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Found 22 results

  1. :arghh: Hi..:arghh: Can anyone give me any feed back (based on experience) weather it's best to move nearly all your belongings to OZ ... or to enter OZ with mainly personal belongings. We are in i dilemma as to start from scratch again (apart from sentimental things) or just move every thing based on a standard 3 bedroom house.Some of the furniture kinda needs replacing anyway But how have those got on with just going out with personal items by renting a house with hardly no furniture.Or have you rented a house then gone out and bought everything you need?Cause some of us women like to have nearly all new when moving anyway. :laugh: Is there anyone out there that has come up against this? Any help is most appreciated:)
  2. http://news.discovery.com/autos/new-car-engine-sends-shockwaves-through-auto-industry-110405.html Again, this is the kind of innovations a carbon tax could theoretically promote...... if the industry had a serious will to play along and consumers put an appropriate pressure...
  3. whoiam

    Need to get a life

    I really need to get a life. Bye for now--- got to get the kids some breakfast!
  4. Guest

    Sleepy Bye Byes.

    OK, strange question (and lets keep it clean, :biglaugh:) but what (if anything) do you think about just before you enter the land of Nod Nod,:SLEEP:. I can sleep anywhere, and I mean anywhere, give me a horizontal surface and I will fall asleep, BUT. It often takes me an hour or two to finally fall asleep, always been the same, never been able to climb between the covets and go off like a light. Loads of things go through my mind, completely random most of the time, but I often lie there contemplating many things and conundrums before I am anywhere near to falling asleep. To be honest I enjoy it as well, gives me a chance to think things through and try and sort stuff out,:yes:. I won't go into detail, but the vast majority of the time I thread on here what I thought about the night before,:goofy::biglaugh:, so I guess you could imagine what I think about. But what, if anything do you think about, get as personal as you like,:embarrassed::no:, funny, serious, entertaining. PS. The only place I go off like a light is on board an aircraft, no other thoughts except for what I am going to do in Australia, but this is an expensive substitute for sleep, so can't do it too often,:cry::cry: Cheers Tony.
  5. bennyboy

    Saying good bye is looming

    Hi everyone, Why is it when on occassions such as Mother's Day or family Birthdays' etc..... these are the times when sitting across the table from your mother-in-law/father-in-law after a nice dinner, you look at her and think i am taking your son away from you next year-wonder what she really thinks when we a re all together? Should we make the most of it and plan more meals as a family together? Suddenly i am feeling racked with guilt. But it's going to happen eventually so i just think of our new life on Oz and the guilt goes away. OR DOES IT?? Has anyone had these feelings when you have been with family and are having a good time, then you start to think are we really doing the right thing? Can we really leave family/friends etc and start all over again with making new friends etc....even if you have family in Oz that will help you settle. I hate the thought of saying good bye to nearest and dearest, but when i'm not with family i don't think of the guilt, my o/h is waiting for partner visa to be grantd (applied in Feb and have been told won't hear until at least Jul) so i know when he get's it the excitement really starts!!!!! Any way, sorry for the rambling on but just like to know what other people feel at times whilst waiting to make the move?:hug: Cheers
  6. Well I am on the final countdown, less than 2 days to go until we fly back home to Canada. I just wanted to let you know, that I won't be on PIO very much in the forthcoming months, as I will be busy settling back into my old life in Canada. It has been just under 3 years since I first joined PIO. I stumbled upon this site, as there were no real sites for Canadians emigrating to Australia. I wanted to say a big thank you to Gill (Gollywobbler) who was a godsend to me during my inital stages of migration. I also wanted to thank some people who have become friends to me during the past 3 years... KP Nuts, Stockies, Tracy 123, Sioux and many others, I was also lucky enough to meet some of my cyber friends in real life (Keily and Kangaroo Bruce). I have enjoyed my past 2 years in Australia, even though I have experienced highs and lows living here. I will be taking back wonderful memories of my time here, including see the Indian Ocean for the first time, having around 20 kangaroos on my property each night. I have experienced high temps of over 40 degrees and have never felt so cold like I did in the winter here (I felt colder here than Canada lol). Even though my time in Australia has come to an end, I will always have a piece of Australia in my heart. I have found the Australian people very welcoming and have made lots of friends (lots of them want to come and visit me in Canada lol). I will post an update in a few months to let you know how I am making out with my old life in Canada. To anyone who is just embarking on their Australian Adventure I wish you well and to the returnees who are moving back home, I wish you all the best. I am now very much looking forward to seeing family and friends back in Canada. So its not goodbye, but see you in a while. Cheers Karen
  7. Guest

