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Found 27 results

  1. Hi everyone! My partner and I are finalizing our application for the 309/100 Partner Visa and I wanted to see what y'all thought of the evidence we've provided! It's been a long and at times exhausting effort, but we feel it will be worth it once we are back in Australia! First, my girlfriend and I have been in a de facto relationship since March 2016, we have lived together since that time, our dating period was September 2015 until we moved into our own place. This is the evidence we have provided: Address - Sponsor and Applicant: Mail addressed to us individually at our home, one piece from March 2016 and each of our most current piece. Birth/Age - Sponsor and Applicant: Birth Certificate Evidence of Citizenship - Sponsor and Applicant: Australian and Canadian Passport (Respectively) Identity - Sponsor and Applicant: Canadian Drivers Lisence, Canadian Medical Card Photograph (Passport) - Sponsor and Applicant - 2x recent passport photos from the sponsor and applicant Evidence of De Facto Relationship - Sponsor: A brief statement on the history and development of our relationship. Evidence Couple are Living Together - Applicant: Two lease agreements, mail addressed to both sponsor and applicant at the same address, statement from our landlord saying we have lived there, together, since March 2016. Evidence of the Relationship - Applicant: Statement regarding the relationship and it's history and development. Photographs of us together, Christmas cards and gifts addressed to both of us from Sponsor's family in Australia. Cards and gifts to each other. Evidence of Finances - Applicant: Statement regarding the nature of our finances. Joint bank account statements, purchases coming out of joint back account for social activities. Evidence of Social Aspects - Applicant: Photos of Joint travel, gym memberships, social activities, concerts, hockey games, family events. Stat decs from family in Canada and Australia. Evidence of Couples Commitment - Statement from Applicant and Sponsor: Evidence showing Applicant has made Sponsor beneficiary for life insurance, will executor and emergency contact. Evidence of Household - Applicant: Statement regarding how housework, care for the children is split up between Applicant and Sponsor, how each is supportive emotionally and financially. Evidence of the length of the de facto relationship - Applicant: Statement and copies of the leases we have shared together. Evidence of Character - Sponsor and Applicant: AFP check (Sponsor), RCMP check (Applicant and Sponsor) Travel Document - Sponsor and Applicant: Passport Evidence of Health: Not until requested. I hope I got everything. Let me know what you think! Maybe we can bounce some ideas off each other! Thanks!
  2. Hello, Is anyone in a similar situation to mine to obtain police clearance on oneself who lived in Canada? This seems to be time-consuming and complicated for those who left Canada. Apparently, RCMP requires digital finger printing before issuing any sort of clearance on an individual. Anyone who left Canada has to get his finger prints taken manually at the local jurisdiction, after which the prints can be sent to any of the agents approved by RCMP in order to have it all "digitized", that in turn can be sent to RCMP...... so tedious! One side-question: I never visited Canada after I left. So, if I get a PCC, will it have an indefinite validity? I mean, the records on how I lived and what I did there will not change with the passage of time unless I visit again. Please share your experience if you have any. :-( Thanks.
  3. hopperrr

    Defacto break up - WHV options?

    Currently I am in the process of applying for my Defacto Visa base of my marriage/relationship. However my marriage is not working out so well at the moment. I haven't alerted immigration of this however as me and my husband are unsure what is best if it should be a long break or just a trial separation. In Febuary i am going onto my bridging Visa A (considering a briding visa B) but I am thinking about giving it all up to go to Canada (I am originally from the UK And have been in australia on a WHV since febuary 2013) Is there anyway I can move from Australia to canada and be on a working holiday Visa again? I have a good friend base in Canada more so the the UK and feel it would be an unmissable opportunity but I am unsure of my options any information on this is welcome I really need to know about what steps I can and cannot take. so to recap Can you get a working holiday visa for canada from australia with a british passport? How long does it take to get a working holiday visa for canada? Has anyone been through this kind of situation or simular.
  4. Hi.. I'm new to this forum.. just wondering about living in Australia and whether I need some sort of visa if I plan on living there for 6 months and doing computer work for a company in Canada. I am a Canadian Citizen.. Thank you
  5. Kerry85

    canada police check help please

    Hello all, i am in the process of applying for a partner visa and need a police check for canada as i lived there for over a year. I am currently in australia and have had my prints done but my question is what do i send with them? i have seen the list of info required but i cannot for the life of me find a form to fill in with my address and reason for request etc. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  6. Guest

    Migrate to Canada or Australia?

    Where is better?
  7. http://news.yahoo.com/woman-floored-off-hook-200-000-phone-bill-040930299.html
  8. twinsmom65

    9 month update from Canada

    Well guys, hard to believe but we have been back in Canada 9 months now. We are finally getting settled, it has taken 9 months, but we are getting there. We just moved into our own home last Friday.... feels great to be a homeowner again !!. We moved back to Kitchener to an area about a 5 min drive from where we used to live before we moved to Australia, so everything is so familiar to us !!... girls are in their last year of high school, and are back in a high school with all their old friends from grade school, this means so much to me and them.... maybe they will attend school this year. We arrived last December to a cold winter wonderland, ended up living with my brother for about 2 months, then moved into a rental. Both myself and OH ended up with our old jobs back with the same companies we worked for before we left for Australia. Living in Ingersoll meant an hour drive both ways for us. The twins hated the high school in Ingersoll and as a result did not attend very much. It was hard to seem them deflated, as they were not settled in Australia, and did not settle in Ingersoll. It has been a whirlwind 9 months, just like it was a whirlwind 2 years in Australia. We came back with just suitcases and nothing else. Had to start from scratch again !! But in 9 months we have managed to outfit a whole house again (thank you Kijiji (Gumtree). Now that we are settled, everyone seems relaxed and happy !!.... the twins are enjoying being back in Kitchener amongst their old friends. OH is working still and looks like he will be working through this winter as well. I don't regret my tiime in Australia, and will be ever thankful for the opportunity to live there. I have some great memories and friendships that grew out of our tiime in Oz. We didn't move back to Canada due to not liking Australia, it was just a set of circumstances. I could easily live in both countries. However, since moving back I have seen my home country in a completely different light. I never noticed how green it was, forgot about the convenience of 7 day a week shopping and stores opening late every night !!... forgot about how much choice we have here in Canada. Forgot how much Canada is truly concerned about the envirionment (realized that when we went shopping and was charged 5 cents a bag... everyone brings their own bags shopping). I throughly have enjoyed long nights in the summer.... being light until past 9:30, can get so much more done outside. I have enjoyed the changing seasons. Fall is upon us now, and it is great, beautiful blue skies, cool nights and looking forward to seeing the leaves change. Looking forward to Halloween and the little ones trick and treating, and most of all looking forward to a White Christmas in my own home. So all in all we are glad to be back !!.... miss some things about Australia and have never regreted our decision to go or come back !!. Will post pics later on of the changing seasons. Best of luck to those moving back, and hope that everyone that has moved back is enjoying their time back home !! Cheers Karen
  9. Guest

    Canada to Australia

    Is there anyone on the site done the move from Winnipeg to Australia? I just wondered if anyone knew of the best removal firm to use when sending over? Many Thanks
  10. Guest

    Greetings from Canada

    Hello all, My family and I are very interested in moving down under (Mackay). We are currently living in Canada (originally from Germany). Thanks, Marion
  11. twinsmom65

