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Found 14 results

  1. Hello again!! We are still in Bali but trying now to complete our application to estate agents remotely before we arrive in Canberra early december... the tricky thing is we have no idea where is best to concentrate our search and which agent to choose! We only know that we will be looking to live nearish the french/ australian school of Telopea, or at least on the right side of town to the school. Any advice on areas down south? Any big and busy estate agents you would recommend?? Is Red hill good, very expensive? Our budget, probably around the 600$ a week. We chatted to Peter Blackshaw on Skype, nice guy and seems busy but i know he has a lot of people on his books... Can't wait to actually see the place. sophie.
  2. What's your standing in the Vocabulary Quiz?? http://www.merriam-webster.com/quiz/index.htm I got 3260 on the first try. Last one to kill a bad guy buys the orange juice :wink: (Sorry, I don't do beer :tongue:)
  3. Just been watching the forum on the migration page to kill the time, lol i was amazed how quick the posts change, here's one for you I bet no one would be quick enough to reply to every thread on the front page of migration issues so when you refresh the screen your name appears on each line as the last post!!! Now theres a challenge for you. :notworthy:
  4. hi iam simon and new on this site heard mixed stories about the work front can any one help
  5. Literally just read the email from our agent, i'm at work on my own and in complete shock! Rang OH but he couldn't get much sense out of me! We're already in OZ but it is still a wonderful feeling and the timing is perfect we have to validate our visa by 17th October and it's school holidays here so I'm already going to be off work...now where to go :biglaugh: Lodged application: 6/03/09 - 175/MODL/CSL - Network Security Engineer Case Officer: 27/08/09 Police Checks and meds front-loaded October 2008 (with 457 application)
  6. Guest

    busy doing nothing!

    Waiting for my house sale to go through and i am seriously loggin it off. Decided on john masons,golden arrow and selling bits on ebay. Will defo be surfing within 3 months. Anyone else countin the days?
  7. Guest

    Busy, Busy, Busy

    I went up to London last night and expected pubs and restaurants to be stuggling a bit due to credit crunch, but everywhere seemed very busy. The restaurant where we ate was packed all night and also a bar we went to after was doing a roaring trade. Even in my local town a couple of weeks back the indian restaurant was busy as well as the pubs. So is this people ignoring the credit crunch or is it as I suspect and the media making us think things are worse than they really are. Or is it just because I live near London and it is always busy regardless of economic climate?
  8. Guest

    nice busy area

    hi to all moving to brisbane area and would be geatfull if any one could give me nice area not to quite and not to far from sea and not to far from bribane sandgate brighton shorncliffe many thanks
  9. Guest

    been busy

    G'day folks I am back after a very busy period.At the beginning of December my youngest granddaughter,Amy, was admitted to hospital with a broken leg,not a good time for it to happen,(but I suppose it is never a good time to break a leg),as her mother was coming close to having a baby.It is complicated enough with my daughter and her ex-partner having shared custody of Amy but they had to do shifts in the hospital attending to their daughter,having to stay overnight on alternate weeks, and as I said as another birth was close I was called upon to drive to the hospital twice a day. The baby became overdue so my daughter,who had already arranged it,had the birth by ceasarean section,a boy weighing 3.8 kgs,so I now have eight grandchildren. Amy,who was in traction until two weeks ago,is now out of hospital and back at school,having to use a walking frame and a wheelchair and as it is her mother week for custody I have been driving her to school in the mornings,then going with her mother to pick her up in the afternoons. Because Amy suffers from OI,brittle bone disease,hospitalisation will be a regular occurence until she reaches puberty,maybe even longer,but she has already had five previous hospital stays,so she is no stranger to it and copes very well for a little girl not yet seven. Of course I have had problems with my wife's health,in fact she was taken to hospital after a fall,luckily was no serious damage,a bruised shoulder and her ego,but it is something that can happen at anytime because she has been diagnosed with Parkinsons. Other than that I am bearing up even though I am still called upon by other members of the family for my help and up to now I am having a day off today. :wink::wink:
  10. Hi all We are Ross, Michelle and two kids, Are there any ex South African, British citizins out there busy with or contemplating going to Australia, more specifically NSW?:twitcy:
  11. Guest

    Busy banking!

    Hi all Has anyone got any advice to give with regards to choosing a bank? What are the bad ones, and what are the good ones? In UK at mo, looking to move June / July to Sydney, and open an account before I leave. Is this a good idea? Are there any nightmares awaiting me?!! Cheers Jonny
  12. minlady

    OMG what a busy morning!!!!

    Hi all... Well it's only 10.30am and already i have: 1: BOOKED OUR FLIGHT TICKETS.... 1st of March Perth here we come 2: Had the home survey guy round for our selling pack 3: Choosen our car - and colour.... (company in Perth sent us email and had to do it this morning) 4: House gone on market!!!!! No wonder i'm going grey... i wonder what the rest of the day holds!!! All good fun! min x:wubclub:
  13. hi, just an update as i have been really busy this week . oh is in germany with his new firm (the on he is going to work for in oz)this week . I have organised the packers to come in next tuesday and wednesday , exchange contracts on the house tomorrow and move out next thursday just in time to spend xmas at my mum and dads . I have also booked our flights today for the 28th of december so will be in oz for new years eve . All this and clearing the house and making trips to the charity shops and skips . well maybe when we move out i will actually go xmas shopping and if i get time write all my christmas cards . feel quite exhausted writing all this but still cant sleep at nite think excitment is setting in and of course missing hubbie . My daughter has took his place in bed just in case i was lonely was her excuse. any way in case i dont get online much now good luck to everyone flying soon and good luck to everyone else still waiting . MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL lv haze xxx:smile:
  14. Guest

    How busy

    I was just wondering (like you do) if places would be as busy in Oz, for example school summer holidays are coming and i have been thinking about what we could do. All the accommodation is really expensive at this time of year and my OH is still reluctant to buy a tent :realmad:so I thought we could just spend a few days on certain parks and zoo's etc. The only thing that puts me off is the fact that 40 million other people will also be doing the same:arghh:. Or like today, it is Fathers Day and I haven't booked anywhere to eat! If we do go out we will probably end up waiting ages as the rest of buckinghamshire are doing the same. I keep saying to myself that in Oz it won't be like that - but do they have the same problem? Are those rose tinted glasses coming out?