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Found 30 results

  1. Guest

    Home Builders in Perth

    Hi, We are planning to build a home in Perth. Has anyone got any builders they recommend or any to avoid? Any experiences that you would like to pass on? We are at the very initial planning stage and just trying to narrow it down a little. Thanks in advance for all replies to our question. Rache and Matt
  2. Real estate sector in Kerala is flourishing to a great extent. People migrate from their home towns to other places in search of better education, career and living standards. They tend to settle down in a place where they feel that these can be attained easily. Amidst the hectic life, many of them do not find time to construct homes and settle down. This is where the builders have an important role. People choose a builder in kerala and explain them the budget, preferences and other expectations. A wide variety of choices are often available for them to choose from. Villas, apartments and flats are put up either for sale or for rent, by many builders in the state. A recent trend that they have set is the villas with traditional design and architecture. The villas are designed in a way so as to reflect the architecture of those traditional homes that once were built in Kerala. The builders have become successful in creating nostalgia in the minds of the people, thus gaining more buyers. People want their wealth to remain in land and property. This is the reason why most of them enter into real estate and many builders are emerging each day. Besides the villas and apartments, many resorts and hotels are also being constructed by the builders in Kerala. Profits from these are high, especially from the tourists. Much of the NRI money that flows to Kerala is as investments in the building and construction industry. Housing loans available and the tax benefits that can be availed on them are added benefits.
  3. The Pom Queen

    Body Builders?

    Are there any body builders out there? My son is wanting to start weight training and wants me to buy him protein powder, is this needed and if so what is the best brand, thanks:wubclub:
  4. Hi all I am moving to Perth in jule. If anyone know what the work situation for bricklayers and general builders in Perth at the moment? May be anyone know any building company or agency where i can send my CV or do I have to go to talk to someone on building sites? How it usually work in Australia? Thank's a lot Philip
  5. Hi everyone, my husband and I are emigrating to Melbourne from London in Aug. We bought a plot of land at Sanctuary Lakes and are looking for recommendations on builders and architects. It's not the done thing in the UK, so any help appreciated!! Would be great to meet up for coffee and chats when we arrive to discuss further thanks
  6. Guest

    Builders lime

    Gday guys What with this being a great country and all that it is also a very deadly and flea ridden, tick infested place. Queensland has had an unbelievable amount of rain of late and we're being told that ticks are about to reach epidemic proportion this season. Now, i'm a dog owner and i'm quite concerned of this. We buy the best tick stuff at the vets, that they can overcharge us for but i've also been told by a mate of mine that if i get some builders lime and chuck it around the garden it might help with the bloody fleas. Anyone out there tried this? Many thanks in advance.
  7. Looking into building our own house and trying to determine the best builders out there. hoping to get a plot of land in butler, though demand for it atm is crazy! have had few meetings with homebuyers re building a house as they seem to be around our price range of $150...starting to find them very pushy trying to get us to sign on the dotted line and hand over a deposit...has anyone used them? What were they like? Any hidden costs we should be wary of as we are on a very strict budget. wanted to go keystart to help us afford to pay rent and build but homebuyers finance broker has told us keystart wont lend us enought money to build so we have to go through a bank!? they seemed to want to put us off using keystart. can anyone recommend any other good first home builders around the $150, max $160 mark?
  8. We got a block for an ok price during the recession. Are there any builders who are able to give me advice on building a duplex? Someone more on the lower end (price wise).
  9. Guest

    Demand for builders

  10. Has anybody built with National Builders Group ? We have been to see various builders about building on land we have bought on the Northside of Berwick. The design looks good and their showhouse is finished well. Their initial estimate and "inclusions" are far better than anybody else we have been to see, but I am a believer in "you get what you pay for". I have read some online reviews and its a mixed bag. The problem with online reviews is that its mostly negitive, people are keen to share bad experiences and vent fustration but you dont read so much about the good experiences.
  11. steve/helen

    simonds builders

    Is anyone building with Simonds builders?If you are please could you pm me.Thanks Helen
  12. My husband is a bricklayer, has been all his working life. When we arrived here we discovered his qualifications, experience and skills assessment meant nothing. He had to start as an apprentice again, not easy when your 43 years old. In order to have his skills recognised and be "qualified" here he would be required to do a course that would cost upwards of $5,000. Please can someone offer any advice. The above information was included in a post. Is this right I thought it was just the Blue card that was required. (We are hoping to be in Brisbane in July of this year). Just getting really confused......... JO :wacko:
  13. hi there due to arrive early next year on an independent skilled 175 visa as a bricklayer,but i am interested in obtaining a builders licence , i realise that this is a lengthy process but was wondering if anyone on here has already done this or is in the process ??? thx for looking ,The Jolly Swahi there due to arrive early next year on an independent skilled 175 visa as a bricklayer,but i am interested in obtaining a builders licence , i realise that this is a lengthy process but was wondering if anyone on here has already done this or is in the process ??? thx for looking ,The Jolly Swagman
  14. We're planning to move from SA to Queensland and would like to know if it's possible to transfer a builders licence obtained in SA. Has anyone done this, and how easy was it? Or do we have to go through the saga of applying all over again in QLD? Thanks very much. :smile:
  15. Hi there any builders out therein W.A. NOR. Oh a plasterer with various building experience.willing to do anything.is looking for work. we are in butler.Shellj
  16. hi any builders in brisbane can you tell me what its really like,is there alot of red tape to get through?What are the wages like etc etc???
  17. Lancashire Lass

