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Found 37 results

  1. We brought some stuff over from the UK to Australia only to find it doesn’t work over here. We’re not intending to return & it would be a shame to throw them away, so is there anyone heading back to the UK who could make use of: a sodastream machine (takes a UK gas cylinder only) a camping stove (takes UK gas bottle fitting only) a digital radio (only picks up radio broadcasts in Europe) We don’t want any cash, just a good home where they might actually be used. The items are located in North Warrandyte, Melbourne, but we could potentially drop them eastern Melbourne or Geelong...
  2. Guest

    Camping gear

    We are planning on moving out to Brisbane November this year and was wondering what to do about our tent!!! Has anybody else bought their tent out to Oz???
  3. We are now traveling in Australia in a Toyota Camry CSI Stationwagon with a Exo tent (30 sec. tent, big!) for 8 months. End of April we are arriving in Sydney and want to sell our camping gear included the car, because we are flying out. Are you planning to go around Australia for a couple of months? Camping is the best way & cheapest way to see the country! Any interest: let me know by mailing me. I can send you pictures as well. Have fun with organising your trip!
  4. Elliott-Family

    Camping with Dogs - Victoria

    Hi We love camping in England ( Mad we know ) and are really looking forward to camping in Oz, however i have had a quick scout round on internet and have found most sites ban dogs, am i looking in the wrong places or is the case? Dont reallly know what we will do for hols if this is the case as we were really looking forward to lots of week ends away in the tent in the sunshine (for a change) Would love to know of your experiences good or bad :biggrin: many thanks Claire x
  5. sha76

    Camping NSW

    Does anyone know any nice campsites not too far drive (2hrs ish) from Sydney? Thanks
  6. Harpodom

    Camping in the Otways, Vic

    We had a little camping trip at the weekend, me and Mrs Harpo and the 2 little fellas. We stayed at Bimbi Park in the Otways, http://www.bimbipark.com.au/ on the same road as the Cape Otway light house. Great place for the kids, our site was right next to the play ground, and there were koalas bloody everywhere! Plus, lots of kookaburras, crimson rosellas, gallahs and gang gang cockatoos, I took these pics on my phone within half an hour of arriving. After we'd set up the tent, we heard a creaking/scratching/cracking noise coming from a tree about 30 yards from our tent, and could see a koala moving pretty sharpish. TBH we assumed the noise was of the koala's claws on the tree, but no..... It was the noise of a MASSIVE BLOODY TREE BRANCH FALLING DOWN TO EARTH! PFFFFFFFFFFFFT! Me and the wife debated whether to move the tent further into clear space, but with it starting to get late and needing to cook dinner AND having just spent ages pegging the tent down, we decided to 'wing it'. Which in reality meant that we slept hardly a wink that night. It was really windy 'outside'. We lay there just waiting for that cracking noise again.... Meanwhile the koalas were having what sounded like a crystal meth fueled orgy in the trees surrounding us.....they are cute, but BY CHRIST THEY SOUND MONSTROUS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! part PIG, part COW, but mostly like THE YETTI. Once they'd settled down it was the turn of the kookaburras, roosters and wattle birds: my son was awake and bouncing at 4.45am (FFS!) Next morning after a hearty cooked breakfast (of toast), the first thing I did was move the tent, as far from the trees as possible....ie onto the edge of the road! Slept a bit better that night. Mainly cos I allowed myself a few more glasses of wine. Anyway, after 2 nights, we decided that you can have too much of a good thing and that it was time to declare our first camping trip a success....and go home. Hurrrah! One thing I will say is that it is bloody knackering camping with small children who take forever to get to sleep on account of being too excited. But it was great fun as a family. Here's to the next trip, maybe the Grampians......?
  7. Guest

    camping /sharing

    :confused:off camping soon ,i have not told other haft that in the middle of night ,it may (could be ) (will be) (may be) to far to go , dont want to wonder to far in the dark . I have made a top bog ,but thing is should i let the others know about (my top toilet). Sorry for such a bad thread ,but we are going with a few families ,and i dont want to be the one who has to ,sorry to say the one who has to empty the (you know). Should i say i forgot the loo . Or should i just let them have our spade . :confused:
  8. Angela820

    Take camping stuff or not??

