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Found 45 results

  1. trevorscarpetsalbany

    carpet fitter/vinyl layer

    Hi,our carpet shop in Albany wa is looking for a full time commercial vinyl layer,laminate floor layer,we would be willing to sponsor the right person,Albany is in the south west of western Australia,about 4 hours drive from perth
  2. Carpet and floor layers required for a well established,soon to expand company in pooraka,north adelaide. P.M me for details
  3. k3nj1

    Carpet cleaner

    Does anyone know a cheap carpet cleaning service in Sydney? It's just for our small living room so I don't want to pay more than $50. Thanks
  4. I am looking to relocate in Jan/feb 2012 to either Perth or Brisbane & wondered if anyone knew of any jobs going? I have 20 years experience in fitting all kinds of flooring, ie Carpet, Sheet Vinyl, Karndean/Amtico. I have recently gained my AQF111 qualication & am looking for a sponsor(457). If anybody knows of anybody, please let me know. Thanks
  5. Guest

    Carpet fitting Jobs

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what the market is like for carpet fitter's in Oz? I am currently applying for a visa to emigrate with my family. Has anyone been sucessfull in getting a sponsor for this kind of work? Help!
  6. can any of you please help? been offered a job in Melbourne can you tell me what the average price is per linear metre for fitting carpet and vinyl. Would be grateful for any information. You can pm if you wish. Thanks Paul.
  7. Hello all This is a vacancy being m,ade available through the Hire A Migrant system. Vacancies are as follows: 2 x Carpet and or Vinyl Layers Location Canberra, ACT. Preferred start date ASAP Full time ongoing employment. Offering $50,000 per annum + superannuation + car + tools (negotiable) Customer interaction will be involved, customer service skills an advantage. Must be a qualified tradesman. Professional registration will be required. Fluent in English. Prpeared to wait for DIAC processing for the right candidate. Applicants will need to be or become clients of Hire A Migrant, which involves a fee for service. The first step prior to considering any fees is to please send CVs as an attachment via personal message on PIO. People who send CVs will receive HAM service information in reply. Anyone who wants more info about Hire A Migrant is welcome to send me a general PM or an email to Jamie AT hireamigrant DOT com.
  8. MTB & G

    Carpet fitter wanted

    Hi all, I'm in need of a carpet fitter south of Brisbane. If there are any fitters out there locally give me a PM if you would like a days work. Cheers Martyn
  9. kernow43

    Sweep it under the carpet!

    Not one comment on this very disturbing report, You people amaze me, I would kick s**t if this happened in Oz on this scale! Forty-six 'dangerous' terrorists go free from jail - Telegraph Forty-six 'dangerous' terrorists go free from jail At least 46 convicted terrorists who have been either released from prison or are close to being freed “pose a risk” to the public and face tight new controls on their freedom, a secret Government document discloses. :arghh:
  10. It seems we've fallen at the first hurdle. My husband and i have been looking into moving for a while now and have only just started seriously looking into Visa options, i did have my sister who was willing to sponsor us but now it seems the situation has changed and due to floor finishing being bumped down to the SOL Scheduele 4 list our only option would be the state sponsorship or employer sponsorship.........Does any one have any news how long we'll wait for SMP to be released and especially how difficult our dream of moving to Perth is going to be? Thanks Ryannan & Paul :cry::arghh:
  11. Full time position for an experienced floor finisher - carpet and vinyl. The position is in country victoria - kerang, on the murray river and inland lakes. email scott@ruralblinds.com for more info
  12. Guest

    How to clean after you dog??

    Hey dog owners :biggrin: I don't know what you do to keep your house clean and have a dog at the same time and no bad smells, but I've always had problems with it untill I discovered a few helpful tips! Thought it's a good idea to share them with you and make your life a little bit easier :wink: We all know how much dogs like having a bath :nah: Well, they don't because dogs can smell the chemicals, and they can make their skin itch. So what I do is make my own natural dog shampoo! What you need: 1 cup of water 1 teaspoon liquid soap or soap gel (preferably castile soap) 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel ½ teaspoon olive oil Mix all the ingredients together and use like any other shampoo. Clean your dog's bed! If it has cushions - give them a good shaking or if they are washable - put them in the washing machine. To wash the basketwork: warm soapy water a soft bristly brush (could be a toothbrush) Mix some baking soda and water in a spray bottle and spray over the basket to remove the bad smell. If your dog makes a mess on the carpet it's important to clean it straight away. Otherwise, the smell will remain and the dog will think that it’s OK to do it again. Sometimes the smell doesn't go away thought so what I do in those cases is use professional carpet cleaners. Try using natural cleaning solutions!
  13. hi we are heading to mandurah in september, i have a AQF level 3 qualification and 15 years experience laying vinyl, laminates and carpets. Does anyone know how difficult it will be for me to find work? , as i will only have enough savings for around 3 months living without work? When i did my AQF Level 3 the training provider told me there is lots and lots of oppotunities, especially with the AQF qualification, but after emailing my resume to many companies in and around perth region, ive not heard anything back. Does anyone know if i may indeed struggle on the job front?, and what may be a good approach in finding work, any tips? regards, jason
  14. Ive been laying carpet for 10 years in the UK and on and off over the last 3 years in Oz. Works really quiet at the momment and the layers that have been working at shops the longest get the few jobs that are out there. Leaving us newbies workless!! I fit domestic carpet, vinyl planks and domestic vinyl. Im happy to team up with someone or work in a gang...I'm easy. Also happy to do private jobs, I have a van and tools etc just need work. Terry :huh:
  15. Hi, I am looking into moving to Aus and need to find a sponsor to employ me. I have been in the flooring business for over 30 years and have experince in all areas of flooring contract and domestic. Does anyone know of any companies willing to take on sponsors from overseas. Cheers Maxmax
  16. New to this site just starting what it seems a long road to AU .Need to pass aqf certificate 111 as a carpet fitter . Has anybody else on this site passed this certificate and could they tell me what was involved been a carpet fitter 23 years never any good at tests thanks Jason
  17. Hi All My husband runs his own carpet business in the UK, selling and fitting carpets, vinyl, wood and laminate flooring. He has lots of experience and is very good at his job. We are trying to find out more about getting sponsorship but not sure how to go about it. We are going to arrange a trip out to austrailia to start looking at areas, We are looking at perth, new south wales, gold coast, victoria, however we are still open to ideas and obviously when we go we may change our mind on areas. We need to find out more about Employment first for my husband, then schools for the children and also homes. Does anyone have any suggestions on employment in any these areas, we don't really know how to go about getting sponsored or is it a case of contacting as many carpet/flooring companies as possible. Any help appreciated Thanks
  18. Hi All I am so glad I found this forum. My husband, our children and I are looking in to moving to Austrailia. My Husband runs his own Carpet business supplying and fitted carpet and wooden floors. Is this a useful trade to have and is there demand for this? I am a travel agent and work from home I think there is a couple of homeworking companies who would recruit in austrailia but we are more concerned about my husbands job as he is the main breadwinner. We were initally looking at perth as I have a lot of family there, however melbourne also looks good, we are open to ideas as we are unsure where the best place would be and would be willing to go where the work is? Any help is appreciated with this Thanks x:biggrin:
  19. villageidiot

