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Found 340 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am just wondering wheather the case officer always ask for the medical and police clearence report if those expires. I would appreciate if you guys can share your experiences, ideas & information on this issue. Thanks. Princemp
  2. Hello, Does anyone know whether you have to let your case officer know you have uploaded further docs when they request within 28 days or just let them get on with it? I didn't want to bug someone that is busy already but what has everybody else done?
  3. Hi all, Thanks God that I have found such a friendly and informative forum. Could someone please provide some contact information on some really efficient and good lawyer who is capable to handle a complecated case? My situation is as follows: Age: 30 Education: B.Sc. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering IELTS: 8.5 (indivisually more than 7 in all sections) Skill Assessment: Positive assessment on 263111 (Computer networks and Systems Engineer) for 4 yrs and 2 months I wanted ACS to assess my skills as Systems Analyst cause I wanted to apply as Independent (175), but they advised that my experience is close to 263111. Now, I must have SS, or cannot apply for OZ PR. I would like to assign a good lawyer for applying for SS. Another way might be get my skilled assessed as Electrical Engineer. But, I only have the degree on EEE, not any relevant experience.
  4. Guest

    Why is my case officer so lazy?

    Hi, long time lurker first time poster! I applied for my 886 (Cat 2) in March first week and was assigned a case officer on 19 March (Team 15) who requested documents and medicals. I submitted all documents on the same day and did my medicals on 2nd April. So far, the status page still shows everything as 'Required' - nothing has changed ever since the case officer was assigned and it's been over a MONTH!! How long does the medicals take to show up as 'finalised' or 'referred'? I've checked with Medibank and was informed that the medicals were sent on 12th April. Is the case officer just being lazy? Has anyone had a similar experience?
  5. Dear, I had commonwealth DEBT which i wasn't aware of. and case officer sent me following e-mail. Dear Mr XXX Our records indicate you have an outstanding debt of $4,500 to the Commonwealth for Litigation. Public interest criterion 4004 of Schedule 4 of the Regulations must be met in order for a visa to be granted. PIC 4004 The applicant does not have outstanding debts to the Commonwealth unless the Minister is satisfied that appropriate arrangements have been made for payment. The debt can be repaid in full at Overseas POST counters. Please provide the receipt details via email (preferably with a screen shot) for updating of DIAC Onshore systems. .......................... I have already made arrangement to pay the DEBT in full. my question is, is my VISA going to be refused on this ground even after i pay the debt? please advice...any comments would be very helpful. I have applied on January 2009..all my documents are showing MET in the system.
  6. hopefulnurse

    case officer allocated

    mornin all, :chatterbox: phoned AHPRA this morning and have been informed that i have beeen allocated a case oficer but she is on holiday for a week, just wondering guys if anybody else has been allocated a case officer and the process of events that will happen next, so as we can try and be one step ahead. Case officer is called Olive anybody else have her? Whats she like? This is all doin my head in. :arghh: Any info would be great. Cheers jim :daydreaming:
  7. hopefulnurse

    case officer allocated

    mornin all, :chatterbox: phoned AHPRA this morning and have been informed that i have beeen allocated a case oficer but she is on holiday for a week, just wondering guys if anybody else has been allocated a case officer and the process of events that will happen next, so as we can try and be one step ahead. Case officer is called Olive anybody else have her? Whats she like? This is all doin my head in. :arghh: Any info would be great. Cheers jim :daydreaming:
  8. I hope someone can give me some advice. We have our flights booked for January and finally decided on Queensland. Hubbie still working here and kids still at school, house up for rent, packing well under way and everyone knows the plan. BUT...I have such a terrible feeling this is the wrong thing to do, I'm not sure if it's fear or panic or the fact that I will miss my family but I just don't know if I can do this. I can't eat and feel constantly ill. It is going to cost us soooo much money to do this and I am just not sure it is worth it. We have a nice life here, we have had to cut back in recent years but we are not in any sort of dire situation but I am terrified that starting all over again will be very hard on us, especially my husband. I just feel so sad and feel we have gotten ourselves into a mess. I know there are no guarantees but the tears just won't stop coming and I don't know how I am going to get on that plane. If anyone has gone through this can you let me know how it ended up for you. Thanks & sorry for going on, just desperate at the moment.
  9. I'm playing the waiting game like many of you and want to try and be one step ahead of the case officer to speed up my grant, hopefully this post can help others too with their applications. I received the March 18 email and sent in my meds/PCC months ahead of receiving a case officer - putting in your meds/PCC before your CO is allocated definitely saves time, but finding the right time can be tricky. Employer payslips and bank statements proving deposits are something I missed, but sent them in hours ago before my CO likely would have requested them. Did most others do this with your apps? What have your experiences been, what do the CO usually ask for?
  10. cki2011

    Case Officer

    Hello I am just checking as we have emailed our case officer twice in two days to ask a question about where our visa application is up to and we have not received the email receipt we normally get to say they have received it does anybody know if there is a problem with the emails or is there any other reason we havent received a receipt ( we thought they may be on shut down but we would still expect a receipt as usual.... Any ideas anybody....Please.... Thanks Dave & Carmel:frown:
  11. Moved to Migration Issues
  12. Perhaps quite a common question on here but I am just wondering if anyone can tell me an approximate timescale from being given a CO to visa being issued. I have applied for a 176 and 2 days ago I got an email from my CO asking me to complete my medicals and police checks. Am I close to being issued my visa once these checks have been done or could I still be waiting a matter of months? Any answers are much appreciated. David
  13. cki2011

    Contacting the case officer ????