    another shipping "do we take dont we" type post Im afraid. We have camped a bit in the Uk and France - have one of those big multi room tents and all associated equipment - cooker, larder, airbeds etc. The question is - Shall I ship it or sell it in the UK? I have no idea if people "camp" in OZ or whether its more of a motorhome type place. The bugs and snakes issue are an obvious worry. I know we have to clean everything to get in through customs and a part of me thinks its easier to at least sell the tent - but its all the cooking stuff and larders/tables etc. I dont want to get rid only to find its a perfect place for camping and have to buy it all again. any advice??? Angela
  9. another shipping "do we take dont we" type post Im afraid. We have camped a bit in the Uk and France - have one of those big multi room tents and all associated equipment - cooker, larder, airbeds etc. The question is - Shall I ship it or sell it in the UK? I have no idea if people "camp" in OZ or whether its more of a motorhome type place. The bugs and snakes issue are an obvious worry. I know we have to clean everything to get in through customs and a part of me thinks its easier to at least sell the tent - but its all the cooking stuff and larders/tables etc. I dont want to get rid only to find its a perfect place for camping and have to buy it all again. any advice??? Angela
  10. Bobj

    A Camping Incident

    Almost forgot about an incident from 20 years ago. My mate and I took our kids on a REAL camping expedition...NO electrical gizmos, No electronic whizbangs, just plain Australian camping near the Severn River, about 25 km from Emmaville, northern NSW. We were out fishing for the beautiful murray cod and Walked 4 km to a gorgeous pool in one of the many gorges. I managed to slip on a wet boulder and fractured my ankle...Had to hobble to the water's edge and plunge my foot into the cold water to ease the swelling. Then, it was a matter of ripping my shirt to bind the ankle and boot together and hobble out of the gorge, break a gum branch to use as a crutch and stagger the 4 km back to camp. We broke camp and drove 5 km back on a 4wd track, then 50 odd km back home. Got 5 cod and released them all.:yes: Cheers, Bobj.
  11. Hi we are due to come out to melbourne any time 4 of us two young children 7and 9 i was wondering if anyone chose to live in a cabin /campsite on their arrival in Melboune ? Or are there any suggestions to cheap short term rentals for a bout 3-4 weeks ?? It needs to be within 25km of cbdn any experiences of campsites and rental suggestions?? louise and nick
  12. hi, we have recently bought a tent and camping gear to camp arouind norfolk, we have our visa but are waiting to sell our house, what i would like to know is is it safe to camp in oz we are looking to move to the central coast nsw and would only want to camp on a purpose built camp ie not in the outback, but just didn't know if there are too many dangerous little things, or is camping a big thing in oz ?
  13. Tracyb37

    Camping in Summer

    We have some friends coming to stay with us over Xmas this year and would love to take them a bit further afield whilst they are here. We are hoping to take them down south to Margaret River/Pemberton area but after they have spent so much money getting here, we don't want to do anything too expensive. We have all the camping gear and are wondering whether or not that might be a good idea. Obviously, it will be very hot then and are wondering if it will be too hot to camp. Does anyone have any experience of camping at this time of year and if so, how did you find it?
  14. tonyman

    camping beds

    can someone please advise me on which type of bed to get for me and my wife , do we get two single strecher beds and then two self inflatable mattreses or a double , dont want to pay too much , need to know best deal and from where to buy , any help would be great thanks (oh its are first camp ,thats why we are not so sure ) :unsure:
  15. Guest

    Camping in Australia

    Just wondered if anyone knows .... If you go camping in Australia do you see any spiders, ESP red backs or snakes etc etc .... We go camping in the UK - we're not the most seasoned campers but we enjoy camping occasionally - when it's warm - but we're not sure if we would like it in Oz as we're worried about snakes, spiders and creepy crawlies!!! We can't decide whether to sell our tent etc before we come (not sure we'd get it clean enough to pass customs anyway!!) Any advice welcome Cal.C.x
  16. Guest

    Camping in Qld pole

    Up to you this can be a pole if you wish ,or just name the best place,s in Qld to go camping
  17. Guest

    Camping equipment??