    One Month Update from Canada

    Well hard to believe that it will be one month tomorrow since we left Australian Soil. Boy has it ever been a busy month for me... never one to let grass grow under my feet, I hit the ground running. Within the first week of arriving, organized my Ontario drivers license, brought a car and started at my "old" job. Christmas was lovely this year... no tears for anyone in the family !!... Christmas day was spent with my brother and his partner and my mom and dad... first time in 2 years we had all been together. Weather has been a bit of a shocker !!.... bloody cold and snowy... oh well it is winter and it is Canada eh lol !.... had to get used to driving in winter conditions, however, must say that Canadians know how to look after things in the winter... most roads are cleared and salted straight away. It has been very cold here, temps in the -10 region with colder windchills, however, it is toasty and warm in the houses.... I always used to tell people in Australia that I never felt so cold as I did in an Australian winter... their houses are just not built for cold. Prices of things in Canada are so cheap.... it really opened my eyes !!.... simple things like bras and undies are so much cheaper here for some reason. Also I can't get over the cost of a breakfast for eating out... I still remember buying our first breakfast out in Australia... cost us $80 for the 4 of us..... here you can get a full breakfast for $3.99 each... just doesn't make sense. We are still living with my brother until my OH can secure employment. He has worked a couple of days so far, and had an interview today and looks to start work in January. My timing of moving back could not have been better. One of my best friends has a beautiful old victorian house in Ingersoll which is about a 7 min drive from my brothers. It just so happend that when I came back, she got offered a job in Windsor which is about a 2 1/2 hour drive away. She is going to be moving down there, and we are in talks with her and her partner about possibly renting the house or even buying the property with her partner holding the mortgage for us. Am I missing anything about Australia since moving back.... sure, I miss the warmth right now, and missing some of my friends, however, to see my girls back to their old normal self just reinforces that I made the right decision to move back. Will update at 3 months ... hopefully we will be in our own place by then... which will make everything perfect !! Cheers Karen
  12. i was thinking about moving to darwin, looks like a beautiful and a nice place to live, and i love the hot weather so it seems like a good place to live :biggrin: i never been there, and im currently in bathurst new brunswick, any idea how much money it would take for me to fly there, and get a apartment/house and then how long it would take me to get a job? and also im a little worried about all the venomous snakes and spiders, i plan to live in darwin and i hear there is a lot of them there, should i be worried about walking in the woods or something alone? thanks; igor
  13. twinsmom65

    Quick Update from Canada

    Hello all, Well it has been 6 days since we landed back in the land of snow !!. Our flight from Perth to Toronto was good, but OMG very long... both legs of the flight were over 12 hours each and the flights were packed. Emirates is a good airline to fly though. We landed in Toronto and there was no snow... well since we have been back it has been snowing everyday... damn they knew we were back lol. Have been very busy since we landed, had to pick up winter gear such as boots, hats, gloves etc... went shopping at Walmart and could not believe how cheap it was compared to say Big W in Australia. Had my first coffee as soon as we landed, paid $1.85 for an XL, I was used to paying $4 a cup in Oz. We have brought a car already pick it up today. I found a 2001 Dodge Caravan minivan 7 passenger for $2700, to think I paid $8800 for my 1997 Saab in Australia.... this is where I really notice the difference in price. The girls are very happy to be back amongst family and friends, they haven't stopped smiling since we arrived. They already have a new addition a little black hamster named Bear. Will look at putting them back into school after the xmas holidays, even though they have finished year 11 in Oz. I start work this Friday, so going to be full on (no rest for the wicked LOL), my OH is going to start looking for work next week, he has a friend who might be able to provide him with some work as well. We brought our mobile phones with us from Oz, and guess what they are unlocked and the sim cards here in Canada work with them, so we now have mobile phones (gone prepaid for the moment). I must say it is alot easier moving back as you are so familier with the system and how things work. Looking forward to Christmas again, can't believe how quick it is coming up. Will update again. Cheers Karen
  14. twinsmom65

