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Found 18 results


    Casual Bricklayer

    Looking for a casual bricklayer to work when needed . Start tomorrow at augustine Heights 4hrs Doing a base, then more work next week working south and north side of brisbane. p.m. because it will go quick thanks. Kind Regards Phil Moss
  2. christopher

    Casual Racism?

    You will notice the question mark at the end of the thread title as I'm not sure if this is the correct term for what I'm experiencing or not. Anyway, I come from the North of England and I have quite a strong Yorkshire accent, now what I'm finding interesting (I say interesting, I mean down right rude!) is that I will be having a conversation with people (Australians that is) and they will often repeat words I have just said in an 'amusing' copy of my my accent and then laugh, now I can take a joke and can laugh at myself and my accent but, this is happening quite often and with all sorts of people, work colleagues(even the boss), clients,shop assistants, bank tellers. Is this casual racism? whatever it's getting a little tiresome to be honest, and it's something that I wouldn't dream of doing to someone else just because they had a 'funny' accent. Has anyone else come across this kind of behavior?
  3. Hi Good day I am a civil engineer with construction experience. I am planning to move to Brisbane in a couple of weeks on 176 PR. I know securing a job in my field would be a little bit difficult at the beginning and it may take time for me to get a job in Civil Engineering. In the other side, as far as I understand, living expenses are very high in Australia. So, I am planning to get a casual job ( any sort of job such as working in restaurant, super markets ) as soon as I arrive and carry on until I get a job in my profession. Now my question is, given that I have never visited Australia before is it possible to get a job in the first week ? Then how would I get that job ? Should I go in person to employers and speak to them? How much do they give for those jobs ? Thanks for your help in advance Regards REZA:wubclub::notworthy:
  4. Are you looking for casual work???? We are looking for casual laborer with floor laying experience preferred for immediate start in the gold coast area, Good rate of pay, dependent on experience and work availability. Contact andrew on 0450521468 Elite flooring solutions
  5. Staffing Organisation Services is Victoria's longest established and most competitive CRT Agencies. We are currently recruiting enthusiastic and professional teachers for both government & non-government schools, in Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat & surrounding areas. If you are keen to expand your Casual and Contract teaching options, whilst receiving the most competitive wages, then contact us directly: +61 3 5256 1963 sostchrs@stafforgserv.com.au Or apply directly via our website: www.stafforgserv.com.au
  6. Hi John My name is Richard, I have recently moved to Perth from the UK to continue my career and experience life that this wonderful city has to offer. I am currently looking for part time work or causal hours in Perth and I am available to work straight away. I am keen, hard working with a positive attitude and always aims to provide a high quality service. Should you require further information or a copy of my CV please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards Richard
  7. Hi everybody This is my very first post here, so hello to you all! I have recently moved to Sydney on a WHV with a view to doing some casual/supply teaching. I was just wondering - what kind of demand is there for supply teaching in Sydney specifically, does anyone know? I'm asking because I'm looking for a flat at the moment, and the place I go for is going to depend on how much work is available out there, as I don't want to end up getting a place too expensive for me, but nor do I want a crappy little room the size of a cupboard! I am looking for a place close to central station so that I can go to lots of places, such as Liverpool, Paramatta etc. where I understand demand is a bit higher. Also, does anyone know the minimum pay for a supply teacher? I've only been teaching 2 years so can't imagine I'd get more than that. I've heard it's about $220 a day, does that seem right? Finally, can I sign up to more than one agency to look for work? Or does that breach some kind of law in the visa I have? If anyone could help me out on any of this I'd be very grateful! Cheers, David
  8. Hi there, I am planning to come to Australia next year on a WHV to be a casual teacher - I teach secondary science here in the UK. Ideally I would LOVE to come to Cairns as it sounds just what I am looking for but I am worried that I will not get enough work. I know I have to register with Queensland ed but after that I am at a loss. Please could you let me know what the work prospects are for casual secondary teachers? Also, how would I go about finding work upon arrival? Lastly, I am pretty aware that I will need to buy a car and any help anyone can offer in that respect (how, cost?) would be well appreciated! Thanks, Emily xx
  9. Hi Everyone, does anyone have any advice on Teaching employment agencies in Illawarra region? (wollongong, shellharbour, kiama, gerringong etc etc) I am a Primary School Teacher - Early Years trained - so can teach in Childcare centres and Primary Schools. (k-2) I am registered with Children's Service ad DET. I have sent lots of CVs to local Schools and Child care centre, but am struggling to find employment agencies that find you casual work like on a weekly basis. I am automatically registered with casual.direct (part of the DET) and Illawarra Children's Services - I just wandered if there are any other major agencies I am missing? HAYS is out as they only deal with Sydney. Most of the agencies seem to deal with major cities. Many thanks for any advice and help :wub:
