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Found 32 results

  1. Guest

    2 days in Brissy

    Well, here I am in 'sunny' Brisbane - I think I brought the weather with me! Brissy is brilliant, the most un-citylike city I've been to. Very clean and not too crowded, lovely atmosphere and nice people. I finally got reunited with my wife after clearing Customs on Tuesday morning and I love it here. Certainly don't want to go back to grey old England, with the litter and the chavs. Met my lovely ladys daughter for the first time today, which was a bit nerve-wracking though not as much as meeting my father-in-law for the first time this weekend will be! She was wonderful just like her mother. Here's to the new life in Aus... thought I'm still not sure about the summer heat! At least I arrived in winter so it feels like summer already
  2. Guest

    Cars in Brissy

    Hi I am moving (with my girlfriend) over to Brisbane next month on a 457 visa. My company is centrally based although I may have to travel around and suspect I will need a car. More to the point, my girlfriend is a teacher and is likely to need to travel lots herself. Where is the best place to pick up reasonable but good value second hand cars? In the UK i'd be looking at spending between £3k & £6k for each car which would get you a decent second hand motor. Thoughts? Cheers Brett
  3. Hello everyone, just joined this forum... I have been in Oz 2 an a half years, the first 2 years of which where on a working holiday visa, I am currently on a 457 visa. I work as a Geologist in the Queensland coal industry. During my time in Oz I have mainly done the back packer thing an travelled around alot but I am a bit over it now lookin on gettin a bit more settled. I have friends an family in Adelaide which is where I have been spending alot of my time, but my current fly in fly out arrangement from adelaide with work is ending soon, so in order to avoid having to pay for my own flights I am considering settling in Brissy. I have been to Brissy a couple of times an it seems to be a pretty decent city, and I could see myself prefering to live there than adelaide anyway. Its just pretty daunting coz i will have to start from scratch on my own, plus I work away alot so I find it hard to meet people other than backpackers who move around alot. It would be good to get talking to some people around my age who are settled in Brisbane to get some advice from and maybe meet up if I settle there to get me started. After all lifes no fun if ya on ya own! :biggrin:
  4. There's a few of us planning to meet at the beach in Raby Bay, Cleveland on Brisbane's Bayside. Everyone is welcome :hug: There are three little beaches there and we plan to meet at the third one along, anytime from around 11am. The BBQ's are by the first beach, but that is likely to be very busy, so either bring a picnic.....or the other suggestion is that we order pizza and soft drink and send a couple of the bloke to pick it all up!! If anyone wants to join us and wants to PM me for my number, just in case you get lost....... :wubclub: See you there!! Love Rudi x
  5. Guest

    Photography Course - Brissy

    Hi, I'm looking for a little feedback about a Tafe Photography course in Brisssy. Both the Southbank and Metropolitan tafes offer the Cert IV, followed by the Diploma, but can't decide on which one to choose. I have contacted both and each sounds ideal, but was wondering if one had a better reputation than the other? I'm hoping someone might have an idea regarding this. Regards Aimy
  6. Any parens with older kids wanting to meet up for a beer on the southwest side of brissy?
  7. Hi - we've been in Oz for a while now, but are new to Brisbane. Rob and I have 3 kids (9, 8 and 2) and are hoping to meet up with anyone in the area also looking to settle into life up here. We staying in Sherwood at the moment - so if there's anyone on the West/South side interested that'd be great! Look forward to hearing from you! Gem
  8. Guest

    Living in north brissy!

