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Found 30 results

  1. Hello I’m about to enter Australia on a multiple entry eVisitor (651) and intend to apply for a student visa shortly after. If my student visa application gets refused will my multiple entry eVisitor then become void/cancelled? Most people I’ve asked have said no it should be fine but just wanting to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  2. Guest

    Cancelled RSMS Visa

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a dilemma. I have been living in Australia for four and a half years, the last 18 months of which has been on an RSMS 857 visa. I was previously sponsored on a temporary resident visa by the same employer for ten months before this visa was granted. In the past months my working relationship with my boss has broken down somewhat and my work environment has been pretty awful. I applied for and was granted citizenship. My approval letter from the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Evans states "When you become an Australian citizen your permanent resident visa will cease". I understood this to mean that all terms and conditions applied to me as a permanent resident on an 857 visa were null and void once citizenship was finalised. As a result I handed in my notice at work. I am aware that I have not served 2 years employment under the RSMS visa but figured (apparently naively) that this would no longer be an issue. I am now on three weeks annual leave and received a phone call from my boss this afternoon informing me that she had called immigration to check if my obtaining citizenship and resultant departure from my job was "kosher". The official she spoke to informed her that they cannot revoke my citizenship but they can and most likely will fine me (an as yet undisclosed amount) for breaking my visa conditions. As yet my boss has not identified herself or me to immigration, although that situation could change. She has three other sponsored members of staff and understandably does not want to jeopardise their situation. I researched prior to making my decision to leave and found nothing to indicate this business of fining citizens for breaking prior visa conditions. Did I miss something? Or is my boss just trying to make things difficult for me? If her information is true do I just hope she doesn't report me for fear of her other sponsors being affected or do I do the honest thing and inform immigration or do I revoke my resignation and return to work for another six months (a viable option according to my boss). Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  3. Hi,i m in bit problem,I already apply for de facto visa with my partner ,we have been living together almost 3 years,i m on student visa,but i didn't we go to uni at all,now my uni has report me to immigration ,I got email it say you got 28 days to reply back to immigration,But i didnt got anything from immigration :confused yet, but my student visa will expired on 5th October,when i apply for de facto visa ,i got email from immigration you on bridging visa A ,My girlfriend is also on student visa,I really dont understand what i should do ,i applied my de facto visa on 5th of august,what will happened to his application,and my visa will expired after 15 days,if my visa will expired before 28 days,How they can canceled my visa ?will it effect to my de facto visa application ?after 15 days i will on Bridging visa A? i really don't understand that what will happened after 15 days and still now i have not got anything from immigration about my report when my uni did?i m on section 20 as say on letter,but i checked my visa status online it is still in effect i was just wondering,what will happened if they canceled my student ,but i m on bridging visa A,i applied my visa a month ago,i already submitted all paper to immigration ,will it effect my current application,please let me if anyone know about that,i m really worried ,Please let me soon Thanks Rick
  4. Guest

    Student Visa - To Be Cancelled

    Hello Guys & Gals, I'm having a bit of a predicament here in OZ at the moment and don't really know what to do, so I guess I'm looking for some advise or a solution to my problem, but I don't really thing there is a viable one. My Story: I'm 25 and from Mayo in Ireland. I arrived to study on a student visa in Western Australia last month. From the day I arrived I wasn't too keen on where I was and my friend who I was travelling with didn't like it either. We were quite unhappy so after many chats and sleepless nights we decided to move to Sydney. I withdrew from the course and received a partial refund and left W.A. Now here's the problem - As far as I'm aware, when you withdraw from your course you get a 28 day period to either a.) find another suitable course or b.) leave the country. As I have lost a huge amount of money due to the course withdrawal in Western Australia, option (a) is not going to be viable. I am really enjoying myself here in Sydney and have two weeks before I have to either leave or find another suitable Visa. My occupation is not listed in the latest SOL lists and I don't have an employer that could sponsor me. (It is however recognised in the Asri ref: 399516 - Sound and lighting technician) I know I could probably apply for a tourist visa, but I would love to have the option to work. Does anyone have any suggestions or advise on any available options or am I all out of luck? Thanks Tony :sad:
  5. My question is should people who move states without compleating the 2 year moral obligation be made to reapply for another visa or be deported? From reading several posts in the past it seems that some people manipulate the system as they are aware that prority is given to 176 applicants. The only way the 176 visa is canclled is if one commits an extreme crime like murder. Any thoughts please.
  6. crazydaizy

    cancelled 2nd whv - travel on ETA

    hi i was in oz a few years back. Basically i lied to get my 2nd whv and the visa was granted. I realised what i did was very stupid so i cancelled this visa myself and never entered oz on it. However now i would like to travel to oz for a 3 week holiday to visit my fiance's family, does anyone think i will have an issue wit this. Could they refuse me entry at immigration even after they've granted me an eta. Also we would be looking to lodge a prospective marriage visa sometime next year. Does anyone think i could be refused entry due to the fact i lied previously, like i said i never travelled on the visa and i did cancel it off my own accord. Any input would be greatly appreciated
  7. Harpersgirl

    Cancelled Visa Query?