    Builders without qualifications

    My OH is a self employed builder, he mainly does roofing but has done all sorts over the years, bricklaying, plastering etc etc the sort of stuff you expect from a general builder. He has 10 years of accounts and can provide paper evidence of his customers, materials used, advertising etc. Trouble is.....he has never been through any apprenticeship and he has never been through any sort of qualifications for his trade. Has anyone else managed to get their skills passed without qualifications???? From what I understand....if he applies as a roofer he will go through the TRA and it will be assessed just from the paperwork he submits...so no tests, exams etc, but if he applies as a Brickie he will have the fuller assessment under VETASSESS. Are there any other "multi-skilled" builders with no qualifications who can share their experience with us? Many thanks!! I think we may have to hire a migrant agent just to help us through this first hurdle. If anyone can recommend a good one I'd be really greatful.
  18. Hi, I am new to this forum just starting out on the emigration trail and would like some general info if possible. I am a Bricklayer by trade (with about 20yrs experience in the game) and currently run a small building firm in France, the majority of my trade here is one off new builds, refurbishment work and extensions up to the €100K mark. there seems to be lots on the forum about Bricklaying on new build sites around Australia but very little about working as a small firm on non commercial private work, my question is does bespoke house builds, refurbishment work and extension type of work exist in Perth or am I likely to end up back on site building blockwork new houses and office blocks if I make it out there? thanks in advance
  19. Hey, Wonder if anyone could help me, I am a nurse and wanting to find out how to get Queensland state registration - I have sent an e-mail to the QNC but got no reply. Also, OH is a builder and he'll need trade card - ? green/ blue blue card (not sure on colour). Visa application was lodged on 1/07/08. Does anyone know how long it's taking before case officer is assigned or how long its taking fro visa's on average to be allocated. So many questions, sorry! JO :realmad:
  20. Guest

    Builders Ticket

    Hi, ive just been looking at a jobs website and one of the jobs for my OH said he would need a builders ticket. Does anyone know what this is and how he would get one. Thanks Lisa
  21. Hi Although I am a plasterer by trade I am multi skilled so I do a lot of joinery, plumbing, tiling, kitchen and bathroom fitting, roofing and I am wondering things like Do you have to stick to one trade or are there general builders/house converstions that will employ all round multi skilled builders are hinges on doors still set at 7in top 9in bottom are plumbing/copper pipes still 15mm and 22mm do they use traditional and manufactured truss roofs how do they stop the plaster going off fast in the heat do they use size or some form of additive, does it still come in multi , board etc Just your basic all round builder questions Thanks Dean:wacko:
  22. Hi we have lived in Scarbourough for 2 and a half years and have just had our houseplans passed- we now need to find a builder. the builders here are so laid back i dont think they wont the work:wacko: CAN ANYONE HELP US??? Paul,Cath and kids
  23. Guys, Looking to see if anyone else has went through a similar process and what their findings where etc..... I've been looking at some of the house.home builders websites for builders in/around Perth, WA and was wondering if nayone has embarked upon a new build in/around Perth prior to moving to OZ. Most of the builders will project a 26Wk build timeline, but I'm not sure if thats just sales talk or representative etc. Apart form the difficulty in dtermining which area we prefer (I find it very dififcult to determine good/bad distrcits around Perth), most of the new house/home builders have very similar pland/layouts, but dont dwell too much on the quality of the finishings etc. Anyone got any idea on what finishings to expect? I also like the look of the specific designs from www.lifestyle-homes.com/au, and was wondering if anyone has had any experience or dealings with this builder/developer. Any advice or details would be appreciated. Thanx! :nah:
  24. Guest

    house builders

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone can give me websites for good reputable builders in Perth, we are wanting to build our house once we get there, but would be interested in looking at some prices and pictures if poss. :cute:
  25. Hi I am looking to move to Perth with my wife and 2 year old daughter. I am a carpenter joiner and currently run my own building firm in the UK. My main concern, aside from leaving my family, is finding work and wages. Can anyone shed any light on this issue, i have heard that there is a shortage of trades in australia in general but would really like some more detailed advice on this and living in Perth in general. Thanks Dan