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Found 142 results

  1. msiwek

    Criminal conviction questions

    Hi all! I am going to Australia on a temporary project at a university. My husband wants to come with me but he has a criminal conviction (no jail time, non violent or drug related) from 8 years ago. However he did not declare it on a visa 2 years ago... Now we will apply for a spousal visa as a dependent to my visa and a tourist visa in case this doesn't work out. We will state that he forgot to declare his conviction on a previous application because it was spent in the UK. Do you think it will work? I'm really panicked because we only just got married and would hate to be separated for 8 months. Any advice or experiences you can share? Thank you!
  2. Hi I would like to know what happens if you dont put a tick on the criminal record box on your landing card or WHV application (and you do have a minor record) and you land up applying for a more permnaent visa 2 years down the line. Will you be knee deep in you know what or do they accept that people make mistakes and just ask a few questions why you didnt declare it!!!!!
  3. I'd like advice on ordering presents in the UK for relatives in Oz. Few companies accept UK credit cards and the only one I've found needs the purchaser to collect the goods and show the card so I'm having to get a refund! Another has told me I can use Paypal but this costs a lot in poor exchange rates and fees on top. Why no Amazon I'd be lost without them but the don't ship to Oz
  4. tonyman

    Fantasy league Wild Card

    in the Barclays fantasy league, what does the wild card do ........does it double all points for that game week ...?
  5. Stellathedog

    Seniors/Pensioners concession Card

    Hi Does anyone know if its possible to get a pensioners concession card while on holiday? Seems all the touristy places that give discounts for over 65s want this concession card or seniors card before they give you anything off. We will be at our daughters in Sydney, so would have a 'proper' address. As we will be there for three weeks or so, it would be good to get if we could. Thanks in advance Pam (Saving for a CPV)
  6. Kathie

    Australian credit card

    Hello, can anyone recommend a particular credit card, or would it be best to keep using our UK ones, with their 2.5 surcharge? My husband arrived in Sydney two weeks ago and now wants to book a flight back home for Christmas. The NAB have authorised him a card, but the credit limit will only just cover his ticket costs. Thanks, Kathy
  7. Hi Guys, I have 2 weeks left at work before heading out to live in Sydney and the team at work have asked me what I would like as a leaving present. This is quite a tricky issue as I'm actually touring round South America for 4 months before heading to Australia so my stuff is being shipped off very soon and then all I will have is my backpack, so I don’t really want any household stuff or anything like that. What I have come up with is some sort of voucher or something that will be useful to me when I eventually arrive in Sydney, so I wondered if anyone had any tips or ideas for what this could actually be. I have tried googling “Sydney discount card” and that sort of thing but haven’t come up with much so any help would be GREATLY appreciated Thanks! Em
  8. The Pom Queen

    Credit Card Debt

    With the way things are more and more people are using credit cards for day to day living, I just wondered what the maximum debt you have ever had on a credit card is, please don't worry the poll is private.
  9. My Husband is a roofer & we believe he needs a blue/white card Please can someone tell me the best place to get one :wideeyed:
  10. Hiya Just a quick question....If I use my Barclays debit card here in Australia, how much extra do I end up paying per dollar (roughly) :unsure: Thanks in advance :wubclub:
  11. emmaroo

    Aussie Credit Card

    Hi Has anyone returned to UK with an outstanding balance on an Oz credit card? How did you pay it off? Thanks Emma
  12. Guest