    New Minister for Immigration

    How sad am I? Well he's gone...just waiting for new immigration minister....and it is.... Chris Bowen??
  8. Guest


    This will be my final post on here and i wish you all Good Luck with whatever you want to do, My Thanks to all members , Mods and Rob, Gail xx
  9. PommyPaul

    bye bye sunny coast

    well i've got to say i'm pretty sad to say goodbye to the sunny coast after 19 months here! I really got to know the area and the scenery, beaches, fishing etc never even remotely got boring.... but if you can't find work and savings are dwindling you have to do something. Am booked into ye olde lodge in toowoomba tonight and then will slowly make my way south to the snowy mountains. :jiggy:
  10. johnd

    bye ,bye wollongong!

    left wollongong in feb, went back to the north east uk, couldnt be happier....my advice is if you want to live in oz dont pick the wollongong region....prob because its too much like the uk.....unemployment ,crime etc,etc....but each to their own....i know where i want to be....bye,bye wollongong!
  11. Guest

    bye for now!!!

    well - my time has come (almost). its two weeks until we leave Perth/Australia and head back to the UK. We have a few last minute trips planned and I am going to visit friends and generally see out the last bit of our time in australia in holiday mode. so I wont be online much for the next few weeks. So to all those planning your escape - I hope everything goes the way you want it and you manage to get the hell out of here. to those who are wondering - should i stay or should i go back? - i feel worse for you as it is a hellish place to be emotionally. easier if you hate the place. but life is too short and too fragile to spend it in a place that makes you unhappy and unfulfilled (unless you have no option in which case you need to make the best of it). me - I will shed tears of happiness when I get on that plane back home. i cannot wait to get back to the land of the living and leave this bland, boring, nothingy place and live in the real world again. to those of you who love it here - I am truely happy for you - well done for managing to settle happily into your 'new' land and i hope it continues to work out well for you all. TO EVERYONE - here's to the next 10 years and as my granny used to say - "lang may yer lum reek!!" - or long may your chimney smoke - which is basically scottish for wishing you a long, happy and prosperous life to you all :hug:
  12. neilo

    bye england!

    we leave sunday for brisbane-so excited-but sad at saying the goodbyes. good luck to all of you waiting to get your visa we started in feb 08 and it been emotional but worth it. will keep in touch with PIO!:wink:
  13. hi,we have lived in springwood(south brisbane)for the last 2 years but are now moving 2 redcliffe in 6 weeks,the thing is we have 200,000 from the sale of out unit,we dont know if we should invest it for 6 months and rent to see how we like it,or just put it straight into a house???any idea how u think the house prices will go in redcliffe over the nxt 6 months???i hate not knowing what to do...please help any 1...thanx...:twitcy:
  14. Guest

    Bye for now....

    Hey... Decided I'm going to take a break from PIO for a while (at least from posting) I've probably got better things to do and my family hate me being tied to the PC- got to give them a chance too... I think there's a lot of politics on here (as always!) but it goes in peaks and troughs and seem to be peaking just now. There's a lot of goading and nastiness and its easy to bite and get involved (I control it mostly but other times not so easy)...what a waste of time and energy....I think I'm losing sight of what the forum is good for... I'll still be lurking from time to time and no doubt will be back to post in the future....Its just getting a bit much for now so I'll take time out I think. Good luck to you all and catch up soon xxxxxxx:cool:
  15. Guest

    Hi and Bye

    :arghh:Cant believe it is here already, we are off on our reccie trip on Saturday so my next post will be in the reports. Heres hoping we like it although the visa problem seems to get worse im sure we will get there in the end. Speak to you all post trip BYE!!!!!!
  16. Well what a weekend we've had! On their Australian and NZ tour,Mrs & Mrs Armchairdetective (I'll shorten to TADC now)flew over here to Adelaide to see us for a few days. Our friendship started 10 years ago when we bumped into each other on an old Usenet forum.After that we were always bumping into each other on forums. Knowing they wanted to meet up and have a peek at Adelaide we threw open the doors of Tyke Towers - we've never met but knew they would be lovely people. Well we were not wrong. We've had a ball,not stop yakking,going out and drinking. We all went out on the boat on Saturday,very busy at the launch ramp and perfect,calm conditions.Mrs TADC was the only one of us to catch a fish - a one eyed Pufferfish,sure it just committed suicide but don't tell here that:biglaugh: On our return the dolphins decided to show up,so lucky to see then - camera clicking away like mad. Boy was it busy when we returned to get our boat out at the ramp.Must admit I lost my temper with two women who pushed in front of the 18 boats waiting politely - my first case of "Ramp rage" - they deserved it though! Had a great get together on Sat night here at home, just a small bunch of us so Mr & Mrs TADC could meet everyone ( sorry to everyone else we all know).Ended up the wrong end of a lot of port and staggered to bed at around 2.am. Sunday saw us having a drive around the center of Adelaide and then in the afternoon a drive along the beaches of South Adelaide.A couple of calls to do a spot of wine tasting too! Sun night was lovely- we went down to the Victory Hotel for a great meal (highly recommend it) and watched the sun go down. Well,they are off on an adventure on the Great Ocean Road now,just seen them off this morning. Wish we'd have had more time together but they are covering a lot of miles here. Once again,a pleasure to meet Mr & Mrs TADC,we thoroughly enjoyed their company. I know they are quite taken by South Australia know. Who knows - they might be back.................................
  17. But only for a little while, you can't get rid off me that easily.. Well as you know we move into our long term rental on Tuesday, and as yet we haven't sorted out the internet connection, so going to be off line for a while, but if Mr KP has anything to do with it, it won't be for long, he can't be without FB for too long. So good bye, and good luck to all those people leaving the UK in the next few weeks, good luck to those still waiting for your visa's, medicals, police checks and TRA's. Oh and did I mention, I've got to do the school run tomorrow...:yes::yes: KP Nuts
  18. nikci