    Hi i moved from london to oz just over a year ago. I didnt have to drive back home due to living in the city. now i have to learn fun fun! anyone experiencing major home sickness? I also have a baby daughter. Where do all the poms meet up.
  9. :biggrin:Myself (22), my husband (24) and our 9 month old babygirl would like to meet some poms in the bayside. I have been here for 4 years and hubby for 2. We seem to be struggling with making any good friendships when it comes to the aussies. We are looking for regular meet-ups...anything to take our minds off what friendships and family we have and miss in the U.K .
  10. Guest

    New Brissy Baysider

    Hello, i'm very new to Brisbane (but not Australia). Our family moved to Redland Bay at the end of last week. We would really like to meet some new people and start to 'fit in'. We have a 12 yr old daughter who is desperate to make some friends. If anyone would like to meet up for a coffee & cake sometime, that would be great. Cheers, Jackie:cute:
  11. Does anyone in the Brissy Bayside area want to meet for coffee one morning next week? PLEASE someone reply......otherwise I will feel like Rudi no mates!!! :cry: Love Rudi x
  12. Guest

    brissy resident

    hi there im living in Brissy and wold like to meet fellow poms!!
  13. Gday We're Welsh family of four (we've got a couple of Aussie crumb snatchers 2 & 6mths) who live in Mitchelton. We would love to meet up with anyone who lives in the area, or are thinking of moving out here. We've got a barbie and beer fridge, so we're probably not that bad to know.
  14. Hi I am looking for a plumber, or a recommendation for one in the Bayside area of Brissy. Got a few problems with our septics. The liquid waste man is going to come in and empty them and then we need a plumber to have a look at things before we use them again. If anyone can help, please can you post details here, or PM me. Thanks Love Rudi x
  15. North Brissy Meet Up - Redcliffe/Scarborough/Margate etc I am fairly new to the area and living with my partner in Redcliffe. I would like to meet up - chat/coffee and swap advice with other poms in the area if any other girls are clicking their heels all day while their partner is at work. I don't have any kids or a dog (!) but can go with the flow whatever anyone wants to do/where Claire (36 going on 26)
  16. Hi, I am a 28 year old lad originally from liverpool. Looking on maybe renting a room in or around brissy in the next month or 2. I work away for upto 19days at a time so price is pretty important as i will be paying rent when i'm not there! I would like somewhere young and livelyt with pleanty of places to eat/ drink near by. Also somewhere where there is some nice out door areas for running etc.. somewhere near a beach maybe.... I love it down the gold coast, but I recon it would be pretty dear to rent there? any suggestions welcome... Cheers Mike
  17. Guest

    and were off to brissy

    well a little less dollars in our pocket, but were off on a student visa to brisbane , were flying on 25th october, oh course starts in brisbane school of hairdressing in november, so all excited now, cant wait, sad for those we leave behind, but a new journey , and a new experience for the kids, good luck to all see you there :jiggy:
  18. Guest

    Fun in Brissy??

    Any meetups or people interested in having a good oul night out in Brissy? I'm Irish and living here, seems to be a lot of families on this site- any young outgoing couples/singles interested in having a few bevs?? :biggrin:
  19. 3 Hours to get from north brissy to sunshine coast . 1 crash on the brisbane highway and the hole of the north side is F~~~ed . OZ is great apart from there crapy highway . Mm and calm :nah: Eddie .. Goes with out saying hope no body was hurt.:yes:
  20. Hi there, We (myself, husband and son 11yrs and daughter 10yrs), arrived 5 months ago from England via new zealand and france (there's definitely a book in there somewhere!). We are all nicely settled and loving our life in Warner (near Albany Creek, Cashmere, Eatons Hill, Strathpine), but missing out a bit on having people to call mates. I'm not working at the moment and would love to catch up with anyone who fancies a walk, shop or coffee and cake. I'm very keen on cake. Look forward to hearing from you Saff
  21. Hi there, We (myself, husband and son 11yrs and daughter 10yrs), arrived 5 months ago from England via new zealand and france (there's definitely a book in there somewhere!). We are all nicely settled and loving our life in Warner (near Albany Creek, Cashmere, Eatons Hill, Strathpine), but missing out a bit on having people to call mates. I'm not working at the moment and would love to catch up with anyone who fancies a walk, shop, natter and a laugh or coffee and cake. I'm very keen on cake. Look forward to hearing from you Saff :cute:
  22. Guest