    Any keen campers moved over to Perth, we do a fair bit of camping when the UK weather lets us, interested to know if it's worth bringing our stuff over? Or selling and buying new.
  18. Guest

    Camping stuff

    Hi all, In the UK we (actually only in France beacuse of the bad wearther in the UK) went camping. Wondering whether to bring it over, do people really go camping down under? Cheers Tim
  19. Guest

    Camping in Sunshine coast

    Anyone know of good campsites in the Sunshine Coast? Wanting to explore the area as part of our reccie starting next week. Wanting somewhere fairly natural and scenic- could be coastal or inland. We're finding it hard to find one that we can access as we are not in a 4WD. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
  20. Guest

    Camping trailer

    Just wondering what the laws are in Aus (WA more so) about pulling some trailers? We've bought a new one in the UK and wanted to know if it's something worth bringing with us in the container (if indeed it's allowed!). We would like to do camping in Perth and so having the trailer would be great for getting away occasionally. Cheers
  21. Keep getting conflicting ideas on temps at this time of year are we going to freeze?! We are in a campervan but at least 2 of us will have to be in the tent. Could we really struggle once the sun goes down?
  22. Wendy Robinson

    Camping in Monkey Mia

    Hi All, Just returned from a week camping in Monkey Mia and can highly recommend it for a cheap holiday, We stayed at the Monkey Mia dolphin Resort campsite.It took us 10 hours to get there but can be done quicker but with 3 kids we had a lot of toilet stops. The site was very well equipped for campers, Facilities included showers,toilets and a kitchen area with a fridge, BBQ and sinks. The site also has a shop,swimming pool,hot tub,restaurant and pub and all of which campers can use at no extra cost. We spent the week exploring the area and didn't realise just how big the place is.:eek: Monkey Mia is absolutely beautiful, We got to see the famous dolphins which is amazing they are literally swimming round your feet, Also off roading in the national park is a must if you have a 4x4, The tracks go on forever. We also took a "short" :wacko:drive to Kalbarri which is a lovely seaside town but because it took us 4 hours to get there We didn't really get to see much. Denham/Shark Bay is about a 20 minute drive from Monkey Mia and has everything you need, very nice but preferred Monkey Mia. We also went to Ningaloo/Coral bay which is a 6 hr journey but well worth it. We bought snorkels while we were there and so glad we did it's absolutely stunning, The kids loved the beach because the water was so shallow and clear they could see the fish swimming round them whilst they were on their body boards. We spent about 3hrs in Coral Bay and really wished we'd packed up our tent and spent a few days there because there is so much to see and do. The journey back from Coral Bay was a bit hairy at times because the roads are deserted and pitch black, I very nearly pooed myself a few times because we spent most of the journey back swerving to avoid Kangas and rabbits. On the journey home we decided to stop off at a few places. Firstly we stopped off at Billabong Roadhouse about 2 and half hours from Denham, The food was nice but my O/H in a not so quiet voice declared he could hear the "banjos from deliverance" playing.So needless to say we made a sharp exit and continued our long journey home. Next we stopped at Geraldton, What a fab place (I wish we'd known about before settling in Perth). The sea front in the main part of town is great for kids there is a huge park for older kids and a smaller area for kids and the best bit is the water park, Basically it's an area with water fountains, water guns and a fantastic view of the beach.Kids loved it and asked why we never moved to Geraldton. We then took a coastal road down to Jurien Bay, lovely little sea side village ( i've decided if i ever win the lotto i'm buying a holiday home there) Even the police men are nice...O/H got stopped for a random alcohol breath test and didn't have his licence with him officer said no worries have a safe journey. Next stop was Cervantes/ Pinnacles, I would love to comment on the Pinnacles but can't because by now the sun had gone down so we decided to get back on the main road,only O/H took a wrong turn and we ended up on a dirt track and not wanting admit he was wrong we continued on the track for a good hour and finally joined the main road only to realise we were almost back at Jurien Bay. We had literally done a huge circle on a dirt track in the pitch black. It was only after getting back to civilisation did we realise we had been driving round the Pinnacles national park and still didn't see them.:wacko: All in all we had a fantastic holiday, really enjoyed camping and seeing some of the sites of WA. Roll on summer so we can do it again. Sorry if i bored you but really wanted to recommend it to people looking for a cheap fun holiday. Any how thanks for reading. Wendy xx
  23. Guest

