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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all Does anyone know of a reasonably priced hotel in the northern suburb area of Sydney. It must be in easy reach of the CBD and also accessible to Castle Hill/Baulkham Hills. We have to validate our Visa by October so was thinking of a Holiday in August. Whilst there I wanted to have a look around the Castle Hill area hence my need to be in the north. I don't want a really expensive hotel as I need to save as much money as possible for when we move permanently. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Lisa :biggrin: OH Carpenter
  2. A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the death of a suspected intruder at a Greater Manchester house. Police found a man, aged in his 30s, with knife injuries after they were called to a house in Midland Road, Bramhall, at 19:50 BST on Saturday. The man arrested on suspicion of murder is aged 39 and believed to be the householder. A 33-year-old man has also been arrested in connection with the burglary. The couple who live at the house were named locally as Vincent and Karen Cooke. The man was home alone when the burglary happened although his wife and son returned during the incident but were unharmed. Ch Supt Tim Forber, said: "Clearly this is a serious incident in which a man has lost his life and at this time we believe the dead man was one of two men who were attempting to carry out a burglary at the house." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-14963811 Should the UK (or Australia) adopt 'Castle Doctrine' and give a person the legal right to defend his/her residence from illegal trespassing using any force necessary?
  3. Guest

    Meet up in Castle Hill?

    Hi We (myself, hubbie and 5 year old daughter) arrived from the UK just over three weeks ago and are currently living in Castle Hill, moving to Bella Vista next weekend. I understand there is a get together on a Tuesday at the Castle Hill RSL - does this still happen and, if so, what time? Would love to get together with other people and give my daughter the opportunity to play with other children (she is bored being stuck with just me!!). Alternatively, if anyone fancies meeting up for a coffee, let me know :rolleyes: Thanks Cara
  4. Hi all We are due to vist Sydney in August and I wanted to have a look around the local primary schools in the Castle Hill area for my son. We are not planning to move straight away so he may be 6 or 7 years old by the time he starts there. Does anyone have any experience with schools in this area that are worth looking at. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lisa
  5. nicolaj

    Castle Hill - opinions?

    Hi all, just trying to get a feel for places to live when we move out to Sydney. Just looking at the rental property in Castle Hill, which seems quite reasonable for a nice house, much more reasonable than in the inner suburbs. How feasable is it to commute back into the CBD by public transport? Driving wont be an option as we shall probably only have one car between us to begin with.
  6. Hey everyone were due to move december from scotland to castle hill sydney, really looking to meet other families in that area we have two kids , also anyone in castle hill know of gymnastic girlguide and football clubs for our kids, whats everyones views on this area and schools etc ?? i cant wait, my husband will be working away a month on a month off , we have been in the moving precess 2 years, looking forward to getting there jodie stott
  7. leaving aberdeen for castle hill sydney Hey everyone were due to move december from scotland to castle hill sydney, really looking to meet other families in that area we have two kids , also anyone in castle hill know of gymnastic girlguide and football clubs for our kids, whats everyones views on this area and schools etc ?? i cant wait, my husband will be working away a month on a month off , we have been in the moving precess 2 years, looking forward to getting there jodie stott
  8. Hi, I have heard that Castle hill is a nice family area and you seem to get more for your money when it comes to renting a house there, I just wanted to know if anyone had heard anything good/bad about the area and does it have good state primary schools? Thanks, Kerry
  9. Hi all, Was over in Sydney for a 3 week business trip and managed to secure a house for rent in the Castle Hill area. Wasn't prepared for how competative the rental market is. Had to pay rent from now and we don't get to Oz till Mid Jan !!! Anyway - Coming for the UK obviously the houses in Oz are significantly bigger and the thing is that whilst we plan to bring all our furniture I think our new house will be a little barron. It has a Study / Rumpus rooms and a seperate family room etc etc. and more space that we know what to do with. My thought is that I could maybe pick up some 2nd hand sofas etc rather than buy new. Anyone got any thoughts on the best approach. I thought of e-bay /Gumtree but don't think we'll have a car big enough to move things. Is hiring a van cheap ? Are there any good 2nd hand shops that do deliveries ? Cheers Fargo
  10. Hi all, Does anyone know where the nearest beaches would be from the Hills area, probably Castle Hill? And roughly how long to get there? Thanks. :spinny:
  11. Guest

