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Found 11 results

  1. I've read quite a few threads on commuting GC to Brisbane and was initially put off the idea, however when we arrived I really didn't fancy living in Brisbane or it suburbs (no offence meant and I'm no stranger to the area, lived here before) so our initial accommodation was a serviced apartment in Southport - Meriton, highly recommended. For the first few weeks we alternated between driving and taking the train from Helensvale, it was just a bit too longer commute for me, at least 90 mins each way in the car and longer on the train. However much of this was actually getting to the freeway or train station. We've now settled in Hope Island and been doing the drive for 2 months. I have to say its not bad, provided we leave by 7:00 we're in the CBD by 8:00 9 out of 10 days, occasionally 7:45. Travelling home is similar, we leave at 4PM and are home around 5:00. Nearby areas with similar commutes would be Helensvale, Pacific Pines, Coomera etc. None are on the beach but Paradise Point is 10-15 mins drive and Labrador another 10, 10 more to Surfers if that's for you. We've all but given up on the train, it is punctual but so slow and so crowded, its known as the Bombay Express due to overcrowding. One thing to mention is the driving on the Pacific Motorway has to be experienced to be believed! As you can pass on both sides basically you get 3 lanes of 110kmh traffic driving at most a couple of car lengths apart, and even then some folk swerving between lanes to make up the odd position. Traffic get heavy around Springwood and you have 10-15 km of stop start traffic, currently there are roadworks. Also as my wife and I travel together we get to use the T2 lane, but TBH I don't think it makes a huge difference. All in all, the commute is a pain, but I love living on (or at least very near) the Gold Coast and for us that's the compromise as neither of us are likely to find work there in the foreseeable future. I don't visit the forums much having been in Aus for a while but though the above may be useful to people looking to move to SEQLD.
  2. Nathalie

    Narangba - Bris CBD commute

    Anyone has some more detail on what the commute is like from Narangba to Brisbane CBD? I checked the trainride and it says on Translink it's 55 mins. Are the trains busy/overcrowded? They only give one way fare prices, what will the cost be on average per week (5x up and down)? Are the trains frequent? What is it like to drive? We've driven it, but not during commuting hours, I was wondering if it's majorly different? Will it take longer or shorter by car instead of the train? Any info from someone who does a regular commute would be appreciated Nathalie
  3. Hi all Haven't posted for ages - but wanted to share, as I learnt so much from others when I was in UK. So we have clocked up the 6 month milestone - and doing OK. Kids phenomenally settled, both of us got work, (infact I am on Job No. 2!!) although hub had 14 weeks unemployment, hindered by timing as he applying for jobs, just when Floods hit Brisbane! I really feel that I have been the most unsettled - and wanted to talk more about this! I underestimated how much I would miss my mates, and although got new friends, miss the 'easiness' of old friends. Think that I did do 'crash and burn' in February - having been so mad, crazy hectic for a good 6 months before we came out, and solid busy for 4 months here, that once everyone at work, in school and sorted, the enormity of everything kind of hit me, and that nasty 'friend-sickness crept in'.:eek: However, we have given ourselves a 18 month deadline to settle, to ride the storm no matter what....and I came steaming out of the dooms and glooms in March ! :jiggy: My opinion and advise would be give your self a timespan to settle, and 'close the door to England' they day you leave - and don't keep hankering after the idealistic idea of it. It is very easy to regard your old life with 'rose tinted' specs when times are tough here, but noone ever said such a huge jump and change inlife would be plain sailing - there are SO many good things here, if we allow ourself to see them!! If you keep comparing prices to UK...it will needle you, at work if you say ' we did this in UK' ...it frustrates you, and if everytime you feel lonely, or have a crappy day, you consider ' we need to go home' - then the UK will become like an unwanted gatecrasher to your new life and thoughts. Having 'closed' that door, it makes it easier to get on with what without doubt is a Rollercoaster ride emotionally, but also a very fun one! Australia is without doubt a beautiful, safe, and awesome country and offers a great life - there are also a heap of fantastic expats here in Brisbane we meet regularly, happy to bolster you when you flounder! I am trying to give a balanced 'update' report because it is not everyone who comes out here, and never looks back, but thought I'd share what has helped me, when things did get rough. So hang on tight, enjoy the ride.....I know I did, and I feel happy to be here!! :jiggy: Good luck to everyone with their new adventures x
  4. Hi All, Myself & hubby are considering moving to Brisbane and renting our house at home and would be looking to rent a 4 bed in outer suburbs (eg Bracken Ridge) or a 3 bed inner suburbs (eg Ascot or Carina) and I would like to know what are the average bills that we would face?? We will prob only have 1 car and hubby will commute to work via train or bus. Potential job at Eagle Farm so he needs to commute there. At the moment we have thought of the following below but do not know how much they will be, so could you give us an average if possible. We have 2 kids,5 and 3 so when I start working I will need appropriate day care for them. Rent on hse in Brisbane (appx) $ 2,000 Mortgage from hse at home $ 850 Creche Fees $ 2,000 Train/Commute Charges/Petrol ??? Utility Bills for rented house: ??? Electricity Phone TV/Cable Refuse Chgs Any other things we need to think off, or even any one off bills that we will have eg Car Insurance $??, any local council charges etc Really need to see if we will be better off financially or would it just be a better way of life with the same financial drains that we have here at the mo!:mad: Ta for your help, Thanks AM
  5. booey

    18. female. bris :)

    Hay Im kara, 18, female, north brisbane. Been living here for 5 years, and i did all my high school here, im at TAFE atm.. If your interested in chatting, i love meeting up with new people... just pm me or reply to this thread xo
  6. I am in my mid 30's and have lived in Sydney for 12 years, I love it here, and have good friends, but need the next adventure. Whilst I am not a total city slicker I enjoy dinners and drinks out and lots of great shopping, but I am looking for a bit of an easier lifestyle than Syd, and maybe a city with a more casual approach. (also considering melb) I also seek that Bris is a little cheaper than Syd to live. What I am wondering is, Has anyone who has lived in Syd for some time moved to Brisbane.. what did you think? Pro's/Con's? I want to make sure I can still have an active social life, and that there are not just bogan rough style pubs and bars etc, But from what I can gather the Valley has had a big makes over, St James St looks a bit more upmarket and there is Southgate where the fake beach is that has lots of restuarants. Do you think the people are friendly up there ie in making new friends/contacts etc In terms of weather is the summer that muggy and sweaty its unbearable? Whats the rest of the years weather like? Anyways would love your thoughts from anyone who has lived in both Bris and Syd.... Thankyou
  7. I am in my mid 30's and have lived in Sydney for 12 years, I love it here, and have good friends, but need the next adventure. Whilst I am not a total city slicker I enjoy dinners and drinks out and lots of great shopping, but I am looking for a bit of an easier lifestyle than Syd, and maybe a city with a more casual approach. (also considering bris) What I am wondering is, Has anyone who has lived in Syd for some time moved to Melb.. what did you think? Pro's/Con's? I loved Melb on a few visits, but I also want to save a bit of money, Syd is mass expensive... I am wondering from those that have lived in both whether they found Melb cheaper or easier, more casual to live? Do you think the people are friendly there ie in making new friends/contacts etc In terms of weather is the cold bad? I guess it depends on how affected you are.. Anyways would love your thoughts from anyone who has lived in both Melb and Syd, or ideally someone that has lived Syd, Bris and Melb.... ahh decisions decisions Thankyou
  8. Hi All, Can anyone advise the best way to move a house full of furniture from Sydney to Brisbane, and maybe recommended a moving company? The plan would be for us to drive the car up & make a trip of it but have the removal done by a professional company. The furniture may need to go into storage for a couple of weeks as part of the process too. At this stage I'm really just after anyones rough idea of cost for the move. Cheers!
  9. Thank the lord!!! We have tried alot of Indians in the area, down to The Sitar in Albion. The Best of all and as close as ur gonna get to a Good British Ruby is Bollywood in Warner Village. and the rice wasnt mush for a change!! Next a good Chinese with Crispy Beef!! Any suggestions???? Jules x:angel_happy_face_ha
  10. One of Brisbane's major events of the year in iconic reggae festival Dub Day Afternoon 09 2pm til 2am - 12 hours of dancehall, reggae and dub ! Kingfisha Sista Itations featuring MC Riff Raph (Melbourne) Darky Roots Rhythm Collision Sound Raz Bin Sam and Lion I Band (Byron Bay) Coolie Konnect Sound System Vintage Youth Dub Foundation Samedi Soundsystem The Upsteppers Wade (Jamaica) Ben Osborne Hemi Tuff Rudekat Sound featuring Sunny Dread Erther Lao Mirador Dan Styles VJ Kino More info here Kingfisha’s Aussie take on Jamaican riddims combine with the sweet vocal harmonies of new outfit Darky Roots and the roots heavy, potent social commentary of established crew The Uspteppers. Add in the vibes of Melbourne selecta Sista Itations alongside MC Riff Raph and new sound crew Coolie Konnect Sound System featuring Elephant Wise and Scorcha Also set to nice up the area is Byron Bay’s Raz Bin Sam and Lion I Band with foundation Brisbane sound crew Rhythm Collision Sound as well as tuff selectas Ben Osborne, Erther, Hemi Tuff, Lao Mirador and Dan Styles. Rudekat Sound featuring the man Sunny Dread on the mic run more big selection Vintage Youth Dub Foundation sees the return of live dub, reverb and space echo and includes members of Brisbane dub exponents, Heavyweight Champion. On top of this Samedi Soundsystem bring their mashed up styles to the control tower as well as DJ/Producer Wade straight outta Kingston, Jamaica now resident in Brisbane All this complemented by South Korean visual artist and music video producer VJ Kino mixing and editing videos live with the music The Jubilee Hotel, 470 St Pauls Terrace, The Valley, Brisbane 5 minutes from Brunswick Street train station Entry: $16
  11. Guest


    Hi my names derek im 12 but soon will be 13 moving 2 brisbane in january sometime is enyone els moving there or living there if so can you tell me what its like plz.