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Found 108 results

  1. I'm a carpenter with an NVQ city and guilds level 2, I've been told by a recruitment firm that I must make my qualification valid in Australia to be considered as a carpenter. How do I convert them?
  2. I am currently on a working holiday visa with my girlfriend. We have been here about 4 weeks and really like the country. We have seen a few of the main cities and decided to come to Perth and stay. We would like to stay here permanently, so basically trying to get the correct info for what visa's would be ideal for us. I helped my brother-in-law set up a business in the UK. We were doing loft conversions. I was able to do all aspects of the job, carpentry side and business side of things. I was there about 6 years. I left as I always wanted to come to Australia. Now I have and like it I don't want to leave. I don't have a carpentry qualification as I learnt on job. I have 6 years job experience with carpentry in total. So basically what should I do..... Getting sponsored seams difficult, tried lots of companies and no luck. Should I go on a student visa to do the carpentry certificate 3 course, but it can take 1-2 years and can cost a lot of money. Is there a way if anyone knows that I could do a quick carpentry course so I can gain the qualification to match my experience. Then there is the points based system. I am 29years of age - 30points, my English is ok so not sure if I can earn points there as I hear the exams are extremely hard, if your skill is on the SOL list then you get 10points carpentry is, but must complete an assessment of you skill I think, 6 years experience 15points, So all in all 55points. 5 short. how else could I earn the 5points. Also which points visa do I approach the Individual 189. Lots of questions I know. But I am in real need for help and advice. So please if anyone could help me with these questions, or can even point me in the direction of someone who can. I would be very grateful. Perhaps I could lend my skills to help you. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm currently level 2 NVQ qualified in carpentry, will be level 3 NVQ May 2015. Looking to work in Oz for a few years, moving September 2015. Hoping to get a sponsored visa, ideally a 457, as I don't want to do regional work. However, it appears you have to undergo a TRA assessment before applying for a visa. Does anyone know if this costs? Or is there any way to get around this? Is there an easier way to be able to work for up to 4 years, without having to do regional work? Does anyone have any advice on the best route or path to take? thanks Sam
  4. Hello people, looking to head over to Oz on a working holiday visa for 12-24 months. I'm about to complete an NVQ 2 in carpentry but have no previous employment in the trade. Just odd jobs and own work. my question is based on my NVQ 2 and gaining a white card in Oz, can I look for employment in the trade? Apart from my lack of proof of experience is there anything else I'm missing? Bare in mind I'm not applying for a residency visa before I go. This will be to work while on a working holiday visa. Thanks
  5. Yvonne HornbyTurner

    Cleaning carpentry tools for import

    Hi everyone I am moving to Brisbane in 4 weeks and I am taking all my hand and power tools, I know they need to be clean, but how clean do they need to be to pass through Australian quarantine. Does my hammer and chisels need to be gleaming or can I just clean them with jays fluid. Thanks :err:
  6. Hi All My husband and I have been in Perth for 6 days and he starts work tomorrow (only two weeks temporary work). He did bring the majority of his hand tools and a drill so he is ready to work but looking to start buying tools to replace the ones he sold on Ebay before we left. Could someone please let us know the best place to buy tools that isnt extortionate! We have a car so we can travel, but currently living NOR. Thanks in advance Lisa
  7. Hi All My husband and I arrived in Perth a week ago. We have a permanent skilled visa. My husband has 10+ years joinery experience, 1st and 2nd fix, roofing etc. We are living north of the river so could you please let me know if you are aware of any vacancies. Thanks very uch Lisa x
  8. My husbands a carpenter and has his own timber frame housing business for 12 yrs here in Ireland. Whats the chance of him getting started out there?
  9. HI, I've just completedmy City and Guilds 6217 in site Carpentry. I have been receiving mixed informationon which qualification is recognised in Oz C&G or NVQ?? as I have all the relevantpaperwork for my NVQ but it is an extra £1000 to register for it. Does anyone know for sure what the appropriate qualificationis? Does anyone know what the current work situation is at the moment? thanks a lot Laurence.
  10. Hi all We arrived in Perth 3 weeks ago and have been finding it very difficult to gain employment. I am a newly qualified chartered accountant (member of Irish institute) and my other half is a carpenter with over 10 years experience. I have registered with all the big agencies (and quite a few of the smaller ones too) but it seems to me that although they recognise my CA qualification my experience is not what they are looking for. I trained in a small practice in Northern Ireland where I gained a lot of experience in an all-round accounts position. However as I do not have SAP or MYOB experience this seems to be a big problem. I am a fast learner and am sure that with a little guidance I would pick this up no problem. With regards to the carpentry there just doesn't seem to be many jobs out there and any that are in the paper etc are snapped up at lightening speed! Just wondering if anyone could offer any help or advice if they have been in a similar situation or if you know of any work that may be suitable for us. We are staying near Joondalup but are willing to work anywhere north of the river or in Perth CBD. Thanks in advance, Sharon and Paul
  11. Hi All! I will be coming to Australia in a years time firstly to travel and then hopefully to settle and work as a carpenter. I have a level 3 NVQ and will have 5 years experience. I have been told I need a certificate 3 in order to get sponsored but would like to know if it is essential to pay the £2000 he asked for to get the new qualification or if I will be ok with what I have? Any advice will be hugely appreciated! Jamie
  12. jamiearnold

