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Found 86 results

  1. simmo

    On The Tools

    Because PIO has traditionally had a lot of tradies as members I thought it was about time we had our own thread. I'll start with some funny videos.
  2. Me & my OH are flying out to Perth in June, the shippers are coming in in a couple of weeks. My OH is a carpenter and wants to take most of his hand/power tools. I have just sat down and started to clean up some of them, but I've given up! I have spent ages cleaning one of his power tools, and there are so many more to go!!, however clean it maybe, it still does'nt look like it's just come out the box, obviously they have all been well used so will never look band new again, exactly how clean do they have to be? or has anybody has their tools professionally cleaned, maybe thats an option? He has purchased some new ones to replace some that we towards the end of thier life, so they will be ok, but he has so many that need to be cleaned, it's going to take forever!!!
  3. Our client is a WA based custom fit-out company who is currently looking for qualified/experienced Carpenters to start ASAP. Good salary benefits, reputed business, great environment, 457/RSMS sponsorship options for eligible candidates. Please forward your resumes to sahil@masonmigration.com.au Successful candidates will get a call from the business itself for interview.
  4. Hi I'm Rachel :biggrin: Myself and my fiance are currently looking to move to Oz around summer 2015. We are very much at the start of the process, so any help would be greatly appreciated. We are not sure whether to try and get skilled visa's before hand or try to get work over there? My partner Sam, 25, is a NVQ2 qualified carpenter and will be NVQ3 qualified before we go to Oz. He is interested in working within the timber framing industry, but any work would be great anyone know the best places to work as a carpenter? What visa would be the best to apply for? I am 24 and work within finance and am level 3 AAT qualified, will be level 4 qualified before i go to Oz. I'd be happy to work anywhere within Oz. Again what is the best visa to apply for? We were also wondering if it would help our application, if we were to get married before we go to Oz? Kind regards Rach x
  5. will any construction Trades people be in a spot of bother here within the changes ????
  6. WANTED------Traditional timber framers. Adelaide based company looking for framers, MUST be experienced (preferably no less than 5 years exp. and in English scribe). Team leading experience would be an advantage. PM Adrian
  7. Guest

    Carpenters tools in Perth

    Hi moving to Perth been told different stories about which power tools i can take with me. I have 110 power tools and a transformer box, is it true i can change the plug on the transformer box to make my power tools work any help we would be grateful. thanks Lee:chatterbox:
  8. we are moving to perth in july 2012, and im a bit worried whether or not i am going to struggle for work as a carpenter, mainly i do first second and final fixing, and am also a kitchen fitter, with my own business here in england. couple of questions for anyone actually doing it in perth if you can help. have not done a lot of roofing but would like to get into it as this seems to be what is needed in oz 1 how easily will i find it getting work 2, how much would i expect to get hourly working for a company 3, would i be better off sub contracting or starting up my own business. 4, what area should i head towards i.e joondalup, mandurah, rockingham that would be a good base to live to be able to get work help is appreciated
  9. Hello people, this is my first thread after lurking for a while! Wondered if I could pick any Carpenters brains on how they managed to ship their tools - the issue being that Husband will need them right up until leaving date (early feb 2012) so putting them on the container isn't really an option. We've considered selling them here at the last minute and purchasing second hand on our arrival in Perth. Is there much of a second hand market for tools in Perth? We're both a bit stumped on this one really! Any feedback greatly appreciated. Sarah
  10. Formwork carpenters wanted in Melbourne brian. pm me for details
  11. Hi, has anyone based in Oz had any work carried out on their homes by a Carpenter / joiner and if you don't mind sharing, how much did it cost? Looking for an idea as I will be attempting to ply my trade in Australia. Perth we are thinking at the moment. Just an idea. For example. Door fitting, kitchen fitting, laminate / hardwood flooring. decking etc. I have been online and have a cost on some materials although I realise like here in the UK I will have to face to face to get better deals but I have to start somewhere. Ideally I would like to gain employment but need to prep on becoming self employed should I see a market for it. I hope I am not being too intrusive and I fully understand if you do not wish to share. Many thanks :embarrassed:
  12. PEDLEY

    Carpenters - Vetassess!

    Hey guys, this is for anyone out there that has recently gone through the vetassess process as a carpenter or those that are currently going through it. My oh is a carpenter and would have just submitted our paperwork for the first stage! we would love to hear from anyone that is going through the same excitment, streesful, scary time, and that can give us any advice and info on timelines, practical assessment details, state sponsership and visa info. we are new to this site so any help/pointers would be much appreciated! we are looking to migrate to perth and are hoping to get there jan 2012 ... high hopes but you never know!!
  13. Carpenters , riggers , platerers & painters ...Ive got places available but you must have a license ... Its remote area work staying away for 4-6 week periods at a time ... PM me if your interested & we can have a chat Martin
  14. Hi i have a permenent visa but have come over to brisbane for 3 weeks and planning to move here in a couple of months but would like to try getting all my paper work sorted out like my white card and BSA card so i can start work as soon as i move out . If any one is out there that can help me with any info so i can get myself sorted we would be very greatful. Thanks Lee
  15. Took my skills assessment this morning via skype to perth, nervous to start to with , but was completley put at ease when examiner said, we don't give out interviews unless we're serious about putting them through after reading references and viewing photo's. Things to read up on are health and saftey on spit guns and platform scaff, he asked me to explain current work and whats involved and did i have questions for him, good idea to have one. all lasted around twenty mins and a lot simpler than taking manual test. Hope this helps
  16. Guest

    Carpenters practical assessment

    Hi all... Im a carpenter ready to book in for my practical exam..I have read all the posts on here which have been very helpful...i noticed all the posts concerning this topic are over a year old now. Can anyone shed any light on more recent experiences...and the content of the exam... thank you for your help..
  17. PEDLEY

    Carpenters - Vetassess!

    Hey Everyone, just wanted to tell somebody, anyone and everybody we found out this morning that we have passed at level 1 for Carpentry and we have book up our practical already!!!!! yaaahhhh! :biggrin: Is there any peeps out there that is in the same boat or booked in for the Carpentry Practical Assessment on the 11th April??? Would love to hear from you. Jo and Nathan
  18. Please help. My husband is currently trying to complete the VETASSE form to apply and is struggling a bit with the compencies. We were going to use an agent but now decided not too but thinking they may be able to help us stand a better chance, unless anyone can give us some useful info and examples of how to do it properly thanks very much :arghh: shaz
  19. Can anyone advice which is the best way to ship/ send my tools to Perth. At present we are going for our medicals this week. So hopefully within the next 10 weeks we will have our visas. As soon as we are in possession of them we want to send my tools straight away so that i dont have to wait for our container to arrive before i start work. We have relatives in Perth who dont mind receiving them in OZ. Also can anyone advise who to use and approximaty how much it would cost. Also which company to use for our main move. thanks
  20. Hey guys, this might be a silly question but I can't go on to the next step until we work out roughly where we want to settle. My partner and I have now decided to move to Oz but haven't worked out where exactly yet and feel the best thing is to go where the work is. He is a carpenter and joiner and has been doing it for 16 years and this would gain us a 175 Visa. Where would be the best place for carpentry jobs? Are they needed all over giving us the choice? we want to go either Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth but would consider anywhere the work is. Can anyone help please?
  21. Hi, Been a member of POM in OZ for quite a while now and have found the forums very helpful. This is my 1st post and we have recently been accepted on 176 visa for WA for me and my wife and our 4 month old daughter. We can't wait to start a new life down under, Can anyone suggest which areas are best for work for carpenters at the moment? and a good area to bring up our daughter? Many Thanks Lee, Vicky & Darci x
  22. Could anyone tell me what the construction trade is like in Adelaide and Melbourne at the moment, in particular I want to know if there is much work for carpenters in these areas? Thanks for your help Charley
  23. Guest

    Best for Carpenters

    Can anyone tell me which place they think is best for a carpenter to relocate to. I used to live and work in Perth although it was a beautiful part of the world I found it very slim pickings on the carpentry side but because I could do all aspects of carpentry I could swing between working for builders and cabinetmaking and shopfitting but still found myself unemployed quite a lot of the time. This time around I was thinking of taking my family to Adelaide to try but I am very nervouse as I don't no what to expect, could someone please advise me by thier experience who know about these places and what sort of rate should I expect to recieve, conctract or on the books. I am a 52 year old very experienced Carpenter do you think that I will get work ok because of my age, I have previous experience in site management and supervision. Kind Regards:confused:
  24. Hiya looking to hear from any carpenters in this area, we are in Perth but ideally want to move to Cairns but have to spend 2 years first in Cairns due to 176 visa. Can you please let me know what the work situation is like up there for carpenters? any advice really appreciated Thanks Maisie
  25. Guest

    Carpenters in queensland

    Hi all could any carpenters in queensland tell me weather there is alot of carpentry work out there, i am on my way over but dont know where is best to go for work any info would be great Also what are carpenters earning over there Many Thanks. :wideeyed: