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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone, my name is Umair Shahid I am applying from Pakistan for Skilled Visa of Australia Immigration for subclass 189 or 190. I am an Electrical Engineer with 2 years experience in the Telecommunication sector and right now I am having experience of 2 years in Procurement department as a Procurement officer (electrical and technical products procurement). I am making CDR. 1 career episode I made out of engineering university final year project, 1 career episode I have from Telecommunication job experience project. My question is should I make 3rd career episode from Procurement job? If so, can I mention my technical products procurement and electrical data sheets study of different products and their purchase? Will it be relevant to my electrical engineering degree? Or else I should catch 3rd career episode from another project of the university or another field work of Telecommunication job? Please reply I am confused about 3rd career episode. Thank you '' if you do not make your own path someone else would hire you to make his ''
  2. I have had a really fun weekend preparing my Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for Engineering Australia and are about to move on with the Summary Statement :biggrin: I have followed the "Migration Skills Assessment booklet" from EA and I'm pretty sure that I'm on the right track. The processing time is however relative long (they are processing applicants from 2nd of April 2012 at the moment), so I want to make sure that my application does not lack of simple mistakes or other things that could hold up the processing time. Is there anyone who has done a cdr / summary statement for Engineering Australia, who would be happy to share their report? If yes - then please send me a PM and I will be happy to provide with a regular email address. And/or if you have any good advice then please share them in this tread, for the benefit of myself and others that might be in the same position. Just for the record - I'm not looking to copy any work, but are only interested to see a successive cdr to ensure that my format and structure is on the right track.
  3. I am a newbie to this site. I am post graduate mechanical engineer with 5 years of experience:wub:. My wife also has a mechanical degree with similar experience. We have IELTS scores and have submitted our documents to Engineers Australia for CDR assessment who have asked me to submit duties/responsibilities on company letter-head. It is difficult to get such a certificate from employer, can anyone advice on how to avoid it without losing out on assessment points?
  4. Hi All My husband and I have decided that we'd finally like to start the proceedings to applying for a visa. It looks like we're eligible for the 176 state sponsored. My husband is a mechanical design engineer/draughtsman. It looks as though he is going to have to do the Competency Demonstration Report with Engineers Australia. We've learnt about the changes to the points system taking place in July 2011, its likely that we'll struggle to get our application accepted after this date. This means that we have a relatively short time to get this application prepared. I've read on Engineers Australia that the processing time for the CDR is 16 weeks. I've been reading on various forums that people spend months putting their CDR together. Clearly, if we want to get our application in before the points change we don't have very much time available to us. Can anyone help with answering how long they spent preparing their CDR? We're happy to use a migration agent to help with this aspect (possibly the whole application), is using an agent for this aspect a good help? ie take some of the legwork out of it for us, in terms of putting the CDR together? and more importantly, reduce the time in which it will take us to prepare it? As its a report so personal to the individuals work experience I can’t see right now what a migration agent can do to help with it. I’m waiting calls back from a couple of agents but thought it worth a mention on here. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. sting

    CDR preparation help.......

    Dear friends, I need help to prepare my CDR. I am working in the automation/control field. My responsibilities are PLC, HMI development and commissioning. To prepare my career episodes, what should I write to in personal engineering activity to establish my knowledgebase and skills. Please advice from ur experiences.... Thanx in advance...
  6. Hi There, I am new to this site, so please bare with me if I am repeating previous posts. I passed my TRA on 4th May 2009 - Supervisor, Communications Tradespersons 4316-01 But I have been told that my application for a 176 Skilled visa is on hold for the forseeable future. I have been advised to now try and apply for: Telecommunications Network Planner ANZSCO 313213. I have worked for BT since school and I am now in my 25th year. I hold the position of Fibre Planner. I have read the criteria, to create a CDR for my position but I am having problems in getting all the information that they require onto paper. Please if anyone can give me some pointers it would be very much appereciated. My family (wife and 2 children) are so desperate to get out to Oz. My brother and his family have been residents for 3 years now and my Mum and Dad have been out there for nearly 9 months, and we so want to join them. Once again, if anyone could help us we would all appreciate it ever so much. Regards.
  7. Guest

    CDR preparation help

    Hi i am also looking for an electronics engineer CDR.... can anyone can help me on this... thanks in advance Gigi
  8. jacb

    CDR Sample - anyone used?

    My oh has been told he needs to write a CDR to have his work experience assessed as an Electrical Engineer for EA. Has anyone used the services of the website CDR Sample? They have advised they can write the CDR for you based on a detailed c.v. and by asking some questions. My oh works long hours and 6 day weeks overseas at the moment so he will really struggle to find the time to write the CDR himself. Any advice appreciated!
  9. Hi, As per doucument check list for document to uploaded its stated satisfactory skills assessment for your nominated occupation. Please include all evidence of work experience you used to obtain this assessment. If you applied for an onshore GSM visa please also provide evidence of when you applied for your skills assessment Do we also need to submit the CDR report submitted to Engineers Australia or should wait for CO request (if required) ? Thanks
  10. Hi all, I'm from Tunisia and I hold an engineering degree in IT. I went through the ACS assessment but got a negative one... It seems they didn't recognize my degree as a bachelor degree or more.... thought I've sent them all my degrees certificate, transcripts, description of my courses and the study plan signed by my uni. I also get a paper signed by my uni describing the educational system in Tunisia which is the same as in France... I wasn't expecting such a decision since I already received 3 masters offers from Australian universities including RMIT. I think also the translation of my degree (Diplome nationale d'ingénieur en Informatique) to National engineering degree in IT didn't make any sense for them... Now that I'm wondering if I shouldn't have applied for Engineers Australia instead and went for a CDR?? In total I have studied 5 years and a half post secondary school.. and I hold 3 years experience as engineer... to get an engineer degree in Tunisia, you have to go through what we call a first cycle that lasts 2 to 3 years and you can get a technician degree.. only after that first cycle you can apply for engineering classes that lasts 3 years... so for me, I hold a first degree as a higher technician (2.5years) and then my engineer degree (3 years)... As far as I've looked I only found civil/mechanical engineers posts about CDR.. so am starting to wonder if I can also apply as an IT engineer... Please don't hesitate to share your experience or give me advice.. am kinda getting desperate of all this... Thanks !
  11. Leach Family

