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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Not sure if anyone else has ran in to this problem. But you can only pick up from quanretine between 9am and 11am on thuer release date. My dogs release date is this Friday, but my husband has just managed to secure a job today (starting tomorrow) so we are very stuck!! Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone have any advice as this system seems really restrivtive for people who work!! Ta Lisa x
  2. Guest

    Experiences at Byford Quarantine

    I wondered if anyone else had had a bad experience at Byford? I noticed the post by another lady who dog had developed a hoarse balk - I remember your dog - who was almost opposite mine. My dog Flo arrived there in October in poor condition from the flight (she lost nearly 3kg of her 29kg) and proceeded to become very ill. She is now OK but the experience before her visit and during it was really unpleasant for me and her. The staff are a real mix, the ones in charge are not the pleasantest of people, but the helpers try there best. In essence, and I know this is a generalisation but it reflects my experience, they seem to be more concerned with paper work than the welfare of the animals. Quite officious too and talked down to you. Yet even the paperwork was badly handled. Flo is on medication (Metacam and Cosequin DS) for arthritis and we organised this well in advance to be made available at the station. My husband, who was in Oz before me and Flo, ordered and hand delivered the Cosequin and arranged for a vet to visit her on the day of her arrival to dispense the metacam. It was important she got this asap to avoid her stiffening up. Anyway she arrived extremely stiff but they made her wait until the next day before giving her metacam! I was furious as by now she was very creeky as the vet described her.Other things happened aswell, for example, just before we shipped her we got a real officious email, via our shippers (Golden Arrow who are great) saying that what was Cosequin ( we'd already been in and given it to them and explained it all!) and they could not possibly arrange to have her anal glands expressed (we had not even asked them to arrange this!), and what was the special food she needed (already ordered and sent to them!). The list goes on. By the time she got there we were unimpressed but it got worse. She was severely dehydrated and got a tummy upset. They did not bother to ring us- instead our vet called us to let her know she was very ill. Our dog has a food allergy and this seemed to be almost a source of amusement to one senior member of staff, and generally there seemed to be a lack of understanding of the difference between carbohydrate and protein. They even had the wrong information on her chart on the door - wrong dog food (not even available in Australia) and wrong allergy details.. Exercise provision has become perverse. Unbeknown to us and Golden Arrow, they have now instigated a week confined to the kennel after arrival. Also, visiting is 3 days per week,but two weeks into Flo's stay they announced that you could only use the exercise runs two of those three days. The explanation was that other dogs needed to be given a chance to exercise - fine we thought, that seems fair. But this turned out to be nonense. What actually happened was that at least three exercise runs remained unused each day (on my count), yet owners and dog walkers were there, with their pets, ready to use them. I and a pair of dog walkers pleaded to be allowed to use them, and exercise our poor couped up dogs, but the woman in charge refused. Even the nice helpers could not see the logic and tried their best to get this irrational decision changed. This we thought was totally unacceptable - dogs, especially with arthritis, need to encouraged to move around for the good of their health. Also our dog resisted relieving herself on the concrete of the run as she is house trained. We found her distressed and bursting some days and they would not let us take her out. Fortunately the nice helpers helped out but I won't say more in case it gets them in to trouble (seemed that sort of a place). Other owners and dog walkers also seemed to be unimpressed with the place these days, that it has changed for the worst in the last few months due to a change of management. One guy's dog was passing blood but (he says) they had not noticed. He noticed it when visiting, the dog ended up in the Murdoch vetinary hospital at a cost of around $1000 per day. The irony of it was that there he was allowed to visit his dog whenever he liked for as long as he liked! I wouldn't put my dog through this again, I just don't trust them to do the right thing, and I dreaded going there some days, rather than looked forward to it. Any one else concered?
  3. Scarby

    Picked up our dog from Byford!!

    Hi, Our Golden Retreiver has just spent 4 weeks in Byford and we have just picked him up today, he looks great and is in really good condition so they have obviously looked after him well, the staff were lovely, just wanted to reassure anyone about to put their pets into quarantine, he is now settling in to his new home as if we had never been apart from him! Celia
  4. Guest

    English Bulldog in Byford

    Hi everybody my husband and I are moving to Perth in February and we have a miniature english bulldog. We are now in Jordan however(with my husbands job) my poor baby is staying at her daycare/kennels in Dubai as we don't want her to spent the full time in Byford and Jordan is not AQIS approved. We are waiting for a reply from a particular airline for special permission to fly her as Dubai to Perth is only 10 hours direct. If not I will go to Dublin and meet her there spend 2 weeks at home with her then she has to go half way around the world! Anyway I am freaking out because of 1. the flight and 2. no AC in Byford? I really would like to know if anybody has had a brach breed in Byford in the hotter months? She is super fit 1 year old and 17kg and my only child who I worry about so much. All this stress is better than any diet! I am freaking out!
  5. Guest

    Byford - SOR help!

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on for ages as I have been to busy trying to secure a rental NOR (pool included) but have not had much luck. OH has secured a job SOR so now looking at rentals there. I am looking for some feedback on Byford, whats it like, good schools, community feel etc. Any feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, our Golden Retreiver is arriving at Byford in a few weeks time, my husband has got to do a college course as soon as we arrive so I will have to visit Murphy on my own, can anyone tell me if it is a problem if you have children with you when you visit? Thanks Celia
  7. paulswin

    Byford booking????????????

    Hi guys looking to ship my dog next April 1-2 months after we're there! How much notice do you need to give Byford to book quarentine? Do I book the flight first or does the pet carrier arrange everything to tie in??
  8. Hello, I noticed when I done an Internet search on Byford there was a very bad review from this website from last year. :shocked: It put the fear of god in me and put me off bringing my boys with us! Has anyone got any recent experiences of moving to Perth with their dogs to put some owners minds at rest. Alternatively any bad experiences would be welcome as I would prefer the truth. Thanks in advance Nicky x
  9. Guest

    Current waiting times - Byford

    Does anyone know what they are just now. I was told about a month ago that they were not busy for October when we go. At the minute my dog is in the Vet Hospital in Glasgow and is hopefully on the mend and should be home tomorrow but it could take a while for him to build up again (lost 11 kgs since Feb). We are going to wait about a month to see how he gets on before we think about booking him in. Just wondered how late we could wait as I know Perth is small and can fill up quick. Mandy
  10. davet19650

    byford waiting times

    Hi Does any body know the waiting time to get a dog into quaratine at byford cheers