    brissy bound

    well our confirmation of visas arrived on 22nd may :notworthy: just that it is also tinged with great saddness as we recieved an early morning phone call to say my mother-in-law had taken a turn for the worse in hospital and to go there straight away, alas she died at 6:00am. so whilst overjoyed with our visa news we also sad :cry:. so this week has been put on hold for most of the australia stuff but, next week i'm hoping i'm in a fit state to start all the final arrangements to get out to brissy. hugs linds x
  23. Mongrel

    re brissy

    Hi all Seems the uk is a bit out of budget this year so thought about comin over east later in later in the year , going to try one better than plaiting fog ,gettin a beer out of brooksy ( dint mean it mate , 1`m sure Tuesday is your middle name . Just thinking about weather etc and the dengue lol Mally
  24. Hi been in brissy for 18 months and thinking of moving down to melbourne how much work is about down there and what are the wages like as well. Thanks phil:emoticon-signxmas:
  25. kellyjamie

    back from brissy reccie!

    Hi all, so weve been back over a week now after our reccie to brisbane, below i will detail all what we found out and hope i dont bore you all! apologies now if i drag on! First i wont repeat all sandra said as we met all the same people they did, we virtually holidayed together! Dale, Fran and Luke thankyou so much guys for wonderful accomodation and superb hospitality. We also spent time with chellem and co, jo eddie, tina, johatts and some other families and can honestly say were so happy to of met all you guys and chuffed to consider you all our new friends, we look forward to returning your hospitaliy. and of course our new found friends sandra mike and boys, whom we all just hit it off straight away! were all so alike and we are ecstatic we have found them as friends and look forward to many years of barbies and drinks! So Brisbane, well before i start i must state THESE ARE ONLY MY OPINIONS AND OZ WILL DEFINATELY NOT BE FOR EVERYONE. We flew with emirates glasgow-dubai-singapore-brisbane. planes are very spacious even my hubby managed whos 6'5, food wasnt bad and entertainment good. the staff on the glasgow to dubai and the same return leg were wonderful, the rest of the staff werent great. the flights themselves were fine and we experienced no delays. we totally hated dubai i wouldnt even go there for free! the airport is unbelievably busy, people lying on the floors sleeping everywhere and the people are so rude and abrupt! the whole place looks like one large building site and we really didnt like it, the walk from the plane to actually getting outside is so far, yes you get complimentry strollers but good luck finding one! i felt very uncomfortable there. we were only in singapore airport for a short time, which is very clean and we would definately like to visit singapore, tho it was probably the most strict airport ive ever been through. on arrival at brisbane airport our baggage was through in record time, then we realised my hubby left his wallet on the plane with EVERYTHING in it! so it was a mad dash to emirates desk to get it back, which they done without a problem. all things considered i wouldnt fly with emirates again and if for no other reason than to avoid dubai. So brisbane, well we absolutely loved it and have found it is definately for us! although we were there during "winter" the weather was great a pleasant 20-22 during the day and a surprisingly cold 8-11 at night. tho i must say they have no dusk or dawn and the light to dark is like turning off the light switch as is the change in temp! for those concerned by the lack of day light hours and early nights dont fret it definately does not stop people enjoying the lifestyle. Houses/areas. we stayed in mango hill next to north lakes, which has i feel undeservedly been titled little britain which i find hard to understand as apart from the people we were purposely introduced to everyone was aussie!! we loved this area and its probably number one choice for us. it has a lovely community feel to it, it feels safe and comfortable which after uprooting 11000 miles is probably just what we will need! we also checked and liked, narangba 10min further out, warner 15-20 closer to the city and also cashmere near to warner. the house market is slowing slightly even tho all the sales people will tell you (and told us) that its red hot and will only rise, the aussie gov held interest rates for a 4th time at 7.25% so people are definately not buying or spending as much, and the credit crunch is reaching their shores aswell. we found caboolture nice aswell. 