    Hello It is nearly 4 weeks since the Case Officer has had all our documents and we are getting a little anxious as in the recent post on here we are finding the 176 Visas are going through very quickly so we are thinking of emailing him to ask how long it will might take to reach a decicion but it says on the diac site not to email asking questions has anybody emailed the case officer before to ask this or should we just wait it out? any advice would be apreciated. Thanks
  14. Our agent has told us today that we are due to be allocated a case officer next month (October). On the strength of that I have booked medicals for the end of October and sent off for our penal clearance as advised. Can anyone tell us how long it should take from then on? We are on a subclass 165 visa (Investor visa) which means we also have to lodge a significant designated investment with the Govt which should (we hope ) be straight forward. We are trying to get over by the end of January for the kids school year. thanks Glenn
  15. Hi dear Pomsinoz. Today morning i was assigned to team number 7 i received a e-mail from them and i was asked for form 80, police and health, So my question is that, correct me if i am wrong , did that mean i meet basic requirements ?and etc., i pass initial assessment?, or i am totally wrong , and i just get excited without cause yet.:biggrin:
  16. Guest

    case officer from team 6

    hi does any one know about him? how long after allocation he wants work place check &medical? cheers
  17. hello folks i have applied ve 175 in 2007 and have been waiting since then.Pcc and medicals have been submitted and i come under PG3.I had enough.Now i am considering calling my case officer.. Have anyone ever done that ? Any Thoughts would be really appreciated
  18. We have finally booked our flights (hooray!) and am looking on Australian websites and totalling up all the money we will need to spend when we get there to buy replacement car seats for our toddler and not-yet-born-newborn. Am still a bit unsure about our ability to be able to live out there money-wise, so was thinking it may be an idea to keep our UK car seats in case we end up moving back. As we're shipping the contents of a 2 bed house incl. white goods, I presume these won't add THAT much to our total bill? Or am I being completely insane? (PS. They cost about £300 in total - not a lot, but all these expenses are really adding up). OR, if we go out to Oz and buy carseats and end up back in the UK - can we legally use Australian carseats back in the UK? I really think this migrating lark is sending me around the bend! :wub:
  19. There are obviously lots of people on here who have thought about the move, made the move, loved the move or hated the move - so thought I might get some honest advice. We are a young(ish) family from the North West (2 kids 6 and 7) and Australia is brought up about twice a year either by myself or more lately my husband. The big question should we take the plunge?? We do have a good life, lovely house, lovely area, good job etc etc, but could it be better? I want the kids to spend their childhood outdoors like I did, I dont want them growing up into a culture of drugs (which seems to be rife), we think that Australia may give us more quality family time. Are my expectations too high and unrealistic??? My point for going is that if we dont go we'd never know and the kids are young enough to adapt and even adjust if we went, didnt like it and came back. I suppose it would be easier if someone else made the decision for us, but seen as we have to - any points of view would be greatly appreciated :smile: I have read lots of posts on here, (very informative) but I never know who to believe, some make it sound great and yet others are very critical. We would be leaving a good life behind, are we mad? Or is there something better out there?
  20. Well after only lodging our application to DIAC on 18th May, last week, we have just heard from our agent that we have a CASE OFFICER !!! Have booked medicals for 24th June and am sending police checks next week !!! Such great news and so super quick!!!!! So happy am running round like a loony :goofy:
  21. We are going to visit daughter & family who have very recently moved to Tasmania. By the way they love it. I would like to know what we can & cannot bring in our suite cases for them. coffee , tea , Drambuie ect. It will be for 2 months & we are looking forward to seeing your wonderful country. Kind regards margojacko
  22. scarlet mia

    Finally we got a case officer

    Hi well after lodging our application in March 2009 checked my emails this morning and we have a case officer. I can,t believe it was giving up hope. Just wanted to let people know who may be waiting or lodged theres the same time as we did. Karen x
  23. Thats the headline breaking news, Sharon Shoesmith has won her appeal over her sacking by Ed Balls over her being in overall charge when baby P was tortured and murdered and he was let down time and time again and it begs the question, should anyone ever be made responsible for being incompetent in a childs death and be sacked for their incompetence. Fair enough their workload was immense, but the catalogue of basic errors in my mind, means they should be sacked. She is now due a massive compensation pay out which i find disgusting.
  24. Hi, In January 2010 we applied for a 485 Graduate Visa after completing 2 years study as a Commercial Cook, when I called Immigration to check something, they advised I was able to apply for GSM as had completed the TRA + had all the docs ready to go. Therefore on 7 feb 2010, we applied for GSM 886 Sponsor, I know that we are in for a wait + this wait is unlimited ( I/We can only pray that our visa's are not canecelled as there was a threat of it happening! ) Anyway, I receieved an email today stating we had been assigned a case officer for the 485. I was somewhat confused as thought the 886 superseeded the 485 visa, they were requesting extra docs, such as new medical/AFP as obviusly they had expired since we ap;plied over 12 months ago. We are on a bridging visa now, I asked what the benefit was to still applying for the 485, or should we infact just void this one + wait for the 886. She said that we could do that + stay on a bridging visa but we cant leave the country - unless we apply for bridging visa B ( I did this last year for a trip back to the UK for a family emergency ) My question is, are there any other reasons we would benefit by going onto this 485 Visa, as far as I can see its just more expense for the medicals/AFP when we will prob have to do this again in however long its going to take for us to be looked at for the PR visa. I really hope this makes sense - so long winded! I just do not want to jeopardise the Perm visa in anyway + need to know that if we cancelt eh 485 we are not making a problem for ourselves somehow! Any advice is very very much appreciated. Regards Gemma
  25. Removed