    Tiler or carpet fitter?

    Hi everone, I only found this site yesterday but seem to have spent the last 24 hours reading through all the forums,with some real interesting reads. My situation is this.I'm a 40 year old guy from Llandudno in Wales,presently working is a cab driver in London.I married an Adelaide girl 2 years ago,and we're looking at moving to Oz in 2-3 years.We would go where the work is,but would prefer Melbourne as our first choice,and probably Adelaide second. I would like to learn a trade over here first before coming over,but which one? I had thought tiling,there is an intensive 8 week course near me which is recommended,and at the end of it the huge tiling firm which run it will give me a job.I would then work here for a couple of years to get experience and then come over with my wife.After reading the job forum on this site,i see that carpetfitters are in demand and can earn a good living.Do tilers earn as much? and are they in demand?because maybe trainto become a carpetfitter instead. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Ste
  20. Hi, This is my first post so hope i do everything right :v_SPIN: Ok, I am Arron, And i am a carpet fitter in the uk, i am 23 but tho i am at a young age i have been fitting since a boy with my dad, so have 7-10 years of experience (yeah other kids played out after school, i fitted carpets with my dad lol!). Anyway, i have worked at some of the most prestigious places, done the domestic side and the contract, and my work is always 110% i am very good at my job, reliable, fast in carpets & vinyl . So i have been thinking now for the last few years to emigrate, i finally decided to do it. Now i know floor finishers are in demand, but was wondering what is the best way to go about looking for a job, who to call? And also what visa, I was thinking doing a working visa, to see how i like it, then go for the full thing. so any help and advice would be much apreciated, Thankyou! :spinny:
  21. Hi We are aiming to move to Adelaide in about 2-3 years, once we have sorted our finances out. My hubbys job is on the demand list he works in IT management and has done for over 10 years, however, he wants to learn a trade as well just as something to fall back on and so has been looking at carpert fitting. Can anyone tell me if you have to be working in this trade for a certain length of time before we could imigrate using this? He wants to fit carpets at weekends at the moment so he has his mon to fri job and then this, if it helps us clear our debts quicker then that's a bonus! At the moment his job and carpet fitting have the same points score, he is not sure what he would want to work as at the moment, i think he wants to add another string to his bow and if it gives him the option of a second career path then he would be happy. So... do anyone know if there is a certain amount of time he has to be doing this for if we were to use this as his career on our visas? Many thanks Di
  22. Guest

    Carpet fitters???? ACTS???

    Hi all, Has anyone applied or gone over to oz being a carpet fitter? We don't seem to have seen any carpet fitters on here. We are just starting of the process now and need to go through ACTS to get my hubby's qualification recognised in oz. Has anyone used ACTS wether for carpet fitting or anything else, if so whats involved exactly in the assessment and are they any good. Thanks Kel :spinny:
  23. Guest

    melbourne carpet fitter!

    hi due over to melbourne for a reccy on 15th of march,ca any 1 give me any advice on where the nice areas are to live and where i could go to see about how the carpet/vinyl fitting trade works in melboune? (have posted on jobs ,careers section also!) hope to hear from you soon. we are hoping to be over with visas by next march but want to get an idea of lifestyle and what to expect when we get over there! many thanks rishy!
  24. vickynmatt

    carpet fitter qualifications

    Does anyone know anything about the carpet fitters assessment for the TRA. We have been told that I will have to complete a AQF Certificate III to pass the criteria for the TRA.From what we can find out it seems that this will cost us about £2k, we was just wondering if anyone else had done this and could tell us what it involves or if anyone else is planning on doing it.
  25. Hello everyone We are looking in to job sponser's so if anyone know's of any carpet fitting job's in or around Perth could you let us know. 20 years experience and can do all types of flooring. Adele&rob