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Found 46 results

  1. Tesco have just realeased their new International phone cards, they are an absolute bargain, we put £5 on one which gave us 250 minutes from UK to Australia (from a landline) thats only 2p per minute, and its only 10p per minute from a mobile phone. Thought people might want to pass this on to friends and family in the UK, so they have no excuse not calling to Australia :chatterbox:
  2. Does anyone know what the last Christmas posting day is for Airmail to the UK?
  3. I started doing this in the UK when I found a good set of pictures of The New Forest where I live. Now I do the same thing in OZ, bought two packs of first day covers, already stamped for worldwide. Some of them are Xmas-themed, others Aussie-themed. I sent all ten off on Friday. I find it more 'authentic' and i like to add a short message too. I hate getting a card from ten thousand miles away with no more than 'Merry Xmas Dave' from 'X' & 'Y', written by 'X' when 'Y' is supposedly my friend.
  4. Guest

    oz sim cards

    Hi all, Does anybody know the best sim cards to get before flying out just want to be able to call when we get there . thanks chris:chatterbox:
  5. MazPaul

    Loans and Credit cards

    How long is it before your able to get loans and credit cards after you land in oz.
  6. Guest

    Tarot cards

    So I had my tarot cards read last night, just for fun, the man who did it has only been doing tarot cards for about a year, so it wasn't very detailed. He looked a bit bemused a couple of times, but most of what was said was surprisingly accurate. The first card I picked was meant to denote my current situation. When he turned it face up, it was of a person in a cage, "you are feeling trapped!!!' he said, which is pretty apt in my situation, although it could of course apply to others too. Anyway I didn't take it too seriously, others had it done too, but I haven't caught up with them yet to hear how it went. A friend's Mum did my horoscope a few years ago and this said I would have a baby in Summer 2010. I did - a few months earlier than predicted in February 2010. Anyone had their tarot cards or similar done and was it accurate?
  7. margojacko

    pre loaded cash cards

    Hi,, we are going to visit Tasmania for 2 month & are considering using a preloaded cash card. It will probably be with Travelex . Will we get a good rate of exchange & will we have to pay when we use the ATM machines? If so how much? :confused: Kind regards margo
  8. Hi all just looking for some general info for time frames experienced by people applying for their Tax File Number and receiving it , registering with Medicare and receiving their card, and opening a Bank account and receiving the ATM card. The reason im asking is im planning a Reccie trip just before Christmas and want to sort all this out before i return to the UK in the New year, I have Vic SS so i will be staying and applying for all the above items in Melbourne, just staying in a cheap hostel for a maxim of 2 weeks as i want to head to Sydney and Brisbane to visit friends before flying back here. I plan to apply for the above items the day i land, jetlaged or not :biggrin: which will be the first thing on a Monday morning 19th of Dec I would love to hear other peoples experiences and timeframes, Cheers :biggrin:
  9. the dougans

    uk credit cards in oz

    hi just wondering if you can pay credit card from oz with bpay ? also if you use in oz is their extra charges ? we thinking of going back and going to rent house so will need to put shipping and house bond on credit card ? anyone have any advise ? thanks
  10. Its about time banks here got a grip. Really are third world at times http://www.smh.com.au/business/major-banks-cancel-credit-cards-after-breach-20110527-1f72w.html
  11. Guest

    Do Diac accept debit cards?????

    Hi, Does anyone know if diac accept debit cards? We need to pay for a whv and don't have a c/card. Cheers Andrea
  12. Youonlyliveonce

    MyKi Cards for trams

    Hi Anyone use the MyKi card to travel on the trams in Melbourne? Any opinions?!?! Are they worth getting??? Cheers
  13. Hi Can anyone tell me if its possible for me to get credit or finance from anywhere or anyone while I'm on the temp partner visa? Westpac (who I have banked with for 3 years) have said no-not even a $200 credit card and Toyota in Osbourne Park won't give me finance. Toyota did say that they could do it with my hubby on the agreement as well, but he has really bad credit history and no one will touch him. I'll need to borrow maybe $4000 to get a decent run about which I can easily pay off by the end of the visa which is November 2012. Any help would be gratefully received Thanks Laura
  14. Briggy

