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Found 53 results

  1. simmo

    The Budget

    How was it for you?
  2. Captain Roberto

    Arriving in 'winter' in Sydney

    We are planning to come in June, when it's probably at it's Coldest in Sydney. I had heard that it would be easier to get a rental place then. Would it likely to give us any kind of cheaper deal too? I am only asking as I am trying to work out a budget for rent.
  3. Alan Collett

    End of Parent and Aged Parent visas?

    Browsing the Budget papers (as one does on a Tuesday evening) ... and noted this: The 2014‑15 Migration Programme will have 190,000 places and maintain the composition of 128,550 Skilled Stream places, 60,885 Family Stream places and 565 Special Eligibility Stream places. The Skilled Stream will continue to focus on Australia's longer term skills needs, including addressing skills shortages in regional Australia. The Family Stream will refocus on meeting the increasing demand for close family reunions. The additional partner and child places will be made available as a result of the cessation of new applications from the other family and parent (non‑contributory) places. This cessation will also enable faster processing of existing applications. (Source: http://www.budget.gov.au/2014-15/content/bp2/html/bp2_expense-16.htm , scroll down to Migration Programme — allocation of places for 2014‑15) Looks like the end of subclass 103 (Parent) and 804 (Aged Parent) visa options imminently - likely to be from the end of next month. Also the Remaining Relative visa option looks likely to go - reading between the lines. In case of need: http://www.gm-parent-visas.com/ Best regards.
  4. Kymmbo

    Budget-friendly suburbs

    Apologies for posting another 'which suburb is best' thread but would love some advice! My partner and I lived and worked in Sydney for a couple of years, been back in the UK for 5 years now but hoping to emigrate next year on a permanent visa. We lived in apartments in Kings Cross before and loved it but now have a 2-year old in tow, so priorities change! Looking for advice on family friendly suburbs to rent in that won't break the bank. We will probably only have my income as a nurse to begin with so really have quite a tight budget, but don't want to end up in a really dodgy suburb! I know Sydney is expensive but there must be others in our position, with a pretty tight budget. Sutherlandshire seems to crop up lots on the threads but think this is maybe out of our reach...And don't want to head too far west... Any tips/advice would be much appreciated! :cute:
  5. 2bpepperrogers

    2 weeks in Queensland-where to go?!

    Hi My partner and I are flying nto Brisbane in April for 2 weeks. We need to come to validate our visa but only a fleeting visit as not got everything sorted to leave UK yet. Any tips and advice on where to go? We are slightly limited on money so can't do everything. It will also be our honeymoon so we don't want to be rushing about too much! Ideally we'd like to do some snorkelling on the reef, sunbathing and enjoying our honeymoon on a lovely beach, spend a couple of days in Brisbane too. Idea 1 was to fly up to Rockhampton and go out to Gt Keppel Island from Yeppoon for a couple of days, then travel by land back south along the sunshine coast, Idea 2 was to fly all the way up to Townsville and spend a week there then fly directly back to Brisbane and then drive up to Noosa etc and around there. Any suggestions on what to do/weather/where to go etc would be greatly appreciated!! C
  6. Guest

    Budget Surplus & Visa fees

    Not sure who it will effect but a couple of issues in addition to the main one cutting the amount of the baby bonuses elate to migrants LAFHA and visa costs http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/cuts-to-baby-bonus-to-get-back-to-surplus/story-e6frea6u-1226208977130 Says it is only some visa categories.
  7. Guest