    Got my old job back in Canada

    Well I checked my emails and there was one from my old boss back in Canada. He has offered me my old job back in Canada. It was a great job and my passion which is bankruptcy work (which I did for 18 years). I will still get 4 weeks hols (even though the norm in Canada is 2), plus private health benefits as well and paid mileage. God it feels so good to know that I have a job to go back and my old one to boot. I know my mind is made up, just got to convince my OH. My girls are just chomping at the bit to go back to their family. Cheers Karen
  15. In comparison, Australia voted to abandon TPV and grant permanent visas. Canada toughens asylum seeker laws - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Canada toughens asylum seeker laws By Dan Karpenchuk in Toronto Posted 3 hours 50 minutes ago The Canadian government has introduced tough new legislation aimed at curbing people smuggling. More than 500 Tamil asylum seekers have arrived off the Canadian coast in recent months. The new law includes mandatory jail sentences for people smugglers and it will also make it easier to prosecute them. Ship owners and operators found guilty of people smuggling will be slapped with jail sentences that escalate if they are working with or for a criminal organisation. Other deterrents include reassessing migrants within five years to determine if they still need protection. During that period those individuals would not be able to sponsor family members who wish to come to Canada. Additionally, migrants who visit their home countries during that five-year period will be barred from returning to Canada. Those that are turned down will have to appeal to a federal court, but they will not necessarily be able to stay in Canada during that process.
  16. I'm sure many PIOers have been affected by the suspension of GSM till June, and even more by uncertainty of the new SOL. Is anyone considering dropping their migration plans to Australia, and planning a move to NZ or Canada instead? Or perhaps maybe a backdoor entry to Oz through NZ PR?
  17. Guest

    Canada police check question

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has ordered a Canadian police check recently? On their website it says you need to pay by international money order or cheque in US or Canadian dollars. Where can I get this from? I asked at the post office and they said they don't do international money orders anymore. Can I get a foreign currency cheque from a bank in Melbourne? I don't know if they accept bank drafts or only cheques. It's for our spouse visa application. Thanks
  18. we are interested in all aspects of immigration from Canada to Australia.
  19. Guest

    I'm screwed!

    So theres reciprocal health care agreements between Aus and UK but what about countries where you dont have RHCP's? I'm a 19yo Canadian thats been living here for 7 years as a dependant on my moms student and other visas as they changed as we were seeking permanent residence. She and my sister recieved their 820 and I was not included... RATHER unfortunate... So now I need to find my own way of staying, I'm open to all suggestions/advice but from what I can tell, I think temporarily leaving and applying for a working holiday visa to come back for a year is my best option, I only need to last another 22 months before they can sponsor me (which might have its OWN issues). Essentially, the only thing I need to go ahead with my working holiday is my own private health insurance. The character check, health exam and financial requirements arent as much a problem but I would really like to find out whats the minimum health cover I need for my stay, and DIAC/The internet isnt very informative on that issue... Thanks in advance, Concerned Canadian
  20. Guest

    Electronics from Canada to Aus

    Hi All, I am curious what the situation with bringing electronics such as laptops, tv's, playstation and so on is. Canada has 120 voltage and from what I read Australia has 240 voltage. Does this mean all I need is a plug adapter to make it work? Or will I need a more sophisticated power adapter? Thanks!
  21. kellyjamie

    Canada could be back on the cards?

