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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I am holding a 457 visa and my employer terminated me. They have informed the Department about my last day of employment but did not request for cancellation as I was hoping to find next sponsorship. Subsequently, I lodged a 190 PR application within 60 days of last day of employment and I am granted a Bridging Visa A but NOT ACTIVE. This is because my 457 visa is still valid. Question 1: If I cancel my 457 visa, then the Bridging Visa A will be activated, is that right? Question 2: How do I cancel my 457 visa? Must I leave the country in order to do that? Thank you! Regards, Tzen
  2. rocky123

    has anyone left 857 visa early?

    Im really struggling at the moment and feel really isolated. and im looking at my options in to leaving early and if anyone else has had experience with this. i really dont want to leave Australia but i need to be somewhere where there's a bit of life. Has anyone left early? did your visa get cancelled? did you have to move to another regional area or to a city? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  3. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/passport.jpg[/WRAP]Nearly 800,000 British Expats appear to have decided against returning back to blighty with the UK's gloomy economic prospects and the recent riots believed to be contributory factors in discouraging a return to Britain. Earlier this year, Lloyds TSB International published it's 'International Expat Survey' which indicated 67% of expats had no plans to return to the UK – up 11% when compared to when the a similar survey was conducted 6 months previously. Further research by Lloyds TSB has now indicated that even more expats (69%) are planning to permanently stay overseas. 15% of them indicated that they had cancelled plans to return in the last 12 months. The survey indicated that improved financial prospects and the belief that the oft-quoted 'quality of life' is higher aborad were the principal factors driving expats’ decisions to remain living abroad. In spite of the economic hardship that many expats have had to put up with due to unfavourable exchange rate movements since the start of the economic downturn, 64% said they were still financially better-off living abroad, only 25% reporting that the cost of living was higher. Amongst the surveys findings: 74% of British expats said their 'quality of life' was higher. 68% of British expats say they prefer being based overseas. 51% of expats said that their new home was 'a better place to bring up children'. 'Feeling safer' - only 13% of expats said that their neighbourhoods back in the UK had been 'less dangerous' when compared to their local neighbourhood abroad. Tony Wilcox, managing director of expat banking at Lloyds TSB International, said that concern over Britain's economic problems, and the riots which took place across the country earlier this year, were likely to have cemented the decision to stay for many. “The perception from abroad of Britain is driven largely by what they see in the paper and on TV, and what they’ve seen this year is increasing inflation, low growth, unemployment, and the summer's riots. These go together to make a collage of Britain that is not as appealing as it would once have been, and it is not surprising that expatriate life starts to looks more favourable.”
  4. Strikes prompt Qantas to cancel more flights http://www.cnbc.com/id/44796486
  5. Hi guys, For all these years i have been waiting, It's more frustrating that they might eventually cancel all unfinalized application (cat 5 to be specific) than its processing is really slow. I have been living in OZ for 5 years now and been waiting almost 2 years. There were times that i consider to go back but i couldn't cuz my partner just started business here and he invested quite a lot on it. and i thought, ok...I spend lot of quality time of my life in here and if we go back, there's nothing( i guess this will apply to lots of cat 5 applicants) and we have to start over again then why don't we wait here for a while see how things are going and at least save some money while we are waiting. then when worst things come, we could be end up some money in our hand,.. As things are getting more uncertain, i am worry that what are the chance they will just cancel the all cat5 application in the end, possibly with 'NEW' policy. Just like they have canceled and refunded the application for the offshore application before 2007. Some says they won't cancel the onshore application, some says that's possible story especially they are specifically saying that one of our option is to go back. What do you think? what are the chance they will cease and cancel all cat 5 application? PS. for cat5er do, you know there are officail website for cat5? they are preparing case suit against DIAC for the delay of processing and playing with our time and life. you should check it out. g4.net.au there is also facebook site, you can search with gsm group 5 have a good weekend guys!
  6. Its about time banks here got a grip. Really are third world at times http://www.smh.com.au/business/major-banks-cancel-credit-cards-after-breach-20110527-1f72w.html
  7. gemstone

    should i cancel medicals?

    hello, just been reading a post about someone doing medicals etc before they have been asked by the co. i have not had an email, my application changed over a month ago to application being processed further, and i am in cat3. the aspc.processing@immi.gov.au email says that cat3 apps before july 1 2010 should proceed with medicals etc. so i booked an appt. my medical is on monday. however i have 48 hours to cancel it otherwise i have to pay a 1/4 of the cost. i understand that once its done its the date from then that u go. basically i wanna know if you think i should wait or just go ahead. my application was a 175 on the 18.09.09
  8. gemstone

    Cancel form button??