    Melbourne Budget

    Hi i am new to this forum - hello and good morning to you all!!! Help is what I need..... My Husband and I are knee deep in research and would appreciate knowing some costs of living in Melbourne to work out our budget and see if we can actually afford to live in Melbourne??? ideally we would need a 3 bed property, in or around communting distance of Melbourne? Estimated cost involved ??? (Any good rental sites I can browse etc) Utilities costs etc .... Electric, TV, Phone, Internet, Water, Council Tax (I dont know what the OZ equivilant is - or if they have one) General shopping bill for 5 (2 Adults 3 Children Age 4 and 3 and 3mths) Please help me fill in some gaps and anything else you ay find usefull to me and my portfolio... Thanks in advance to all that help.... :wink:
  8. I'm trying to come up with a budget for a ten month stay in Oz, and thought I'd see if I'm way off the mark or not My girlfriend and I will be in Oz from January - probably in Melbourne for a couple of months, then Brisbane for another couple, Cairns area for four months and down the west coast for a couple before flying home. She is able to work on a working holiday visa, but I'm too old so we'll be relying on a combination of her wages and my savings. So... does three thousand dollars a month sounds reasonable to take with us? Add that to whatever money she makes and I figured it was about right. Could be completely off the mark though so wanted to check with folk who know a lot more about it than me!
  9. Hi there, Does anyone have an uptodate budget planner that they can share? We are considering a move to Sydney but are trying to work out what all the costs are that we need to factor in each year, and on a monthly basis once we are over there? We'd be coming on a 457 and would benefit from LAFHA. We are planning on $800-$1000 a month for accommodation but don't know where to start with council tax equiv, utilities, car tax, MOTs etc etc. Thanks, Nats
  10. Kevin McAuley

    How Much Should I Budget For...

    Guys I know this topic has been done to death with lots of general questions on the cost of living in Sydney but I have just received a job offer and am trying to plan where to live and how much I will need so I would love to get answers to this from people currently living in Sydney... My Job pays $43,000 basic which, after using an Aussie tax calculator, equates to $709 per week after tax (apparently). I will also get commissins/bonuses and might do other part time work but lets just stick with that for now! I want to live by the beach, the surf lifestyle is my primary motivation for moving so I will be living Cronulla, Coogee, Maroubra or Manly most likely and have been offered the above job in the CBD. I am looking at shared accommodation and it varies from $170-350 + per week some with bills included. My main question is how much should I budget for: Food (to buy groceries/ eat out sometimes/ get lunch at work) Travel Entertainment What else am I forgetting?? Thanks
  11. Kevin McAuley

    How Much Should I Budget For...

    Guys I know this topic has been done to death with lots of general questions on the cost of living in Sydney but I have just received a job offer and am trying to plan where to live and how much I will need so I would love to get answers to this from people currently living in Sydney... My Job pays $43,000 basic which, after using an Aussie tax calculator, equates to $709 per week after tax (apparently). I will also get commissins/bonuses and might do other part time work but lets just stick with that for now! I want to live by the beach, the surf lifestyle is my primary motivation for moving so I will be living Cronulla, Coogee, Maroubra or Manly most likely and have been offered the above job in the CBD. I am looking at shared accommodation and it varies from $170-350 + per week some with bills included. My main question is how much should I budget for: Food (to buy groceries/ eat out sometimes/ get lunch at work) Travel Entertainment What else am I forgetting?? Thanks
  12. Looks like the cost of visas are going up by 15%!!! :chatterbox: http://budget.australia.gov.au/2011-12/content/bp2/html/bp2_revenue-06.htm other migration new from budget : Temporary visa increase : http://www.minister.immi.gov.au/media/cb/2011/cb165283.htm DIAC news on Budget 2011 http://www.immi.gov.au/ I really must get out more!!! :-D
  13. Hi all I've just come across this article.... http://www.minister.immi.gov.au/media/cb/2011/cb165283.htm
  14. cat4er

    Federal Budget 2011

    Do you know any information regarding immigration intake in 2011-12? Any numbers with references will be appreciated!
  15. SHANO7

    Australian Budget 2011

    Hi PIo's Link attached for the budget due to be announced at 7.30pm AEST www.budget.gov.au/ Lets hope this brings good news for all cat 4ers Cheers Shane
  16. Guest51810