    Christmas cards:(

    Hi and a happy christmas to all on POI:D Is it just me or does there seem to be a lack of nice christmas cards saying ''Merry christmas from oz on'' ? being my fist christmas in oz wanted to send a nice card with the above or something simular on it, to family back home. I personally can't find any nice and resonably priced cards:( The ones I did find aren't that inspiring. So I have decided to put a question to all of you fellow PIO's I'm making and selling cards with the above saying and lots of other cards for next Christmas. And I would like any feedback good or bad as to what you all think. Is it a good idea or bad. As don't want to waste money on starting up and it flopping:D My cards won't be tacky and cheap. But nice lovely and sweet:D Hey that ryhmes:D HO HO HO!!!! Cheers Brig and a verry merry chrimbo to all:D:wubclub:
  15. Hi, was in Perth last year and couldnt get any of my Halifax/Bank of Scotland debit cards to work, they were both Visa Debit current accounts. Does anyone know which Uk bank cards are likely to work? Moving to Perth in 4 weeks or so, cant wait to get out of the UK!!
  16. Guest

    concession cards

    Once the aged parents visa is granted can we apply for a concession card?
  17. I've just received advice directly from a workplace health and safety inspector that apparently blue/white cards done by online training providers are being rejected as evidence of generic induction as there's no proof as to who actually sat the exam with them. Queensland is not being affected, according to the inspector WA is the most stringent, they have also been rejecting cards done interstate inspite of the new white card supposedly being country-wide. That would be too simple! Also, technically under workplace health and safety regulations, the old blue card is invalid as the regs state that it needs to show your birthdate; the blue card didn't, the white card does, so if you have a blue card, easiest thing is to tell your RTO that you lost it and they'll replace it. There'll be plenty of people here that have had no problems, but they're beginning a crackdown on them. So if you have the choice, go to an RTO in the state you intend to work, it'll save you hassel long term by the sounds of it.
  18. pez2008

    Credit Cards.

    In Uk my credit rating was excellent although not a top earner i had 4 credit cards,not all being maxed or used just swapped them around for better deals. Been in Oz 6 months and for first time ever got declined by Westpac for a credit card. I earn $43000 a year and have $9000 in there bank and have no dependents. I know its different on a 475 Temp visa but come on. I only applied because i thought it would improve my credit rating over here lol. Just thought i would share this with you. Pez.
  19. Guest

    Proof of age/I.D Cards?

    Hi everyone. I had no idea where to post this (If someone is out there who can move this to somewhere more relevant, please feel free) I am 22 years old next month and I was thinking about how much it sucks to have to bring my passport with me every time I go out to a pub or anywhere that might require me to prove my age - or have to bring it over to other states that need a photo ID of me at the airport - which got me to thinking, is there an ID card that I can apply for, one that you don't have to be an Australian citizen to get? I keep getting stopped going into places that sell alchohol, even though I a) Do not drink myself b) Am well over the legal age - it makes me feel like I am breaking the law anyhow! :policeman: I thought you guys would be the people to ask :biggrin: Hope someone can help! Thanks!!
  20. Hi there, Does anyone know if Christmas and birthday cards can be included in a de-facto visa application? Also does anyone know the deal with photos of us both in various countries. We have proof of our flights but the photos are not dated on the printed copies. Can they still be included?
  21. Guest

    Credit cards debts

    Hi all, I just very recently found out that if I were to apply for skilled visa it would take approx 3 years before they even looked at my application. I have £*,000 to pay off credit cards before I can go anywhere, is there any point in applying now???:frown: Thanks for any replies wade&lara
  22. I've been reading about this blue card malarkey.... ANOTHER form to fill in - joy! On the Blue dog websites there are only links to WA and QLD blue cards, are they not needed in Vic? Does anyone know about this??? Also, what are the tests like? Do they involve questions about common, sensible everyday practice or will it require lots of random research and learning? Any help / advice would be grand. Thanks H and D
  23. Guest

    Credit Cards

    I'm confused on something, I want to apply for a credit card to get my credit score rolling, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to apply for a normal one or do I have to go for a migrant one. I'm here on a subclass 309 and I've been here for a month now. Cheers all. Sam
  24. kellyjamie

    Canada could be back on the cards?

    Hi all, With all the recent goings on and the way in which people have been treated, and the cuts in immigration etc etc, we have had to bring Canada back into the equation. Its all straight forward with Canada, get a job offer from a suitable employer and bobs your uncle your away with PR, pretty much rough sketch. We called a job in Toronto last nite who said yeah we can employ from the UK, but can you start in 2 weeks!!! Obviously we cant so that was unfortunate but it seems theres less back stabbing and more upfront in Canada on the immigration front. We have now decided that whoever can offer the best job first is gong to be where we head to, whether thats Oz or Canada will remain to be seen. Ive have obviously only given a very very sketchy and ruff reason for all this but sure you get the jist, its unfortunate because we had our hearts set on Oz, but who knows, were still waiting to hear from a couple of jobs in oz. Has anyone else given thought to considering else where? Canada, NZ maybe? kel:wubclub:
  25. lsbc1976

    paying for visa,multiple cards

    Hi All. Can somone please help us.We will be submiting our 176 visa application in the next week or so.Is it possible to pay for this using multiple credit cards as we dont have enough credit on any one card.MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR:biggrin: