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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    Poor Bugger!

    :biglaugh: Pensioner Alf, aged 91 has been posting his letters in a dog poo bin for two years. The colour and shape of the bin are remarkably similar to the post-box located mere meters from the dog poo bin. An easy mistake to make for someone of like Alf, who is partially blind, but perhaps something that the council should have realised when they put it up. Alf is now going to have to follow up his two years worth of misplaced letters. He had allegedly been complaining to the post office, telling them their services were essentially dogsh#t. North Yorkshire District Council have a lot to answer for, poor old Alf needs some compensation, not only for his embarrassment but for the stupidity of placing such similar looking boxes, with such drastically different uses, so close to each other. We are with you Alf, take em to the cleaners. Poor bugger lol
  2. Guest

    Engineering Australia- bugger!

    Hi all My husband is a geotechnical engineer, which is on the SOL list, and has been for over six years. His degree is in geological sciences (only one Uni in the UK offers a Bsc in geotechnical engineering). Anyway, he applied to Engineering Australia for a skills assessment, filled in the paperwork really carefully, sent off all his stuff and $500 and waited 16 weeks for a response. We have had an e-mail this morning stating that he isn't a geotechnical engineer (that will be news to his last employer and his current one)! The reasoning is that he has a geological sciences degree (as stated above) and that he doesn't seem to fit in with the civil engineering guidelines. That's right- he isn't a civil engineer!! How can a job be on the SOL list with Engineering Australia as their governing body, if they can't actually differentiate between a civil engineer and a geotechnical engineer? What is the point? This now means we have to try and sort something else out and argue the case with Engineering Australia, but it makes me wonder why we're bothering. Apologies for the rant.
  3. Guest

    Bugger This Getting Old Lark

    OK, officially peed off. Only last week I thought me number was up, :biglaugh:, thankfully still around, so in fairness I thought that would be it, but no, oh no, another nail in the coffin this afternoon. Off I was dragged down to have my two yearly eye test done, nothing out of the ordinary normally but get this. After what seemed an eternity where I was prodded and probed, and test upon test were done I walk out of the 'room' to pick my glasses. I knew something was amiss because of the amount of tests I had, not normally the case my friends. So up walks the optician to me, with letter in hand. 'Only me again, I noticed in your right eye that you have the start of possible 'Glaucoma' which we need to keep an eye (sorry couldn't resist) on, AND, the left eye definitely has some damage to the retina, maybe from high blood pressure, so here is a letter for your doctors and he will send you to a specialist'. Good god almighty, WTF is going on here, I'm only bloody well 47, feel fine, but no, oh no, I now have bits falling of me left, right and centre,:biglaugh::biglaugh:. It's only a matter of time before I am placed in a home for the 'Socially Luckless', :mad::eek::biglaugh:. The next thing they will be telling me is that I am a hermaphrodite (wondered what that 'thing' was) and that I should consider being cryogenically frozen for future us. Ahh, what the hell, I'm definitely going to go out with a bang, and besides my new glasses I think make me look rather dashing, well that's what the fella with the white stick and Labrador said. PS. What do you reckon on the new specs? Cheers Tony.:wink:
  4. Guest

    gotcha you bugger.

    Well I finally got it. My visa was approved today, (Monday) You Beauty!!!! Had a nice little email on my phone this morning. It's only taken 2 years and 5 grand!!!!! Well worth it though. Only thing is. I originally applied for a 175 and then jumped ship over to a 176 state sponsered visa, but they have sent me 2 emails. One said I have been granted a 175 and the other said I have been granted a 176. Bit confused really. Any help with this would be great. Good luck everyone else. patiance really is a virtue?????? Chidge :biglaugh:
  5. Hi, bought six tickets yesterday for the unlimited access to the parks offer available to Qld residents. Bought them online at the library, paid by credit card, $360 and printed them off. The printer is behind the counter. Anyway, had a wee read on PIO and when my hour was up I went up for my tickets and they'd given them to someone else!:frown: They then refused to ring the people who were on the computers at that time, even though they only have eight and they have a log and mobile numbers!:arghh: And you have to go through and make sure all the sheets are yours efore you pay for each one, so some bugger thought it was their lucky day. Thankfully the people at Dreamworld were really understanding and agreed to cancel the first set and refund them, and I bought another set. Intend to get my money's worth and use them every weekend with plenty of picnics for cheap and cheerful days out. Sheena
  6. Help help help We sent our TRA assessment off yesterday. I just went to bed and realised we sent 4 Stat Declaration that were certified but not signed by my husband..... Shall I wait to see if they notice and make contact or send to follow straight away??? Bugger bugger bugger!!! How annoying, please advise!! Thanks :notworthy:
  7. Guest

    Bugger! Bugger! Bugger

    Not only does that 'Nice' Mr Immigration Man make parents wishing to join their children pay $33,000 (EACH), which deprives them of claiming anything for 10 years; not only does he make their Assurer of Support lodge a further $14000; not only does he make us wait a minimum of 12 months to grant a visa but now HE HAS SUSPENDED ALL APPLICATIONS!!!!!!!:arghh: PS: sorry to anyone who is offended by the bad language. Jean