    Transferring Carpentry Skills??

    Hi all! I will be coming to Australia on a working holiday visa in 6 months time but intend to stay longer if it is everything it is made out to be! I am trying to get my skills transferred so they are recognised but so far all i can find is vetassess trade ocupations.. this suits me well other than i do not meet the migration criteria as i am on a working holiday visa.. If anyone has had a similar problem and has found a solution, or has any advice on the matter please get back to me. Any advice will be very much apretiated Many thanks Jamie
  13. Hi First of all I'd like to say this is my 2nd post in the last 24hrs and I've found out more information reading all of the threads on here than I have in the last 11 years since returning from Oz from a working holiday Visa - this site is GREAT so thanks to you guys and girls for all your good advice given on here! Right, here it goes... Me, hubby and 2yr old daughter want to apply for a SS Visa 176 under my husbands trade as a 'Carpenter'. Below are some things I can't quite get my head around? - to apply for SS do you already have to taken the skills test? - for a Carpenter it says TRA and use VETASSESS or VICTORIA UNIVERSITY - what one is it best to go with? - Is it correct that if you go with VICTORIA UNIVERSITY there's no actual physical skills test, just a Paper-Based assessment and then a Technical Interview which if I understand correct is conducted using SKYPE? - If we go with VICTORIA UNIVERSITY - how long will this take to arrange as we're concerned about the new points system coming into play July 11. Will we have enough time to get everthing sorted - as there's so much to do - If we go with VETASSESS - I can see tests in Feb but no other dates available on their website. How often are the skills tests and do this alwasy have to be done? Again, worried we're going to run out of time re new points system that comes in July 11. Minds gone blank! I'll ask more questions when they come to my head! Thanks for your input everyone! Cheers :chatterbox:
  14. Please could anyone advise me as to what carpentry tools my OH should take to Australia? Would it be a lot of hassle to get them sufficiently cleaned and do they actually use the same tools out there as here in UK? He is a lock up and fix carpenter. Thank you :wink:
  15. Guest

