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Found 19 results

  1. bustamove

    Weather in Bristol

    Hi everyone, I've been reading posts on here for over a year about moving back to the UK. So much useful advice, but I'm still unsure about a few things and hope you wonderful people can help guide my decision. My partner and I moved to Melbourne for 1 year 8 years ago. He's from Melbs; his dad was dying at the time. We thought. He's still here and doing ok. We now have two kids (6 and 8) and I really want to move back to the UK. My family are all there. I'm really close to them. My mum and dad are in their late 70s and missing out on getting to know my kids. (We've been home twice). My brother and sister now have kids of their own, who we'd love to get to know. I love my Aussie family and friends, have a bloody lovely life here, but don't want to be here forever. Oh, and can't afford a house where we live. No willing to move further out. Would prefer to start over in the UK. Hubby is all for it. He loves Europe. I was the one who had to convince him to live in Oz for a while when his dad got sick. I figure now is a good time to move back as my kids are young enough to be able to slip into life in a new school and new community. My DH and I, however, are scared we'll find it difficult to fit into a new community. BUT, the longer we stay here the harder it will be to move back. And after reading so many posts about families with older children being split - it's not something I want to even contemplate. Our main problem is where to live. We used to live in London, but neither of us want to do that again. We're seriously thinking of Bristol. We could afford a good home there in a good area near decent schools. My main issue is the weather. I know, I know, there are lots of people who don't think that should matter, but it does to me. I grew up in Northern Ireland where it rains pretty much all year and I was miserable. Couldn't wait to leave. I've heard it rains just as much in Bristol. Anyone in the know who could verify this, or not. Bristol seems like a mini Melbourne. It's got good cafes. restaurants, festivals and museums; the vibrant lifestyle we're looking for. We're not good with suburbia. We also need to live somewhere that's easy to fly to N Ireland and less than two hours driving time to Dorset (where my sister lives). Jobs are important too. DH is in IT and I'm in publishing so figure Bristol is a good option. As I said, it's just the idea that it will rain so much puts me off. Please Bristolians, tell me I've no idea what I'm talking about and the weather is just fine and dandy! (Our other options for a place to live would be Oxford or Cambridge... open to hearing what they're like too).
  2. Hi! Is there anyone in the central coast that want to go out for a couple of beers or meet up of some sort? My husband and I are both 27, we have a 1year old son. Iam a stay at home mum and Jon works out in penrith so have found it pretty hard to make local friends since moving to the coast last year. happy to go out for a few drinks as we have my mum to babysit in the evening...otherwise park dates, picnic, beach or barbie in the day or anything else going on. we love wake boarding, camping, exploring... doing new things etc.... loving life on the coast. hoping to make new friends for life!
  3. Melmell13

    Want to move back ASAP.

    I'm 25 years old, moved to Aus when I was 18, horrible, horrible age to move country. I am completely, 100% done with this country, just wondering if there is anyone on here around the same age as me that has moved back recently and has any tips? I'm looking at living in Bristol and I'm just wondering what the jobs/ housing etc will be like for someone of my age that hasn't lived in the country for 7 years. Also, trying to organise my passport which is turning out to be a total nightmare :dull: PHEW!
  4. Hi there Is anyone attending tomorrow? I've read a few negative comments about the Birmingham day but would like to see if I can find out first hand info about public sector work for my profession. Besides, a trip to Ikea is needed too :wink: Only problem is I can't seem to find any info about where the blinkin this is going to be held?? Can anyone advise?? Thanks!
  5. Guest

    Bristol to Brisbane

    Hi all has anyone used a freight service in either Bristol or Weston Super Mare? We're looking to ship quite a bit of furniture (antique) so were not looking to do it ourselves. And could anyone tell us if we are using a service do we need to pack everything into boxes for them...Sorry but we don't have a clue? and we're heading off soon. I've got several companies coming to us for quotes for the furniture, but we also have quite a few books etc to go to..Would it be worth us trying to share some space and pack these ourselves? Any help would be good!! Thanx R
  6. Guest

    Moving to Bristol

    Looking to make the move home to the UK later this year. Sadly for me my OH has put her foot down on us returning to London or the South-East and has proposed Bristol as a compromise. Trouble is, neither of us knows the place. Any Bristolians or non-Bristolians who know the city well out there who could advise us on the good areas to live? We're in our early 40's with a 3 year old daughter. Cheers in advance.
  7. Guest

    Is there a Bristol Expo???

    Just heard mention of an Aussie Expo in Bristol this month... does anyone know any details for this... can't find anything on the web! Thanks Jules
  8. shoolhouse

    immigration open day in bristol

    I heard on heart fm bristol advertising working and living in oz. while waiting til the end of 2012 thought it was worth looking at www.australianstates.co.uk I put in that im a hairdresser and yes got an invite for sunday 22 nov. the department of immigration and citizenship will be there,so is the goverment of victoria and the goverment of western australia. not sure if this is any use to anyone, im just surprised that they are sending people over to encourage people to apply.
  9. Really sorry to those that wanted to come along but the night has had to be cancelled :frownxmas:We hope to re-arrange in the new year sometime. Hope you all have a fantastic christmas.:biggrinxmas:
  10. After such an awesome time yesterday at the meet up we decided to arrange a Christmas party so anyone who missed last nights meetup have got to come to this one......guaranteed a fantastic time!!!! Unfortunatly no children will be allowed as it will be in Clifton on a Friday or Saturday night. We will be starting off with a Mexican feast followed by lots of alcohol and dancing. There will be a Christmas theme so either just a bit of red clothing, santa hat, tinsel etc ...WENDY has volenteered to come as FATHER CHRISTMAS :biglaugh: !!! We need to get some dates sorted as havn't got long to arrange this as Crimbo creeping up on us fast Woohoo!!!!! Im fine for any dates but if there is any that cant make a certain date let us know asap. Angie xx
  11. Hi all my babbers....................need some cheering up i think so how about another meet up, it was gurt wicked last time :cute: and would love to meet up again. Quite a few have mentioned November time, i know Wenders couldnt make a couple of dates in that month so we'll have to arrange somthing. Also thinking of meeting up in The Willy s sisters pub in Nailsea. What do you think?????????????????????? Angie :wubclub:
  12. On behalf of Lorraine & Ang who organised today we had a nice afternoon. Thank you to Tony Bev and Rachel who travelled over from Wales. The turnout was smaller than hoped but we are guessing the bad weather put people off.:no: Thank you to Ang for the pressie in my bag........A CONDOM......how nice.......made even better that my O/H put his hand in my bag to get the car keys and pulled it out....YUK!! Your return pressie will be in the post Tenna Lady!!!!! LOL Looking forward to the next one...........mexican in clifton I believe!! Ang is gonna do a stint with her blades on for us all......bring it on!!!!!:biglaugh:
  13. 2Posh2Push

    Newbie from BRISTOL!!!

    Hi all, just got an agent and doing the t.r.a thing! Can't wait to get to oz and start the good life. I'd appreciate any snippets of info/advice from anyone who's either at the same level as me or already been there & done that!!! Hoping that Australia will have so much more to offer our 3 small kids when they are older than miserable old UK, hee hee. Cheers, Emma & Craig
  14. Hi ,all just a reminder that on Sunday 7th of September we are holding a meet up for all the Bristol lot and anyone else who wants to come! 3pm Blaise Castle. There is plenty for the kids to do and we will arrange a plan B should the weather be bad. I think it will be nice then though because the kids are back at school :arghh: Look forward to meeting you all, take care Catherine x:wubclub:
  15. Hi, what a great afternoon we had, meeting TACD, geraldine, wendy and colin and lorraine, tris and boys. Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic time and we def got to meet up again hopefully sooner rather than later. Well mark managed to get 3 pics LOL hope u got more TACD, Im going to put them on my profile page. Angie xx
  16. Hi, i was wondering if anyone has planned any meet up's for around the Bristol way? I've seen a few previous ones for weston and wondered if there will be any more popping up? I know there is a recent one for the south west I think it's arranged to meet in plymouth but that's just a tad too far for me. Cheers
  17. Guest

    Hi from Bristol to Brisbane

    Hi All, I have just joined after reading through some of the posts over the past couple of weeks and found them very usefull so thanks to all of you. Myself,Wendy and our three kids,Joe(18), George(16) and Beth (12) wil moving out to Queensland hopefully this August after receiving our visa's last week. We are hoping to settle in the Caloundra area eventually. I am an electrician (of sorts) and have just found out about further applications I need to make.................................just when I thought all the paper work was over. Ah well I am sure it wil all be worth the hassel in the end. Regards Pete
  18. 2Posh2Push

    Party time in Bristol!!!

    Decided (finally) to have a leaving party end of june - is anyone else? Also anyone from my area going soon?