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Found 115 results

  1. lookingtoleave

    Building Associate

    Hi Can anyone advise what a Building Associate is ??? On the SMP List for VIC Thanks:biglaugh:
  2. stevo1972

    Sponsor visa advice!!,

    We moved here in August for my job on a sponsored 457 visa. Sadly the job was not as described and the hideous employer is now under serious investigation by authorities and is likely to have his sponsor rights removed. We are now up **** creek without a paddle with 3 young children and our only hope is to find a sponsor for my husband instead. He has many years experience as a plasterer/builder and also 23 years as a retained firefighter. Please, please, please can anyone help, advise on how we go about finding a job in Sydney in the building/construction industry that is sponsored? This is sadly turning out to be the worse experience for us and it is all out of our hands.
  3. Dear Poms, Can anyone advise me of where I can obtain a copy of the Australian Building Codes (either hard or electronic copy). It does not have to be the most up to date edition. I have found copies on the internet, but they are very expensive and guidance/ text books are non existent. Any advice would be gratefully received. Ploppy
  4. Guest

    Building My Home

    Thought this may interest those who are thinking of building a home in Qld. Once the mortgage is secured the house is then built in stages and at the end of each stage, the cost of that stage is drawn down by the builder from your mortgage company/bank. At each stage you sign that it is completed satisfactorily before the builder can be paid. We had plans drawn up so that this house was built to our own specifications. It's a nice size plot of 900sq but is very narrow which didn't bother us as we knew our neighbour on one side and it was bushland that couldn't be developed to the other side and rear. (we were told). As you will see..........the moment we started building the land was released for development so make sure that you have things on a legal document from the council if real estate angents say that ther will be no further development. First the plot is levelled and the plumbing inserted Then the slab is laid, allowed to dry for about 2 wweks and the frame starts to go up
  5. Registered building and maintenance company for sale. Sale includes van with personalised plate, web address (no website), business email addresses, business Facebook page, SIM card for existing business contact number and all client / subcontractor details. Trailer and some large tools, ladders etc. could also be included by negotiation. Based in far Northern suburbs of Perth - most work is around Clarkson, Butler, Joondalup, Quinns, Mindarie, Jindalee etc. Would suit competent, experienced multi-tradesman looking to run their own business. Ideal for a new migrant looking for instant work. Jobs can be anything from replacing flyscreens, fitting new doors, repairing damage from leaks, tiling, painting, fencing, brickwork, rendering etc. More than enough regular work for one person. Main clients are several large real estate agencies but lots of promotion has also been done to the residential market in the area. Business has been running since Feb 2012 and lots of effort has been put into building it up to its current status. We have an excellent reputation in the local area and get lots of referrals from happy customers. Selling due to moving overseas. Looking for around $20,000 but would consider reasonable offers. Please PM Steve for more information.
  6. Hi all, I've decided to emigrate to Oz in three years time, and I've decided to go as a skilled worker, in the form of a surveyor. I already have an idea of what *I* think would be the type of surveying where most jobs will be available come the time I get over there, But right now I'm in the lucky position where I have the option of choosing what type of surveying I want to start learning via a degree here in the UK. If anyone can offer any thoughts or advice on what type of surveying work is most in demand over in Australia at the moment, and what they predict will be most in demand 3 years down the line, I'd really appreciate it. I only really get one shot at this, and I need to do it right, so I need as much advice as I can get If you're in Australia and know about this sort of thing, or are based elsewhere and have done some really serious homework on this matter, I'd really really be thankful for any wisdom you can share Thanks in advance folks!
  7. Hi All My husband and I have been in Perth for 6 days and he starts work tomorrow (only two weeks temporary work). He did bring the majority of his hand tools and a drill so he is ready to work but looking to start buying tools to replace the ones he sold on Ebay before we left. Could someone please let us know the best place to buy tools that isnt extortionate! We have a car so we can travel, but currently living NOR. Thanks in advance Lisa
  8. Guest

    building swimming pool brisbane

    Can anyone recommend a good swimming pool installer in the Brisbane area. Also do most people go for concrete or are the fibre glass ones any good.
  9. My husbands a carpenter and has his own timber frame housing business for 12 yrs here in Ireland. Whats the chance of him getting started out there?
  10. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the construction industry is the fourth largest contributor to Australia’s GDP accounting for around 7% of Australia’s total economy and over 9% of Australia’s employment. Construction has been a backbone of the Australian economy and the Australian way of life. Notwithstanding, the Australian government has chosen to simultaneously introduce three very significant tax changes that directly affect the Australian construction industry. As of July 1, 2012, the construction industry will be hit with the implications of: Carbon Tax Mining Tax Compulsory reporting of subcontracting arrangements to the ATO This is a time when the government has already withdrawn support from those in the building and construction industry through: Eliminating the free home insulation scheme. Not continuing or increasing the School Building and Renovations program. Being extremely inconsistent on when and if they are going to subsidise solar. Taking longer than expected to roll out the National Broadband Network (a major infrastructure project consuming huge construction industry resources) It has also come at a time when the Federal and State Governments are applying increasing requirements for builders to build green home and green renovations such as Victoria’s recent upgrade to a minimum 6 star rating for new homes at the same time that consumers are trying to build bigger homes with smaller budgets. The Carbon Tax and the Construction Industry Manufacturing the materials used in construction of new homes and renovations is extremely carbon intensive. As a result the carbon tax will add thousands of dollars of new costs to a new home. The HIA estimates that with the introduction of carbon tax the price of a new home will increase by between 0.8% and 1.7%.The Allen Consulting Group have released a carbon price mechanism report that estimates that the carbon tax will add around $3,821 to its model two storey detached brick veneer 200m2 house. The Allen Consulting Group report found that in building a two storey home in NSW you would see increases in a broad variety of building costs, including: Direct Energy: 6.8% Aluminium: 4.1% Bricks: 4% Concrete: 3.2% Steel: 3% Carpet: 2.6% Paint: 1.5% Timber: 1.5% Glass: 1.1% Plasterboard: 1% The Mining Tax and the Construction Industry Whilst the Mining Tax is not directly related to the Construction Industry, the Government’s Mining Tax will increase the costs to an industry that supplies materials to Australia’s Construction Industry. The mining tax that is set to commence from July 1 2012, imposes on select sectors of the Australia’s Mining Industry a 30% tax on extraordinary profits, specifically in the coal and iron ore sectors. Similar to the Carbon Tax, this Mining Tax could have a flow-on effect to the Construction Industry that causes price increases in building materials and construction costs. An increased cost of production in the coal industry could lead to even further increases in the cost of Direct Energy as a significant proportion of Australia’s electricity is produced using coal. Building products that use a lot of energy in their production such as aluminium, steel and glass could be hit hard. Targeting the iron ore sector also could have a direct flow-on to the cost of steel, a major component in the manufacture of Australian homes. The cost of steel has already increased significantly over recent years, with building products such as roofing, scaffolding, framing, nails, and steel reinforcement going through the roof. The last think that the building industry requires is even further increases to the costs of these steel building products. Tax Office targets Construction Industry in Sub-Contractor Crackdown The third prong in the Government’s three-prong attack on Australia’s Construction industry is a significant crack-down on payments to subcontractors by builders with the introduction of mandatory reporting to the ATO of all payments made to subcontractors. The new tax regime starts on July 1, 2012, and requires builders to report to the tax office all of the following: The details of sub-contractors used by the builder. The ABN of each subcontractor. The exact amounts paid to each subcontractor. It is proposed that the ATO will be using this information to data-match against the tax returns of each subcontractor. It is possible that discrepancies in the amounts reported by the builder and the subcontractors could lead to further scrutiny of their accounts by the Australian Tax Office. The ATO has also indicated that it may share this information with various State and Territory authorities that could, for example match with payroll tax and workers compensation payment records. Should this information also find its way into the hands of construction industry run superannuation and insurance schemes, significant additional costs could be imposed on small businesses. Accountants have said that this extra reporting requirement will cost builders on average of $300-$500 per year extra in compliance costs. There are also risks that builders will be hit with extra costs as a result of increased audits from the ATO of their businesses and the businesses of their subcontractors. Furthermore, subcontractors may seek to increase their rates to builders as a result of the extra risk of the builders reporting their payments directly to the tax office. The guidance from the ATO as to what needs to be reported and what doesn’t has been confusing to say the least. For example, the ATO has said that domestic building projects will be exempt from the program, however if the domestic building projects involve the use of subcontractors then they will need to be reported. Given that nearly every building project (of any size) involves the collaboration between various contractors (plumbers, electricians, painters, tilers, etc) it would seem that this “exclusion” actually might still capture the vast majority of projects. This change comes into operation on July 1, 2012, so we would highly recommend that everyone in the building industry (builders as well as subcontractors) speak to their accountant about how this is going to affect them.
  11. Hi everyone, First post here, I'm a local Gold Coast builder ( Aussie ) with many a good pommy / trade mates. Recently, my best pommy mate told me about this site, about the Brits who are looking to land in Oz, come across many problems relating to either building or buying a house, 'tradies' who are looking to chase work only to find that local licences are required over and above what you may bring with you or from what you have been told. As many of you may or may not know, there are many pitfalls that can start you off on the wrong foot, so to speak and can become nightmares. If my pommy mates & I can help you out with your building requirements, no problems but the main topic here is to tell you how is really is, ( Not to gloss over and make everything sound wonderful ) I'm happy to give honest advice and basic guidance ( Not legal ) on matters. There no costs attached. Any queries that I answer will be a 'general rule of thumb' approach with a genuine comment as to how things really are at present or what may be required. Topics may include but not limited to ........ *** For 'tradies' who come out only to find that they need local state licences, etc. *** Looking to buy a house, what 'local problems' do we need to look out for? *** Looking for a tradesman on the Coast ( you may prefer an ex Brit ) or anyone else for that matter, etc. Regards, JP
  12. HI, I've just completedmy City and Guilds 6217 in site Carpentry. I have been receiving mixed informationon which qualification is recognised in Oz C&G or NVQ?? as I have all the relevantpaperwork for my NVQ but it is an extra £1000 to register for it. Does anyone know for sure what the appropriate qualificationis? Does anyone know what the current work situation is at the moment? thanks a lot Laurence.
  13. Guest