    Castle Hills Schools

    Hi, We plan to move out to Sydney in August with our two children (14 and 9). Can someone make school selection/charges a little simpler please. I understand that the academic year starts in January ?? If we move to Castle Hiils (or surrounding areas) in August, without having enrolled them anywhere, Is it likely that we will still get places and into school for the new year? Thanks
  12. Guest

    where to start

    Hi everyone, This is my first time using this site, hope it can help us decide where to live???? My wife and I, along with our 2 children (aged 13 and 9) will be moving to Sydney around August time. We will be over there for the first time during the last week in May to take a look around and hopefully get an idea what areas we would consider (and can afford). We like the look of Castle hills and surrounding areas and intend to focus our efforts around there. Any advice please ? (and a guided tour would be good:confused: ) Thanks in advance....
  13. Hi there, We have recently arrived in Australia from the UK and have are living in Castle Hill. We have been looking at schools for my son to start Kindergarten in Jan 2009 and the 2 schools that have really appealed to us are Castle Hill Public and Oakhill Drive Public, although my son prefers Oakhill Drive. Does anyone have any experience of either of these schools as I am a bit stuck as to which one to send my son to? Thanks in advance. Vanita
  14. hi can any recommend a good school for a 6yr old and a 10yr old in these areas please?? we are moving out in june/july my 10 yr old is on the gifted and talented reg over in uk at minute and we are only staying a couple of years before we return to uk can anyone offer any advice on what schools may be good for them thankyou michelle:smile:
  15. Guest

    Castle Rumble

    CASTLE RUMBLEBrian Rumble has at last finished his astonishing castle in the middle of the Queensland bush. He has spent eight years and the investment of his life’s savings to build Castle Rumble, a replica of the Middle Ages, with its Great Hall, 80 leadlight windows and a huge ring of 1,000 candles lowered by chain. The local Chamber of Commerce at Beenleigh, a few miles away, describes the four-storey folly as "breathtaking". As a 200-speaker sound system throws the massive choral performance of ‘The Mission’ around the battlements and into all 15 rooms, echoing around artefacts that go back to the 14th century, Brian admits that he has to face one last battle - the local council. The problem is that Brian - who cannot read or write - never filled out the necessary papers to be allowed to build Castle Rumble in bushland at Waterford. To be permitted to charge tourists $5 to roam through it - as he intended - his land should have been zoned as tourist facility before he began building. It was not. He can’t get an insurance company to insure it, because the hand-built, four-storey 15th century building is irreplaceable. Asked to insure it for public risk - says Beenleigh Chamber of Commerce President, Dennis Wey - the companies "just threw up their hands". Bearded, wild-haired Brian, 53, looks down at his gnarled fingers and says: ‘The castle is as true as I can get to the real thing. It covers 150 squares; one room is 270 square metres. Because I am dyslexic I have never been able to read books, so I create things from my mind. I can’t read what architects say on their plans so I draw my own. I am a carpenter, builder, welder, panel beater and jewellery maker. I am only happy when I am using my hands. When anybody else starts off to do something they pick up a book and use others’ ideas. I can’t do that, so I use my own ideas. The castle took me eight years to build and is my life’s work. Everything I have has gone into it.’ He lives alone in his castle and doesn’t mind the curious wandering through his bedroom. ‘I want them to enjoy it. I guess I’m just a show pony.’ Now, because of shortage of funds and Ross River Fever which has laid him low for the past six months, he doesn’t find it easy to make ends meet. Anxious to make the castle a feature of the Beenleigh tourist circuit, Chamber of Commerce President Wey, a real estate agent, has tried to help Brian combat the paper war raging over his unkempt head. ‘I can only call it mind-blowing. To be there when he lowers that huge iron ring on a chain and lights the candles is a huge experience. I have taken the Mayor and the councillors out there to see it; I have taken all the council executives and the town planner. The trouble is he built it without getting any of the necessary permissions. Because he can’t read or write he doesn’t believe in paper work. Councils are paper work fanatics and you don’t build anything until you’ve filled in the forms. ‘He has done nothing by the book and by rights they could have told him to pull the whole thing down and start again when he’d signed the forms. Nobody will insure it, let alone for public risk. From the slate on the roof to the hand-hewn banisters and hand-cut stones, the whole thing is Brian’s work. The 80 lead-glass windows are spectacular. ‘He has gathered 14th century artefacts and even made his own armoury that is authentic for the period. ‘Someone just has to persuade him to allow the council to go through the place and say : "this conforms, this doesn’t conform." But at the moment it’s stand-off.’ Back to Brian, who was himself born in a 12th century castle near Donnington, outside Wolverhampton: ‘People love being here. They sit down and gaze about in awe as I play "The Lion King" through my 200 speakers. They don’t want to leave. I’ve been offered $10,000 for one chair I carved. Who knows what the castle is worth; the insurance companies say it’s irreplaceable and don’t want to know. And the council won’t get off my ginger. ‘When I was at school I was a naughty boy; the dunce sitting at the back of the class. It just sort of got up my nose and I said to myself: "I’ll show them!" Brian helped renovate the elegant old Brisbane Grammar School and a famous pioneer cottage in Sydney. ‘I have been asked to build the Brisbane war memorial but my leg is a bit wobbly so I said no.’ While the paper war goes on, film makers and animators have been using Castle Rumble for television production. ‘The man who made ‘Babe’ took all his gear inside and he was awe-struck,’ says Dennis Wey. ‘Something has to be done so everyone can see it.’