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Found 9 results

  1. I have been in South Australia from UK since February 2020 firstly on a tourist visa then on bridging visas whilst waiting for Qantas to start operating again, due to Covid restrictions. I have been staying with my son and three grandchildren (all Australian citizens) in the wake of a divorce, caring for the family by taking grandchildren to and from school, cooking, cleaning, clothes washing and looking after two dogs. During this time we have had two stressful house moves. I don't know how they will cope without me here when the time comes for me to leave. With the situation as it is, my family think it is not safe for me to fly home either. I have been looking into the various visas available, but there seems to be nothing that would allow me to stay as a carer until my grandchildren can look after themselves. My son has a very demanding job, and both he and I have written to our local MP for assistance without much resulting from this. As I am currently on a bridging visa E, which is not a substantive visa, I cannot apply for the aged parent visa which was something we were going to do. Can anyone offer any advice? As I am not well in uk due to allergies and am fine here, I also wondered about a health visa!
  2. Ha Huggins

    Carer Visa 116/836

    Hi everyone, I have submitted all of the required documents and I have already had my health examination and characters requirement checked. I had my health exam done in November 2019 and 2 weeks later I was asked to do another health exam to clarify my Chest X-ray and the doctor called me yesterday saying that everything is good and my medication record is ready to be sent to Australia for process. So how long does it take to pay the second installment and after the payment, is the visa granted? Thanks a lot Visa Carer 116 QD: September 2015
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows how the new rules (104 wk wait period) regarding new migrants to Australia affect a permanent resident visa? Context: I'm Australian, my two children (1 month and 2 yrs old) are as well and I'm sponsoring my partner/wife for permanent residency. Our 2 yr old is autistic and will require fulltime care as well as our one month old (obviously!) upon arrival. What I don't know is whether my partner will be able to receive a Carer or Parenting payment for our children because she is a new migrant or whether they allow an exemption? Any ideas or knowledge/experience in dealing with this? Thanks! (Sorry was unsure as to where to post this exactly)
  4. Guest

    Carer Visa

    Hi, Im wondering whether anyone has info about the carers visa. My dad, who is a permenant resident of Australia, has rheumatoid artheritus (cant spell it!!), although it is affecting him, he is still managing to work. Im considering emigrating to oz with my hubby and 2 boys in the near furture on the carers visa, and would like some info from anyone else about it! The process seems fairly straightforward, almost to be good to be true - this is why i ask. Thanks in advance Kells
  5. Hi everyone! I'm an elderly/disabled carer in the UK. I am currently in the process of emigrating to Australia using a large migration company based in Christchurch. As the final part of this process, I require a sponsorhip job. We've been fighting through the migration process for 2 YEARS now, and have spent more than 9000 good old english pounds on it. I have a positive Vetassess skills and qualifications assessment, and an IELTS 7.5 (meaning I'm an expert user of English), have more than 3 years experience with disabled care, severe Alzheimers, aged care. I am very keen to carry on professional and respectful levels of care I currently give in the UK and wish to settle permanently in any area of Australia. Sponsorship would be the last thing we need to apply for visa, and we try to find a company that could/would help. Having spent almost 10.000 pounds on migration already, I am 1000% committed to living permanently in Australia, I am also willing, at my very own cost, to upgrade my qualification to the Australian certificate III/IV on arrival. I lived in New Zealand and loved it, i'm familiar with working in that corner of the world Naturally we constantly look for possibilities on the net, making enquiries, but no luck yet. If you could help, or know someone who could, please let me know! You can change our lives!! thank you for your consideration! Szabina
  6. eamnic

    aged carer sponsorship??

    Partner looking for job offer in WA as Aged Carer with two years sponsorship required for RSMS visa, Any feedback welcome
  7. Guest

    Carer Visa

    Can anyone advise on the following, my father lives in Perth and I am looking at options that are available for me to move over there and being 52 I realise my options are limited. I have heard about possibly going over via a carer visa has anyone used this?? How difficult a route is this?? Thanks, Helen
  8. Hi All, I'm new here and haven't yet looked through all the posts so forgive me if I am perhaps repeating a previous similar thread. I will be lodging an application to be a carer for my Grandfather, my husband, toddler and baby daughter will be included in the application. My Grandfather is quite ill and I am anxious that time may not be on our side if he takes a sudden turn for the worse, I know that my father is very anxious for me to get over there to take care of his dad (my Grandfather). Has anyone applied for this visa who can advise me how long it typically takes for the application to be proceesed? I am applying offshore (I'm in the UK) so it will be processed by the London Office. Any advice would be greatfully received.
  9. Hi moved to mango Hill area if anyone is looking for before or after school care. i am able to pick up and drop off at any nearby schools I can offer excellent care in a happy home environment and all needs can be met ie. food, after school activities.. I have 3 daughters 16, 13 and 3 years. older daughters attend NLSC.