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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, We are in the middle of packing our stuff up (yes house is full of boxes, bubble wrap etc etc) so tell me what is the best/most useful item you brought with you and whats the worst/waste of space item you packed thanks for reading, look forward to your replys :notworthy:
  2. Hi Guys , just trying to draw up a list of things to bring with us (Perth bound)clothes etc ,can anyone advise given there experiences ,I seem to see winter clothes popping up in the forums Top ten regrets/wishes of things you wish you'd brought ..ie stufff you could stick in a suitcase not shipped ..at least not yet .....:wink:
  3. Andrew from Vista Financial

    Changes to UK State Pension Age brought foward

    The UK Government has announced in it's recent spending review some extra changes to the age at which people can start to draw on their state pension (known as SPA). See the New changes below: New! Between April 2010 and November 2018, women's retirement ages are increasing to 65. There will be an accelerated increase between April 2016 and November 2018. New! Between December 2018 and April 2020, retirement ages for men and women are increasing to 66. Between April 2034 and April 2036, retirement ages for men and women are increasing to 67. Between April 2044 and April 2046, retirement ages for men and women are increasing to 68. Here's the link for more info State Pension Age Calculator - The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) Regards Andy
  4. I am in the process of thinking about what I should and shouldn't pack and bring out to Queensland.... Is there anything you regret not bringing with you and wished you had which would of come in handy? To start, i was not going to bring anything from my winter wardrobe and have now ascertained that I will probably need my fleeces at least. My common sense is overshadowed by the big picture and not the small! :unsure:
  5. Hey, We would love to have some tips or advice from expats that have brought their young family out to Oz and from those who went out as a couple and then had a family in Australia. Our main reason for wanting to immigrate is to give a better quality of life for our future family. The problem is, due to medical reasons I have been told that I need to have a baby asap, ideally within a year. We are completely torn now about going now and starting a family over there immediately or waiting until we have had a kid and then taking it with us. (Our 175, we believe, will be valid for 5 years and we already have a CO) Our thoughts about the benefits of waiting a bit for Oz and having kids here first are: 1) having friends and family around in the UK at such a special time. (Also, it will probably be a stressful pregnancy so to have them there would be nice!) 2) maternity benefits from work (about £7k compared to baby bond of £2750k) and the benefits of going over now and try for a baby out there: 1) much more freedom to move around and find the right area/home to settle in without a child/ children in tow 2) opportunities for me to work for a while (ideally don’t want to work until child/children are at school) and therefore settle better in a new country rather than being at home with no friends and our baby Anyway, we would love to hear from people who have done both. How was it? Any tips? Hope we don’t come across as naïve – having never been out there and not having anyone close that has had children, we really don’t have a clue what to do. Many thanks, Kempy
  6. :eek:Hello, i'm due to arrive in Sydney and stay for a year and a half by renewing my tourist visa (fingers crossed) by proving my private income that will fund the time travelling the country in a camper van. However, i need a supply of Tamsulosin Hydrochloride for an enlarged prostate, which i am hoping to get from my GP here in England. Trouble is 18 months supply is quite bulky. It would fill a shoe box easily. So was wondering if i just brought the prescriptions over, could i use them in an Australian pharmacy? Or, if i saw an Australian doctor could he prescribe them to see me through? I have seen them advertised on the internet, but cant guarantee the source and quality. Im sure my own GP would write a letter for an Australian doctor if i asked him, but he will hesitate to issue a half dozen prescriptions at once. He's done it once before, for an extended trip to America, but i think he might baulk at the request i am about to put to him. I'm sure there must be few male readers on this forum that use Tamsulosin (an alpha blocker that expands the neck of the prostate) so any input would be appreciated.
  7. I've had a look through other threads and can't seem to find much mentioned about declaring items that have been brought in the past 12 months. I am moving to Oz in a few weeks with Doree Bonner - grew up there but have been here in the UK for nearly 14 years. Now I am going back (quite sudden) and have to pack up everything. But as it was sudden, I am stumbling on the declaring items brought in past 12 months - I can't remember when I brought most stuff, and I don't have the receipts for everything (I only keep receipts for electrical etc and none of that is coming) - and what about gifts? I got an expensive gift from someone fairly recently. What did everyone else do? And can they prove that you have had it less than 12 months if it is clearly used?
  8. I keep reading new threads & posts from PIO'ers who seem quickly & suddenly deflated after arrival. Please give Australia a fair go. If you search this site you can see that lots of people go through a range of complex and often contradictorary emotions on arrival and in the early days. It takes guts to put your (adult) selves under scrutiny to become migrants. It takes guts & humility to enter the job market, after years working as a qualified tradie or other professional in the UK - a lot of people can't take this 'challenge' to their view of themselves. Get over it nobody here gives flying f*** what you did in the UK.---- (But I had a team of 25 in Waltham Forest in charge of investigating weevils, doesn't this count for something here? ....Actually.... No ......nobody understands or cares, get over yourself & find something you can do here) Give it a fair go, make an effort, and you might find it pretty ok here......
  9. does anyone know if we will have to pay tax on the proceeds of a uk house sale which we will be bringing over, (ie the lump sum) probably by an exchange company? The ATO seem to have access to bank account info here, in terms of interest paid on OZ current accounts, any advice out there? Also has anyone with a UK barclays account transfered GBP to AUD via Hifx, if so how long did it take for the funds to clear in OZ once you'd instructed Hifx? I need to have a good idea of the timescale in case we want to put an offer in on a house. all wisdom gratefully received
  10. heya im an aussie who is very nervously awaiting our application to be processed for a prospective marriage visa, our application should be fine but the money situ is a worry, well we know we can survive on my money if we have to but more just getting our application approved. What is the smallest amount that people have been approved on whiilst applying for a class 300 visa prospective marriage. We are supposed to get married this year but its difficult as we may have to put our plans off if they dont approve it. My OH is a warehouse worker so he can only pay for living and the plane fare and after paying for the visa and the wedding we dont have anything left well very little so all you people out there whove defyed the odds let me know so i might be encouraged. Scary to think someone else is in charge of your destiny.:err:
  11. Guest

    Flights brought forward!

    I've just changed our flight booking!! We are now leaving on the 4th of Nov, instead of 24th Nov! We booked online with Singapore Airlines and it hasn't cost us any extra to change. I've even managed to get seats on the upper deck of the plane on the new flight (as I've been told it's better up there!) Really excited now!! Can't wait! Mags:wubclub: x