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Found 62 results

  1. We are Australia's fastest growing home improvement company and are currently looking for a few key individuals to join our team hear in Perth. We are offer a very competitive hourly rate plus really exciting bonus structure.. Part time and full time positions available If interested please reply by pm for more details.. John
  2. jamesnparry

    Carseat wake-up call

    Hi Guys As a parent of a 3 year old and 5 year old, I and my husband are guilty of wanting to simplify our carseats as soon as is legally compliant. We have been discussing what to do about car seats when we emigrate from the UK next year. I looked at the Trunki brand's latest offering called the BoostApak and thought it would be ideal..... Started researching, it isn't compliant with OZ safety regulations and then... came across these two videos - please take time to watch them, they've given me a real wake up call.... Also bear in mind that most people on here say that OZ drivers are worse than the UK's. Let's not scrimp and take risks. Lets get the best seats we can find. Safe travels everyone. Ann
  3. Guest

    176 Visa Call to employeers

    Hi I was wondering if the CO's call former and current employers for reference during the application process. I have not informed my current employer about my application for migration. I don't want him to be surprised by a call from a CO, if I get one. I have applied for subclass 176 family sponsored visa.
  4. Guest

    The Call of Duty Thread

    OK guys. Share your thoughts on Call of Duty. Who's your favorite character? What's your favorite level? I have played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 & 2 and Blackops. Favorite character is Captain Price with Soap MacTavish a close second. I have completed both modern warfare 1 & 2 in veteran mode (don't ask the number of times my character died in the process). The only levels I couldn't do in veteran mode are the ferris wheel level, the airplane level at the very end of modern warfare 1 and the museum level at the end of 2. How many hours a day do you play it? Currently I don't play at all :sad:
  5. 'Our Currency lads and lasses are a fine interesting race, and do honour to the country whence they originated. The name is a sufficient passport to esteem with all the well-informed and right-feeling portion of our population; but it is most laughable to see the capers some of our drunken old Sterling madonnas will occasionally cut over their Currency adversaries in a quarrel. It is then, 'You saucy baggage, how dare you set up your Currency crest at me? I am Sterling, and that I'll let you know!' In 19th century Australia the distinction between native-born Australians and migrants was played out lexically as a battle between currency and sterling. In the early days of the colony there were coins and notes of many kinds, from various countries. These were called currency, whereas English gold pieces were called sterling - sterling being the genuine thing in sharp contradistinction to the mixty-maxty mongrel currency. By the 1820s these two terms had widened their application and were being used to describe two groups of people in the colony. Currency applied to those native to Australia, that is, those born here. Sterling referred to non-convict, British-born residents. These native-born currency lads and lasses began to speak a new language. Outsiders comment on their accent and the 'colonial phraseology'. Some of this colonial language was borrowed from Aboriginal languages, and some of it was generated internally. The irony is that many of the expressions which are contemptuously categorised as 'colonial' are in fact English. But they are not sterling English, not the language of the now respectable London or polite society. These Australian words are a mongrel breed, some of them are underworld terms, and many are words from British dialects, which remained dialectal in Britain, but which became mainstream in Australian English. There developed here a language that was in subversive opposition to the now-emerging Received British English. Shifts in the meaning of standard English words - 'mate' is a good example - reflected Australian social ideals which differed from the British
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first post here. I have been in Australia for 10 months and to be honest life has just become too hard. So many things have gone wrong in the last 3 months, too many to list, and now ive had the phone call we all dread. My mum has died suddenly, still not sure what happened as she was only 61, awaiting the post mortem, but its one more thing thats knocked the stuffing out of me. Im not sure how much longer I can keep rolling with the punches and Im starting to feel that life here really isnt worth all the heartache that comes with it. Has anyone else felt like this and is the life here really worth missing out on the time we have with family. Im sorry to sound so negative but Im really struggling to find the positive in anything at the moment. Sorry to offload and thanks for listening Badger
  7. Hi, We have applied for our visa(176).PCC uploaded,medicals to be done.Today my OH -the main applicant,has received a call from the local australian embassy confirming his designation.he Few hours later,his manager has also received a call and has been asked to confirm OH job duties. This sounds very scary!!:wideeyed: Is this normal prior to a grant?Is this part of the security checks? Any advice? Thanks in advance:notworthy:
  8. jimmyk

