest

    Teaching - Sydney to Newcastle

    Hi, Flights booked for myself and the family (2 1/2 year old boy and 7month old girl plus wonderful wife) to arrive in Sydney on 7th January 2011 after a four year wait of having received our visas. Long story but with perseverance our dreams our eventually becoming reality. I am a secondary school teacher and am awaiting approval to teach from NSW department for education and training. I would love to find a permanent job but we also want to live around the central coast area, but through research I understand it will be difficult for me to gain a job in that area. I am willing to travel down to Sydney or up to Newcastle for work but would like some hints or tips from like minded people or those who have been/are in similar situations. I work in a tough inner city school in England so am not that bothered about how 'good the school is. Any help?
  15. Hi I am new to this site but it looks great. My Partner & our three children are moving to Australia late April/early May, 175 visa granted Sept 2009, we have accepted an offer on our house so all systems go. We have been & travelled Oz before for a year but this was before children, can anyone recommend a great community, great schools on the central coast? I am a children's nurse & will be looking to work in Gosford. Would love to hear for you guys. Paula
  16. Stellathedog

    Allotments. Are there any?

    Most of the newer houses seem to have fairly small gardens and not enough room for growing fruit and vegetables. Love the new houses and the lack of maintenance and stuff to do on them, but that then would give us time for an allotment and to grow fresh fruit and veg. Sounds easy, but are there any allotments? Looking to move north of Sydney, probably central coast. Cheers Pam
  17. Hi, I'm hoping for some information regarding the Central Coast - Northern Beaches and if there are areas that are more suitable for a younger couple (in 30's but no children). My boyfriend and I are locating from Eurpoe and have spent most of our time together living in larger cities. We enjoy a coffee culture and a good vibe at night. Sydney is certainly an option but costly if we want to be near the beach. Terrigal & Avoca have been suggested but I'm nervous this area is mainly for young families? Any information would be great!!