  10. My friends daughter and her boyfriend want to come out on a working holiday visa for 6 months to a year, can anyone tell me if there is still enough casual work for them to be able to support themselves. I see that the National Minimum Wage is $15 which is quite high compared with the UK anyway, but does the work still exhist? Any advice please? Oh and I can spell holiday honest lol
  11. we have just been burned by the casual work downsides and i really feel like warning others, we moved over knowing we rely on work at all times as no benefits here for new migrants, hubby got a job a week after we arrived, if only hed kept that one as it was perm he took one earlier this yr that was closer to home and day shift etc but it was casual ( which i never liked the idea of..) today as he was leaving work at the end of the day his boss says to him that its his last day! no warning nothing i know as hes casual that can happen but its a harsh reminder why casual work is pretty much one of the biggest risks to take over here..we were hoping to move now its looking like we will move interstate alot quicker than planned if nothing turns up here fast but i think its important that everyone moving to aus is aware how fast things can go belly up and how important it is to try where possible to take permanent work over casual as its pretty laxed with what rights you have when your casual. its one of those things and we did take that risk mostly cos he trusts ppl where is i am less trusting and would never of taken casual work but its a lesson we have learned from and one i hope others dont have to learn in such a harsh way!:sad: also be aware that some employers do think that cos your foreign your not going to be hard to target its looking like his boss had this planned from day one and there is a few kiwis and poms that work there too i think he just likes to hire the migrants to pay them low and treat them bad ( theres a young englishman there who is treated so terribly!) this is only a handful of employers but its a very scary position to be in if your unfortanate enough to be one of their employees. and sadly a reality that can happen even to those of us who think we have done everyting right here.
  12. After an evening spent in a North Queensland pub I am feeling shocked and depressed at the amount of racism amid the locals. I am so tired of comments along the lines of, 'oh, you arrived in Oz on a boat, we are happy to have you, we just don't want the curry munchers', 'all muslims should be nuked' and so on .... It is everywhere...! I enjoy meeting new people and it seems, just as we start to connect and get on, the conversation regresses to the same remarks and I just have to walk away as I cannot bring myself to compromise my anti racist views. I find it so depressing that I have seriously considered this being a reason to not stay in Northern Queensland... (although as a keen diver the reef does a lot to offset this). Does any one experience similar comments to this extent? They leave my husband and I feeling disillusioned and very alone here sometimes.....
  13. A quick question. Is it easy to get a casual job (admin/receptionist/cashier/retail) in Melbourne now?
  14. Hi, I am a primary teacher in the UK (4 year degree) and will have 2 years teaching experience in July. I am thinking about coming to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa to work as a casual (supply) teacher. I understand that you can only work in one state for 6 months and that I will need to have my qualifications registered in whichever states I choose. I am thinking about coming over in October and I wondered if anyone had had a similar experience? How does the registration system work? Will two years teaching experience be enough for schools to employ me as a casual teacher? I would love to hear about your experiences. Looking forward to reading any replies, Thanks! :biggrin:
  15. A new report shows the economic downturn has forced hundreds of thousands of Australians out of full-time employment and into casual work. The report, released exclusively to ABC's Lateline program, comes despite conventional wisdom that in the financial crisis employers have not sacked workers en masse, but merely cut their hours. Bit more honesty from ABC versus print media who are harbingers of only good economic news, and encouraging people to buy or upgrade properties.....
  16. claireandluke

    casual work while travelling

    can anyone help with any info? we are of to oz in sept/oct and plan purchase a campervan and to spend as much time travelling around as poss to get the feel of the place and see where we want to live , work etc (a bit like overgrown student pack packers :twitcy:) as we have never been to oz before. we want to suppliment our travel savings with casual work such as fruit picking bar work anything not fussy just to keep us on the road for as long as poss. does any one have any experience of doing this sort of thing or does anyone know how the ressesion has affected casual work backpacker jobs etc??? anything relevent let us know thanks :hug:
  17. Hi are you confident and can conduct wine tastings and promote wine! Rsa certificate needed. (easy to get) work cover all perth metro. North and south. Contact jan at prestige perth recruitment for further details. 9301 4488 ask for jan
  18. Hiya, I work as a social worker and am leaving in the next couple of week for Victoria. I'll be working for the local children's service department. However I also have a different professional as a drugs counsellor and wanted to do a little casual work for the the health service to keep my knowldge and skills going. However the Visa bureau says that I can't work for any one other than my original sponsor / employer. Is that right? Does anyone know a way around this? any info advice appreciated. Liz