    CDR Civil Engineer Assesment

    Hello, My husband is a Civil Engineer/Manager with over 15years hands on construction experience and training. Over all 15years he has been employed full time and the last 6 have been self employed, as he launched his own surveying company TJL Surveys. We are hoping to apply for a visa for Australia, but because he doesnt have ‘a degree’, we want to know if he will be eligible to apply for assessment via the CDR route? I have read many mixed messages and so before I start on the vast amount of paper work that is the CDR, I would like confirmation on the above please. It is so frustrating when you have the knowledge and skills, as 15years continued employment and constant progression within the construction profession shows, yet you don’t have the bit of paper to prove it and therefore not eligible? Do Engineers Australia take into consideration that not all people are in a position to be able to go to university financially, yet are still as committed in their work and have the drive to succeed within their profession as the ones that do? For my sake I hope so. The same company has used my services as they find my precision workmanship and professionalism second to none and have written me an excellent reference. I visited Australia (Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne) and completed two voluntary work trials which went well, I have also applied for and received my blue card. I don’t know if any of these points may help if I did apply via CDR? Thank you for your time, I look forward to your reply…….I hope it is positive (fingers crossedJ)
  12. Chris&Mel

    CDR for Skills Assessment

    Has anyone undergone a CDR Assessment for the Mechanical Draftsman role by Engineer's Australia? Are you genually assessed or is it more of a lottery? Our visa is dependant on this route and although i have the experience my qualifications are very recent and so cannot count as only experience from after my quals is used! Feeling frustrated that our future is dependant on someone assessing a form! Chris&Mel
  13. Hi All I have just found out that my BEng degree does not get me access to Washington accord as it is not accredited with EC-UK. I now need to go down the CDR route for Production or Plant Engineer, ASCO Code: 2126-13, ANZSCO Code: 233513. I Have downloaded all the documentation from the EA website. Does anyone know how to get a copy of a completed CDR to help guide me with what exactly EA are looking for/expecting. Thank you to anyone who can help / assist. Norrie
  14. Hi, I'm new to this technology, so if this doesn't come out right or look right, please accept my apologies, however, my query is - my partner and myself are currently getting together all the reqd. info to apply for a general skilled visa. Unfortunately, my partner is a civil engineer in the UK, but does not have a degree, therefore he has been advised by our migration company that with the skills and experience he has he should try the CDR route under the Washington Accord. Has anyone else gone down this route? How did it go? Any advice would be gratefully received Rinny:jiggy:
  15. Guest

    CDR Engineers time scale

    Hi, husbands CDR goes off to Engineers Australia tomorrow. Says on the website it can take 16 weeks. Anyone had theirs back recently and if so what was the time scale? Dont want to wait that long really.
  16. Hiya, My husband and I have just applied for a visa, and already hit a problem at the Stage One Review. :sad: My husband works for Local Governement as a Highways Technician and is currently doing a Degree in Civil Engineering on Day Release through work. However, due to the nature of his work, his experience is limited to Highways only and therefore he has only got 40 points for his job. We have been told that we could apply for the CDR application which would then give him 60 points if it were successful.. but this is considered a 'high risk' application as he may not fulfil the criteria due to limited work experience. So, my question is really, does anyone have any knowledge of this CDR application and what the fundamental requirements are, basically would we be throwing good money by doing it? I really hope someone can help us. Many Thanks. Lainey xx P.s (I am not in a position as yet to apply as the main applicant as I have no professional qualification in my current job, but I am changing my career slightly this year and will gain a professional qualification just in case we have to apply in my name in a year or two.)
  17. Hi All, Please let me know if anyone can help!! I feel like we are jumping through hoops before we have even begun! Finally made the decision after much deliberation to go for it and start the process to emigrate to Oz and we have just sent off my OH skills assement for engineers australia. OH is a civil/structural engineer with a civil engineering degree. He enjoyed himself too much at uni and received a pass, which is not an Hons degree and therefore not acknowledged by the washington accord. He has to do a CDR in order to proove his competences, which should not be too hard as he has worked as an engineer until 5 years ago (since become a property developer, but crunch has prevented us from continuing!)and became chartered in 1999......but he has no idea where to start??? The manual is very ambiguous. :confused: Our agent has been really helpful, however he has had limited involvement with this in the past, so any help is gratefully received. OH turns 40 too in June, so can anyone also confirm if the pressure is on or not?? I have read different things in different places. Is immigration open up to 45 or is it 40? We are hopefully applying for skilled migration visa with a view to going wherever we find jobs, but Melbourne is preferred.
  18. I am preparing to issue my CDR report to the Institute of Australian Engineers as a Engineering Manager, has anyone done this before and could offer advice or have an approved report copy I cold look at?