    BSA card for carpenter

    Hi can somebody please help we know you need a BSA card to be self employed carpenter in queensland do you need a BSA card in Perth any advice would be apprecated. If yes does anybody know what is involved thanks Lee and Ann
  13. Brilliant!! http://maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/archives/17251-Theres-A-Card-Trick-In-There-Somewhere.-Lets-Smoke-It-Out.html Cheers, Bobj.
  14. I have got my AqfIII wall/floor tiler qual. Was assessed in Ireland. I did a module in it on OHS, Occupational Health and Safety, do I need to still do a white card on arrival in WA?
  15. I wrote this on Perth Poms on the 5th October, the rates have changed for the worse. Not sure if this is common knowledge but whilst investigating the best way to pay my visa fee I came across a couple of credit cards that are excellent for buying things in foreign currencies, even the big no-no of taking cash out. They are the Halifax Clarity and Santander Zero (I think this one is only available to Santander customers) and they charge no transaction fee for foreign purchases, you also make your purchase at the Visa or Mastercard book exchange rate which more or less tracks the markets. This can mean a substantial saving on something like purchasing a visa or spending while on holiday. Some examples based on yesterday's rates - the rate according to x-rates.com was 1.63268 and xe.com has it as 1.6349 If your transaction for your 176 visa (AUD2960) cleared yesterday using one of the cards I mention then it will convert at the Mastercard exchange rate of 1.642133 and will therefore cost you £1802.53. If you had used a Barclaycard, for example, for the same transaction it would cost you £1852.10 after they applied their foreign commission of 2.75%, this equates to an exchange rate of 1.59818. If you had used your Visa Debit card issued on your current account then although you are getting a base exchange rate of 1.620733 by the time your bank adds its foreign transaction fees and commission you will be paying £1877.80, an equivalent exchange rate of 1.57631. If you have a Santander Zero current account you won't incur the fees so get the Visa exchange rate unadulterated. It's also great for spending while you are away, the exchange rate Travelex are offering today is 1.5673 online (buy at the airport and you'll get even less). If you were to convert £500 to australian dollars you'd be getting $783.65, if you spent that much on your Clarity or Zero card then you'd be facing a bill of £477.21. All this assumes that you pay your card off in full as soon as your payment is due (you get up to 56 days interest free credit with cards). If you can do this then there is one more way to save. It's always been a given that you never, ever take cash out on a credit card whilst abroad as you get hammered on fees and the interest starts building instantly. This still holds true but if you were to use the Clarity or Zero cards abroad then you might still be better off if you are smart. The Clarity only charges 12.9% APR on cash transactions (same as purchases) or 1.075% per month which means that if you took your £500 out in Australia from a fee-free cashpoint machine then you would get $821, if you paid it off within 30 days then that would cost you £8.75 in interest giving an equivalent exchange rate of 1.61375 which is still much better than you'll get on the high-street, pay it off the day you take the cash through an internet banking payment and it becomes even cheaper The downside to all this is that you are effectively becoming a currency speculator, if you buy cash from then high-street and take it on holiday then your exchange rate is locked in, if you buy on holiday you get the book rate on the day your transaction is settled which could be lower if there is a run on the pound - of course you may also gain if the dollar continues to fall. It maybe worth buying some currency beforehand with a buy-back guarantee, you can use the internet to check the day rates and take it from there.
  16. Hi all , I'm moving to Brisbane in a few months and I am a stonemason to trade , does anyone know if it's better to try and get a White card in the UK or wait til I get to Oz , I've heard that the companies in the uk that do assessments and testing for working in Australia are a rip off nut have no experience of using any as I done my TRA myself Thanks Andy
  17. Hey how yous doing? Was just wondering what card you need to work on building site in melbourne? Will be heading over at the end of october to try and get work as a bricklayer and just a bit confused. There seems to be white cards ,green cards and ive seen red cards mentioned aswell :eek:. So if anyone could tell me which one i need that would be great. cheers joe
  18. Hi all, I've just been looking at a few credit card comparison sites to try and find a decent credit card for travelling abroad. I fly to NZ around once a month, and we're planning to visit other places occasionally too. We currently have debit cards with Westpac choice, and the foreign transaction fees are higher than I'm used to in the UK, hence I thought I might shop around for a better option. Basically I'm looking for low transaction fees. Many cards use the exchange rate set by MasterCard/VISA/Amex, but may add a fee on top of that. Also - I notice most cards are for PR, and we don't have PR yet. What alternative approach do people use for getting foreign funds? In the UK, our best option was usually Nationwide ATM card (before they introduced a fee), or Post Office for currency. Thanks! D
  19. Hi can anyone help. My OH needs to do his white card training prior to stating job. We arrive in Darwin in August. We have searched the internet and cant seem to find anywhere we he can do it. Hasanyone else had any probs or can offer any advice thanks Laura
  20. BENS0N

    Australian Credit Card

    Hi guys, I am not sure if this is the correct forum or if I am asking a daft question. Currently my australian gf is living in the Uk but has a credit card in australia. I have just fund out that she has just been paying the minimum per month and now the debt has doubled to around $5k. Is it possible to pay the full amount off by using a Uk credit card (so that i can get 0% interest free for 15 months) and pay the debt off here without paying the ridiculous interest charges? or do they frown upon payment from another country? As we are planning to emigrate in a years time is it possible for me to apply for an australian CC with a reduced rate and pay off the debt from that? (if so how would i go about applying). Could she apply for a new card from here using her payslips here and then pay off this CC? Is this possible as the Uk CC would be under my name and the Aus card under hers? Would i get charged a conversion rate on my card and the Aus CC or just one or neither? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers for your help in advance Benson
  21. tonyman

    Foxtel/Sky Smart card

    can anyone tell what these cards are actually for .........i have two but for some reason Satanta is only recognized in one machine, can i just swap them over (the cards) or will that interfear with the planner or other things ......?btw ist only so i can record some footy in my room and its too late to phone them ......
  22. Hi all, Hoping someone can help. I came over a year ago with work on assigment. I am on a 457 visa. I have recently changed jobs and no longer have the benefit of my old employers great private healthcare. Now I have a medicare card but want to understand what "top up" private healthcare I can get. I have been onto iselect and they say I can only get 457 specific policy (which seems to give little over and above hosptial care) and seems very expensive. Can anyone give any advice - the sorts of cover I am looking for are dental, heart and possibly preganancy cover. Cheers.
  23. Hi, my oh is going out first at the end of next month and we have been looking into hiring a car to start with, however all the sites I have looked at they want a swipe of your credit card, however we don't have one, we do however, have one of those prepay mastercards but I don't know if that would do the job or not and if so, how much would I need to have on it for it to be used. Any advice please???? :cute:
  24. Guest

    Apply for white card in UK

    Hi, my husband is a joiner and we are moving to Perth. Does he need to wait until we move to apply for his white card or can he apply for it while we are still in the UK. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Valerie :wub:
  25. Hi there everyone, Just a quick question, we have just been sorting a hire car out for a week for when we arrive in Brisbane on 24th August and we were just about to book and the man on the phone mentioned all the things needed when we collect the car from the airport, driving licence etc and a credit card, I wasnt going to say anything I would just have used my debit card for the account here in the UK but something made me ask if I could do that and they replied NO! I said what are we supposed to do? we havent got a credit card and for someone to presume everyone has a credit card well thats not right, can anyone help or are we going to be stuck until we get a car? we planned on getting a car bought within a week or so anyway. but I dont know what to do, we will land with our 2 children and cant get to our holiday home and have no transport to get anywhere aaaarrrgggghhh:arghh:. Please please please can anyone suggest something anything? Surely there has been someone other than us in this type od situation, another hurdle to get over as if we arent stressed enogh eh? ha ha ha typical us tho! Thanks for listening to me go on The Hayes Family:sad:who are nearly in the Sunshine Coast. By the way we dont know anyone when we get there and the cheeky bloke on the phone of Car hire 3000 said get someone you know to pick you up IDIOT:realmad: