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Found 22 results

  1. OK, so we've been here almost 2 years now and need to sort out cheap calls back to the UK. We skype one set of parents which works great but the other parents are not quite so 21st century and have a REALLY annoying habit of phoning us every Sunday evening just as we are trying to get the kids to bed :arghh: So, we're looking for recommendations companies that do cheap calls to the UK so we can call them at a time that suits us. Help to save our sanity!! :goofy:
  2. Former Australian immigration minister Nick Bolkus has suggested that Australia's skill shortages could be fixed by increasing migrant intake by 100,000 over the following three years. A former Australian immigration minister has said Australia should increase its migrant intake. Bolkus, who served as Australian Immigration Minister from 1993-1996 under Paul Keating’s administration, noted the continuing economic turmoil for countries in the Eurozone, saying: “I think the European situation presents a really good opportunity for Australia to pick up young migrants who can contribute to developing this country - both skilled and those with the energy to apply themselves to the task we have.” Among those supporting such a mover is Business South Australia CEO Peter Vaughan, who said: “The primary focus must be to attract workers that meet the skills needs of our local industries and if these workers are based in Europe then it is an option worth pursuing." The government has already increased capacity for applicants seeking a permanent Australia visa by nearly 10% in the 2011/2012 migration program year. However, the former Minister suggests this is not enough to meet an increasing demand for skills and labour, and has called on governments at both state and federal level to increase advertising campaigns for countries affected by the economic crisis.
  3. TRADE Minister Craig Emerson has reignited the Big Australia debate by insisting Australia must boost immigration levels to fully exploit its potential in the "Asian century". In a move that puts him at odds with Julia Gillard's 2010 election campaign call for "a sustainable Australia, not a big Australia", Dr Emerson has warned that labour and skills shortages threaten to restrict the nation's capacity to lift exports and must be met with higher immigration levels. The minister's warning came yesterday in an economic position paper designed to spark public debate about the need for what Dr Emerson describes as a "third phase" of economic reform to boost national productivity. Central to his proposal is advocacy for increased permanent and temporary immigration directed to areas where it is needed -- including mining states and rural and regional areas that he believes have the potential to boost food production to serve growing Asian markets. His 17-page paper endorses key aspects of Labor's economic policies since it took office in 2007: particularly the carbon tax and higher spending on education and infrastructure. But he argues: "Australia's sparkling future in the Asian century will require higher levels of temporary and permanent immigration as shortages of skills and general labour choke off the country's capacity to expand in exports and domestic economy. If Australia's 2020 vision is to be realised, a rational debate about immigration levels will need to occur." Early last year, the government's third intergenerational report noted that under existing immigration and population growth levels the nation's population would hit 35 million by 2050. Then prime minister Kevin Rudd called for a debate about "a big Australia" but Ms Gillard, after ousting Mr Rudd last June, stressed that her focus was on sustainable population growth, with migrants directed to communities with labour shortages. Dr Emerson told The Weekend Australian yesterday he was not disputing Ms Gillard's policy principles, noting she had never argued for an immigration intake below the historic average of 180,000 people a year and that in the 2011-12 budget the government had announced a 16,000 increase on the previous year's intake of 180,000, directed to the regions.
  4. Guest

    Cheap calls to the UK

    I have a close friend going to stay with her aunt in Brisbane - she expects to be calling the UK regularly. when ringing Aus from the UK I use a number which provide calls for 1p a minute. Q Is the a similar line to use in Brisbane from her aunts home. I've read on a forum about coupons you can buy in supermarkets etc $10 for 1000 minutes - how do they work. Advice would be appreciated, thank you in advance
  5. I have got a quick question. I would like to give my parents a short call/send them an SMS as soon as I arrive in Oz so they don't worry. - Do you know if I can do that with a UK mobile (old-fashioned Tesco one)? I am aware similar questions have been asked already but I just would like to know if the UK mobile would work for one short call/SMS WITHOUT changing the SIM card. Any advice would be much appreciated.:wubclub:
  6. Guest

    Cheap calls uk to from Aussie

    Hi ANy advice on who to use for cals back to the UK. In NZ we Woosh just dailed 043 before the number. Is there anything like that here? Kind regards Susan:biggrin:
  7. This is a classic, there has been calls for Chris Bowen to resign over this. Really this clip is about 30 minutes long, its an interview of Chris Bowen by Ray Hadley most of it is about various immigration/visa issues, the last (and best) bit basically blows Bowen out of the water. These asylum seekers have been making improvised bombs in Villawood police have confirmed they are investigating this and the immigration minister didn't even know anything about it. http://www.2gb.com/index2.php?option=com_newsmanager&task=view&id=8792
  8. Guest

    Low cost International calls

    Hy I came accross the following site a couple of weeks ago, Lowcall.PhoneCardSales.Com.Au it's one of those phonecard companies offering cheap International calls, anyway thought i'd give it a go and it worked fine. Now instead of trudging to to post office ( thats where i use to go and it became a habit ) i simply order online and get an email to top up my card, easy peasy. I am saving some money although not a massive amount but as Tesco says " Every little helps " lol not heard that tv advert for some time. If anyone knows of a cheaper one drop by my site and let me know.
  9. davet19650

    making phone calls in oz

    Hi All just wondering what is the best and cheapest way of making calls in oz, Do we take our own unlocked mobile and buy there equivelant to our pay and go and what is there best network, or a phone card or similar to use in pay phones, 99% of our calls are going to be in oz to realestate agents, employers etc, We are heading to Perth in case that makes any differance in networks from state to state havnt a clue as never been before, Any help gladly appreciated Cheers Dave
  10. Hi All, I saw this company advertised on a bus the other day and just been on their web site to have a look, Looks like great value and thought i would share it with you all International Tariffs with Lebara Mobile
  11. In a video address to the United Nations climate change meeting in New York, Mr Rudd said the world shared a collective responsibility to act on global warming. World Leaders Watching Rudds Video Address Read full story :biglaugh:
  12. Hi folks, tried and failed with a search, honest, but I am looking for a service to call Australia. Lots on a Google search, but I don't trust anything on the interweb without personal recommendations. Looking for the sort of thing where you dial a number first and then pay a fixed rate for you connection to Oz. Don't particularly want a pre-pay scheme, would rather pay more per minute. Any recommendations or links where this has been discussed (hundreds of times probably, soz!) Top of the Google search is justphone // justphone // Rates under the name Just Phone, quoting 3p per minute on a pay as you go basis. Seems fine, but anyone used it?
  13. Guest

    cheap calls uk - oz?

    Does anyone know of a cheap way to call from the UK to Oz, apart from Skype? Like ozcall, in reverse. My family had been using one they got of Martin Lewis' website, but it has stopped working. Apparently several other of the net are not working great either, so if anyone knows of a good reliable one, that would be great. Cheers Sheena
  14. I am in the process of researching our phone/broadband etc etc for our house in Oz and whilst some of the packages provided by Telstra and others are quite good when it comes to International calls, I was wondering if anyone uses an independent provider for cheap calls back to the UK? Ideally want a company that provides good quality calls (eg no drop-outs, echo's etc) at a good price. We will use Skype alot of the time, but if we are by the pool, or somewhere it isn't feasible to have a PC nearby, would like it set up so we can make a call back to the UK. Any advice appreciated Shell
  15. i got laid off from work the last week, due to my boss not being able to find any work, this was done by text which i think is terrible, a few hours later though i got a call saying he had managed to find further work and i was reinstated, we completed this job and i tried to ring him to for the address for the next job, but his phone is off, i sent texts but he does not reply,left messages on his phone, so that is it been laid off the yellow way, does not bother me, wanted to go home anyway, but its the nature of how he has done it, beware aussie bosses because they are p****s, i have worked for a few and i know, good luck if you are a tradie subcontracting, you are going to need it.:arghh:
  16. I don’t know about you but I love a good laugh at someone else’s expense in a nice funny way not a nasty way. Remember shows like Watch Out Beagle’s about with Jeremy Beagle and Candid Camera. Well we ain’t got that here but each morning we have a radio show in Brisbane on Brisbane B105 called Labrat, Camilla and Stav. Great show, 3 young kids with a lot of energy. Stav, does these Gotta Calls, where he telephones someone who has been nominated by a friend or relative, and they set the person up in some way. I tell you I’m usually taking my O/H into the city listening to this and I think it’s mental. Hope the other drivers don't see me because I tend to look more daft than usual laughing as I drive. One of the best ones is the guy who had his car torched, and I hope the link below will open it for anyone interested in listening. I think this one’s great. Stav Fears For His Life! Download this clip Another one that was crazy was The Swedish Tourist Download this clip Then I got to thinking who could we set up and nominate on PIO for this. Maybe Cal ?? What you think folk’s Yes Cal, What if we said She’s been offering secret accommodation to illegal migrants coming over from England and hiding them there from Aussie Immigration in deepest Jimboomba?? Or what about Tim, We could say that this site maybe a bit dodgy and maybe it’s a conspiracy site giving out all this free information on our devious ways to get to Australia come hell or high water.?? What you reckon, nominate a Gotta Call :biglaugh:
  17. Hi all, Have signed up today for international call package giving me calls to the UK for 2 cents per minute (+39 cents flagfall) but when I try to call I get message saying number is not recognised, check and try again. I'm dialling 00 44 1604 ..... but figure I may need to dial another code before the international number ot access. The Tesltra pricing details give two options either per minute or per half hour with a code of 0011 and 0018 respectively. Anyone know if I dial one of the codes and then my number and if so which one should i use?? Any advice much appreciated. John
  18. Hi all, hope you can help. When you're in Oz and want to call a mobile phone in Uk what code would you use? All mobiles in Uk begin 07 so I think you would replace the 0 with 44 but what comes first? Would it be 0011 like when you call a landline? :wacko:
  19. Guest

    cheap calls to Oz

    hey all, just incase you didnt know you can call Oz for 1p a min using telediscount, web address Telediscount: low cost international calls - from any UK-Phone. You select the country to call and it will give you a number to type in before you type the number you need, it saves a fortune!:cute:
  20. Guest

    Cheap Calls to Oz

    Hi All At the minute, I'm using Call 18866 for calls to Australia at 2p a minute. However, I've heard about a service called Penny a Minute where you just dial a code in front of the number and apparently even from a BT phone, the call is only 1p per minute. The trouble is that I've lost the code number to dial. Does anyone know what it is, please? Thanks Gill
  21. Guest

    Cheap Calls to OZ

    Dont know is anyone already uses them but we use www.telediscount.co.uk when calling OZ. Dial access code 0844 861 78 78 first then the number you want costs 1p per minute. It does work not a scam or anything we use them all time to ring Europe and Oz. Just trying save you few pennys..............to buy all that chocolate u need to take :rolleyes: Em x