10yr ago you wouldnt of considered it but now it has and is being totally redevelpoed and you can buy new builds there the exact same house as you would get in north lakes for $100k less as its the last train stop and 20 min further out the city! Shopping. i dont quite understand why people slate the clothes shopping? i found it totally fine and ask my OH thats no mean feat! i really didnt have a problem with it. they dont have next or gap but do have a store called colorado which is very similar. the rest of the clothes were great. Food shopping is very on par with the UK price wise. fruit and veg is a bit srange, here its the same price all year round over there the price depends on whats in season! we tried both coles and woolworths and definately prefer woolworths, it was slightly cheaper and the choice was amazing! their meat counters are unbelievable every flavour sausage you can imagine, great for the barbies! for those yearning the old brit foods they do stock some such as hellmans, heinz beans salad cream and for the scots - irnbru (being an adopted scot this was vitally important to my chances of settling!). the shopping centre at north lakes was fab and it still has more development to go. Cars and petrol. we checked out some show rooms and found that new cars are roughly priced the same as here but definately hold their value, as with the weather they dont rust as much. we seen cars on the roads that were 20 yr old. the price of petrol is rising aswell and to us theirs is cheap when converting to sterling, but when living there and on their wages its is getting expensive and is a talking point aswell.and the driving is no where near as bad as people say, tho on the highway they do put the foot down and they dont acknowledge if you let them out at a junction or anything, but we found driving easier, i never had road rage once! People. what can i say, we honestly hand on heart found them to be the friendliest people we have met, dont get me wrong we encountered a few rude and ignorant people but you do everywhere. but on the whole we were very taken aback by their way. nothing was a problem and whenever you go into a shop people acknowledge you and ask how you are and it rarely seems forced. my husband was surprised when he took our 2 yr old for a walk and 3 seperate people walked past and all of them said "hi, how you doin". any time we asked for help people were more than willing to help and would often ask whre we were from and if we were on hols and when we said we were going to emigrate, they answered with "good on ya mate thats great, all the best and enjoy australia"!!!!! as i say you will get arsehole everywhere we certainly have our share in the uk but generally, lovely people. Schools and work we looked at both private and state, all very good. we looked at north lakes state school, lakes private, genesis private and st.columbans private and were impressed with them all. i visited 3 hospitals about work when i get out there and 2 were great and very helpful told me to contact them nearer the time i need sponsorship and they will offer me sponsorship without a prob and help me get perm res. the other one (redcliffe) was awful and the woman totally unhelpful and basically told me no. my OH will be a plumber and will have no prob getting work, he actually made a contact in mcdonalds who told him providing hes willing to start at the bottom(he,l be newly qualified) he would pay him roughly $50k per year plus buy him tools, a company van mobile phone and help him get his regs! we were pleased with this as he will be starting a whole new career with little experience. travel, their transport system was excellent! very cheap and spotless. always on time cant say much more except we were very very impressed. on the whole for us a very sucessful trip and we have made very good contacts for the future. we have made some wonderful new friends and i must admit i had a couple of wobbly days out there where i wasnt sure and i felt disheartened but the new friends we have were wonderful and gave us invaluable advice and we have realised that these people will become our family eventually, so if you do nothing else when you move you MUST put yourself out there and make friends as they will be priceless in making the move successful. we loved every minute of it and we knew on the flight home that when we got back we would either appreciate what we have and want to stay here having enjoyed a wonderful holiday or, realise what we had just found, and for us we have found the place we want to live and bring up our kids and enjoy our life in and thats brisbane. now its definately not without its faults, my god you wouldnt believe how hard it is to find restaraunts with highchairs ireally was close to losing the plot! and they have bugs and critters tho to be honest we only seen spiders and snakes in zoos. and they annoyingly price things with 99c but yet when charging you round it all up to the nearest dollar. but apart from that we loved it. i can absolutely see why it wouldnt be for everyone and also why some people return home, but for us were happy with the decision and feel its right for us. we visited sydney for 3 days and i absolutely hated it if that was my only option to go to get into oz i wouldnt go as it wasnt for us atall, but others love it, so different strokes for different folks. i would say if you want to and can afford to do a reccie then do one as its invaluable, and no amount of research on the internet can compare to actually being there in the flesh! SO, i shall shut up now and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask and i shall answer if i can hope this helps some of you Kelly and family xx:wubclub: