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Found 13 results

  1. LisaRich

    First Time Buyer Mortgages

    Hi everyone, Just wanted some idea of how the first time buyer mortgages work in australia. We will be renting to start with but hope to buy after a few years. We think that our budget would be $350,000 maximum, do banks offer deals with only a 5% deposit?? Hope someone may be able to shed any light on this. Many thanks
  2. I've heard that new PR's are offered a lump sum payment as an incentive when buying their first home. Is this correct? And if so how much (WA) is the incentive and how soon after you arrive do you have to buy to qualify for the payment? Thanks for reading!
  3. supermatt

    Help - First Time Car Buyer

    Hi all, So my partner and I moved out to Sydney 2 months ago and am looking at buying a car. But, the only time I've ever been a car owner in my life is when I bought an old Fiat for my last couple of years at Uni and paid cash for it... Apart from that I've used hire cars and public transport all the way. Anyway, we'd like to buy a car as I think it'll make life easier, but have no idea where to start. Where can I compare prices, how do I decide between new vs second hand and how do I finance buying a car (I can't afford to buy one outright). Does anyone have any useful advice for me? I guess I'd like to see if I can get something decent for around the $10,000 mark. Matt
  4. just trying to get my head around a lot of things. is there still a grant available to first time house buyers? heading out in 2011. Was going to rent for the first 6 months then take the plunge and buy property. just wondering if there is still assistance and what the timescales are. Thanks
  5. I have been trying to find out whether being an MCIPS qualified buyer a recognised qualification and job role to enter oz..cant seem to find anything on the immi website etc..i have the qualifications and around 8 years worth of experience in both private and public sector, I would have thought that this would count for something!..any help please is much appreciated:wacko:
  6. My partner is considering buying a house in Sydney (nearer to the city as he can get) but we can't really find anything suitable on the market for the two of us plus our dog. Having a dog means we need a garden, and there isn't really much out there it seems. We don't really want to pay a million bucks for a house, and don't mind living about an hours commute outside of the city, as he plans to work in the CBD and I plan on going to study at UNSW. His parents will be putting in some money towards to house (for investment purposes) but I was just curious to know if we would be better off getting a home and land package? I've seen prices quoted for as little as $187k for a 4 bed 2 bath house (although we probably wouldn't need a place that big!)...but there is nothing about the extra costs involved (land, and other fees). I'm completely new to this, so I was wondering if anyone could explain how it works? Of course, I am just curious as I don't even know if we can find home and land packages in Sydney! See...I'm completely clueless! Cheers :confused:
  7. Hi all I've noticed that there are some mortgage advisors out there so if anyone can help I would love some advice regarding mortgage approvals. My wife and I (I'm the Aussie, she's the Welshy) are moving to Sydney in the next couple of months from London and after an initial renting period will be looking to buy our first house together. Neither of us have ever owned a house so getting a mortgage secured seems quite a daunting prospect at the moment. 1 - I'm an Aussie citizen but she will be on a 309 spouse visa - does this effect our chances of getting a mortgage? 2 - What would be the typical deposit % a lender would need? 3 - How long would we need to have been working in permanent employment before they would approve a mortgage? 4 - Is there a rough guide of salary multipliers for how much we could borrow? Thank you in advance to anyone that can help us! Cheers
  8. Guest

    We have a cash buyer.

    Whilst validating our visas in South Australia - 13th Aug - 3rd Sept - we have a cash buyer for our house. He viewed the property when we were away. Its a good offer, not far off the asking price - so didnt make too much of an advantage the fact we are moving out to Australia! Surveyor came on Monday - keeping our fingers X that everything goes through quickly. South Australia is very pretty. We loved it. Hired a fantastic cottage in Glenelg. I would recommend it to anyone. Home from home with everything in and very close to everything. Hoping things are looking up for us. :hug:
  9. Guest

    Have a buyer.....

    Right, I wasn't too sure about posting because I know the situation with houses and really didn't feel like bragging about it because it's so hard for everyone.... the offer has been made (what we asked) and pending some information I am after we will accept, however I have some questions I need some advice/input with.... so please bear with me... 1. The house, we put it on with WH (effin ****e) Brown, been on for 3 months, they did nothing, we chased all phone calls to drop price, started at £140k, emails which they ignored etc etc, you get my drift. When we signed (12 week contract) it was a fixed rate of £2,400 plus vat, total approx £2,900, steep but we said ok if it sells at that price, however if we have to drop due to the current ecomony we won't pay this we want it looking at, sales chap said that's fine. Last week after finally getting down to match other houses similar at £110k we had a viewing and they made an offer of that price. Fair enough, we discussed with agent about fee, they will not budge, said we signed contract, we said what had happened when we signed and they said sales man shouldn't have said that, that was the only reason we went with them knowing they would be flexible about it. So we have an offer of £110K, agent fees of £3k (that's 2.3% plus vat, way way way above current rate). What do I do? Don't get me wrong I want out as much as the next person but not because they have me by the short and curlies over a barrel because they are being greedy t**ts and know our situation. I think they are being very unfair and I am really angry about it, I have tried getting hold of Tbone who is an agent for advice but other than contacting a solicitor do I just swallow my pride and pay it or do I call their bluff and say well actually I am looking into it and will get back to you in couple of days. I don't know what do do. 2. Stupid question but hey I'm awake at 4am so figured I will make use of my being awake and get on here and post some questions.... do they do regular smear tests over in Oz, it hadn't even crossed my mind so would love to know how it works over there, (sorry that's for the girls). 4. How the chuff do you organise everything, I am thinking once the finance goes through - because we haven't got £12k lying about now to book everything, we have to wait till then (also then we know its definite) but maybe rent for a month whilst booking everything, container, flights, pets, etc, so looking provisionally end Jan. But does anyone have a checklist they did of all the people they needed to contact and what to do when, before I start my own and probably miss half of it anyway, or failing that add it on here and I will start one..... Ha just realised I put no 4 above and missed 3, that's what you get for having about 4 hours sleep and doing a post this early! But cant sleep my brain is buzzing...... I will have loads more questions I am sure but any advice greatly received.... thanks. Jx
  10. the hutchies

    Cash buyer

    Got a phone call today from EA... got some one interested in our house... the only problem is they got £ 15,000 less than we want for house... don't know if we have done the right thing but i said we may consider taking the offer should it come to that... anyway they are coming tomorrow at 7.30pm wish us luck:swoon: Lisax
  11. We have a man coming to view our bungalow on thursday and he is a cash buyer!!!! I am so excited, he wants to live in our village but he will be looking at another house on the same day!!! I'm so nervous!!!!:arghh:
  12. So, as the title suggests we fly in less than 3 weeks and tonight I found out that our buyer's buyer has pulled out. It was meant to be a simple sale - 3 in the chain - all reliable apparently. So, now don't know what to do ? Do we hold out for the buyer ? Do we put the house back on the market ? Do we rent ? What a pain in the bloody arse. Sunsh1ne :mask:
  13. If you are a couple moving over, when you buy your first home, buy it in only one of your names and use their First Home Buyer's Grant entitlement for that house. If you then buy a subsequent or second home, the 'other half' can use their entitlement for that one. If you buy jointly to start off, you use both of the entitlements in one go and ultimately 'share' the benefit. :wink: