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Found 27 results

  1. I just thought I would let people know what a fantastic company I have found in Oz and how much I wish I had known about them before I got here. They are called Oz House & land, We Make Building Property Easy! - Oz House & Land - they are a real estate agent with a difference. They source land (nice plots) and put that together with the most suitable property,most important you know they are in good areas. You actually buy the complete package. Buying a property over here works very differently to the UK and they have been a god send with info and recommendations. You buy the property off plan, so you enter into a new build contract, but, the best thing is, other than signing the actually paper work you don't need to lift a finger. Oz House & Land do everything, all the administration, all the chasing, you literally do not need to be in the country. I have bought one and am looking forward to seeing my house being built !!! The most annoying thing is, if I had signed up a year ago when I was still in the UK, I could have saved 1000's due to the fast increase in real estate here. The house build would have been going on while I was in the UK and I would have arrived to a ready made home that had increased dramatically in value since purchasing it. Anyway, that is my experience and just wish I had known about this before when at home, take a peak...!!!:idea:
  2. Hey everyone, just signed up to this forum after reading through various bits over the last few months. We have just booked a plot of land @ the Hunt Club in stage 83. It's scheduled to be titled in Feb 2012. Would like to know how is the estate and came to know that getting internet connectivity is a bit difficult? Also will be helful if some one can recommend me, so that we can have a rebate of $2000; that's $1000 for me and $1000 for anyone(one who recommends) ie who lives in The Hunt Club and has recommended you to purchase land here.
  3. shaza

    How much to build house?

    Hi guys. Just a question completely out of curiosity and may not be possible to answer but How much (roughly), would it cost to buy a nice size piece of land (big enough for 4 bedrooms and garden) and build a house, around Gold Coast? Was just scanning through real estate & found decent size land for around $250,000 and im assuming to build a house would probably be around $100,000. Am I way off or not? Maybe someone has built a house and may be able to advise me.
  4. mgriffi

    200K house build

    Hi Anyone, Looking to build a house for $200K in Hills District. any suggestions? Designs or builders to recommend? Would prefer a Double storey Thanks
  5. natasha2106

    New Build Homes???/

    This may be a really stupid question, but i really need to know it so that i can start sorting out costings. We have been looking at the cost of new builds online and some of the houses look amazing. however, the price you see under the house, is this just for the house, do u then have to buy a plot of land for it to go on or is it all included. Sorry if this is a really stupid question, but can't find the answer anywhere. thanks tasha:confused::confused:
  6. Got the above amount to transfer for a deposit on some land - any advice on who provides best transfer rates? Timescale to transfer ? and is this a good time to buy land and build and transfer monies? Building around Castle Hill area, Many questions i know - any advice appreciated
  7. cartertucker

    Buy house completed or build?

    We have been looking around & we love the look of new areas, so have been considering building our own home But on the other hand, we have seen in the estate agents papers, sometimes those new houses are being sold So which, in your opinion is the better option? :unsure:
  8. Anyone know of any good websites for land & build properties in Northern Brisbane?
  9. Does anyone know good architect (not too expensive) or something like that in Melbourne? We would like to design and build a custom build house outside of Melbourne (more north). We are looking to purchase land. So we would have a land + planning permission, but we need to submit "land cut plan" + house plan to get a final planning permit ready + get a building permit. So, has anyone build a custom build house here and can suggest something to me? :notworthy:
  10. I know this question has probably been asked a million times but......We're considering moving to the north of the Gold Coast and OH alternating driving or going by train to Brisbane. He's used to commuting to London and leaving at 6am to miss the traffic. I was thinking he could try and work from home one day a week, drive 2 days and get the train 2 days to break it up a bit. If he drove he could leave really early and go to the gym in Brisbane before work or something. If he went by train he'd go from Helensvale. My questions are what time does the motorway traffic build up both ways in rush hour? And would he get a seat on the train in Helesvale around 7.30am? Do the trains have good aircon and are you able to use your laptop on it? Thanks in advance. Cheers Gail
  11. Hey Guys, Stupid question but if I get an Oz Credit Card will it help build up my credit history? I am on a 457 Visa and plan to switch to PR and looking to the future I plan to buy a house over here, if I get a Credit Card now and use it weekly for the food shop and then pay the whole balance off straight away will it be better for my credit rating than just using my regular bank account? Terry.
  12. stevie ellis

    W.A self build?

    Hi, can you in western australia buy ground and build your own house? Here in scotland when i do something to my house i get the people who i know from the site and get them to do the job. Homers we call it , just wondered if it was same there? I imagine you need planing and all that , anyone know?:idea: cheers stevie
  13. Proview220

    Build your own house

    just wondered how easy or how hard it is for one to apply for a builders licence, Im maybe looking at building my own bungalow. If we buy a property that has enough land, in Jimboomba, Brizzie i would like to build additional property for family to stay in on their visit to oz, can this be done on the same plot of land. Proview
  14. Does anyone know good architect (not too expensive) or something like that in Melbourne? We would like to design and build a custom build house outside of Melbourne (more north). As there are so many trades people maybe u can suggest something? We are looking to purchase land. So we would have a land + planning permission, but we need to submit "land cut plan" + house plan to get a final planning permit ready + get a building permit. So, has anyone build a custom build house here and can suggest something to me?
  15. ScottieandDani

    Build with Steel or Timber?

    Hello Can anyone help us in making a dicision to build using steel or timber, I know the timber is prone to Termite problems but steel is a pain for home improvements and hanging pictures tv's and stuff any comments??? Thank you Scottie
  16. Hi all, having considered many options about realestate, has anyone had a house built whilst still in the UK, and then moved over there when it's finished? Did you encounter any problems? All replies will be gratefully sought. Helenx p.s. please feel free to add to this in any way.
  17. hi, does anyone know of new developments in mandurah or as far up as port kennedy? The first time home buyers grant reduces to $14k after 30th sept and i would like to take advantage of the extra $7k. If i spot a nice new build in an area i like could the deal be done from this end or do i have to be there in oz? Im flying out in febuary you see as we know have our visa. Also i notice there is alot of good deals with the new builds and some are offering guaranteed rental yield, finance and just the whole package seems quite easy. Also some builders are stating you do not need a deposit as they can use the home buyers grant to offset it, not sure how this works though as there is stamp duty too to pay, maybe someone can advise. anyway if you in mandurah, port kennedy, secret habour please let me know any good developments going on, many thanks
  18. Guest

    build your own home

    Can anyone give me information on buying land and building my own house. Ive emailed some banks and brokers but still waiting.We are going to perth about march time. Any info will be gratefull. sean:unsure:
  19. Hi All, I was recently let down by my "New" employer who said after one month that he couldn’t pay me due to the recession. GREAT!! But that got me thinking and looking around the world for opportunities because I know I can trust myself. I came up with a concept of "Convergence of Trends" as a model for considering a flexible freedom based business. The Trends identified were: 1. Working from home 2. Global Recession 3. Increasing unemployment and uncertainty 4. Increasing online tools and access 5. Realization that if it is to be it’s up to me 6. Increasing personal development industry, The Secret, The Passion Test etc 7. Tightening cash and credit 8. Increasing use of Barter I believe that the time is right to take advantage to the current convergence of trends; all that is needed is energy, direction and leadership. By combining the negative points I was able to come up with a very positive business model. A model that requires little cash to get started bur rapidly generates cash and pays its expenses by barter. When I was previously employed I constantly and ran the ongoing risk of being laid off at my bosses’ whim with little notice. It doesn't have to be that way so I made a decision to change. I now work from home, 50% Singapore and 50% Sydney, it’s great. I have also achieved my other objectives of, No Staff, Stock or Premises. This concept will work anywhere in the world. If you want to do something like me and you feel you have leadership qualities then I am happy to assist, Go offline if you like at Positive Action Today Ian Jones www.positiveactiontoday.com
  20. Hiya just a quick question to see if anyone has built a chelbrooke home, my mother & father in law quite like the Caprice so just wondered if anyone can let us know what they thought of the builders, house etc Thanks in advance Sarah x
  21. Vymn

    To Build or not to build

    I heard from somewhere that if you get into oz on a 457 visa you can only get a mortgage if you buy land and build - does anyone know if this is true? if so is there anyone out there that has done it and can let me know pitfalls or other things to look out for, hidden costs etc? am looking to move to nsw - newcastle or maitland area. Vymn x
  22. OH had a phone call at work today from Aus house - can we provide a further piece of evidence as we are just short of enough (going back date wise) to secure him PR straight away - BRILLIANT NEWS! :jiggy: Sucker punch...........medicals have had to be sent to Oz as there is a problem and will be at least 4-6 weeks before the c/o hears back!!! :arghh: We were told by the medical centre carrying out the check that everything was clear so we are hoping that it is just a bit more information required about his thyroid - been overactive, had radiation and now underactive and on tablets for life. So in the space of 5 minutes we went from being elated to down in the dumps!!!
  23. Although my husband has 10 years experience and was a fully licenced plumber/gas fitter in the UK, on arriving in queensland we have found like many others, he can only have his provisional plumbing licence here, he is now looking for work either on the Gold Coast or Brisbane preferably new build, does anyone know anyone that is looking to hire or willing to give him a start. Thanks in advance Lesley
  24. Guest

    Own Build

    Hello Happy New Year We are looking to buy a plot of land soon and have been looking at houses to build. The land is really expensive in QLD at the moment so our plot wont be that big (650) so we are thinking of building 2 storey which leaves us more room in the Garden. We have spoken to builders and they are coming up with $700-1000 per sqm and it sounds alot to me. We have started looking into Self build to see if it would reduce the price, has anyone looked into or done this and pro's and con's would help, We had a large extension in the UK just before we left and the price was alot less than this. Any information or recommendations of good cheap builders in the Caloundra area would be greatly appreciated or any builder out there who would like a challenge. look forward to your view Sara
  25. Hi, Myself and my family (fiance,3y old son & 5y old Daughter) are in the final stages of our visa application and are just awaiting the actual visa case number to come through, so it shouldn't be too long before we leave rainy Dublin for the sunny shores of Sydney, we were wondering if anyone out there has had any experience in purchasing land (we are looking around the east Hills area, as far east as Pymble and north as Hornsby) and getting a house built through one of the established House Build companys such as AV Jennings. Also we'd appreciate it if anyone could point us in the right direction to which area's might be the best ones to settle down with two young kids. Thanks