    Irelands call

    I am an Irish guy looking to move to Australia ASAP. 1- Does anyone know if there is a database of the different companies that sponsor overseas workers? 2- If I get the 176 visa myself, how long after I actually receive it do i actually have to move to austraila before the visa becomes invalid? (ie if the visa is granted today do i have a few months or a year etc because I've a few loose ends to tie up at home before moving) 3- From experience which company would you use to get the visa? I have shopped around a bit already and there seems to be big price differences but i'm afraid using a lower priced agent might mean less chance of securing the visa and cannot afford to lose the money. Thanks
  9. I am looking for a Weekend Call Centre Team Leader based in Frenchs Forest on Sydneys Northern Beaches. To view the job spec / details please visit our website Integrated Technology Services - integratedtechnologyjobs,integratedtechnologycareers, New South Wales
  10. Lynne S

    When to call it a day?

    I shall try and make this brief. :chatterbox: We have been in Australia now 3yrs and 3mths, we spent the first 3 over in Victoria, we brought and renovated a house, got stuck into community events, got involved with the schools and clubs our children attended, but after all this we still felt it wasn't the right place for us ( still missed UK), so we decided perhaps we needed to try another area. We visited a few other States and after a lot of working out we decided WA would be somewhere we would really like to try. We moved over in Dec 10, we had already got our children into a great school, which we researched on our visit back in April last year, we managed to find a reasonable rental, my OH got a job (I am still applying), we live 5 mins from a white sandy beach. We know a few people and have made some lovely friends, but we are still very unsettled - I feel so ungrateful (or totally :wacko:) to have all this but still be longing for the UK. Not a single day has gone by since we arrived in Aus that I don't miss family friends and all that stuff everyone says about. We had a visit back to England for a month last year and we all had an amazing time, my kids just loved being with all their family, but we knew it wasn't reality living, so returned with an open mind to at least gain our citizenship for our childrens sake (11yr & 14yr) and ours if we ever did decide to go back. Also with all the economic crisis happening (although we didn't see alot of difference from when we had left). Now I know I definitely want to go back, but after working the timings out, even though we are eligible to apply for citizenship in Dec 2011, by the time we get it granted and have our ceromony, recieve our certificate and apply for Aussie passports, it is going to be Dec12. Also because my eldest will be in Year 10 next year and have been told it would be terrible to move him during this time? we would wait until he finished, I feel so guilty moving them again, although they both want to go back too. Any advice out there, has anyone been in a similar situation - I feel like I'm slowly loosing my mind with this. Do we cut our losses now and forget about the citizenship or should we be sensible and look at the big picture, try and make the best of the next 2 years - it just seems such a long time. Life is happening my neices are getting married, having babies, parents are getting older......
  11. I have got a quick question. I would like to give my parents a short call/send them an SMS as soon as I arrive in Oz so they don't worry. - Do you know if I can do that with a UK mobile (old-fashioned Tesco one)? I am aware similar questions have been asked already but I just would like to know if the UK mobile would work for one short call/SMS WITHOUT changing the SIM card. Any advice would be much appreciated.:wubclub:
  12. Australian Universities represented by Universities Australia (UA) have called for changes in the international student visas particularly from China and India. Source: http://www.universitiesaustralia.edu.au/resources/1067/2011-04-UA%20Sub-Student%20Visa%20Review.pdf armandra!
  13. Guest

    Do DIAC call your employer?

    I am the sponsor on my wife's Spouse Visa application. When I submit the application next week I will be employed... however, by the time DIAC looks at it... I will be on AUSTUDY. I was accepted into a highly sought after degree course here and because it's full-time, I need to leave my full-time job. As I said, my application will arrive with DIAC with me as the sponsor, and with my payslips and current employer info..(at time of lodging it will be correct). But, very soon after that, I will be on AUSTUDY.... do we have a problem? :confused: Will they go checking my employment status, if I have submitted current payslips?:wideeyed:
  14. The Hippo

    Advice on HR phone call

    I've been offered a 2-year secondment to my companies shipyard in Williamstown. Last piece of the jigsaw is to find out what the salary is which I will find out when the HR dept. phone me on Tuesday night and where they will also field any questions I may have. My head is spinning with what I should be asking but if anyone could pass on from their experience things I should be bringing up I would be grateful. Thanks The Hippo
  15. Hi I came across this information today and thought it may be of interest to you– I apologise if it is a duplication. NEDA - CALL for immigration cases relating to people with disability applying for residence in Australia or refugee protection We need your help – deadline 31 January 2011. Please spread this CALL broadly to all your networks. This call is distributed on behalf of the following organisations: Australian Federation of Disability Organisations AFDO Canberra Multicultural Community Forum Federation of Ethnic Community Councils of Australia FECCA National Ethnic Disability Alliance NEDA People with Disability Australia PWDA Settlement Council of Australia The above organisations met with Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen, in mid November 2010 to discuss the report and recommendations of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration Inquiry into migration with disability. The meeting demonstrated that there is a window of opportunity to convince the Government to change the current process and parameters for assessing people with disability when applying for migration to Australia or refugee protection. We now need to present the Government with as many cases as possible – those that have been rejected on the basis of the applicant with disability and those with a member of the family with disability. We also want to hear about the cases that you know about where the application has not yet been lodged, i.e. prior to rejection. All cases require consent from the applicant. The information can be sent to office@neda.org.au where the information will be collated and passed on to the Minister’s office. This call is open until 31 January 2011. For any queries contact Sibylle on 0407 878 933. Please spread this CALL broadly to all your networks
  16. I've noticed on a couple of threads that there are a few people relocating (or have relocated) to Brisbane this year. I thought that it would be good if all those relocating (or those already relocated) could sign-up to this thread so that we can all keep tabs on each other and - in the not too distant future - meet-up in Brisbane? We're flying out to Brisbane on 27 July 2010 and will be looking to live in or around the Kenmore / The Gap / Sinnamon Park / Chapel Hill / Ashgrove areas. Matt (34), Sharon (34), Jacob (5), Isobel (21 months)
  17. Guest

    Don't Call Me Shirley.

    One brilliant actor died today, the great Leslie Neilson. Not everyones cup of tea I know, but he delivered one of the BEST oneliners ever, see below. YouTube - Don't call me Shirley No matter what you think the bloke has left behind a quote that will live forever.:notworthy::notworthy: Cheers Tony:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:
  18. Guest

    call India?

    Hey people, could you suggest a good way to call India cheap from the UK?
  19. Hi everyone, I already use skype but not everyone has it at home and it's not always convenient to do it. I've gathered that phonecards are the cheapest way of calling the UK, 3 questions :- What's the best value phonecard at the moment? Can you call UK mobiles reasonably? Can you call the UK using a phonecard from an OZ mobile or does it have to be a landline? Hopefully there's a few of you out there that will be able to advise. Thanks, Mike
  20. Guest

    Got the phone call...

    Got the phone call at 9 this morning and cant stop smiling so happy i think i have just about told the world and his sister so if you havent heard we got our visa this morning so roll on perth :biglaugh: Loving it yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  21. shaza

    Should I call??

    :wacko:I was thinking of phoning direct to DIAC and/or Visa processing centre because like everyone else im fed up waiting and just hoping for a little bit of news to boost us. I feel like im just pacing the floor and cant make any future plans just incase our visa comes. Has anyone had any joy phoning direct or is it a waste of time? Who exactly do I call? We have a SS for Queensland and still waiting to be told to have meds. Any advice please?? Thanks x
  22. I have just had a phone call today to tell me that I am now offically a Permanent Resident. After being knocked back from a job yesterday, this has cheered me up a bit. Hopefully trying to get a job will be eaiser.
  23. Hi anyone know of any 5 aside football on Mornington Peninsula area or close by? :cool:
  24. kellyjamie

    how to call 1800 from the UK??

    Hi all, can anyone tell me what codes to use to be able to call a toll free 1800 number in Oz from the UK? Cheers K&J
  25. what is the better way to call diac? earlier I was connecting through a conference call but these days I cannot do that.. Will skype worksout well? anyone tried that out???I am finding skype to be little expensive! or is there any other service providers provides cheaper than skype?? urgent pls! thanks for your time.