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Found 10 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Bushfire Ready

    We already have the bushfires in Queensland and it won't be long before Victoria is back at risk again. I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread about being bushfire ready, a lot of us are complacent and think it wouldn't happen to us, after Black Saturday I think a lot of Victorians realised how the danger can affect all of us. I have attached a Bushfire Ready booklet done by Victoria CFA (you have to be logged on to PIO to view the attachment) I think it's an excellent booklet. Hopefully you will never need to use your Bushfire Plan but please be safe and make one just in case.
  2. The Pom Queen

    Victoria Bushfire - Land Buyback Scheme

    Landowners who believe they meet the criteria of the State Government's $50 million voluntary bushfire buy-back scheme can now officially submit applications. Applications for the Victorian Bushfire Buy-back Scheme would be open until May 31. The scheme is focused on owner-occupiers whose principal place of residence was destroyed by the 2009 fires; who have not yet rebuilt on that site and whose homes were less than 100m from forest. The Bushfire Land Acquisition Panel would assess applications against the eligibility criteria and make recommendations on the future use of acquired land to ensure remaining communities were not left at greater bushfire risk. Land considered under the scheme would be valued at both January 1, 2009 (pre-bushfires) and current market prices with landowners offered the higher of the two valuations. If the Bushfire Land Acquisition Panel determines that a property is not eligible for the scheme, the project team will make every effort to guide landowners in seeking further assistance and advice from other agencies. Application forms and further information are available on the Department of Justice website www.justice.vic.gov.au/buyback
  3. The Pom Queen

    Warning Perth Bushfire

    A BUSHFIRE in Perth's south has prompted a warning for residents in the vicinity to leave or prepare to defend their properties. A bushfire watch and act alert was issued late this afternoon for the southern part of Banjup in the City of Cockburn. The Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) said in an alert notice there was a possible threat to lives and homes as the fire approached residential areas. "You need to leave or get ready to actively defend," the alert said. More than 20 firefighters were battling to contain the blaze in bushland, assisted by a helicopter and two fixed-wing waterbombing aircraft.
  4. landv

    Bushfire warnings in Perth

    Latest warnings from the FESA website. A bushfire Emergency Warning has been issued for people in Brigadoon, Baskerville, Millendon, Red Hill and Herne Hill in the City of Swan. There is a threat to lives and homes. You are in danger and need to act immediately to survive. A bushfire Emergency Warning has also been issued for people in the south western parts of Roleystone and south east part of Kelmscott in the City of Armadale. There is a threat to lives and homes. You are in danger and need to act immediately to survive. Please refer to the FESA website www.fesa.wa.gov.au for the latest updates. Keep safe everyone.
  5. Lynandsean

    Pacific Pines bushfire

    What kind of ***** numbnut starts this! :mad: This was taken from the front of my house. The wind (which was strong last night) was taking it further into the forest apparently but it was so very close to other properties and the potential risk of major damage and injuries would have been huge. I hope to got all those that live close by to it are fine. It was apparently started in an abandoned ute taken into the forest and set on fire (access is pretty easy as there are tracks up there regularly used by off roaders and dirt bikers) Thankfully the fire fighters extinguished it overnight so a big thank you to them. Lyn
  6. Guest

    Baldivis WA Bushfire

    The Fire in Baldivis has spread with around 355 hectares burnt out so far. Emergency services are in the areas of Woodbridge, Harrington Waters, Waikiki and Warnbro. The fire has jumped one of the main roads, Ennis Avenue, in several places. The fires are so large that we can see them in the distance as the wind picks up the flames pick up. We have had ash and dried out leaves fall on our garden/house. The leaves were not burned just crumbled to the touch they were that dry. The smoke is acrid and catches the back of your throat despite all windows and doors being shut. Its 11.30pm and sirens are still going and it almost sounds like the helicopters/planes are still going to. The wind is squally and keeps changing direction. We have had the sprinklers on to dampen everything down and have all our emergency gear ready in case we have to evac with the 4 dogs and the elderly neighbours. I videoed, on my phone, the giant twisting smoke clouds as they spiralled over our house and out to sea - I will see if I can upload it tomorrow along with some amazing photos of the planes tackling the blaze. Hats off to the emergency services - having been in a bushfire brigade myself I know it takes some guts and determination to keep going in the face of such terrible danger. I hope that it wasn't started deliberately - I know what I'd like to do to anyone who did start something like this. Hoping all PIOers in the affacted areas are okay. If you need help you can call the SES 132 500 and you can get alerts on FESA - Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia or on ABC radio and quarter past and quarter two each hour - channel 720. Cheers Julia
  7. Bordy

    Bushfire Fundraiser

    This is a copy of a post from Gary in Britvics. There was great support from PIO at last meet so hopefully a few can come along to this. "I propose that we all get together on sunday the 1st of march at Mornington park,and hold a fundraising day,hopefully in conjunction with Poms in OZ. I only have rough ideas just now,but what I would like to achieve is have some activities on that would give us the ability to raise some cash. Ideas so far,all are open to debate (and please please please add to this list if you can think of anything.) Sausage sizzle/BBQ or whatever you want to call it.My intentions is to phone around some places like Tasman Meats are try and get them to give up some burgers/snarlers for the cause.We can charge for individual items on the day,or so much per head and all you can eat. Raffle - For a raffle we need prizes.I'm hoping that some of you out there with your own business,or others who have some clout in their line of work,could generate some of these.Even if you know some local shop owners who would be sympathetic to the cause and would like to contribute then that would be great. Cheesy CD lucky dip - Ive put this one on the other post,and I reckon it would be a good laugh and generate some dosh aswell.Everyone gives up an unwanted,rarely played or down right embarrasing CD,wraps it with their BV name on it,and drops it into the lucky dip box.Its then $10 (or whatever) to pick a CD out of the box,and have a good laugh at other people's cheese. Thats the three I have in mind.Maybe something for the kids like face painting would be good,or some kiddy game with a prize. How about a friendly match of some sport,Britvics vs Poms in OZ ? Might be a great way to entice the PIO guys n gals to make it down. Now,I cant and wouldnt want to even attempt to try and organise this myself.Any volunteers for a comittee of sorts ? We can then delegate the tasks out. I really hope this is a success,how good would it be if we could hand over $ XXX to the appeal from the Brits living in Victoria ? Just a last bit on the date,which ofcourse is open to debate aswell.I think we would need the time up to the first to get the above and whatever else you come up with organised. So just like a normal BV meet,Bordy will pin this later on and stick your names down.Please,as much as you can,try and put off whatever you can on that day to attend.Stick on the news any night at six this week and you'll know how much these poor people need as much help as they can get." Gary
  8. kernow43

    A bushfire casualty

    This site is of a guy called Bruno who has a beautiful gardens with fantastic wood sculptures, then the bushfire came through it, a lot was destroyed but unlike the loss of human life a lot can be rebuilt Here is his website so you can see the skills of this guy. Bruno's Art & Sculpture Garden
  9. Not been on for a week or so ( computer problems). Anyway the reason for this post is to let you know that on Friday all profits Coles make (countrywide) they will be donating to the bushfire appeal for the poor people affected in Victoria. So please even if you dont shop in Coles, please go there on Friday....you will be helping so many people!! We have been here nearly 2 years and in that time we have made friends (through friends) that have not only lost there homes, cars etc but have also lost family/friends etc. OH friend who he works with is not at work this week, he is defending his home, the rest of his family (wife and 4 children under 12) have evacuated!! Its awful....so please help as much as you can!! Thanks so much to you all!! Deb xx
  10. gparkes

    Red cross/coles bushfire fund

    Hi All, Coles are going to donate all profits to the victoria bush fire victims this friday 13th February All 750 stores nation wide will be included, so get down to coles this friday and do your food shopping Any little helps