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Found 12 results

  1. Godwin Bright

    Cake decorator looking for sponsorship

    Hi am a professional cake artist and cake instructor with over six years of professional working experience. Presently managing a cake company as a head chef....Most companies i applied to like my jobs very much but not willing to sponsor. Pls how can I get sponsorship.
  2. Hi there, We've been here a few years and met some amazing people through this fantastic site before, but over time people have left to go back to the UK or circumstances have changed. I would love to meet some new people for chats over tea/coffee and cake or wine, go to the movies, hang out in a park or at the beach etc. Whether you are new here or been here a while, then please get in touch! I live in Lane Cove but happy to meet wherever is convenient. Thanks for reading this far! Sarah
  3. Guest

    Chocolate Peppermint Cake

    I baked this yesterday. To get an idea how it tastes like, imagine After Eights as glaze over 4 layers of cake with a mousse filling in between... all infused with minty goodness. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  4. Hi everyone, I have just read Angel Cake, and Ali(moderator) has just also made a new thread about this book I suggested to her. Any of you who are interested the author is above with the book title. Cathy Cassidy also has a website, so if you are also interested in her other books which include some moving, just visit her website. And if you want to read the book and finish, just give me feedback and tell me how the book was. I am sure you will love it. From Princessoftheworld20 :biggrin::wink:
  5. Is that the saying???? Anyway, recently some relatives emigrated to OZ and they are now feeling low because they feel they have been forgotten about by Friends over here (UK). My questions is...should we expect to tell people we are leaving them, moving over the other side of the world, but still expect them to be there for us? When we leave/have left there will be a huge hole in their lives, and while the person moving is going to please themselves and their family, the people left behind will be greiving for the person gone....so is it fair to expect contact etc, when they may just be trying to get on with THEIR lives??? I dont' know how i will feel, i know now i think that if they have decided to make the move they can't expect friends to always be their at the drop of a hat, when in effect the people who have moved will be making new friends. But in the same respect, i don't know if i would feel like this when i move. I dunno... Opinion's below:
  6. Guest

    Clueless Cake Decorating Newbie

    Hi, I am a self employed cake decorator (30yrs old) and have city & guilds level1 Confectionery, level 1 Sugar Modelling and level 2 Sugar Decoration. Is this enough to emigrate? Or do I need to complete the patisserie & confectionery course I am looking at and then gain some on the job experience as a pastry chef? I also have two young children, ages 3yrs and 7 months. This is still an idea in it's very early days so any advice would be appreciated.
  7. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> With the threads on burqas, Bin Laden and others I’m wondering if some want the cake and be able to eat it as well. It seems that some want the burqa banned for all number of reasons, but in all honesty is it the right thing to do? Once you allow a freedom to be taken away, what’s next? It’s the same as people burning a flag as a protest, or having some Muslims protesting when a dead soldier comes home. Personally I don’t agree with it and think it’s an evil thing to do, but it’s part of our freedom to be able to do those things. There are plenty of ways to skin a cat without taking away our rights. <o:p> </o:p> Some say, well we couldn’t do that in their country! Well no we couldn’t, but we can do it in ours and that’s why our countries are great. But once we start banning things because we don’t like them are we any better? We send our soldiers off to war to fight for ours and others freedom, when what we are saying is do as we say not as we do. <o:p> </o:p> It’s the same as Bin Laden, most will agree he was an evil man, but shotting someone in cold blood because he done the same to others doesn’t make it right. We have a system in place to deal with these types of people. Once it becomes OK to take someone else’s life what’s next? The governments have put process in place to deal with these situations, and for whatever reason they are not following them. What happens when we don’t follow the rules?
  8. Guest

    Wedding cake

    I kept the top tier of my wedding cake (from many moons ago). I will never eat it but would be upset if I had to bin it. Can I take it with me to OZ? Mandy
  9. My little girl turns on june 9th need to sort out a bday cake for her. had i been in england still granny wouldve made one but as Im not I need to find somewhere i can buy one from as I am USELESS at making cakes!!! thanks
  10. johnd

    cake recipie???

    hi all, i think moving to oz is a bit like baking a cake.....stay with me i'm not on drugs!!!.....for example i'm a modern man and i try to do things my fathers generation wouldnt, ie, experiment in the kitchen,being more of a house husband at times, and yes trying to bake a cake. you get the recipie, get the ingredients, mix together, pre heat oven , bake , and it comes out.........well it comes out flat, or burnt or collapses. just like moving to oz ...for me anyway. id done my research as i'd lived here before, we used pio a lot for other research. got in touch with relatives about work/possible support, got the visas, arrived got a home/jobs/pets/tvs/furniture etc. joined a local rugby club. so far so good...but just like the cake its all flopped, we just dont feel like we belong here. its no-ones fault and we have taken the positives out of this and recognised the negatives. i have realised my wife is a much stronger person than me, i have also treat her shabbily at times, which i will make up for!!. we have got homes for our pets, we are selling everything off. moving here has made us both realise we took our families for granted. what must have they been going through when we wouldnt shut up about our new live in oz, i would have probably told myself to shut up. i have realised that i have a need in my life and that is my old rugby club. i used to feel that i was hiding away from the real world being there, and playing rugby was a way of papering over the cracks of my life,(in that i am not a professional person just a drone!), but now i look back and think my life in the uk was bloody good. oz is a wonderful place and if you are the right type of person who can adapt here .....well paradise on earth. i am unfortunatley not like that,but at least i know what i'm happy with, moving here has made me realise that sometimes the happiness we all look for is right at your door. i dont like people who knock oz or the uk for no reason, playfully is ok, give reasons why you dont like somewhere. its funny as i have just read a post about unfriendly brits in uk, when i go jogging/walking in my oz suburb not many peole say hello, my wife says when she goes out everyone does say hi, and when im with her this seems to be true...then my wife isnt a 6 ft rugby player with a bald head, never thought i would look threatning .....as i am such a softy!!...ha,ha! i am really looking forward to being at my old rugby club......just thought i would share my thoughts.........p.s i reckon i would do it all again, most interesting 2 and half years of my life and i'll be an oz citizen to boot....cant be bad!
  11. Who is up for a coffee, cake and a good old chat in the Berwick area. Only been here 5 weeks but could do with meeting and making friends. :yes: Sarah
  12. Calling all desperate housewives (ok, so that's just me then????). As some of you already know, Leanne has just had her "coming out" party (:biglaugh:) and is now going to be a Tupperware demonstrator. I'm having a tupperware party for her at 10am on Friday 13th March for anyone who is interested in coming along. Coffee, tea and cake (might be shop bought though, not sure if I can stretch to the home-made stuff !!!!) Hope to see some of the usual crew there, and if there is anyone else who fancies coming along for a chat and to meet new friends then you'd be very welcome. We're a lovely bunch, honest!!! I'm in Upper Coomera, if you send me a PM I will forward on my address details. Cara