    Hi all, With all the recent goings on and the way in which people have been treated, and the cuts in immigration etc etc, we have had to bring Canada back into the equation. Its all straight forward with Canada, get a job offer from a suitable employer and bobs your uncle your away with PR, pretty much rough sketch. We called a job in Toronto last nite who said yeah we can employ from the UK, but can you start in 2 weeks!!! Obviously we cant so that was unfortunate but it seems theres less back stabbing and more upfront in Canada on the immigration front. We have now decided that whoever can offer the best job first is gong to be where we head to, whether thats Oz or Canada will remain to be seen. Ive have obviously only given a very very sketchy and ruff reason for all this but sure you get the jist, its unfortunate because we had our hearts set on Oz, but who knows, were still waiting to hear from a couple of jobs in oz. Has anyone else given thought to considering else where? Canada, NZ maybe? kel:wubclub:
  22. FOOTY and BASEBALL On the ninth day of spring, just yesterday, I attended the first footy game in a big stadium in Australia-at York Park in Launceston. I had lived in Australia for 36 years and two months--nearly 60 per cent of my life; I had watched parts of several games on small ovals across Australia and, of course, seen dozens of parts of games on TV. But I don’t think I had ever watched an entire game. I was married to a big football fan and having a son and two step-daughters who also enjoyed the game, it was difficult to escape its regular sound in our home for six months of the year, especially at the weekend. Given the centrality of this game to the Aussie ethos, I felt my attendance and what it involved deserved a prose-poem to mark the occasion even though I only watched part of the game and even though it was only for the under 14s. But the game was a grand final in the NTJFL, the northern Tasmania Junior Football League, my 14 year old step-grandson, Tobias Wells, was playing and my wife saw that it was an essential part of my grandfatherly role to attend.-Ron Price, Pioneering Over Four Epochs, 10 September 2007. Back in what many saw as the quiet fifties, my attention, my spiritual and physical resources, my curiosity, was channelled into sport, school and an emerging interest in the opposite sex. The energies of this young child and adolescent who had just begun the long race of life were, indeed, stretched to the full during those halcyon days by activities having little to no connection with any organized religion. Organized religion in any form has not been a popular activity in Australia and Canada, at least in the places where I have lived all my life, although certain evangelical-fundamentalist groups did attracted large followings. The following poem tells a little about one of the sports, baseball, its context in my life, in modern history and this new Faith whose connection with my life was a largely peripheral one during the years of my childhood and early to mid-adolescence. I wrote the following poem six weeks before leaving the classroom and retiring from employment as a teacher at the age of 55 in 1999. So often in life I felt strongly that I just could not stay any longer in a place—a town or a city--in a work situation, in a marriage or in any one of the multitude of other relationships one can have in life. For one reason or another I just had to go, had to split, as we used to say colloquially. Sometimes the reason was obvious; sometimes it was inexplicable; sometimes the choice was not mine. In 1953/4 I felt strongly that I had to leave softball for hardball and third base for the mound, the role of pitcher. In 1950 I had to leave our house in RR#1 Burlington. The former was my choice; the latter had nothing to do with me. Such is part of the nature of fate, determinism and free will. In August 1962, at the age of 18, I played my last game of hardball in the juvenile league for the Burlington All-Stars. I pitched a full nine innings in that game and in the bottom of the ninth I was hit for three runs and we lost the game 3 to 1. The next week my family moved to another town and the next summer I worked for the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company to make money to go to university and did not play another game of baseball until I was 39 and lived in Katherine, Northern Territory, where is was so hot that after a few innings in one game I gave it up with an excess of sweat on my brow as a lost cause. When a series of programs about baseball, a series called The Big Picture, began to unfold on television, I quickly came to realize the remarkable similarity between the story of baseball and the story of the Baha’i Faith, both of which grew up in the modern age. The game of baseball was born in America in the 1840s as a new activity for sporting fraternities and a new way for communities to develop a more defined identity.1 Indeed, there are many organizations, activities, interests which were born and developed in this modern age, say, since the French and the American revolutions. The points of comparison and contrast between the great charismatic Force which gave birth to the Baha’i Faith and its progressive institutionalization on the one hand, and the origin and development of other movements and organizations