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Found 9 results

  1. During a speech at the lord mayor of London's banquet, the prime minister described an exchange with Australian leader, Julia Gillard, and tried to imitate her accent. Cameron's audience at the Guildhall in London laughed, but the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper described his impersonation as 'bizarre' http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/video/2011/nov/15/david-cameron-attempts-australian-accent-video
  2. I watched A Night To Remember tonight - Kenneth More - not very special effects I guess - made in 1958 - but it's one of those old British movies that I love watching - like Genevieve & The Dam Busters. Understated!? A time when less was more perhaps? Sure that i misspelt Genevieve, Genieveve, Geneveive - bugger it but it just does NOT look right! Kenneth More was in that too - and The 39 Steps????? What was the other guy in G called? John Gregson? He was in something I liked - 'No Hiding Place' perhaps. He did an advert for something too, can't quite think of it. NOT 'Mackeson' was it! 'looks good, tastes good, and by Golly it does you good?' In Hants a 'Macky-Mild' was an alternative to a 'Boiler' - Brown & Mild. I'm just rambling off to bed at 10 to 4 so much for getting to bed early and getting up early! WS FM is playing a succession of 'oldies but goldies' thru the night with no ads. 'Always something there to remind me (not Dusty), You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet, He Aint Heavy, Young Hearts Run Free, Wouldn't it be nice to be in your shoes? Oh they are playing ads after all.
  3. Remember it is the Councils doing this and Cameron and Ed Milliband are giving them their backing. Even the Labour party are in agreement which is great to here. About time this Country stood up to these people who just want to wreck people lives. The prime minister has said people who "loot and pillage their own community" should be evicted from council houses. Wandsworth in London has become the first council to serve an eviction notice over the riots, but several others are also considering the move. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-14509779
  4. Guest

    Well done Mr Cameron?

    If it does come to effect it will be a good thing, everyone should be able to defend there property and family from intruders by what ever means neccessary without fearing that they may end up in jail. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-13957587
  5. I see Cameron has asked the met police to see if they can unearth some new evidence in the Madeleine case, i cannot make my mind up whether this is the right thing to do or not, on the one hand i think that if he does it for them then he has to do it for others in the same boat and that is surly not sensible as the manpower needed would be enormous, on the other hand if i were the McCanns i would be over the moon that at least someone is seen to be doing something, what they have been through is truly horrifying and i do not think they will ever rest until they know the truth and i for one hope that they will one day get to the bottom of what happened. Also there are some people saying that Cameron has only done this for a pr exercise, however from the McCanns point of view i guess that is irrelevant if they are getting some help in the end.
  6. What are the thoughts of the nation to this news? I read some of it from another forum. Cameron right on multiculturalism's failures - Unleashed (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Cheers, Bobj.
  7. Since the new coalition took power there has been a lot of talk about the 'Big Society', I appreciate the sentiment behind this idea but is it ever truly possible to achieve. In short the coalition wants to put more power into the hands of local councils, local people, local communities to achieve the goals they want and have the power to change their particular circumstances. It is also hoped that society in general and those that inhabit the society should take far for responsibility for the way they interact with everyone around them. But in truth is this EVER achievable. People will always want different things from their world, differing opinions are after all what makes the world go around. People of all races, colours and beliefs will ALWAYS want different things from their lives. There will also always be those that can't be bothered to try and change what they see as wrong, there are those that just accept the way things are, and there are those that will do their utmost to change the world as they see it, but more often than not things really change because these voices become stifled by those in POWER. So just what does the coalition hope to achieve with this Big Society. Call me a skeptic but in no small measure the government is once again trying to dissolve their responsibilities to the people of this country and pass responsibility onto local authorities and the people of these communities. There will come a stage where the government can and will admonish themselves of any responsibility and in so doing will turn around in years to come and say, 'Look, we gave YOU the power to change things, it is not our fault that things haven't worked out'. This is not a criticism of this particular government, it has been going on for years. Privatisation, abdication of power, etc have in no small measure made this country one where to blame the government is becoming seemingly more difficult. If the government is basically holding their hands up and saying 'Over to you', how on earth can they be held responsible for any future failures or indeed successes. As I said, I appreciate the sentiment behind such an idea, BUT. I am honestly not sure that the people of this country feel truly empowered enough or indeed care enough to bring about the change that government pontificate that they want. Surely it is the RESPONSIBILITY of any government to make the BIG decisions. After all, they were voted into power with the hope that they would once again do all they can to make this country BETTER for all its inhabitants. Government cannot and should not be allowed to abdicate power too much as this will only result in years to come us as a people having the inability to look at government and ask, 'Well, what the hell are you going to do about it'. Surely a better idea would be to actually give the people of this country more 'real' power, REFERENDUMS and the ability to VOTE on the issues, immigration, Iraq, Afghanistan, the EU, etc. This is what the people really want. Where whilst it is governments responsibility to run the country we can in a controlled and sensible way still have a say on the issues that affect us ALL, not just small segments of society. Democracy does not mean the abdication of power, it means giving the people of this country the ability to TELL government what they want on the bigger issues of our time. Cheers Tony:wink:
  8. bunbury61

    Cameron and Clegg

    Two young intelligent blokes sharing power .......i feel a wave of optimism ......the best of both. Tories - immigration -low income tax-defence lib dems - schools- the poor-a referendum on the voting system. This country is in for some short term pain because of the deficit ,but i have faith in this partnership ,if the country gives them time. Already the press and the labour party are trying to drive wedges between the two. Just let the coalition get on with it .......iam hopeful for the future. Even the build up to the election had the nations interest At least we havent got Kevin "interesting" Rudd and Tony whatshisname
  9. can i just say that my heart goes out to david for the loss of his lovley son ivan no mum or dad should ever berry a child before themselfs this is truly the most hoffric thing to ever happen to perants trust me its happened to me and to wendy richards who fought cancer twice before what can i say she had great dignaty my heart goes out to her family and friends IVAN THE SHACKLES THAT CHAINED HAVE NOW BEEN LIFTED RUN FREE IN GODDS GARDEN SLEEP TIGHT ANGEL XX WENDY NO MORE PAIN NO MORE SUFFERING HEAVAN HAS OPENED ITS GATES R.I.P