    Building Trade in Perth

    G'Day to all the tradies working in Perth especially you tilers. Was hoping to get some feedback on the amount of work out there at the moment. Thinking of returning. Was out there 2 yrs ago and unfortunately returned to the UK early last year. When I was there , I found work no problem. I've managed to speak to a couple of tilers I worked with and they both said work has slowed down a bit and prices have dropped. Just wanted to see if anyone else agrees with this and also is there talk of it picking up again in the near future. If we do come out, it will be around this time next year. May be by then things would've picked up, do you agree. TJ --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.524065,-0.110547
  14. hi guys just wondering what the building work is like in perth area, iv heard theres not much bricklayer work is this true?? hopefully coming out june 2012 on a working visa. any feedback is much appreiciated. thankyou lee
  15. Hi, I'm looking for any infomation or contacts about social housing in Melbourne. I currently work for a Housing Association in the UK as a building surveyor and am wondering if there would be similar positions in Victoria. My main areas of work are stock condition surveys and managing the asbestos database. Any help is gratefully appreciated. R
  16. Hi All, I am employed by a multidisciplinary design consultancy in the UK and am planning to move to Melbourne in early 2013, I am currently employed as an Intermediate Electrical Design Engineer. My question is this:- How heavily does Building Information Modelling (BIM) / Revit MEP feature in the building services / construction industry within australia??? Would I benefit from getting involved now, i.e. is it expected of an electrical building services engineer in Oz or is it classed as a different role over there??? Any advice would be greatly received!
  17. Hi there, My name is Dan, 26 and over here from the UK, just outside of London. I have been here 5 months so far, met some really cool people, though i am just looking to expand my social circle a little bit more. I am looking for people who live in and around Melbourne who like to go out for drinks (be it a quick couple after work or a nice weekend bar session), dine out at restaurants and watch movies at the cinema. I also enjoy live sporting events and cannot wait to head out to the beach when the weather perks up. That's me in a nutshell, would be good to get a few people together, maybe head out for a couple of drinks next Friday 28th October or whenever is convenient. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers Dan
  18. Hvac project mamager with hospital project managment experience wanted $ 150,000 package , are you intrested in comming to perth ? 457 sponsership available to the right applicant if intrested pm me
  19. Ive scanned the SOL ive checked the forums but im still none the wiser... I work in a grade one listed building in London doing what they call Fabric maintenance. My job includes pretty much all types of building works, facillitys, install, carpentry, plumbing, lock picking!, etc etc... I am c&g quallified plumb & chippy, but as my job title is neither in particular does that mean im off the list or what? I dont really want to go back to site work just to make my job title suit, I would be willing to do site work when I get to Oz tho. Any ideas?
  20. woodsy16

    Building regulations

    Hi all We have a 176 visa for Canberra and will be looking for work as a Architectural technician/technologist. Can anyone point me in the right direction for finding Australian building regs and if they differ for each state. Thanks Kate
  21. Hi is there alot of building work in brisbane? my hubby a mulit trade, any help will be great. thanks
  22. hi iam a time served brickie looking for a start /sponsor for work in australia,anyone on here know of any cheers,,
  23. once in a blue moon

    COST of building and contents insurance?

    We are looking to move to Sydney in the next few months; I am trying to gather info on living costs in Sydney. Can anyone give me a rough idea of building and contents insurance costs? Thanks for any numbers given. :animal-cat:
  24. does anyone know of any good big buildingin companies in PERTH, my hubby as been working within insurance claims for building for ex : fire & flood damage and also has a contract with b & q doin kitchen and bathroom intsallations, we are lookin to start a new life in Perth but ideally would like a job to go too. any help or info will be wicked! lisa
  25. Having moved internationally on several occasions, we found the one thing people don't give much thought to is their credit history or building a new credit history/score. It may not be the most important thing on your list of things to do, but it soon becomes very important when you need to buy vehicles or a house. So, with this in mind, it would be great if someone could give some advice on key things to do on arrival in order to start up their credit rating. In the UK it is key to register on the electoral roll and live in one address for 3 years, but what is the advice in Australia? How long does a person need to wait in order to apply for credit to buy a car? Are there things we need to know when applying for credit of any kind? Thank you.