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Found 7 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Immigration cutbacks hurting businesses

    Australia is heading for a downswing in population growth that could last for a generation, making it harder for businesses to attract and retain workers, a report predicts. The labour market is set to contract as migration rates fall and baby boomers begin to retire in increasing numbers, PKF Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers says. Its third annual Business and Population Monitor, released on Wednesday, also shows resource rich states such as Western Australia may face the greatest shortages right when they need extra workers. "The combination of official cutbacks to immigration, the slowing down of natural population growth, as well as the coming retirement of baby boomers means that just as the demand for workers is rising rapidly, the potential new supply for them is decelerating fast," PKF spokesman Matthew Field said. "The likely implication is that workers will become harder to find, putting pressure on wages, inflation and eventually interest rates, while smaller businesses may struggle to compete for workers with the larger employers." Mr Field said small to medium businesses in resource rich states such as WA, Queensland and the Northern Territory would faced the greatest challenges. Those regions had experienced the sharpest drop in population growth in the past year, he said. "That suggests this trend is having the largest impact precisely on the areas that need workers the most - putting at risk the ability of those states to find the required level of workers, with implications for wage inflation across the country," he said. In addition, workforce participation was at its highest ever level. "The concern for small to medium enterprises is that the high rates imply a scarcity of available labour for any expansion," he said. Mr Field said small business confidence had fallen in 2010, due to rising interest rates and the amount of small businesses in the retail and home building sectors. Slowing population growth would dampen the outlook for home construction, while retail would suffer under higher interest rates and the strong Australian dollar, Mr Field said. "As expected, the fall in business confidence has damaged growth in business investment, demonstrating that, particularly in the resource states, there is a critical need for a large bounce back in order for economic growth to continue in the coming year."
  2. Hi to all, I am worried about finding work when we migrate to Australia in 2012. I would like to work in a hospital or medical centre, maybe catering, but has anyone emailed companies to make enquiries about prospective jobs, or is it best to wait until i get there? I am a citizen by birth but have lived in uk 25 years and have had quite a few jobs here in catering (not a chef) and the NHS and private medical sector. I will try to get references as much as i can but i'm worried i won't be able to get any work when i get there. I also don't know which websites to go on to find suitable places to work where i can email them for advice about job possibilities. If anyone can advise me if they have the same worries i would love to hear from you. Many thanks:wubclub:
  3. 1. Open a 'Cultural' centre where the thick Aussies can learn a little of 'our' way of doing things. 2. Sausage Factory. Using the excessive amount of road kill on the Australian roads, (apparently there are MILLIONS of dead roos ALL over the place). 'We' could soon teach em a thing or two about 'snags'. 3. A new travel agent, where a few Poms can reinstate the 'Ten Pound Pom' scheme. Apparently there are thousands of Poms only too willing to get back to 'blighty', make a killing it would. 4. A contract between a few entrepreneurial Poms where they can invent, fit and install a new 'Silencer' on the aircraft fleets of the world, when the plane comes to a halt on Australian soil, not only does the whining of the engines stop, but also the whining cargo of newly arrived Pom migrants. 5. A sperm (export) bank here in the UK. This would enable the dumb Aussies the ability to up their gene pool, without the need for us Poms to set foot in the godforsaken country. They are my top five businesses, anymore would be appreciated. Cheers Tony.:wink::wink::wink::wink:
  4. Businesses for Sale. These stores are in the retail industry and at different locations across Australia. They are all going concerns with a steady client base, solid income and some to be franchised as part of this group’s growth strategy and others from a different group will be available as agencies. This is well suited for foreign investors that require Visa163 or Visa132. This may also be appealing to investors currently on Visa457 and are looking at bridging visa. You will negotiate with the owners directly. Investment ranges between $200k to +$1m There are two different types of retail stores available: ■Various Retail outlets – to be franchised Fashion clothing & luggage (Melbourne, Sydney, Regional Victoria & Tasmania) Outdoors & camping (Perth & regional areas) ■Sole agencies available – Lawnmower / garden power tools (Australia wide) For more information please send me a PM!
  5. G'day. I've been around here for a while now, frequently scrolling through the posts on PIA and PIO and I'm posting this out to people really who have small businesses, organisations and groups etc. Basically I've got a new website: Megga WebDesign is the link, and what I'm doing is trying to create and help create websites for small businesses and groups/organisations etc for absolutely no cost at all. I'm quite serious about this, I put a lot of time and effort into doing things like this and I've been practicing web design for many years but just decided to start this up as I'll have tonnes of extra time on my hands in the coming months. I also felt that with the possibility of migrating to Adelaide, it would be a fantastic opportunity to get to understand the kinds of trades that people take Down Under from the UK, or start Down Under. I'm aiming to get some sites going worldwide... the UK, Australia, New Zealand, S Africa, Canada, The USA and Europe to start with and then to extend this little by little. Currently I do some work experience at a school in SE England teaching year 7/8/9 ICT and Design/Graphics/Products & Technology so I also have access to lots of professionals in other areas as well as my own skills. I'd love to hear from anyone who's in this kind of situation, either here or you may contact me directly through my website. Thanks again, and look forward to hearing from you soon. Hooroo! LukeM
  6. Hi all, Got this information at the Leeds Expo, its a list of websites which has businesses for the sale in Western Australia, the websites are: Real Estate Institute of WA - Perth Property, Land & Homes For Sale or Rent in Western Australia Business Online - Business For Sale and Business Opportunities in Australia Businesses For Sale. Find a business sale or sell a business Real Estate for Sale, Rent and Share @ Domain.com.au SEEK Commercial - Search for Businesses and Franchises for Sale http://www.asbob.com.au/new-venture-capital-investors-australia.asp AVCAL :: Buying a business http://www.businessexpo.com.au Equity Match Homepage Franchise Council of Australia Hope these are of help to some of you. All the best Mandisfam
  7. Please feel free to join our traders database. Click on link below to access your state. Em x