on the other, is interesting to observe. I wrote the poem which follows about seven weeks before teaching my last class as a full-time Tafe teacher in Australia. -Ron Price with thanks to Ken Burns, “The Big Picture: Part Two,” ABC TV, 18 February 1999; and 1John Nagy, “The Survival of Professional Baseball in Lynchburg Virginia: 1950s-1990s,” Rethinking History, Vol.37. They both grew slowly through forces and processes, events and realities in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: baseball and the Baha’i Faith along their stony and tortuous paths, the latter out of the Shaykhi School of the Ithna’Ashariyyih Sect of Shi’ah Islam. And it would be many years before the Baha’i Faith would climb to the heights of popularity that baseball had achieved quite early in its history. Baseball was a game whose time had come, a hybrid invention, a growth out of diverse roots, the fields and sandlots of America, as American as apple pie. And the Baha’i Faith was an idea whose time had come, would come, slowly, it would seem, quite slowly in the fields, the lounge rooms, the minds and hearts of a burgeoning humanity caught, as it was, as we all were, in the tentacles of a tempest that threatened to blow it-- and us--apart. Ron Price 17 February 1999 A second poem about baseball, written about a year after retiring from full-time teaching to Tasmania, where I lived in its oldest town, George Town---also conveys something of the flavour of those ‘warm-up days until I was 18 when my curiosity about this new religion was exceeded by curiosity about other things. A BASEBALL-CRAZY KID In October 1956 Don Larsen of the New York Yankees pitched the only perfect game in post-season baseball. Yogi Berra was the catcher.1 That same month and year R. Rabbani advised Mariette Bolton of Orange Australia, in the extended PS of her letter, that it was “much better for the friends to give up saying “Amen.”2 The following year Shoghi Effendi died and Jackie Robinson, the first Negro to play professional baseball, retired. I was completing grades 7 and 8 when all of this took place and, even at this early age, was in love with at least three girls and possibly four in my class: Carol Ingham, Judy Simpson, Karen Jackson and Susan Gregory. I found them all so very beautiful. Karen was the first girl I kissed.3 -Ron Price with appreciation to: 1"The Opening of the World Series: 2000," ABC TV; 2Messages to the Antipodes, Shoghi Effendi, editor, Graham Hassall, Baha’i Publications Australia, 1997, p.419; and 3Ron Price, Journal: Canada: To 1971: 1.1, Photograph Number 102. I was just starting grade seven and still saying amen occasionally when I went to that Anglican Church on the Guelph Line in Burlington Ontario with my mother and father and saying grace just as occasionally. I watched the World Series, a highlight of autumn for a twelve year old baseball-crazy kid, back then. And I passed the half-way point of my pre-youth days1 when I was the only kid with any connection with this new world Faith in these, the very early days of the growth of a Cause in the Dominion of Canada,2 a Cause that contained the seed for a future world civilization. 1 1953 to 1959: my pre-youth days. 2 In 1956 there were only about 600 Baha’is in Canada. The 400 Baha’is that started the Ten Year Crusade in 1953 in Canada became 800 by the time I became a Baha’i in 1959. In southern Ontario, from, say, Oakville to Niagara Falls and Windsor, to several points north of Lakes Ontario and Erie in 1956 I was the only pre-youth whom I then knew, or later came to know. There may have been other pre-youth but at this early stage of the growth of the Cause in Canada, year fifty-eight of its history, I was not aware of them.—See Canada’s Six Year Plan: 1986-1992, NSA of the Baha’is of Canada, 1987, p.46.:cool: Ron Price _________________________
  23. I have looked at a lot of previous threads, bu they don't seem to answer my query, so hoping someone else can help!???! We are applying for a partner visa (defacto). We met in Canada in a transient tourist town. Most of the development of our relationship was while we were there. We want to submit declarations/statements supporting our defacto relationships from friends who knew us well there who are both from Canada and from the UK. I know that if they are Aussie they can use form 888 - which we will get. My questions are; how is the best way to get these from our Canadian and UK friends? Do they need to be witnessed and if so by who? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Vee
  24. Well guess what, Just checked my online status like I always do, expecting nothing as usual, as they are still issuing visa's to April applicants. Well to my surprise, it shows applicant approved.... can't believe in total shock. No case officer contacted us and all of our documents still show as required. I had frontloaded everything, and did the entire application ourselves. Now the fun stuff, flights to book, rentals to find in Perth. It was perfect timing as our house closes in 3 weeks and we had no where to . Well it is almost 11:00 p.m. here in Canada, I should be going to bed, but instead I am going to open the chilled bottle of champagne that has been sitting in our fridge just waiting for this occassion. Thanks to everyone on here for your support during the past 4 months. Cheers Karen