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Found 17 results

  1. I'm still in the middle of saving at the moment but it's definitely a goal of mine to live and work in Aus and maybe some day move out there permenantly. I haven't taken this lightly and are working hard towards it, however I'm thinking next year I will be finally ready to go, more towards the end! I was wondering if there was a buddy that had similar plans/ideas. I have nothing solid right now, but it would be great to hear others' ideas and talk to someone in the middle of planning like me!
  2. Hey guys, 23 year old Irish girl, thinking about doing my regional work from December 2014 and as I will be doing it alone I wondered if anyone else was in the same boat ? i am currently in Sydney and really flexible location wise as to where I do it . Please let me know, Katie.
  3. Daniel Worgan

    WHV Biddy wanted!!

    So the person I was meant to be going travelling with has bailed on me!! Im heading out at the end of March and would be nice to have someone to travel with at least and possibly spend a little bit of time with out there!! If anyone is also looking for a buddy then message me and we can exchange info and see where it heads!! Cheers guys Daniel
  4. Hey! I should be arriving in Brisbane, 7th January 2015 :cute: I'm really scared, as I'm 20, never been away from family, and freaking out a little! Looking to do farm, animal work, or child care work! I'm not a very girly girl, I like my heavy metal, and classic rock, But I do enjoy a bit of girly time, nails done etc. Message me if you want to meet up in January! Male or Female, I like to think I get on with everybody :biglaugh:
  5. CharlieMedusa

    Newbie here!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the Forum, After years of thinking, I've just turned 20, and decided a while back that a WHV was for me, and Australia will be my home for a while in January! Just after a bit of advice, personal experience etc. I'm getting over-excited, so, I'll let you know a bit about me. I'm animal crazy. I have a level 3 in animal care, 4 years work experience, and 2 years owning my own reptile/pet shop. I have dog grooming qualifications, farming, animal handling, biology, and a whole host of others included in my college course. I have friends and family out in Aus, all in different areas, but want to experience things myself, or with new friends! There are lots of farm jobs, animal attendant jobs, and lots of others I have found, I'm just waiting to get out there for interviews as requested from the companies/owners. I am just a little concerned about where I am going to stay... Hostels seem like the best option , but the prices of those for just 2 weeks is equivalent to renting an apartment! I'm a friendly person, but value my own personal space and privacy, so shared hostel rooms are not an option. Any advice anyone has, anyone wanting a WHV buddy, anything is helpful! Thank you everyone!
  6. I'd love to find someone and a group, who wants to go to Australia on a 12 month working holiday visa! I'm determined to do it, but find it a little daunting and it would be lovely to have a group or just a friend who wants to do the same and who I can get to know and be buddies with on this journey! I haven't made any solid plans, havent booked anything at all, but I'd love to do this and like I say, it would be fab to have a buddy or two to come along on this journey with me! If anybody wants to chat with me, let me know! My facebook and Skype details are also on my bio!
  7. Hello All I am not training as often as I should and starting to loose shape after 3 months of not training and because I am out drinking too much been new in town etc. Don't as such need anyone to push me just a someone to workout with, knowing I have a routine then I am likely to stick to it. I am 32, Male, Straight (don't laugh every guy iv spoken too in the Gym thinks Err or Ohh as I start a conversation) happy to workout with male or female and any fitness level. I am a Fitness First member and can use any Gym. PS I am not a gym nut just staying healthy and Morning or Evening but Mornings work better with work and socialising etc. Thanks Alex
  8. BIAB known as Brew In a Bag, is a new method of full grain brewing without tons of equipment and just as good. It will save you loads of money and produce beers far far better than a kit homebrew. Minimal equipment is needed and it really is easy. ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK. http://www.aussiehomebrewer.com/forum/index.php?autocom=recipedb
  9. brideycollette

    The Buddy system when you move to oz

    I was just wondering has anyone set up a buddy system for themselves when they got to oz . Bascially i have one here in the UK incase i have an emergency ie if i get taken into hospital , This person know's where a emergerncy overnight bag is to bring in for me ,with letters and instructions for the care of my children/ pick them up from school , etc., i also wear a locket round my neck with a contact number, my daughter wears one too . I only mention it because years back i had a car accident in a friends car , i had no id on me and my husband was away ,my daughter was at school :eek: I couldn't speak or move ....... so my daughter was in limbo ! I was very lucky her Teacher looked after for me after she searched and found i was in hospital . :wideeyed:too wake up in hosp was so scary and the first words i said were where is my daughter ! Please make sure you have at least a contact number somewhere for the Police etc to contact for the care of your children . Brides xxx
  10. Smirfyduo

    My new buddy

    [ATTACH]2826[/ATTACH] And he's not shy either!! He jumped onto my lap and helped himself to some of my apple!!:chatterbox:
  11. Hi all, Just moved over from the UK! Came to be with my lovely Fiancee (aussie) and could do with meeting some people around the Sunshine Coast. I'm 31, ex Army and trying to get into fishing and surfing! anyone knocking around that fancies a pint, give me a shout! Jim
  12. Hi 47 yrs male seeks drink buddy for "last hour" or so on fridays at local pub (Whistling Kite -Secret Harbour) Likes all sports, UK sports, music, humour, good conversation, live music -the usual stuff. Dave S Harbour
  13. Hi all, I'm recently arrived in Kirribilli and desperate to go fishing! Anything considered... flyfishing for trout was my main thing in the UK but I enjoy fishing in all its forms. Is anybody available to show me the ropes and the good spots? I don't have a car yet but I'm the proud owner of a green travel pass so I can get to most places locally... TIA Tarby PS: I'm also into birdwatching and wildlife in general, so buddies for those pursuits are equally welcome
  14. BuddysMum

    Buddy has left the building

    Buddy, the dog, was collected by Petair this afternoon and has been safely checked-in at Heathrow. It was soooooooo hard to put him in the crate and wave him off. But it does make the move seem that much closer. We leave on 30th and will get him back in Gladstone after his 4 week quarantine. The dreadful weather means that there might be some delays but we have been told that priority is given to the long-haul flights so he should get off. We have already had a lovely "wishing Buddy a safe journey" email from the dog walkers who will go and meet him on Thursday at the quarantine station. And so far the service from Petair has been wonderful. Everyone has been so knowledgeable and kind as well as very helpful. It is all costing the earth but so worth it. On the other hand our son went out to the cinema with some friends but the snow came and prevented the accompanying dad from driving them home. The buses have been cancelled so they had to walk home to the friend's house. We are staying at the services on the M4 so can't get to pick him up so he now has to stay overnight. I just hope the freeze overnight isn't too severe so that we can collect him (from the top of a hill) tomorrow.
  15. Hi PIO's Im looking for someone to scuba dive with or to hit the town with,i'm 40 and up for a laugh in the Brisbane area if there's anybody up for some......CHRIS:chatterbox:
  16. hi, i am a 23 yr old male from manchester, traveling over to perth in july 08, on a 12 month working visa. just wondering if any other brits will be going over around this time, who fancy meeting up? cheerz lee
  17. hi, i am a 23 yr old male from manchester, traveling over to perth in july 08, on a 12 month working visa. just wondering if any other brits will be going over around this time, who fancy meeting up? cheerz lee