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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, we are on our very first steps into migrating to Oz so I have lots of questions! My Dad has lived in Melbourne for 20 years and his wife is also in real estate so I guess we have a big head start. My only reservation is that we have never even visited but have lived all over the Uk and travelled a fair bit. Has anyone else just 'upped' and gone without first visiting and how did you find it? We would prefer to have jobs to go to so if anyone can help with the next questions it would be great. I'm self employed (cake pop maker) and I currently work from my home kitchen. Does anyone know if this is permitted in Oz and specifically how it would affect us as migrants? Also if anyone is in the UPVC industry (hubby is in conservatory manufacture) how is the job market in this sector and salary expectations. Any help/advice very gratefully received.
  2. Hello, I am currently searching for business opportunities in NSW; i.e. I d like to buy/take over from/ associate for a snack / bakery / restaurant /fast food ... Anything that could deal with the catering.. Thanks a lot in advance for telling me if any good opportunities to be taken (private post if you prefer :wink:)
  3. Hi, My husband is a chef with many years experience but he does not want to work hotels/ restaurants anymore. So as we are considering moving to Oz we thought maybe getting into one of the industres on the catering side maybe good. We are thinking we'll go to Adelaide but this is still up for negotiation!!! I have read a good thread on mining and taken loads of details from it. But can anyone suggest some companies who may recruit catering staff or do mines take them on directly? Also is there another industry over there that may be worth looking at? I know the defence industry is big over there but is there much call for catering staff in this area? If so where do we look for vancancies? Also my husband has always been quite keen to leave catering altogether and go back to his original engineering interest when he left college (only really basic experience) has anyone gone into one of these industries in a related job but found a way to train in something else in the company?
  4. Any comments or knowledge anyone, on Abbey Serviced Apartments, Nepean Highway, Frankston? MovingtoMelbourne many thanks. Havent found any availability yet. Leave UK Sat 31 Oct for Mel and return to UK on Sat 21 Nov.:unsure:
  5. Guest

    self catering

    If anyone lives in the Berwick area or anywhere SE of Melbourne - can you recommend any self-catering apartments for a 3 week rental?
  6. Hi Everyone, I am coming to Sydney in Feb for a wedding and want to get an a self catering apartment for 2 weeks preferably eastern suburbs. Does anyone recomend any reputable companies and stayed in any before? Any help or advice is much appreciated! many thanks, Shreen
  7. Guest

    catering jobs

    hi folks.new to the site but almost ready to move.i will be moving to brisbane in november on a WHV and was wondering how much work there was as a chef or cook.not quite sure where abouts in brisbane we will be but hopping it will be as near the coast as possible.ideally i want full time hours but not to fussed about the typr of cooking for now.pub or cafe would be ideal.my plan is to go door knocking with my cv.will i have much trouble finding work?cheers
  8. We are due to move to Adelaide in September and currently trying to choose our suburb. This will mainly be dictated by the availability of a good school. Currently in the UK Myles is 12 and in a main stream high school where he is doing really well. The school specialises in Business and Enterprise and has a strong focus on every child achieving their own maximum potential. We choose this school as the Head Master made it clear that this was his goal, and not just focussing on the A+ Students. Does anyone have any schools/websites they can offer as a suggestion where we will be able to settle Myles? Likely to be looking at Western and Eastern Suburbs around the CBD from the coast across to the foothills. Have looked at Henley high school, but it is very difficult to really judge a school on a web site alone. Many thanks
  9. Hi, its my first post but needed to know if i was alone or not! I'm a commercial catering engineer here in the UK but looking to emigrate to Oz. First question, has anyone from my profession done this and are you now working in oz as an catering engineer? How did you do it? I am a electrician who did do a 4 year apprenticeship then went self-employed for a few years then went into maintenance. Firstly in a Hospital then supermarkets which had catering and bakery equipment and for the last 6 years have been electrically and gas qualified to work on commerical catering equipment. My first dilemma - should i try to get assessed as a Electrician (Special Class) as this is the cheaper route and you don't get the practical!! I then hopefully could get a electrical fitter license after doing a oz regs course. The alternative is general electrician, i've only done small installs for the last 10 years and i'm only 16th edition qualified, my JIB ran out in1997!! - would i pass the vetassess assessment??:shocked: Any help would be great.......by the way my wife and I are thinking of moving to the sunshine coast just north of Brisbane or Melbourne and are going out there the first 2 weeks of May. Sorry if i bored you but i needed to get if off my chest - this emigrating is not easy!! ps - going to the expo in London on Saturday 21st March
  10. Guest

    jobs in catering

    hi where is the best place to live im a cook hubby works in car manufacturin im wantin to study to further my career can any1 help plzzzzzzzzz