    My husband is busy filling in his e457 but is unsure of how to answer the question of whether he has ever had a visa cancelled. This is because in 2003 whilst he was working in Perth on a potential sponsorship (he can't remember which type of visa it was at the time) he returned to the UK as I was pregnant. We don't know what would have happened to that visa????? He is tempted to answer NO to the question but obviously don't want to cause problems for ourselves! Does anyone have any idea what happens to a visa if you just leave the country?! :unsure:
  8. Hey, The student visa i was on expired on 30th September 2010 and i hadn't completed my studies. I had applied for a de-facto partner before my student visa expired and as of now im on a Bridging Visa A with work limitations. I just received an email from the uni, saying im in breach since i havent paid my fees. I was wondering, if i cancel my enrollment at the university since my student visa has expired? Or Do i have to keep studying as well? How is the uni going to cancel my student visa if it isn't valid anymore? can they cancel my application for de-facto partner visa? Thanks! Collins
  9. Howdy fellows, just read some rumours here on PIO that a revised SOL is about to be announced in January (effective for FY 2011/12 I reckon). I was just wondering about what might happen to an applicant whose occupation is on the current SOL but not on the revised one. Will his/her application then be handed down the queue to category 4? This would be quite cruel but I wouldn't be too surprised if it happened. What do our RMAs think about that? Cheerio Uli
  10. Bordy

    Mornington meet Cancelled

    Or postponed anyway for a week or two due to so much rain being forecast this weekend. Watch this space for a new date soon.
  11. Hi, just to whinge a bit. I was going to do my AQF111 practical assessment next week, just to receive a call this morning from Australia to say the UK company here and them have a problem and that the UK company are not allowed to do the assessments any more. Their options to me are to go to Aus to do the assessment within the next 10 days or they might send an assessor over to the UK to assess me on the job OR they will refund me.:no: I hope they will send someone and that I can arrange my work accordingly. I am not going to give the names of these companies yet as they are well known and I am sure their staff might be on this forum reading and giving lots of input (as they have on other forums). Will keep you posted!:arghh:
  12. Hi all, i have had to pull out of the oxford meet, as have a few others. If you are still planning on going can you please post it either on here, or on the original thread so that it can be cancelled if needed. Sorry for the messing around, hoefully some of you can still get there and have a laugh, cheers.
  13. Hi, does anyone know the amount of tax you will be charged on your Super-Fund after leaving the country once visa has been cancelled?
  14. Guest

    VISA cancelled

    Hi everyone, just though i would post this to let you know about my struggles!. September - Left my job (IT Manager) in UK with a small payout October - looked into being able to come to Oz, advised by Aus embassy to get an eVisitor visa (subclass business) which allows me to look for work in Oz for up to a year but only 3 months at a time. December - Arrived in Oz and had a month of relaxing/sight seeing January - Started looking for work in NSW Sydney, had a couple of interviews - nothing came of them February - Applied for 10 - 15 jobs, had a couple of phone interviews and one interview - nothing came of them so far. End of Feb went to Fiji for two weeks (mainly to reset my visa for another 3 months) March - arrived back in Sydney and was interviewed by immigration who cancelled my visa as it was not designed for extensive stays looking for work! (gutted) He did inform me that i could stay a further 3 months but my visa would not be extended beyond that. So here i am desperately looking for work with only 11 weeks left! Is there anyone on here that came out to Oz looking for sponsorship? It seems impossible to me so far, most companies are put off even interviewing me because I require sponsorship!. Anyway i have taken up enough of your time, would love to hear from anyone with some positive experience!.
  15. Hi Everyone, I am new here. But now i am in big trouble: My husband is on student visa and because of his poor average mark, his university has reported him to DIAC. now we are explaining to the case officer, however the situation is getting worse, in his formal academic transcript he failed 5 units out of 12, however in the report from his previous school is 8 units failed. there must be something wrong, and it needs time to be checked. my question is can he apply for the partner visa now onshore? or it is better to wait until his student visa issue get sorted? and what if his student visa cancelled, can he still apply for the partner visa in Australia? we are really upset now, so many problems and the school's attitude is so bad, we don't know how can we find the problem? Thanks
  16. Fuming a bit - we were on our way to Heathrow medical services and Ashford Radiology to get our meds done and they cancelled and said we couldn't rebook cos they were now off the list. Been phoning around the list and the majority of them don't do it anymore!! Waiting to hear on Maidenhead. We all took the day off today to do them!! Ok rant over - just check your clinic still does them before you go!!
  17. Wow!!! drama....just caught the end of it on the news, what did they do?
  18. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/points-test-discussion.pdf Should there be points for family sponsorship? Allocating points for family sponsorship recognises the value of family settlement support. The current Points Test enables applicants with reduced employment prospects and lower levels of human capital to migrate. Birrell et al note that, "offshore migrants who are sponsored - especially those sponsored by family … do least well in obtaining employment soon after arrival. Almost 30 per cent … are not employed. Furthermore, at least a quarter of those who are working are only employed part-time. While we cannot be completely certain of the reason for this lower rate of employment, it is likely that it is caused in part by the less stringent selection criteria that these two concessional categories require.5" Hi Gill what's your comment about above statement?
  19. Just wondered if there is anyone else who has been affected by the cancellation of the Vetassess practical in February in the UK? We now can't apply as we turn 45 at the end of May and wondered if there is anyone else in the same position? There must be another way this is completely unfair.
  20. Hello all, I had applied for 175 visa an year back through an agent and unfortunately we didnt had contacts after that. i dont want my visa anymore now (175) since iam applying for spouse visa (my wife Aus PR) when asked to the agent he says it is been cancelled but when i look through the electronic application status link, my page is been displayed showing further processing commenced... Will it be like that if my visa application is cancelled?? If he has not cancelled then where should i sent 956 form?? can i do it online to cancell my agent? cheers, Hosur
  21. cjmre76

