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Found 9 results

  1. I have applied for Contributory Parent Visa for my parents last year and they are currently on Bridging A. i am planning to apply for Bridging B as they need to travel. I have the below queries related to the application. 1. In the Application form, Question 6 , Class of Visa currently held should i specify the Bridging visa A details or should i mention the previously held visitor visa details?. 2. They are planning to travel to India (between feb - mar 2022) to visit extented family and then travel to the US (jul - dec 2022) to visit my sister and her family later in the year. In between those travel they will be back in Australia. Can i add both these travel details in my current application by adding an additional sheet for Q 12. (which asks about intended travel details)
  2. Hi, Does anyone have any experience with BVBs being granted during the pandemic and how long was it granted? For family reasons I need to return to the UK and am prepared to stay there for the remainder of the year as international travel looks to be unlikely for 2021. I am currently on BVA while awaiting a decision on my 820. I wouldnt want the BVB to expire while im abroad and cause difficulties getting back into the country so I'm wondering how likely it would be that the immigration department would grant a 1 year BVB which would hopefully give enough time for the international travel to kick in again. Thank you in advanced for any information!
  3. Hi, I applied for an 801 visa about 16 months ago but during the waiting my wife was offered a 2 year secondment in the US. We moved and I got a BVB. I was planning to come back in September 2020 to reapply for a BVB to cover more of our time outside of the US but due to Covid I haven't been able to make it back. Is there any advice on what I should be doing or what I should do when travel restrictions are lifted to make sure I don't jeopardise my 801 visa. Thank you for any help!!
  4. Hey there! I would really love some clarification on a couple things please.. have a tricky situation and next to no straight answers My partner is in Australia on a Philippines passport currently on his student 500 visa which expires on the 15th of March.. and allows travel. We are intending on extending his stay in Australia with the post graduate 485 visa after this.. HOWEVER, before he planned on applying for the 485 visa we booked a holiday to Bali for two weeks which he was then intending on going home.. things have now changed and we have a bit of tricky navigation to get there first.. His visa expires the 15th of March, we intend to leave for Bali the 13th of March BUT his course doesn't finish until the 10th of March meaning we cannot apply for the 485 visa and bridging visa B until successful course completion.. this gives us a tiny 3 day window between visa application submission and a 5 day window between submission and visa expiry.. My main question is, can he leave the country on his student visa and then have the bridging visa approved while in Bali or should we wait and change travel arrangements until bvb is all approved? If anyone knows how the system generally works that would be amazing!! Thankyou!
  5. StephanieMAry

    BVB - Bridging visa B

    Hi Everyone, I applied for a BVB but the online lodgement did'nt work so I did a paper application. I posted it a month ago and haven;t heard back from them. I'm flying back to Europe in 6 weeks so I'm a bit worried that i won't have it in time. Maybe it got lost in the post. How do i know that they received it? Is it normal that i haven't heard from them yet? Would be highly appreciated if someone knows more about it. Thanks xx
  6. Hi all, My Victoria SS has been successfully, so can now apply for a 190 visa. However, I'm due to travel back to the UK shortly and need clarification regarding the travel limitations. If I apply now, will a bridging visa B be required before I can re-enter the country (even though my current 457 has not expired)? I'm seeing lots of conflicting information online with either: Upon 190 application, I will be granted a bridging visa (A) and even though my 457 has not expired, I will still require a bridging visa B in to re-enter. As my 457 has not expired, I will stay on the 457 and the bridging visa A will just remain inactive - meaning I can still re-enter as per the usual 457 rules If anyone is able to clear this up then that would be great. Also, when it says you have 60 days to apply from invitation, does that mean I can start the application now, but it just needs to submitted within 60 days? As from starting the application to completion, are there any limitations on travel? Thanks
  7. Guest

    Need advise for BVB! :S

    Hi, I'm just looking for a bit of advice from anyone who knows anything about the Bridging Visa B. I am currently on a Bridging Visa A whilst the Sydney office are processing my application for a De-facto Visa. I have been with my partner for 18 months and the De-facto visa application was submitted in April 2011, I have contacted the office recently to find out the processing time. They told me as they are 12 months behind it could take until April 2012 :arghh: In July 2011 I obtained a BVB to return home to the U.K for my brothers engagement, I had no problems with this and simply filled in the 1006 application and was granted the visa. However I am now wanting to return home again for the Christmas period and was wondering if it would be difficult to obtain another BVB? My sister has recently had a baby and got quite ill afterwards, although she is now on the mend my family are wanting a family Christmas all together and I want to go and meet my new neice in person:cute: Would this be classed as a valid reason? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I am from Sri Lanka. I have been living in Melbourne on student visa. One month ago, I finished my course and applied for Temporary Residency (Graduate Visa - 485 subclass) just last week. So I am on Bridging visa A now. In about 2 months time, I have to go to Sri Lanka to get married. Marriage, honeymoon everything will take around 6 weeks. Now if I go to the immigration department in Melbourne and mention this, WILL IT BE A VALID REASON to grant Bridging Visa B? :cry: What kind of proof will they require? How long will they take to grant visa? How soon should I apply for this Visa? Thanks everyone.
  9. leafcat

    BVC to BVB

    hi, I've been told that I might get a bridging visa C instead of A. Is it possible to apply for a Bridging visa B whilst on a bridging visa C? Any answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!