    Good bye to KP nutters!!!

    Hiya All, Just wanted to wish Kim and family all the best when they leave for Oz tomorrow. Kim has been a real help to so many people, always trying to help and offer advice and I for one shall miss chatting to her on Skype!!! Needless to say I will continue to pick your brains !!!:yes: Am expecting all the news and gos when you get to sunny Oz and hopefully we will catch up on skype now and again!! Thanks for all your help Kim and happy landings!!! Am super excited for you but also a wee bit green with envy :wideeyed:!!! Lots of luck!!! Nikci xxxxxxxxxx
  19. Guest

    bye bye for now

    Well guys this will be my last post for a while as i am setting off to Perth tomorrow morning and should arrive UK time at 6.30am Thursday 11th Sept. Its been a blast, thanks to you all who have helped me through this part of my adventure to OZ. I shall be back asap with my news, meanwhile MISS YOU ALL ALREADY. Be good to each other. Billy get better soon sweety. Yvonne and Paul see you on the beach. Mark thanks for tonight the earth moved for me !!! Geoffrey thanks for the laughs and Earlswood i will seek you out in Perth........so watch this space. To those i haven't mentioned , too many off you, thanks for your support etc you know who you are. Bye for now, love and hugs Karen K XXX
  20. Guest

    the good bye's

    hello to all just a quicky we are off on wednesday to our new life we fly out from heathrow to brisbane for 3 months then down to melbourne. I still cant belive its here we have been planning this for 2 years and now its 2 days away!!!! we have said most of our good bye's its so hard, just said good bye to my friend of 30 years! I was crying she was crying our kids were crying!!! we are having dinner with my dad tomorrow, I cant get my head around saying goodbye to him its going to be tough. Im trying to keep positive and focased on this decision we have made, ?I know its whats best for us an our children but the guilt I have taking them away from their friends and family is awful. SANDWICH BAGS!!!!! ?Well the packers were great they packed everything!! including the kids sandwich bags for the pack lunches!! so 9 oclock at night I phone my best friend and ask if she can drop us round some sandwich bags(we sold our car last week) 10 mins later around she came with the sandwich bags and it made me cry!! I mean how long does it take to build a frienship with someone when you can phone them and ask for sandwich bags! its really scary leaving this support networt we hwve. Now Im sure this sounds all very emotional but I really am SO VERY EXCITED about going and I know we are doing the right thing its just this bit is really hard, once Im on that plane with a martini in my hand all will be fine. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone on POM's for all your help and support you have all been amazing THANK YOU ALL. Ill be off line for a few days but will be checking in once we get to Brisbane speak soon peppa. x
  21. I just wanted to tell you all how much i love my Mark He sold his much loved, very precious Motor bike today (VTR 1000 Firestorm). He is a very sad, Heart broken Man. We hope to be ready to go to OZ this time nx yr and wanted to sell it now incase nx summer it doesn't sell for the right price, and then we are stuck with it before we leave. Also i bought it for his 30th bday, and i think he felt he could use the money to get me something special for mine. (of course there is no need,... just the one Diamond will do) but it does mean we can put it in the Aus fund. Thanks Mark Leanne xxxx
  22. Guest

    Good Bye UK - Wake up call

    Hi All It is now only 6 weeks and 5 days until we leave the UK forever. Scared, yes, regrets none, excited, very much, flying, petrified, I guess it is easier knowing I do not have to fly back. Just want to wish anyone out there waiting for that all important news ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD. Missiemo