    Hi everyone, you'll be fed up of all my questions :embarrassed: Without sounding like im asking people what they personally spent could anyone advise me on roughly how much i would need to emmigrate? The only visa we could probably get is a sponsored work one as my bf is a plant operator so his job isnt on the list. We are a young couple with no kids and we only rent our house so we wouldnt be shipping anything over. We're seriously looking to emmigrate but we dont know how many years it will take us to be able to afford it. my partner makes roughly 28k, im unemployed at the moment but got several interviews lined up. Im not sure how much a plant operator makes in australia but just wanting to see if we could afford on this kind of wage sorry for blabbering on, any kind of help would be great
  17. Sorry to bore you further with the boring budget, but............. Is it just me when i say............. what is the point with these boring budgets? Can't they put fags up without all this guff and pomp and ceremony? I haven't seen what the Chancellor has done............ i started to fall a sleep when watching it. Whats the pain, we are going to suffer and will it get the country out of recession?
  18. Hi All, We are in negotiations with OH company over relocation to Brisbane. They will only pay 50% of flight and shipping costs. This move wasn't planned and with me at home for the last few years with two little ones our savings have somewhat dwindled. We are looking to make some savings and just wondered what others have done. For example our youngest is 1.5yrs and strictly speaking we don't have to buy him a seat on the plane (£500 saved) however would this just make a long flight horrendous? Do they take kids in the hold :twitcy: only joking! We could cut down the amount we are shipping, currently sole use of 20ft container (£3800 plus AQIS and insurance). Would this go down much or just cost us more when we get there having to replace stuff? Thoughts anyone pls?
  19. Hello all, Not Pom here, actually from the USA, but this seems to be the absolute most knowledgeable place about moving to Oz! So I thought I would post our dilemma to you. Please help us out here! I was recently offered a position in Sydney. The offer is a match plus a moderate bump from my current pay coming to a total of $115,000 AUD (I am currently at $110,000 USD). The job is my dream job and so my wife and I are motivated to make this work. But we agreed when I started looking that we would not do anything that would take us backwards in our standard of living. The problem is the difference in the cost of living, and particularly in housing. Right now we live in the mid west USA. We have a very nice 4 bedroom, 4 bath house with a 2 car garage on about 1/8th of an acre of land that is nicely fenced in with a woodland view. (We bought the home with the extra rooms because we intend to start a family and I have a teen aged daughter from a previous marriage.) We have one nice car and one not so nice car. We are able to eat out 3-4 nights a week and take ballroom dance lessons. We are able to afford a full cable TV and high speed internet package. Our groceries typically come to about $400 a month. I have a long commute (59km each way) so gas is serious expense. So it breaks down like this: House Mortgage: $1,300 month Retirement Savings: $1,000 month Car Payment: $425 month Car and Life Insurance: $300 month Health Insurance: $350 month Cable TV/Internet: $100 month Gas: $250 month Groceries: $400 month Medical Debt Payments: $200 month ------------------------------------------- $4,325 month Other factors: My daughter will not be coming with us, but may visit during the summers. So we only need 3 bedrooms. We intend to rent rather than buy. We will probably only need one car if I can use the train system to commute, and it can be mid-range. I am OK with a commute of up to 45 minutes each way. We need to know if we will be able to work out our budget to give us a lifestyle like we have now. But we can't seem to find a good site to give us real world expenditures in Sydney so that we can make the calculations. So we need the numbers for: 3 Bedroom Apartment Rent (in a good part of town) Mid Range Car Payment Car and Life Insurance Health Insurance Cable TV/Internet Gas Groceries Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
  20. Not moving back yet but going back in 3 weeks and 5 days for amonth .... cant wait !!! We have limited budget so would like anyones advice on what there is to do that is free or minimal cost so far : Museums Sightseeing in london Lyme regis - fossil hunting ( thats me ) Any castles etc that are a bit out of the way that people dont normally see ??? Thanks in advance for any ideas Wishful:wubclub: x
  21. Hello there are there any people or families out there moving to oz on a limited budget ,We are absolutely gutted as the house sale has fallen through again as the chain has collasped . This is the third time this has happened and the months keep moving on . It looks as though where going to have to move regardless and rent the house out over here and rent when we get there can anyone give some insentive and motivation from some where . How much do you think you would need to see you through the first 12 months ?please help
  22. It seems there are people out there that think Australia is expensive and there is no other way but to put up and shut up. Is this right? Are all new migrants in for a life of being forced to live on the breadline or is there another way? PLEASE HELP....... So what tips have you found to make life in Australia a little more enjoyable and saving a few dollars in the process. I’m not just talking about food shopping, but going out, buying products eg... cars, insurance, phone deals etc. Have you found any good web sites that offer good deals? When is the best time for sales etc, etc, etc. Does your area have good markets, auctions, or is E-bay, garage sales the way to go? I’m sure with some handy tips we can show there is a cheaper side to Australia Cheers Geoffrey
  23. I am planning to move to Melbourne with my 2 kids 14 and 10. Prob going to aim to move in Jan in time for a couple of weeks before the new school term. I was hoping to move out, get temp accomodation then find somewhere part or fully furnished, however most of the properties on the market seem to be unfurnished. I should be able to secure a job bringing in about $65- $75 basic (and then work my hind legs off to earn more) however will have minimum required to bring with me, I will be on a limited budget. Any pointers in regards to good neighbourhoods (we are used to a rural village in UK but i need to be in reasonable distance of the CBD to reduce time away from kids) and also pointers in regards to either renting or furnishing on the cheap would be gratefully received. Feel like I am rambling a bit, but this is a massive step, so need to make sure I have all eventualities thought out! Also not worked out how to say thanks to threads- if anyone could help me on that too!... I've a long way to go, and not just airmiles!!! Thanks guys, Jade
  24. I am emigrating to Sydney with my family next year. Still a bit of time to go then but I really want to think about where we are going to look for properties. Realestate.com.au is fine but I need some idea as to which areas are of a high standard and commutable to CBD within an hour, 15 mins drive from the beach, but where a million bucks will get me a big house with 4/5 bedrooms, a pool... am I asking too much? Thanks in advance! Mart
  25. John from Moneycorp

    UK Budget

    Three months ago, Alistair Darling delivered a pre-election budget that he hoped would avoid demoralising the electorate ahead of a knife-edge general election. He knew full well what was necessary to reduce government debt, a good chunk of which was a result of the financial crisis. But he, and more importantly his boss, thought it would be political suicide to dish out financial pain that they would probably not even be in power to exact two months later. Mr Osborne came to the dispatch box today with no such qualms. 'Tough on the deficit, tough on the causes of deficit' was his leitmotif. He sketched out more than a month ago in his post-election briefing how he was minded to balance the books, but more importantly he made it abundantly clear that he would address the problem head-on. Between then and now, with the help of the media, the government has gone out of its way to manage expectations such that neither the electorate nor financial markets should have been surprised by the measures he announced today. Judging by sterling's peaks and troughs during the speech – hardly an acid test of market opinion – investors were more impressed by the pledge to balance (roughly) the budget within the life of this parliament than they were by changes to capital allowances or corporation tax. It will do sterling no harm that one of Mr Osborne's opening comments was to the effect that he wanted to avoid governments (presumably his own) coming under the same pressure that banks experienced during the crisis; preserving Britain's AAA credit rating is apparently a priority. It might not be so helpful that the Office for Budget Responsibility expects inflation to peak this year at 2.7% and then return to its 2% target: low inflation means low interest rates. There are marked cultural differences between the way Europe and the United States are approaching very similar problems. With austerity budgets across the continent and spending cuts all round (encouraged by the harsh example of Greece's failures), European governments are pushing for fiscal probity. In the States the aim is still to encourage the economy out of the recession. Rightly or wrongly, the US has no immediate fear of being unable to finance its deficit by the sale of Treasury Bills Investors must decide for themselves where the greater risks lie; slower growth and constrained borrowings, or faster growth with the danger of more bubbles. The bulk of the chancellor's speech will not have come as a great surprise to investors. The full text of the finance bill will probably include devilish details that Mr Osborne had no time to reveal this afternoon, and that may force investors to revise their opinion. Otherwise, though, there was nothing there that was obviously harmful to the pound and there were several measures that could be helpful. As always, time will tell.