    Carpentry Work In Melbourne

    I'm moving to Melbourne next year around Febuary , After looking on the internet there seems to be quite a few jobs advertised for carpenters and just wondered if there was plenty of work about? I've worked a few times before in Sydney but not for 6 years now and when working there I was on $35 an hour but the locals were on $40 as they had more tools plus $35 was a good wage for a backpacker! The work I was hoping for was probably in the Eastern subburb sdoing refurb/new build ect. Here in Yorkshire I mainly work on new build, or have taken on some refurbs myself plus a self build. Whilst in Sydney I worked on probably some of the most enjoyable projects I've been on. Anyhow I was mainly wanting to know if there was much work about and what sort of money carpenters were earning? Cheers Jim :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Ps Just wondered do you have to go on the books first of all on your skilled visa or can you go Labour Only? I think it was with an ABN number when i was last there!!!
  16. Hi all We arrived in Perth on 2nd October and are struggling to find Carpentry jobs for hubbie. Can anyone give any advice on where to find them? We have tried a few websites and the West Australian. Any advice or contact numbers would be greatly appreciated! :notworthy: Thanks
  17. Hey guys My daughter's chap has arrived from the UK on a WHV and is hoping to find work asap. He's a carpenter by trade with 10 years experience. Can anyone tell me what colour cards are needed? He's been told about red, white and blue and isn't sure which ones he actually needs. Thanks in advance!
  18. Guest

    carpentry, recognition,question

    we have got our visas for wa, ive done the vetasses tests and passed, i have nvqs in joinery and kitchen fitting in uk, is that it now, have i done everything to be recognized as a carpenter, or when i get there are they going to say they dont recognise my qualifications. thanks
  19. Hi, I am a fully qualified carpenter from Ireland with over 10 years of experience. I saw this previous post: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/victoria/120112-carpentry-work-melbourne.html and it inspired me to post myself. I am moving to Melbourne on October 14th with a permanent 176 visa, and after I sort out an ABN and white card, I'll be looking for work (I have worked in Aus before as a carpenter). If anyone has any contacts to pass on or leads for work I would appreciate it. Feel free to PM me if you'd prefer. Thanks very much, and good luck! Colin
  20. Hi Anyone, My agent tells me that sponsored migration is the best route for me as don't quite make it on points the permanent migration route...What a bummer! Can I ask has anyone out there done one of these test and how fussy were they for the work proof photographs ect. Also how hard did they find it. I am very compitant with my skills ok course. Been doing it for 12 years now but have never been that great in an exam room if you know what i mean. Its like being back at school again! Any advice would be of great help.Many thanks guys...:notworthy:
  21. leelee 18

    Carpentry in perth

    Hello has anyone got any info ? this rates etc? can you take ur tools with ya? who did you do skills test with? costs etc ......
  22. Guest

    carpentry in oz

    hi, i have mvqs in joinery in the uk, passed the vetasses for going to oz, when i get there are my qualifications and 22 years in building trade recognized or do i have to do more tests when we get there. can i work right away, do i have to get some kind of national insurance number first?? generally what is needed.?? also how hard is it to get work in carpentry, got state sponsorship for western oz any help is appreciated, a few last minute doubts creeping in
  23. Guest

    carpentry work

    new to this so please bear with me,okay been a joiner for over 20 years done everything from new build,re-furb and everything in between,got a visa but with the economy the way it is at the moment would it be a good move or should i wait to see if it picks up, don't mind where in australia as long as there is work,any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks nick
  24. chev010

    VU Skills Assessment - Carpentry

    Hi My first time on here, but I'm curious to know if anyone else is having an easy time with Victoria University skills assessment? We lodged our application back in March - hubby needs assessed as carpenter and we are using an agent - and we are still waiting to hear back from them. They are advertising a 7 week turnaround!! We are at 5 months now and still no skype interview!! First they asked for more evidence, then they offered an interview the next day in Scotland - 500 miles from where we live!), we said it was really short notice and could we have a bit more notice and maybe have it in London? Then we heard nothing for months, eventually I got frustated and called them, they said they didn;t have any evidence from us??? I said how come we were offered an itnerview then and they could not find a record of that! Then I sent the evidence again and 4 weeks later they now say they need more evidence and that my hubby must have a skills assessment in UK too. I'm totally fed up with them! Has anyone else had a good experience with them? Give me a little hope please!
  25. Guest

    carpentry work in western aus

    hi, just lodged my visa application last week, just wondering if anyone has any info on how much work there is for carpenter/joiner in western aus, as thats where i have got sponsorship. a friend of the wifes has come back after 7 years and said there is no work , its worse than it is in england, any help is appreciated, as i hope we are not making a mistake