    Possible Cancelled Visa Help !

    Hello from Chris, I am considering making an application to migrate under General Skilled Migration as a Registered Nurse. This would ordinarily be relatively straight foreward given my age and skill set, however, there is some history. I originally visited Australia 10 years ago on a working holiday visa which I then converted to a 2 year student visa. What happened basically was that the course really wasn't of the quality I was expecting and subsequently I stopped attending after the first year and made arrangements to leave as I wasnt prepared to pay them any more money. I'm pretty sure this broke a visa condition. I did approach immigration and tell them my plans. They advised me to write a letter to the school stating my intentions. I did this and then left the following week. This was some 6 - 7 months before the visa expired way back in 2001. There are several issues. I need to know if this visa was cancelled. If it was, will it affect my chances of migrating under the 175 general skilled migration program after this length of time. I have lost all of the paperwork I had pertaining to the school having lived all over Europe before settling back here in the UK and now don't have details of the place. It doesn't seem to come up anywhere on google and I'm wondering if it was one of those schools that were closed down years ago ? I did send a general request to the immigration web site who sent me back a pretty standard letter telling me to apply under the Freedom of Information act. I am making arrangements to do this but now am not sure if I should wait and speak to an immigration lawyer before going ahead with an application. I have visited Australia several times since then and have never been questioned by immigration on the way in or out. Any suggestions would be welcomed Kind regards Chris:biggrin:
  22. scottntina

    Vetassess cancelled london !!

    Hi Guys, So annoyed, just heard from agent that all electricians vetassess assessments in July in London have been cancelled. We have now been booked on an assessment two weeks earlier in Blackburn... This will mean an overnight stay loads of travelling, and of course more money and time off work. ARGHHHH....:arghh:
  23. Hi, My OH had applied for the above expo at Manchester. This is the one that was 'invitation only'. We were waiting to hear whether he had been invited, but have received this email this morning:- "Dear Mark Thank you for your expression of interest in attending the Manchester Australia Needs Skills expo. Due to the current economic climate in and subsequent adjustments to the skilled migration program, the Australian Government will now be holding only one expo during June 2009. he expo will take place in London from 27 - 28 June 2009. The expo originally scheduled for Manchester on 20 – 21 June 2009 has now been cancelled. Your expo expression of interest has been automatically transferred to the London event. Your application will be assessed and, if you are eligible to attend, an invitation will be sent to you prior to the London expo. " The email continues to say that we have the option to withdraw our interest in this, or view the application. Just thought I would post this, for anyone else waiting to hear from them regarding the Manchester event. Mandy
  24. Hi all, I'm on the rsms visa route. Had sent all the paperwork to the CO last month and CO requested for the meds on the 4th and it was done on the 10th this month. All I have to do now is to wait for the CO to approval my visa and hopefully leave for Australia to start work maybe in June. But..... bad news on monday. My offer of employment was cancelled by the employer. Does that mean my PR visa will also be cancelled? Hope someone can give some helpful insights? Thank you in advance! Regards, Usagi
  25. Really sorry to those that wanted to come along but the night has had to be cancelled :frownxmas:We hope to re-arrange in the new year sometime. Hope you all have a fantastic christmas.:biggrinxmas: