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Found 13 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    850lb Marlin Fish caught by 85 year old

    Would have loved to have seen a photo http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2011/11/07/189941_local-news.html :fish:
  2. A 3.9 metre croc was caught in a trap at Donkey Camp on Katherine River.
  3. rockola57

    Ever got caught out?

    Well i just lent a DVD from a friend,who insisted i must watch it cos it's hilarious!Real keen she was.Any'ow i couldn't be arsed watching it and took it back to her hoping it would be a simple'Did you enjoy it?'NAY,no such luck:frown:She goes into one about every scene,and what did i think of it:shocked:I gave up in the end,i knew she knew.Had to admit i told Porkies,and never watched it!:embarrassed:Things ain't the same since,just goes to show,Honesty is the best Policy....Or Is It ?:wink:
  4. Guest

    Connie what yaya CO caught me

    Got CO .. everything MET ... request for med & PCC ..need to submit in 28 days:wink:
  5. Crown Currency Exchange, one of the UK's largest personal currency exchange businesses, last night left hundreds of holidaymakers without any travel money after its bank accounts were frozen. Tourists left without cash as currency company falters - Telegraph
  6. ughh! on the way home from the shops i passes a marked police car on the side of the road doing speed checks, was well within the limit and carried my way on then about 20 mins down the road i see a 5 year old random car parked at the side of the road, no camera signs anywhere but as i get close to it i get a single camera flash from the front bumper area...... arggghhhhhh! looked down and i'm doing 115 in a 100 zone! So that will be a well deserved 3 demerits and $200ish fine i guess i did balance out the bad by picking up an elderly couple who'd broken down 10 mins further down the road and giving them a lift to their home.
  7. markntracey

    Caught speeding on Reccie

    Hia we were caught by a mobile speed camera whilst on our reccie. We were going with the flow of traffic but probabley about 10 km over the limit. We didn't see it til it was too late (they don't make themselves as noticeable like they do in uk lol) We know we'll have to pay a fine but what happens about points. Can they still put them on? :eek:
  8. Jackboots

    The caught you short thread!

    OK so here s a thought for a thread , the caught you short thread , what has since you arrived or on your way to or from aussie land :eek:im thinking it maybe helpfull! So one of 2 things that gave us a hiccup ( there have been way more but these will do lol) 1, not thinking straight of the bat that i too would need a tfn no when arriving here in aus, we did it for the oh, and at a later date i found i needed one for my job and child care , so get them both at the same time , trust me its less hassle ! ( they are free ) 2, also finding out if you have a toddler and if you have a red vaccination book like we do from the uk , you have to have this sighted by a doctor and the extra vaccinations to slot in with over here , otherwise no day care ! ( for us it was chick pox vaccs and hepp vaccs ) i got mine done by the medicare office ( sighted i mean ) to find out later it should be the doctors and they send the paperwork through the system for child care and crn back up . maybe silly things but they feel less silly with other stuff happening around you , care to add more ?:wink:
  9. Hi all, I got a WHV living in Melbourne but unfortunaltely i got done for crossing red lights afew days ago. Because i got a UK license i don't know whats gonna happen. I am happy to pay the fines.....but will i be losing any points or anything? Anyone know anything about this please do let us know?............... thanks
  10. Guest

    Caught Speeding !!!

    Hi Everyone, Just got back from doing our tour of places to live in QLD only to get an email from my car rental company telling me I'd been caught on a sodding speed camera !! - I guess I was doing around 115kph in a 100kph on the Bruce Highway. OK Fair Cop but can anybody out there tell me what the fine might be or more importantly will it affect my licence when we get there again at Easter next year ??Anybody got any similar tales with an outcome ?? Thanks Iain H:no:
  11. Gday Mates!! My hubbie has recently got caught speeding on the way to work and got stopped by the police. So were a bit down in the dumps at the moment. Its his first offence and :policeman:hopefully the last!! We applied for visa subclass 175 at the end of Jan and were quite frustrated at mo as were waiting to here from a case officer. It feels like were waiting forever!! Do any of you have any answers or advice relating to speeding bans or points on Licence etc.... Were just crossing our fingers that it wont effect our application. Many thanks in advance!! From Husband and Wife looking forward to a sunny future in OZ!!:spinny:
  12. Guest

    OMG Caught a spider

    OMG have to share with someone, OH has just caught a big spider outside - thought it was dead but its not - its about 3 inches long with body about an inch long - I feel ill - I don't recommend hanging around in dark outside - have only been here about a month but have had about 4 spiders close to house :arghh: :arghh: Has anyone else encountered many???
  13. Hi everyone, Its been ages since I've posted and I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who have repiled to my posts in the past. Your advice and support has been invaluable. Well our house is sold, sorting out the dogs medicals/blood tests their booked to fly on 11th November and we are booked to fly out on the 14th Nov. We've been really busy sorting out shippers, personal effects and finances etc.. I know I should be feeling on top of the world notice is in at work only 3 weeks to go now, but all of a sudden I'm feeling frozen and motionless like I'm in shock, I feel nauseas and starting bursting in to tears at silly things like a song on the radio. Sometimes I feel like a startled rabbit caught in the headlights. These feelings have really caught me unaware and I'm starting to have lots of what if? thoughts. This is so out of character for me. I feel as though I'm losing the plot its 4am and I can't get back to sleep. Is this normal? Is it part of the process? Has anybody else gone through similar expereinces? Monty