    Hello, When you check the status of application online there is a cancel form button at the bottom of every screen. I panic that one day I will press it by accident. Is it really that easy to cancel the form? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks Gem
  9. I'm desperately seeking advice for my mum and dad to help get them over to join my and my husband in Oz. I'm currently on a 457 and have been here for nearly 2 years - my employer has just agreed to sponsor me permanently but it could still be another year or more before that's approved and I'm able to sponsor my parents on a contributory parental visa. My mum has been offered a year long sabbatical from work so they've decided to throw caution to the wind and come out in August on a one year tourist 676 visa while we wait for my permanent visa to come through. Once out here, my mum also stands a good chance of getting sponsored on a 457 herself as she's a highly qualified university lecturer. Only problem is, their 676 has been slapped with a "no further stay" clause - meaning that she couldn't apply for another substantive visa while she's out here. Should she cancel the 676 and reapply for a 3 month ETA instead, then keep renewing it every 3 months until she finds work or the permanent visa is granted? I've heard its possible to stay in Oz as a tourist for longer periods if you leave the country (eg to NZ) at the end of your ETA, reapply for another ETA when outside the country and hop straight on a plane back to Oz once its approved? Would this arouse suspicion with the immigration authorities? They have no intention of breaking the conditions of the 676 visa but don't want to be trapped into it if the offer of a job or chance to lodge their permanent application comes up before the 676 visa expires. If anyone has experienced the same issue and knows a way to get around it, I would really appreciate hearing from you. They are in a bit of a tizz about what to do and I want to make sure I'm giving them the right advice. Should they speak to a migration lawyer? I'd be hugely grateful for any help!!
  10. Hi all what a great site!! A friend of mine works in Perth as a boilermaker. I would love to go and work with him so i asked him to try get me a job. To my surprise he contacted me saying his company are taking on a couple of appreciate boilermakers to train. They said to come over before April 15 and they can get me set up. When i asked him about what type of visa to get he said to get the working holiday visa, get over there and then the company will sort it out once i am there. I have since got the 1 year working holiday visa and my flights but i'm starting to worry now. I have been researching online and the Australian government website and cant find any visa that i can use. My friend says not to worry that his company will look after it but what if they cant. Am i worrying about nothing should i cancel my flights Please help any advice Thanks
  11. n111kkx

    should we cancel our SS

    I havent been on PIO for a long time as we got very disspondent with all the changes so not really sure where we currently stand - poss cat 3 ? We have appliced for a 176 (Victoria) SS and the visa application went in a year ago. My OH is an electrician. Our plan was to move to Geelong and my sister and her husband would join us (they are curently in Sydney and are now citizens). As a year has already gone by things have changed and my sister is now pregnant and has a great life and fantastic jobs in Sydney. We loved Sydney on a recent visit so it looks that if we do ever get there it will be Sydney and not Geelong. So my question is should we notify DIAC and change to a 175? is this even possible? or stay on a 176 but have family sponsorship. Or should we just wait and see what happens in the next few months? Would be glad of any advice Thank you
  12. Guest

    Can spouse cancel my visa?

    hello, well my situation is very different from u guys:( i got married in jauary2009 and came to australia on 22july2009.and now my husband used to harras me and threaten me without any reasons. he does not want me to live with him in australia anymore. he sent me back to india. i came back to india on 7th july2010.but i want to live in australia not with him but on some other basis.kindly help me for that.he threats me that he will cancel my visa.so my questions are that whether he can cancel my visa or not?we are NOT divorced yet.or can i come back to australia on this visa?and how can i get PR?please help me.
  13. Is it possible to cancel the 175 application and get my money back?
  14. Ok I know this will sound trivial compared to what others are going through re: CSL changes and all that, so apologies in advance I had my case officer assigned last week and meds / PCC requested (am still on the CSL thank GOD). Medicals booked for Saturday 21 March but there was a post on this site re: new forms coming into force on 27 March, and any old forms 'lodged' with the department after 27 March will not be accepted. Given that there is a delay of up to 2 weeks between the date of the meds and the docs arriving in the processing centre, there is no way my forms will get there by 27 March. It seems silly to cancel my meds just because of this, but I would hate to be asked to take the exam again just because the wrong form was used. The panel doctor had no idea either, they had not been warned!! Is anyone in the same boat / has been given any advice??? I tried asking my agent but impossible to track her down right now as she must be up to her ears in people trying to switch over to 176s .....
  15. Hi, one of the threads below mentions the fact that there will be new forms coming into force on 27 March, and any old forms 'lodged' after this date will not be accepted (medical forms, amongst others will have updates). I have my medical this Saturday (21 March), do I need to cancel, or is it considered 'lodged' on the day I have the medical, as the form clearly states that it becomes the property of Aus government on the day of the exam?? Hoping to get an answer from my agent in Oz overnight but I wondered if anyone is in a similar situation and if they had any advise... :confused:
  16. Hi, We are in a quite unique position. It is 2 months since we lodged our 175 visa. Since lodging this, I have had an interview with Teaching Western Australia and having spoken to them if i want the benefits they offer of a guaranteed job in jan 2010, help with settling in and subsidised rent, we have to go on a sponsored 457 visa. Basically, We favour the 457 and have been told by DET WA that as soon as we apply for the 457, the 175 application will be cancelled and become obsolete. My agents have told me this is not the case and that the visa that gets approved second is the one that is valid, which would be a problem if the 175 gets approved second. Can anyone clear this up for me? Many people will think we are mad giving up a 175 with permanent residence, but it is no use to us if i am not working or we won't be able to stay. Primary teaching jobs are not easy to come by in Oz! Any help/advice would be really appreciated!