    Camping in Perth

    Hi whilst on our reccie we visited the place where the River meets the Sea can't think what the area is called?? Anyway there were families camping there and I just wanted to know if you would need a different type of tent in Oz to what we have here. Just wondering if it's worth bringing our tent.
  24. Sea breeze

    Perth been here three months

    Hi everyone, Apologies, i havent posted here for a while. Anyway here is our story so far ... Arrived in perth 7th Sept weather AWFUL 3 weeks of torrential rain yes it does rain in Oz. Had quiet a dreary start with little to do because of weather , a lot of hassall and bad luck you know when lots of small things go wrong they mount up?? our trip didnt get off to a good start. anyway not dwelling, brought a campervan and took off travelling the begining of Oct . headed north up as far as Exmouth . stopped off at coral bay - beautiful little spot awesome beach location however can be a little touristy. Kalbarri - lovely beach front community with beautiful views and excellent caravan parks, appartments etc. parrot sanctuary visit highly recommended!! Exmouth- small town excellent fishing and whale watching tours and Nigerloo Reef for pristine beaches "roughing it style camping" think bush loos! and fantastic snorklling live coral and stunning fish. All these places are nice , (we headed north to catch some sun as most brits will agree when arriving on hols the last thing u want is rain... ) but each place is miles and miles away with long , hot straight roads littered with dead roos mostly hit by roadtrains (huge lorrys) not nice.we stayed mostly on big 5 campsites as the facilities are excellent and upon purchasing a discount card $40 work out the same price as other parks . Off peak fees were approx $37 per night for 2 in a mazda (small) campervan so not really a very cheap option. We have since arrived back in Perth and are now living in a shared rental house in stirling which is by far the cheapest option $160 per week for 2 includes double room , parking and huge outdoor area with a fab pool. for anyone with no children this is an excellent option. Check out GUMTREE PERTH excellent for buying selling and rentals. There are lots of jobs in perth and the pay is excellent compared to the uk. I have a job at a hair salon just doing cuts $24.09 per hour and i always get breaks etc. SEEK.COM.AU. excellent for jobs. my opinion of perth ; EXPENSIVE- food shopping is expensive , fruit and veg , no way is there the choice of eg sainsburys . no quorn for all u veggies hardly and veggie choice. clothes are expensive unless u want basics u can get the cheaper but not cheap like primark cheap . i brought work clothes black tops and trousers from Kmart and target and believe , they are not going to last . most of the tops where approx $20. CARS- we sold our campervan and brought an estate car to continue our travels. No MOTs ! u dont have to have car insurance! just pay a rego on the internet once a year (different rules apply in diff states) pretty good.traffic is good and driving is easy . Living here is quiet. the landscape is dry. we have visited hillaries and other surrounding places they are nice but look very new and i feel they can lack character and history. My homesickness kicked in about a month ago and i have found it hard. at home i love the countryside, gardening,horses and my families dogs. I am missing the countyside back home . I have been trying im getting riding lessons and volenteering at the dogs home near by. We are off to bali in feb and then coming back to Oz to continue travelling hopefully a fresh start heading to adalaide and up the east coast. we have done alot of travelling , and to be honest so far I have found it abit of a disapointment. I think the 2 year build up of the trip obtaining the visa , saving up, watching wanted down under with starry eyes puts it on too high a pedastall. We have a 175 visa but i doubt we are staying, coming here has made me realise that home is not so bad. I know there are alot of issues back home and yes i dislike them too but I think a move into the countryside to escape them.it may work, bit like living in a bubble but why the hell not? sorry to ramble but i hope some of this is of use to some of u :wink:
  25. Guest

    Camping buddies in Townsville?

    Hey, I'm originally from Jersey but have been in Townsville studying for a masters at JCU in marine biology. Unfortunately as I started mid-way through the year all my uni friends I started university with have now finished and left the area, including my girlfriend :sad: I really am looking for anyone who enjoys camping and getting out of the city - I like Townsville city but its really the nature and countryside that makes this area special. Having said that, its always better to share these experiences so if anyone fancies going on a few camping trips then please get in touch. My idea of great camping involves a few snags, a few beers, playing some music and going out looking for animals (particularly reptiles) and taking some nice photos. If camping isnt your thing then drop me line anyways, I'm always happy to go for a coffee or watch a movie. Hopefully hear from you soon, Kris