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Found 9 results

  1. :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: Forget gumtree.............this is where the real bargains are to be had http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Blue-used-HOLY-Undies-Still-has-many-years-left-/320733047765?pt=Men_s_Clothing&hash=item4aad2debd5
  2. Guest

    living in brizzy

    Alright We have been here(brisbane) for about 10 days now, so thought i would say how we are getting on. I know on this forum there is a lot of strong views about oz and some people get wound up(which is why i cant be arsed to post most the time). People build this place up to be the be all and end all but let me tell you that since i have been here i have been lounging in the pool,beach, bought a car, worked on my tan, rented a new house(excellant by the way,murrumba downs),set up accounts and met some really nice people. I think if you moan about people not being friendly in this country it might be your own fault. Is it mecca, sod a dog if i know? Is it a good place to live,yes i think it is. If anyone is moving out this way,gis a shout and we will try and help if you need anything. Nice one Lee
  3. Hi everyone, I've finally done it.....I've got a job offer from a company in Brisbane so I thought I'd register and introduce myself and my good lady. I'm Stu and my better half is Michelle (Mickey). We'll be coming over on a 457 visa. My new employer has nominated me for the position and we've started the online 457 application. So, hopefully I'll be posting on here a lot more....and annoying you guys with stupid questions. Cheers Stu and Mickey
  4. Can anyone give a personal indication of haw many days roughly they find the climate unbearable. We are moving up from Adelaide and though we get 47oC days i have been told the humidity is far worse. Thanks Lee
  5. Moving up from SA and just want to ask if anyone knows of any jobs going in the trade been working for a great company in SA and may transfer but just thought i'd see what is around (if anything) Thanks Lee
  6. julesbazz

    poo hot agent around brizzy!!

    Hi does any1 know a really good agent who knows all there is to know about getting resi. already here on a 457, been here a year and things are really bad with hubbies work!! He got offered a new job the other day but then they said no cause there's they couldnt be arsed to do the paperwork for another visa. How hard is it to pass TRA, this is what he worrying the most about as he hasnt done 900 hrs of training, just in house and courses in his line of work. Its really getting him down they are even telling him overtime is compulsery with no extra, he already does 40hrs. He works for this little ****ty family company and they live breath and expect him to do the same. He scared if he reports them they will sack him and we will have to go home. Its truely heartbreaking. We just need 10 mins to know our options please help :cry: jules x
  7. Guest

    From Brizzy to Bundy

    Is there anyone out there that can tell me if this would be a good move?? I don't know anything much about Bundaberg. Does it have anything to offer by way of good social stuff??etc etc. Anyone live there that has all the gen?? cheers :spinny:
  8. Guest

    Bricky in brizzy

    Hi Just moved to Goldcoast looking for a job im 27 bn bricklaying since was 18 served me time with irish fellers quick and very neat, just wandering is there anybody looking to team up or employ, i need to work soon as possible. Thanks Nick :jimlad:
  9. Just wondered if any one could offer advice I have been offered a post at The PA hospital hoping to commence employment january 2008 so am now looking for rental/schooling (children are MC 16 and Danielle 13) Can any one advise on good areas to be looking at, either walking distance ( Help in my quest to loose weight:biglaugh:) or good transport links. have got my brizzy refidex but would be good to hear from someone who knows the areas. Thanks Sue